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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,
  31-07-2018 : The Corporate office in letter No.-BSNL/3-1/SR/2018, dt-30-07-2018 has issued detailed guidelines for issue of Presidential order of left out cases on absorption in the BSNL. Circle and District Secretaries are requested to see that the cases are sent in proper format to avoid delay in issue of P.O. in respect of left out cases. Click Here,
  30-07-2018 : Meeting with GM(SR):- A meeting took place today with GM(SR) and impressed upon him for necessary action to settlement the following issues. (I) (a) Soft tenure of 2 instead of 3 years for deputation at Andhra Telecom Circle office. (b) The officials retiring within 6 months be brought back to Hyderabad, Telengana Circle. (c) Optees within Andhra Circle be considered for deputation at Circle office. (II) BSNL IDA pay scales be granted to employees of MTNL and absorbed in BSNL as per Court and DOT orders.
  30-07-2018 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est):- Union representatives met Sr. GM(Est) today and discussed the following. Click Here,
  30-07-2018 : Circle Executive Committee meeting of Jharkhand on 29-07-2018:- The Circle Working Committee meeting held under the Presidentship of Com. R.K. Yadav in union office at Ranchi. More than 150 Comrades attended from all SSA’s. All the District Secretaries and Circle office bearers also attended and discussed on the agenda. Com. Mahabir Singh, C.S. and Secretary HQR given details of organization position and problems of Jharkhand Circle. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. attended as Chief Guest to the meeting. He explained the developments on 3rd PRC, allotment of 4G spectrum, pension revision, pension contribution and the struggle conducted by AUAB from 24-07-2018 to 26-07-2018. He thanked one and all for making the struggle a success and requested to be get ready for serious struggle, if 3rd PRC not settled early, as assured by Hon’ble Minister Communication on 24-02-2018. Com. C. Singh, G.S. also given details on promotion policy, examinations and medical allowances etc. Com. S.N. Rao Circle Vice President, Com. Suresh Kumar, D.S. Ranchi, Com. Manoj Kumar and Com. Abhay Kumar played a vital role to make the meeting grand success. Com. V.K. Paswan Secretary, SEWA BSNL attended and addressed the meeting. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Lalit Kumar. Click Here,
  30-07-2018 : Re-classification/up-gradation of cities/town on the basis of cenus-2011 for the purpose of grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) to Central Government employees – case of Sangli reg. Letter No.-11-01/2018-PAT(BSNL), dt-26-06-2018. Click Here,
  28-07-2018 : BSNL vide letters Nos. 26-07/2018-T and CM, dt-05-06-2018 has issued orders extending GSM Prepaid Mobile plan to the non-executives in lieu of Rs. 200/- recharging Sim per month. Some Comrades have expressed difficulties in the matter. Circle/District unions are requested to send concrete hurdles and difficulties for taking up the matter with BSNL HQR.
  28-07-2018 : Finalisation/Proposed of date and venue for 18th AIBSNL Tournaments 2018-19. Click Here,
  28-07-2018 : Holidays to be observed in BSNL offices during the year 2019. Letter No.-3-1/2010-TE, dt-27-07-2018. Click Here,
  27-07-2018 : 18th All India BSNL Kabbadi Tournament will be held at RTTC VKIA, Jaipur (Rajasthan) from 15-11-2018 to 17-11-2018. Letter No.-29-03/2018-BSNL(Sprots), dt-24-05-2018 Click Here,
  27-07-2018 : CONGRATULATIONS: 3 Day Relay Hunger Fast successfully organized at SSA, Circle and Corporate office from 24-07-2018 to 26-07-2018 on the call of AUAB, for settlement 3rd PRC, Pension revision etc. CHQ, thanks all once again for the spirit shown by executives and non-executives in making the agitaitonal programme success.
  27-07-2018 : Minutes of the meeting of Joint Committee for recommending wage structure for non-executive employees w.e.f. 01-01-2017 in BSNL held on 20th July, 2018. F. No.-BSNL/39-1/SR/2016, dt-27-07-2018. Click Here,
  27-07-2018 : Third day (i.e. 26-07-2018) Relay Hunger Fast conducted at various places – view of photos. Click Here,
  26-07-2018 : 3rd Day Relay Hunger Strike at Eastern Court, New Delhi:- Com. Prahalad Ray, G.S. AIBSNLEA, Presided over the last day agitaitonal programme, the weather condition was not well and showers started since morning. Even though, Comrades from UP(E), NTR and Corporate office attended in good number in the Hunger Strike programme. Com. Abhimanyu, G.S. BSNLEU, Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Dy. G.S. NFTE, Com. Sabastin, G.S. SNEA, Com. Deepak Sharma, AGS AIBSNLEA, Com. Suresh Kumar, G.S. BSNLMS, Com. Rashid Khan, AGS TEPU and Com. G.L. Jogi Senior leader SNEA addressed the mass gathering. All the leaders opinioned that serious struggle is needed at this juncture for settlement of the demands. At the end Com. Prahalad Ray, G.S. Thanked one and all for making the 3 day Relay Hunger Strike a memorable one. Com. C. Singh, G.S, Com. Islam Ahmad, President and Com. A. Rajamouli along with other Comrades also participated in 3rd day Hunger Fast. Click Here,
  26-07-2018 : Second day (i.e. 25-07-2018) Relay Hunger Fast conducted at different places – view of photos. Click Here,
  26-07-2018 : Staff problems arising out due to bifurcation of Andhra Telangana – reg. Letter No.-TF-01, dt-26-07-2018. Click Here,
  26-07-2018 : Meeting held with Director (HR):- Click Here,
  25-07-2018 : 2nd Day Relay Hunger Fast at Eastern Court, New Delhi :- The agitational programme held today under the Chairmanship of Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. NFTE. Com. C. Singh said in his opening remaks by narrating the discussion took place with Hon’ble Minister of Communciaitons on 24-02-2018 on 3rd PRC implementation, pension revsion, pension contribution and allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL. Com. Swapan Chakravarthy, Dy. G.S. BSNLEU have explained the role of DOT officers in dealing with the said issues. Com. G.L. Jogi, Senior leader SNEA emotionally expressed his displeasure how the DOT Officers/Minister, are acting upon our demands and he explained the developments happened at the time of 2nd PRC settlement. Com. Islam Ahamd president NFTE said 3rd PRC is our first priority then pension revision. Com. Shiv Kumar President AIBSNLEA have also explained the hurdles in settlement of 3rd PRC. Com. Samad, Dy. G.S. TEPU also addressed the meeting. In todays programme more Comrades from UP(W) and Haryana participated in the agitaional programme. After lunch hour, more than 20 women employees from Corporate office are present in the mass gathering. Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Dy. G.S, Com. Naresh V.P. and Com. Rajmouli are also present in the agitaional programme. Click Here,
  25-07-2018 : We are extremely sorry to intimate you all that Shri Mahuli, DGM (looking after GM) Bijapur (Karnataka Circle) have taken his last breath after delivering speech at the place of “Relay Hunger Strike” on 24-07-2018 . CHQ condoles the untimely death and share the grief of the family. We always remember his sacrifice to the cause of BSNL employees. Click Here,
  25-07-2018 : First day (i.e. 24-07-2018) Relay Hunger Fast conducted at different places – view of photos. Click Here,
  25-07-2018 : Relay Hunger Fast at Easter Court (Corporate office) on 24-07-2018:- All unions/associations have conducted “Relay Fast” at Eastern Court (C.O.) on 24-07-2018 effectively which was encouraging. Com. P. Abhimanyu G.S. BSNLEU explained the need of Relay fast at this juncture. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. NFTE have spoken on the demands and appealed to all to make the 3 day programme a big success to achieve 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. Com. Suresh Kumar, G.S. BMS was President of the day. Com, Sabastin, G.S. SNEA, Com. Prahlad Roy, G.S. AIBSNLEA have elaborately explained the events happened from 2000. All the speakers condemned the attitude of DOT in settling the genuine issues of BSNL employees. All have reminded that the commitment made by Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, Hon’ble Minister for Communications on 24-02-2018. The Hon’ble Minister assured that 3rd PRC will be given to BSNL employees, pension contribution will be an actual basic, 4G spectrum will be allotted to BSNL and pension revision issue will be resolved at an early date. 5 months period is over, no action was initiated by DOT on the said demands. Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Dy. G.S. NFTE, Com. A. Rajamouli, Treasurer NFTE, Com. Swapan Chakravarty, Dy. G.S. BSNLEU, Com. Shiv Kumar, President AIBSNLEA, Com. Samad, Dy. G.S. TEPU, Com. Rashid Khan, AGS TEPU addressed the mass gathering. Com. Islam Ahmad, President NFTE is present on the dias.
  25-07-2018 : Minutes of the 36th meeting of the National Council held on 12th June, 2018 under the Chairpersonship of Director (HR), BSNL Board. Letter No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2017, dt-24-07-2018. Click Here,
  25-07-2018 : BSNL endorses DPE orders on IDA w.e.f. 01.07.2018. Click Here,
  24-07-2018 : 3 day Relay Hunger strike started at Eastern Court (Corporate office) in New Delhi. Click Here,
  24-07-2018 : Pension contribution payable by BSNL in respect of its staff – reg. Letter No.-TF-1/3, dt-24-07-2018. Click Here,
  23-07-2018 : Corporate office issued clarification with regard to Council meetings minutes. F. No.-BSNL/1-1/SR/2018, dt-23-07-2018. Click Here,
  23-07-2018 : All Circle/District Secretaries are requested to organize effectively “RELAY FAST” agitational programme call given by all unions/associations from 24-07-2018 to 27-07-2018, for settlement of 3rd wage revision to BSNL employees, Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL, Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal made by the BSNL, Management, Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners. Kindly make the programme a big success at all levels with the cooperation of all unions/associations.
  23-07-2018 : Screening Test for promotion to Sr. TOA(G) Cadre – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(e), dt-23-07-2018. Click Here,
  23-07-2018 :Internal wage revision committee to meet on 2nd August, 2018:- The internal wage revision committee of NFTE will meet on 02-08-2018 at 11.30 hours in union office . The following are requested to make it convenient to attend. (1) Com. C.K. Mathivanan, V.P, (2) Com. K.S. Seshadri, Dy. G.S, (3) Com. Mahabir Singh, C.S. Jharkhand and Secy CHQ, (4) Com. Natrajan, C.S. Tamilnadu, (5) Com. R.G. Dani, C.S. Maharashtra.
  21-07-2018 : CMD, BSNL intervened to save Rs. 30 crores:- The Maharashtra Circle floated a tender for maintenance and painting of the Towers at the rate of Rs. 30, 000/- per tower. This was unwarranted and unnecessary. The Circle Secy brought the same into the notice of CHQ and same day, 19-07-2018, we apprised the CMD. He intervened effectively and very promptly. The entire work has been stopped and the PSU saved Rs. 30 crores. CHQ appreciates the firm action of CMD, BSNL and expresses its sincere thanks.
  20-07-2018 : BSNLEU and NFTE decide to work in close coordination for finalising the wage settlement, to deliver maximum benefits to the employees:- After completion of today’s Joint Committee meeting, the Staff Side members of the Committee, met and discussed about the strategy to be adopted, for finalising the wage settlement within the shortest possible time. It was unanimously decided that, both the Recognised Unions should work in close coordination to finalise the wage settlement within the shortest possible time, and with the maximum benefits to the employees. The various aspects connected with the construction of the new pay scales are discussed in this meeting. It is decided that, both the Recognised Unions should hand over a joint proposal to the Management, on the new pay scales, in the next meeting of the Joint Committee, to be held on 09.08.2018. To finalise this proposal, a meeting of the Staff Side members will be held at 10:00 AM on 03.08.2018, at NFTE’s office.
  20-07-2018 : BSNLEU and NFTE decides to powerfully organise the 3 day Relay Hunger Strike:- The AUAB has already called on the BSNL employees, to organise a 3 day Relay Hunger Strike on 24th, 25th & 26th July, 2018, demanding immediate implementation of the assurances given by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, in the meeting held on 24.02.2018. This issue was discussed in the meeting held between the leaders of BSNLEU and NFTE today. It was decided to powerfully organise this 3 day Relay Hunger Strike at the BSNL Corporate Office, by making maximum mobilisation.
  20-07-2018 : First meeting of the Joint Committee for negotiating wage settlement held today. Click Here,
  20-07-2018 : Meeting held with CMD, BSNL:- A delegation of union consisting of President, G.S. and Dy. G.S. met the CMD on 19th instant and held prolonged discussions on the following items. Click Here,
  19-07-2018 : The orders for formation of joint wage committee consisting official and staff side issued. F. No.-BSNL/381-1/SR/2016, dt-19th July, 2018. Click Here,
  19-07-2018 : Demand for direct recruitment of Telecom Technicians (formerly TM). Letter No.-TF-14/2(d), dt-19th July, 2018 to CMD, BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here,
  19-07-2018 : Demand for new promotion policy for non-executives staff as grievances of NEPP have not been resolved. Letter No.-TF-26/6, dt-18-07-2018 to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here,
  19-07-2018 : Signing of MOU with PNB for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL employees. F. No.-1-9/BBF/STAFF/LOAN/2017-18, dt-17-07-2018. Click Here,
  18-07-2018 : The internal wage revision committee meeting proposed to be held on 25th and 26th July, 2018 is postponed till further communication.
  17-07-2018 : Meeting of Internal Wage Revision Committee:- A meeting of internal wage revision committee of NFTE (BSNL) will take place on 25th and 26th July at union’s HQR. Members selected at Calicut NE should attend. The constituents of National Forum are also requested to make it convenient to attend.
  17-07-2018 : Service period benefit to TTs(TMs) promoted from TSMs. The BSNL HQR vide No.-11-1/2015-LE(Part), dt-16-07-2018 has sought details from the circles. Click Here,
  16-07-2018 : Creation of Assistant Manager Posts in Telecom Circle and SSA Heads offices. Letter No.-TF-34/2, dt-16-07-2018. Click Here,
  16-07-2018 : Insertion of Rule 55(A) in BSNL CDA Rule, 2006 for granting CRS to the employees – reg. Letter No.-TF-13/8, dt-16-07-2018. Click Here,
  16-07-2018 : Third pay revision of non-executive employees – information regarding. Letter No.-TF-9/8/PRC, dt-16-07-2018. Click Here,
  16-07-2018 : Introduction of “Term Group Scheme” in BSNL – reg. Letter No.-TF-16/3(b), dt-16-07-2018. Click Here,
  16-07-2018 : Injustice to Shri Shiv Kumar, ATT O/o TDM, Barabanki, East UP Circle in Telecom Technician (TM) LICE – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(d), dt-16-07-2018. Click Here,
  16-07-2018 : Nominees of NFTE (BSNL) in the wage revision committee – reg. Letter No.-TF-9/8/PRC, dt-16-07-2018. Click Here,
  14-07-2018 : Facilities in Transfers to Physically handicapped employees:- The employees with the disabilities are exempted from transfers and allowed to continue in the same job. The preference in place of posting in transfer/promotion is also extended. These are provided in BSNL letter No.-6-1/2007-Restg, Vol.III, dt-24th November, 2014.
  14-07-2018 : Review of extension of without voucher facility to Retired Employees. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-22/14, dt-13-07-2018. Click Here,
  14-07-2018 : Holding of LICE for Junior Engineer under 50% quota for the Recruitment Year- 2017 --- Approval thereof. Letter No.-250-3/2015-Estt-III, dt-13-07-2018. Click Here,
  13-07-2018 : Exploratory meeting on wage revision of non-executives in BSNL – regarding. F. No.-BSNL/38-1/SR/2018, dt-13-07-2018. Click Here,
  13-07-2018 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est):- The union leaders met Sr. GM(Est) and was told that now minimum pension should be Rs. 9,000/-as per GOI orders. The matter be taken up with the DOT for its applicability in respect of BSNL absorbed staff.
  13-07-2018 : JE LICE:- The details of departmental quota of vacancies have been compiled by Establishment branch for sending it to Rectt Cell of BSNL HQR for holding JE LICE at the earliest.
  13-07-2018 : Guidelines for consideration of representations of employees granted CRS. Letter No.-10-1/2016-WS&I(Pt), dt-21-05-2018. Click Here,
  13-07-2018 : Periodical review for ensuring probity and efficacy among employees of CPSEs – composition of Representation Committee. DPE-GM-01/0001/2015-GM-FTS-4857, dt-03-05-2018. Click Here,
  13-07-2018 : 3rd Pay Revision:- The non-executive employees are stagnating in the present scales of Pay. The union HQR is in need of details of such scales where staff are in stagnation. Circle unions are requested to equip the HQR with the necessary information very urgently.
  13-07-2018 : Provision of appeal etc in Rule 55(A) of BSNL CDA Rule, 2006:- The BSNL management has armed itself to grant CRS by incorporating FR56(j) and Pension Rule 48(B). The union is fighting against the said incorporation of the rule. There has been no provision of appeal against the CRS decisions of the committees. President and Dy. G.S. met GM(Restg) today and were told that appeal provision has now been made. The union leaders pointed out there is no provision of review/petition. He was also firmly told that there is enough safeguards for the absorbees in pension Rule 37A which cannot be bypassed. Screening committee at SSA level will settle scores with staff as such not acceptable.
  12-07-2018 : Revision of Annual ceiling for reimbursement of outdoor treatment – reg. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-12/18, dt-10-07-2018. Click Here,
  12-07-2018 : Meeting with GM(Rectt):- President and Dy. G.S. met the GM (Rectt) and raised some points. The information are as under:- (I) Calendar for LICEs viz JTO, JAO, JE, TT Cadres etc have been drawn and sent to the concerned sections Est/FR for vetting. (II) The result of last JE LICE is also being reviewed to sort out the discrepancies. (III) The case of Anil Kumar Vishwakerma, Telecom Factory Rechai relating to JE LICE error has been discussed and urged for resolution. (IV) The case of Shri Shiv Kumar, ATT Barabanki in East UP was also raised in light of reference by the Circle Head to BSNL Corporate office. The official has answered the question correctly in TT LICE and same completely tallies with the Answer Key. Even then the Evaluator has treated the Answer as Wrong. GM felt it should be rectified
  12-07-2018 : On call of AUAB the lunch hour demonstration conducted throughout the country very successfully. Click Here,
  12-07-2018 : Regularisation of RTPs:- The BSNL has taken a position that the services rendered by RTPs during DOT period will be regularized by the DOT only. Therefore, the Central HQR of the union advises all the RTPs to prefer representation to the Secy, DOT for regularization of their services rendered as RTP in DOT. A draft of appeal is also enclosed for guidance which may be used after necessary alterations. Click Here,
  12-07-2018 : Lunch hour demonstration held today at Corporate office:- All unions and associations in BSNL organized lunch hour demonstration demanding wage and pension revisions, allotment of 4G spectrum for BSNL and realisation of pension contribution of BSNL employees on actual pay instead of maximum. President, Vice President (Com. Naresh Kumar), Dy. G.S, Circle Secy Corporate office participated in the demonstration. Dy. G.S, Com. Seshadri addressed the gathering. Click Here,
  12-07-2018 : Exodus from BSNL MS to NFTE (BSNL):- More than 60 employees owing allegiance to BSNL Majdoor Sangh have joined NFTE (BSNL) on 11th instant at Allahabad under the leadership of Shri Girija Shankar Rai. The President CHQ welcomed them in a well attended meeting and assured for all help and cooperation. In an hour long speech the President explained developments on many matters.
  11-07-2018 : On call of AUAB the lunch hour demonstration conducted throughout the country very successfully. Click Here,
  11-07-2018 : JE LICE held on 28th, January 2018 – request to review. Letter No.-TF-14/2(a), dt-11-07-2018. Click Here,
  11-07-2018 : Nomination in joint committee for wage revision:- The Letter No.-BSNL/38-1/SR/2016-II, dt-10-07-2018 in respect of nomination of members from NFTE (BSNL) in joint committee for wage revision has been received today on 11-07-2018 through mail. The earlier letter in this regard was issued vide No.-BSNL/38-1/SR/2016-II, dt-26-06-2018 with a direction to nominate 3:2 members from BSNLEU and NFTE respectively now the letter has been issued with a direction to nominate three from NFTE and five from BSNLEU. In this regard the NFTE will nominate the members after internal discussion within very short time.
  11-07-2018 : 12th District executive Meeting of Hyderabad:- The meeting held on 10.07.2018 in Asman Mahel Auditorium under the president ship of Com. M. Vittal, Com. V.K.Muthu, D.S. conducted 12 th executive meetings after formation of Telangana Circle in December 2016 to strengthen the mighty organisation from gross level. Com.V.K.Muthu have given details of activities and problems taken during the period. All branch secretaries and active comrades participated in the deliberations. Com. Chandeshwar Singh General Secretary, Circle secretary attended the meeting and greeted one and all in first hour. After lunch hour Com. V.K.Muthu D.S. and his team organised a Mass meeting in the Auditorium at 3 P.M.. He felicitated General secretary, circle Secretaries of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh with garland, shawl, memento. He also felicitated all Circle office bearers, district Secretaries of Circle office, Sanga Reddy, Kurnool and Active comrades of SSA. Com C.Singh G.S. honourd Com. B.Rambabu, senior leader with a shawl and given gift of Rs.5000/- in the meeting from CHQ. Com. C.Singh, General Secretary delivered a spirited speech on unity in the organisation, 3rd PRC, subsidiary tower company, medical policy, pension and given details of issues solved after getting recognition to NFTE in 2013 and issues taken up after. He assured all that BSNL employees will get 3rd PRC/Wage revision without any doubt. Circle secretary of Telangana & Andhra Predesh addressed the meeting on current issues. Circle secretary thanked Com. C.Singh G.S., for his whirl wind tour in Telangana, and also given thanks to Com. V.K.Muthu and his team for making the mass meeting a success. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. V.K.Muthu, District secretary. Click Here,
  11-07-2018 : Constitution of Joint Wage Revision Committee to recommend wage structure for non-executive employees w.e.f. 01-01-2017 in BSNL –reg. F. No.-BSNL/38-1/SR/2016-II, dt-10-07-2018. Click Here,
  10-07-2018 : Organisational Meeting at Mahaboob Nagar, on 09.07.2018. (Telangana):- Com. P Anjaneyulu District Secretary organised well attended meeting at GM Office under the president ship of Com. K.Rajaratnam. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, General Secretary addressed the meeting on NFTE’s achievements during the recognised period. He narrated the glorious history of NFPTE / NFTE in detail. He also briefed on 3rd PRC status and loses with NEPP. Now, NFTE is demanding new promotion policy on par with executives, 15 % quota for seniority cum fitness promotion from TT to JE, JE to JTO cadres. He emphasised that NFTE always follow the principle of OPG " Younger should be encouraged and senior should be protected". Circle Secretary explained the deficiencies in implementation of transfer policy, CGA, examinations etc. Com. M. Parashu Ramulu, DS. Sanga Reddy, SSA, Com. N.K.Jain V.P/TS, Com.N.Venkateshwar, ACS/TS and Com. N.Narsimha Reddy, ACS/TS, were also present in the meeting. Sri. D.Siddappa, DE, attended addressed the meeting. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com.P.Anjaneyulu, District Secretary. Click Here,
  09-07-2018 : 4th Circle Executive committee meeting of Telangana on 08.07.2018:- The Executive meeting held at Patancheruvu, Sangareddy SSA in Mudhiraj Bhavan under the Joint presidium of Com. K.Rajaratnam, V.P, Com. N.K.Jain, V.P., Com. Panchakshary, V.P. & Com. Noor Mohmmed, V.P.. The meeting started with Flag hoisting ceremony at Telephone Exchange Patancheruvu. Com. K.Balraj District President hoisted National Flag and Com. Chandeshwar Singh General Secretary hoisted NFTE Flag. Com. M.ParashuRamulu District Secretary welcomed all the leaders to the meeting at first. After paying homage to departed leaders, General Secretary inaugurated the meeting with his opening remarks on BSNL survival. Circle Secretary briefed the developments in the circle from Warangal meeting to till date. The District Secretaries of Adilabad, Circle Office, Hyderabad Telecom District, Nizamabad, Khammam, Mahaboob Nagar, Warangal and Sanga Reddy have given details of pending issues. A few circle office bearers also expressed their views on organization in the circle. Sri. P.Sitarama Raju, PGM Sangareddy SSA, attended and addressed the meeting. The reception committee led by Com M.Parashuramulu, District Secretary felicitated to G.S., C.S., PGM, AGM, District Secretaries and Circle Office bearers with a shawl and memento. And also honourd Shri Ramanarao JAO, Shri N.Radha Kishan. A.O. in the meeting. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, General Secretary elaborately explained the pensions issue, 3rd PRC status, Examinations, Medical policy, Designations etc. And stated the importance of unity to strengthen organization from gross level. Circle Secretary clarified all the points raised by District and executive members upon 3rd PRC, CGA, Transfer policy, Rule-8 Transfers to Andhra Pradesh and bifurcation. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Narsimha Reddy, Asst. Circle Secretary. Click Here,
  06-07-2018 : Congratulation to Com. N.D. Ram G.S. SEWA:- Com. N.D. Ram, G.S. SEWA has promoted as regular AGM. The NFTE members and office bearers welcomed and congratulated him in union office sweets distributed. Com. N.D. Ram thanked to the NFTE G.S. and other who present on the occasion. Click Here,
  06-07-2018 : Circle Executive Meeting of NTR Circle on the occasion of Circle Executive committee meeting of NTR Circle an open meeting was organized under the presidentship of Com. A.P. Tripathi on 06-07-2018. Com. Chandeshwar Singh,G.S, Com. K.S. Sheshdri D.G.S, Com. Rajpal Secretary CHQ & Circle Secretary NTR and Com. Naresh Kumar Vice President CHQ were present on behalf of CHQ, Com. Singh G.S. in his address explained all the staff related issues and exhorted the status of wage revision specially, Com. K.S. Sheshadri also addressed and reported the glorious history of NFTE. Com. M.P. Singh, President of Corporate office and Com. H.N. Sharma C.S. corporate office were also present. The meeting began with a slogan shouting and grand welcome and felicitation to General Secretary, Dy. G.S. and Com. Rajpal Secretary. Click Here,
  06-07-2018 : Notice for agitational programme – reg. Letter No.-UA/2017/26, dt-06-07-2018. Click Here,
  06-07-2018 : Locking of door of Circle office at 10.30 am at Raipur CGMT office. Letter No.-TF-06, dt-06-07-2018. Click Here,
  06-07-2018 : Unilateral imposing dress code at the cost of employees by CGMT Chhattisgarh Circle. Letter No.-TF-06, dt-06-07-2018. Click Here,
  06-07-2018 : The Corporate office has replied the query of DOT and it is reported that the financial implication from 01-01-2017 to 31-03-2019 will come to Rs. 6400 crore which break up is like 01-01-2017 to 31-03-2017 – Rs. 700 crore. 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2018 Rs. 2800 crore and from 01-04-2018 to 31-03-2019 is expected to Rs. 2900 crore. Detailed report on expenditure has been submitted to DOT very nicely.
  06-07-2018 : Release of pensionary benefits to a retiree against whom personal Court cases (other than departmental) is pending in the competent Court. Letter No.-22-22/2017/General/Vol.I/, dt-05-07-2018. Click Here,
  06-07-2018 : Shri Anupam Shrivastava CMD BSNL has been entrusted the additional charge of Director (Consumer Mobility) for 3 months w.e.f. 01-07-2018 or until further order. BSNL order No.-414-13/2017-Pers.I, dt-05-07-2018. Click Here,
  06-07-2018 : Message from Hon’ble CMD to all the Chief General Managers regarding achieving the target fixed in respect of SIM sales and revenue earning. The achievement for both the segments are annexed here with. D.O. No.-27-3/2018/S&M-CM/3, dt-03-07-2018. Click Here,
  05-07-2018 : Programme of Action for Sales & Marketing BSNL at your door step:- Click Here,
  05-07-2018 : General Secretary and Com. K.S. Sheshadri Dy. G.S. met with GM(SR) and discussed the issue of formation of wage revision committee and clarifications on granting special C/L to recognised union to hold District/Circle executive committee meeting.
  05-07-2018 : Meeting with GM(Restg):- General Secretary and Com. Sheshaadri Dy. G.S. met with Shri Ashutosh Gupta GM (Restg) and requested to finalise the change in designation of left out Cadres as agreed by the joint committee for this purpose. The GM reciprocated that signature of all the members of staff as well as official side have been obtained on minutes and the same will be sent to management committee after approval of the same by the Director (HR).
  05-07-2018 : PLI committee Meeting:- The GM reciprocated that the revenue flow of company is reduced badly hence for holding meeting of PLI committee, the staff side may discuss with Director (HR).
  05-07-2018 : Increase in monthly membership subscription:- Based on the approval of the amendment in constitution in respect of membership subscription at Amritsar AIC from 13th to 16th March, 2018. The Corporate office has circulated the order vide F. No.-BSNL/39-6/SR/2013, dt-05-07-2018 for recovery of subscription Rs. 44/- per member/month from the month of July, 2018. Click Here,
  04-07-2018 : 3rd Pay revision:- According to reliable sources the BSNL management has replied to the letter of DOT relating to financial impact of 3rd pay revision of executives and non-executives both.
  04-07-2018 : Sports grant for circles. Letter No.-29-1/2018-BSNL(Sports), dt-03-07-2018. Click Here,
  04-07-2018 : POs of left out TSMs regularized on or after 01-10-2000 in M.P. Circle – reg. Letter No.-TF-24/4, dt-03-07-2018. Click Here,
  04-07-2018 : Meeting with GM(Rectt):- President, Dy. G.S. and Vice President, Com. Naresh met the GM(Rectt) on date and discussed the following items. (1) Review of JE LICE result:- The Rectt (Cell) is still looking into the discrepancies.
(2) Calendar of LICE for FY 2018-19:- It is being drawn.
(3) JE LICE:- It is receiving very active consideration.
(4) Discrepancies in TT LICE of UP(East):- Clarification is being issued.
  04-07-2018 : Meeting held with Sr. GM(Est):- General Secretary, President, Vice President Com. C.K. Mathivanan and Com. Ashique, C.S. J&K met Sr. GM(Est) and held discussions on following matters.
(1) Regularisation of left over TSMs:- The union pointed out that 3000 TSMs having completed 10 years of service are being denied regularization due to retrospective implementation of Supreme Court’s judgment. It should be from the date of judgment. In the process agreement arrived at with the NFTE at the time of corpotarisation is not being honoured. The Sr. GM (Est) desired a detailed representation.
(2) Presidential orders:- Sr. GM(Est) was told that the cases of Pos of TSMs regularized on 01-10-2000 or thereafter relating to M.P, Bihar, Uttarpradesh Circles are pending for long. Steps be taken for early resolution. He responded positively.
(3) Multi skilling staff:- The minutes of NC meeting are needed to proceed into the matter. It was told by Sr. GM(Est).
  03-07-2018 : Gist of Circle Secretaries Meeting held at New Delhi on 29-06-2018 & 30-06-2018. Click Here,
  03-07-2018 : Meeting with GM(SR):- President, General Secretary and Com. Swatantra Kumar, senior leader of Punjab met the GM(SR) and Dy. GM (SR) on the issue of wage revision and other issues. The union suggested for open ended scales in the wage revision to obviate stagnation of the employees. The union again stressed for inclusion of all the applicant unions in the wage negotiation akin to 1st wage revision.
  03-07-2018 : Calendar for Departmental examinations- reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(a), dt-02-07-2018. Click Here,
  03-07-2018 : “Hangama” Service on landline phones in Maharashtra Circle. Letter No.-TF-19/3, dt-02-07-2018. Click Here,
  03-07-2018 : Periodic maintenance of Towers – reg. Letter No.-TF-18/9, dt-02-07-2018. Click Here,
  03-07-2018 : Corporate office has issued orders to circles for holding Screening Test for promotion of TOAs (G) to Sr. TOA(G) Cadre. The union has made representations for the test and took up the matter in 36th National Council meeting also. The Circle Secretaries are requested to approach to CGMs for holding the required test at the earliest. BSNL No.-250-16/2004-Pers/Estt-III, dt-02-07-2018. Click Here,
  02-07-2018 : 15 points weightage in compassionate ground appointments – reg. Letter No.-TF-16/5, dt-02-07-2018. Click Here,
  02-07-2018 : Analysis of Circle wise revenue growth alongwith BSNL revenue growth and market share for the quarter ending March 2018 of F.Y. 2017-18. Letter No.-CP&M/1-2 (1)/Revenue Share/2017, dt-28-06-2018. Click Here,
  30-06-2018 : Let the Tasks guide us. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here,
  29-06-2018 : Increase in IDA 0.8% Total - 127.2%+0.8% = 128% from 01-07-2018.
  29-06-2018 : Circle Secretaries meeting has started at 10.30 A.M. at notified venue under the Presidentship of Com. Islam Ahmad. Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. as given brief report on organization and staff issues. Click Here,
  28-06-2018 : Disbursement of Salary of staff remuneration to employees working in BSNL. Letter No.-16-4/2018/CB (P), dt-28-06-2018. Click Here,
  28-06-2018 : Letter to Director (HR) against incorporation of Rule 55(A) in BSNL CDA Rules, 2006 for CRS to staff. Formation of HPC at SSA level is not acceptable. Letter No.-TF-13/8, dt-28-06-2018 to Director (HR). Click Here,
  28-06-2018 : Upgradation of Sr. Accountants to Executive status. Letter No.-TF-24/2(H), dt-28-06-2018 to Director (HR)/Finance. Click Here,
  28-06-2018 : Constitution of joint wage revision committee for revision of non-executive employees. The union vide letters No.-TF-9/9(c), dt-18-12-2017 and 11-05-2018 has represented the matter for formation of bilateral committee. The issue was raised in the NC. BSNL HQR has now issued orders vide No.-BSNL/38-1/SR/2016-II, dt-28-06-2018 for formation of committee. Click Here,
  28-06-2018 : Com. Ashwini Kumar Singh, District Secy, NFTE (BSNL) at Kanpur expired on 26th June at 3 PM due to heart attack. CHQ conveys heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.
  27-06-2018 : Hold recruitment in the Cadre of Sr. TOA(G). Letter No.-TF-24/1(d), dt-27-06-2018 to Director (HR), BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here,
  27-06-2018 : Promotion qualified TTs(TMs) to the Cadre of JEs (TTA) in Telangana as per High Court’s orders. Letter No.-TF-14/2(a), dt-27-06-2018 to Sr. GM(Est), BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here,
  27-06-2018 : Demand for Rs. 9,000/- Min Pension in accordance with DOT orders letter No.-36-02/2016-Pen(T), dt-19-05-2017. Letter No.- TF-11/3, dt-27-06-2018 to Director (HR), BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here,
  27-06-2018 : Unilateral decision of Management in respect of non-executive employees is unfair and unacceptable:- The management has withdrawn the facility of family planning allowances unilaterally, which was continuing since formation of BSNL (i.e. 01-10-2000) (II) The management has shifted the date of payment of salary without consulting the staff side is totally unfair and beyond expectation. We oppose these acts of management and we will arrange agitational programme, if the decisions are not taken back. We strongly oppose the arbitrary act of management in this regard.
  27-06-2018 : Grant one additional increment to left out non-executives at par with the JEs (TTAs) appointed on or after 01-01-2007. Letter No.-TF-9/4, dt-27-06-2018 to Director (HR), BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here,
  27-06-2018 : Creation of Multi Tasking staff by merging all Group ‘D’ employees to Group ‘C’ akin to Govt Sector. Letter No.-TF-15/3, dt-27-06-2018. Click Here,
  27-06-2018 : Either redress hardships and sufferings of staff in NEPP or evolve new promotion scheme for non-executive employees. Letter No.-TF-26/6, dt-27-06-2018 to Director (HR) BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here,
  27-06-2018 : Request to form joint committee for wage revision of non-executive staff by including representatives of all registered unions. Letter No.-TF-9/8/PRC, dt-27-06-2018 to CMD, BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here,
  27-06-2018 : Decisions of all unions/associations taken on 26-06-2018 and decided to conduct lunch hour demonstration on 11-07-2018, 3 days relay fast from 24-07-2018 to 26-07-2018 at all levels for securing 3rd PRC (wage revision) to BSNL employees. Click Here,
  27-06-2018 : Corporate office issued clarification on Child Care leave. Letter No.-1-33/2012-PAT(BSNL)/CCL, dt-26-06-2018. Click Here,
  26-06-2018 : GM(SR):- Formation of Joint wage revision committee:- The file is still not returned from Director (HR).
  26-06-2018 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est):- President, Dy. G.S. Secy(Com. Mahabir Singh) and Com. A. Semmalamudham (special invitee from Tamilnadu) met Sr. GM(Est) and raised the following issues:- (1) New Promotion Policy for non-executive employees:- The union submitted that the management has not solved even single grievance relating to NEPP. The employees particularly Assistant Telecom Technicians (RMs), TTs (TMs) etc are stagnating. Therefore, there is necessity for new Promotion Policy for non-executives. (2) Multi Tasking staff:- The Sr. GM(Est) desired a “Note” on the matter alongwith details followed by other ministries. (3) The DOP/ DOT has fixed minimum pension Rs. 9000/- the union requested that the matter be taken up with the DOT for its applicability in respect of DOT absorbees. He responded positively. (4) Promotion of 65 qualified candidates to the Cadre of JE(TTA) in Telangana Circle. The candidates were deleted from the qualified list on the basis of not possessing 10+2 qualification. The Andhra High Court has ordered to accept Graduation degree from Dr. Ambedkar University etc and promote the employees. (5) Orders for screening Test for promotion to Sr. TOA(G) Cadre from TOA (G) are likely to be issued shortly.
  26-06-2018 : Meeting with GM(Adm):- President, alongwith Dy. G.S. Secy (Com. Mahabir Singh) and Com. Semmal Anudham (Special Invitee) met the GM(Admn) and requested for issue of orders relating to Medical allowance without voucher in respect of retired personnel. Reportedly, the CMD, BSNL has asked for some inputs for final decision. The issue of providing Mobile connections to the office bearers of recognised unions in the analogy of executives and SEWA BSNL was also raised and discussed. The leaders also emphasized for the applicability of orders contained in communication No.-Z15025/38/2018/DIR/CGHS/EHS, dt-22-05-2018, for consideration of reimbursement in excess of the approved rates of CGHS. GM(Adm) desired a reference on this.
  26-06-2018 : The Service Books of the Direct Recruits viz JTO/JEs, CGA appointees be prepared without waiting the Police Verification Report so that MRS Cards are issued to the provisional appointees. BSNL No.-250-44/2014-Estt-II, dt-25-06-2018 to all CGMs. Click Here,
  25-06-2018 : DOT’s letter No.-11-1/2017-SU II, dt-20-03-2018 to DPE regarding relaxation in affordability clause for 3rd PRC. Copy has been obtained RTI. Click Here,
  23-06-2018 : District & Circle Executive Committee meeting at Palakkad (Kerala):- The Comrades of Kerala Circle have arranged a Grand reception to G.S. alongwith Com. P. Kamraj Secretary HQR and Com. Mohan Kumar Circle Secretary Kerala at Telephone Exchange Palakkad on 23rd June, 2018. A brief welcome address was delivered by Com. K.T. Ramnarayan a very senior leader of NFTE. G.S. also addressed the gathering assembled at exchange gate and conveyed hearty thanks to the leaders and members for the welcome and felicitation to CHQ leaders. Latter, all Circle Executive committee members of Kerala Circle as well as Palakkad District union moved to the venue notified for the meeting. The joint executive committee meeting was presided over by Com. Samsuddin Circle President and all District Secretaries except two were present in the meeting. First of all two minutes silence was observed by the participants to pay homage to late Com. G.L.. Dhar and other leaders who expired in recent past. The meeting begins with inaugural speech of Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. He touched all current issues related to workers and Company. Com. Kamraj spoken in Malyalam and explained all the issues in detail. Com. Mohan Kumar, C.S and Com. S. Pauthran, District Secretary Palakkad also addressed the meeting. On the issue of Palakkad G.S. made an appeal to D.S. Palakkad to keep constitutional and traditional approach with a proper protocol to elected office bearers of all levels and the G.S. appealed to circle Secretary to withdraw his earlier letter written to GMTD Palakkad. Both the leaders accepted the views of the G.S. and thus the chapter of differences were ended. The meeting was concluded in a very pleasant atmosphere. Com. Radhakrishnan CHQ invitee thanked one and all to restore unity in Kerala Circle. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to Chair and all the participants by Com. Radhakrishnan CHQ invitee. Click Here,
  23-06-2018 : DOT seeks financial impact:- It is learnt that the financial wing of DOT has sought details of financial impact sequel to the implementation of 3rd pay revision of executives and non-executives both. BSNL has been asked to submit detailed analysis on 4 or 5 points. These are obviously to prepare cabinet note for relaxation in affordability clause.
  23-06-2018 : Com. Sathyasheelan Senior Leader Doddaballapura and former Vice President Bangalore Telecom District expired on 21st June 2018 at about 2.00 AM. He was an active and dedicated Comrade of NFTE BSNL. CHQ condoles the untimely death of Com. Sathyasheelan and share the grief of family.
  22-06-2018 : Meeting with GM(Rectt):- President, Dy. G.S. and Treasurer, Com. Rajmouli met the GM(Rectt) and held prolonged discussions with her on the following issues:- (1) Review of result of JE (TT) LICE, held on 28-01-2018, in light of submissions made relating to answer key, two answers of questions, wrong questions etc as well as out of syllabus questions. She heard patiently and assured for another look into the matter. She also assured to consider the case of Com. Vizo of NE-II. (II) LICE for JE will be held at the earliest. Process has started (III) Holding of JTO LICE is receiving serious attention. (IV) The leaders pressed for notification of TT(TM) LICE also.
  22-06-2018 : Confirmation examination – reg. Letter No.-TF-9/4(d), dt-21-06-2018. Click Here,
  22-06-2018 : Promotion to Sr. TOA(G) Cadre – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(c), dt-21-06-2018. Click Here,
  22-06-2018 : NFTE writes to CMD, BSNL against arbitrary orders of withdrawal of Family Planning Allowance. Letter No.-TF-9/4, dt-21-06-2018. Click Here,
  22-06-2018 : BSNL has discontinued Family Planning Allowance w.e.f. 1st July, 2018. Letter No.-1-05/2018-PAT(BSNL), dt-19-06-2018. Click Here,
  21-06-2018 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est):- President, G.S. and Dy. G.S, Com. Sheshadri met the Sr. GM(Est) and raised the following points for consideration. (I) Direct recruitment of the candidates to fill up outside quota vacancies. He was told that D/R has not been done since formation of the Cadre. (II) Issuance of orders for screening test to fill up vacancies of Sr. TOA(G) Cadre. (III) Another opportunity to the officials to clear the confirmation examination.
  21-06-2018 : JTO and JE LICE:- Vacancies have been calculated and file moved for approval of Director (HR). The vacancies will be sent to Recruitment Cell for further action after receipt of approval of Director (HR).
  21-06-2018 : Meeting with GM(B and F):- President, G.S. and Dy. G.S. met GM(B and F) and enquired about payment of wages on 1st of the month BSNL is facing financial crunch.
  21-06-2018 : Meeting with GM(F and P):- The leaders met GM(F and P) and handed over letter relating to finalization of R/R of JAO. She has been requested to finalise the R/R for holding early LICE of JAO.
  21-06-2018 : JE LICE held on 28th January, 2018 – regarding. Letter No.-TF-14/2(a), dt-20-06-2018. Click Here,
  21-06-2018 : Disbursement of Salary & staff remuneration to BSNL employees. Letter No.-16-4/2018/CB (P), dt-18-06-2018. Click Here,
  20-06-2018 : Framing of New JAO RR. Rules 2016- reg. Letter No.- TF-14/2(C), dt-20-06-2018. Click Here,
  20-06-2018 : Direct recruitment to the Cadre of Telecom Technician (erstwhile Telecom Mechanics) – reg. Letter No.- TF-14/2(d), dt-20-06-2018. Click Here,
  19-06-2018 : Meeting with GM(SR):- Com. C. Singh, G.S, Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Dy. G.S. and Com. K.S. Kulkarni met with Shri A.M. Gupta, GM(SR) and discussed the staff issue including arbitrary wage cut of the staff of Ranchi.
  18-06-2018 : Respectful Homage to Comrade G.L.Dhar:- Com.C.Singh G.S., Com.K. S.Sheshadri, Com.Mohinder Singh V.P. CHQ, Com.Surjeet Singh Circle Secretary, Punjab, Com. Swatantra Kumar ACS Punjab Circle, Com.Balbir Singh V.P. Punjab Circle, Com.Gurmeet Singh D.S. Jalndhar, Com.Kashmir Singh Punjab and Com.K.S.Kulkarni attended the homage held at Ajay Bhavan today. Com.G.L.Dhar who was very closely associated with NFTE BSNL founder Com.O.P.Guptaji for more than 5 decades. Com.G.L.Dhar lead the movement of central government employees in general and Delhi Central Secretariat staff in particular during 4th, 5th and 6th CPC. Click Here, Click Here, Click Here,
  18-06-2018 : Addendum to merit list declared on 20-04-2018: LICE for promotion to the grade of Junior Engineer under 50% quota (RY 2016) held on 28-01-2018 reg. Letter No.-7-2/2017-Rectt, dt-14-06-2018. Click Here,
  16-02-2018 : Happy Eid ul-Fitr 2018 Click Her
  14-06-2018 : CEC meeting of Punjab circle on 14-06-2018 at Amritsar:- General Secretary attended the meeting and addressed the meeting beside G.S. other speaker were Com. Manohar Lal Sharma patron, Com. Mohinder Singh, CHQ Vice President, Com. Surjit Singh Circle Secretary Punjab Circle also addressed the meeting. At beginning the G.S. and Com. Mohinder Singh alongwith members of reception were welcomed and felicitated in grand manner for their 3rd time unanimous election as General Secretary and Vice President respectively. All the District Secretaries present in the meeting participated in disscussed income and expenditure of AIC. They also reported the organizational position in these Districts. After a deep discussion accounts of AIC passed and approved by the house unanimously. Com. C. Singh in his speech exhorted the current issues in detail. Com. Singara Singh Dhillo presided over the meeting. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by the President. Click Her
  14-06-2018 : Hindi version of NC meeting items:- Click Here,
  14-06-2018 : General Secretary alongwith Com. H.K. Goel, Circle Secretary Haryana and Com. S.P. Malhan, Secretary NFTE CHQ attended a mass meeting of workers at Ambala on 13th June, 2018. When these leaders were crossing through area of Kurushetra a warm welcome and grand felicitations were given to the leaders by a good gathering of NFTE members headed by Com. Deshraj, District President and Com. Rajender, District Secy. After brief speech on issues team of leaders rushed to Ambala and reached there at 13.30 hrs. hundreds of workers started sky touching slogans and leaders were garlanded by the assembled workers. It was a very pleasant scene. There was sign of happiness on the face of all. Meeting was arranged in a well decorated pandal which was totally packed. Com. Kiran Pal, Circle President, Com. Goel, Circle Secy, Com. Malhan Secy HQR and Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. addressed the meeting and exhorted their views on the issues. G.S. in his speech explained the issues of wage revision, subsidiary tower company, Medical, PLI etc in details. The meeting was ended with a vote of thanks by Com. Romy. Latter the G.S. replied several questions raised by the workers. Click Here,
  13-06-2018 : Upgradation of Sr. Accountants:- President and Dy. G.S. met the Sr. GM(EF and FP) and enquired about the progress of the issue. The union was told that the DOT has still not replied relating to the pay revival of the scale against which upgradation is to be done. The PSU section of DOT has also been addressed to clarify if fresh PO is not needed due to change of status. Union leaders pointed out that the DOT has asked CGM East UP to submit to the Court that the DOT has nothing to do into the matter and BSNL should take action for upgradation. In the situation BSNL has no option except to upgrade the staff. The case will be heard on 05-07-2018 at Lucknow High Court. Sr. GM(EF and FP) assured to act on receipt of clarifications from DOT.
  13-06-2018 : Wage revision joint committee:- The President and Dy. GS met GM(SR) today and enquired into the matter. In course of discussions the GM told that the two recognised unions i.e. NFTE and BSNLEU, are being requested to send the names of their nominees for inclusion in the joint committee for 3rd wage revision.
  13-06-2018 : POS of TSMs regularized as RMs of East UP:- President and Dy. G.S. met Dy. GM(Est) and enquired progress into the matter. The circle office has not sent the complete papers. The CGM UP (East) is being asked to send the remaining papers.
  13-06-2018 : IDA Pay scale to MTNL staff absorbed in BSNL as per Court and DOT orders:- President and Dy. G.S. met GM(SR) and requested for settlement of the matter. After discussion he agreed to resolve the matter after getting reply from DOT.
  13-06-2018 : Link for online form for retired employee grievances. Letter No.-BSNL/20-9/SR/2018, dt-11-06-2018. Click Here,
  13-06-2018 : Brief of National Council Meeting:- Click Here,
  12-06-2018 : Memorial Meeting for Comrade G.L. Dhar. Click Here,
  12-06-2018 : Com. M.B. Vichare Amar Rahe we will remember you always. Click Here,
  12-06-2018 : GSM Pre-paid Mobile Plan for the Non-Executives in lieu of Rs. 200/- recharging GSM SIM per month. Letter No.-2-22/2002-PHA(Pt), dt-11-06-2018. Click Here,
  12-06-2018 : Nomination for Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak, Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak awards of BSNL for Exemplary/Meritorious performance for the year 2018. Letter No.-26-1/2018-BSNL(WL), dt-11-06-2018. Click Here,
  12-06-2018 : Change of designation of Non-Executive Employees in BSNL. Letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg, Vol-III, dt-08-06-2018. Click Here,
  11-06-2018 : Extending soft tenure facilities to JTO and below level grades (non-executives) opting/transferred to Circle office, A.P. Circle at Vijaywada – regarding. Letter No.-317-04/2012-Pers.I(Pt), dt-07-06-2018. Click Here,
  11-06-2018 : Recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission – Applicability to the pay scales of Casual Labourers with Temporary status. F. No.-1-5/(01)/2018-PAT, dt-05-03-2018. Click Here,
  08-06-2018 : H.P. Circle Executive Committee Meeting at Sundernagar:- The meeting took place on 07th and 08th June, 2018 at RTTC in a very systematic way. Com. Satyinder Gautam was in Chair. Com. Nand Lal Sharma, Circle Secretary placed the report of activities. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. inaugurated the meeting and exhorted the issues like PLI, wage revision and organizational matters. All the District Secretaries and other active members took part in a debate. On 8th, June an open session was organized, which was also presided over by Com. Satyinder Gautam. The session was addressed by Com. Nand Lal Sharma, C.S, Com. Muni Lal, Com. Satyinder Gautam, Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. The GM, Mandi, DGM(A) Circle office Shimla and the Principal RTTC. The meeting was ended with vote of thanks by Com. Brij Bihari, Distt. Secretary, Mandi. Click Here,
  08-06-2018 : Com Sheshadri Deputy G.S. met GM(Rect) on 07-06-2018, appraised the following issues in details. The GM(Rect) expressed deep concern and assured speedy redressal. (1) Conducting of JTO LDCE exam for the year 2016-17 & year 2017 -2018 announcement of calendar of examination in coordination with GM(Est). (2) Issue of proper direction to the concern for awarding marks for correct answer in the LDCE JE exam held on 28-01-2018. Case of Kelhoungunyu Vizo Regn-1703000594 Kohima (Nagaland).
  07-06-2018 : Com. G.L. Dhar funeral took place at about 17.00 hours on 06-06-2018 at Nigam Bodh Ghat, New Delhi, was attended by Com. K.S. Sheshadri , Dy. G.S, Com. M.P. Singh President Corporate office, and Com. Dukhan Kumar Distt. Secretary, (W.B.) from NFTE BSNL. Click Here,
  06-06-2018 : NFTE HQR have taken up the issue of provision of BSNL Rs. 429/- plan to non-executive employees in place of Rs. 200/- value per month with CMD BSNL vide No.-TF-19/1(c), dt-20-02-2018. HQR persued the matter at all levels seriously and made possible, as it was told by the management that it is not possible to extend the facility to non executives in BSNL. Click Here, Click Here,
  06-06-2018 : Com. G.L. Dhar a veteran trade union Leader is no more:- Com. G.L. Dhar a senior and experienced Leader of Central Govt. Employees Movement and Secretary of AITUC expired today early hours at New Delhi. He was a towering personality in trade union movement. We dip our banner and HQR pays respectful homage to the departed soul. Click Here,
  05-06-2018 : Holding of LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre – declaration of date regarding. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-05-06-2018. Click Here,
  04-06-2018 : Wrong recovery of license fee of one step higher allotment on request of individual – case of Smt. Sushila Devi, A.T.T. under GMTD Jharkhand. Letter No.-TF-011, dt-04-06-2018. Click Here,
  04-06-2018 : Arbitrary wage cut of the staff for late attendance – case of Ranchi SSA. Letter No.-TF-011, dt-04-06-2018. Click Here,
  04-06-2018 : Unilateral dropping items of agenda submitted by Leader staff side (NFTE) by Secretary Staff Side local council under GMTD Ranchi. Letter No.-TF-2/1, dt-04-06-2018. Click Here,
  04-06-2018 : The meeting of the committee to recommend new designation held on 31-05-2018 to decide the new designation of some Cadres, which designation was agreed by the committee earlier but not approved by management committee for various reasons. On 31-05-2018 the committee after a prolonged discussion decided not to change the designation what was decided earlier for some of the Cadres related to their work. As per the discussion held in the meeting, the designation of some non-test category staff were changed for which minutes will be released and it will be sent to the management committee for approval.
  02-06-2018 : Com. Arun Kumar, Branch Secretary Vijayanagara and Assistant District Secretary Bangalore Telecom District met with an accident on 01-06-2018 and expired at about 11.00 pm. He was an active and dedicated Comrade of NFTE BSNL. CHQ condoles the untimely death of Com. Arun Kumar and share the grief of family.
  02-06-2018 : 18th All India BSNL Carron Tournament from 01-08-2018 to 04-08-2018 at RTTC Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Letter No.-29-02/2018-BSNL(Sports), dt-01-06-2018. Click Here,
  02-06-2018 : Calculation of retirement benefits in cases of imposition of penalty after retirement. Letter No.-29-1/2018-VA, dt-31-05-2018. Click Here,
  01-06-2018 : Meeting with GM(SR):- The NFTE delegation comprising G.S, Com. K.S. Sheshadri Dy. G.S, Com. P. Kamraj Secretary CHQ & Com. A. Rajamouli met with Shri A.M. Gupta GM(SR) and discussed the following staff related issues:- (1) Gross violation of rules in allotment of deptl quarters under PGMTD Patna and enquiry is suppressed at DGM(Vig) level in Bihar Circle. (2) Immunity from Transfer to the eligible office bearers in W.B.T. Circle. (3) Wage revision:- Constitution of joint negotiating committee for wage revision of non-executives employees in BSNL. The GM(SR) reciprocated on each issue in detail and he said that to constitute the joint wage committee proposal has been approved by the CMD BSNL and now the needful is being done at earliest. Regarding violation of rules in allotment of quarters. The DGM(Vig) Corporate office was advised to look into the matter. Immunity from transfer case of West Bengal Telecom Circle will be resolved shortly.
  01-06-2018 : Corporate office formed a Grievance Rederssal Cell for the Retired Employees of BSNL:- A grievance redressal cell for the retired employees of BSNL has become operational under staff relation cell of corporate office. For redressal of grievance – Please fill up the form available at the line below. https://goo.gl/forms/ Pl50asDWWYsulgus2 The progress of the cases will be monitored by SR Cell for early disposal. Those who have already sent their grievance in hard copy or through Email, may also submit once again through the online link given above for better monitoring. SR(Cell) BSNL Corporate office.
  01-06-2018 : Comments on National Digital Communication Policy. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here,
  31-05-2018 : Tamilnadu Circle created new heights in BSNL Services and Revenue. Click Here,
  31-05-2018 : All India Central Public Sector Workers Convention held in New Delhi on 30-05-2018:- In continuation of Ernakulum convention, the CPSUs convention took place in New Delhi on 30-05-2018, at Ghalib Institute. The representatives/General Secretaries of (7) constituents were in the presidium, Besides, all central trade union leaders of INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, LPF, JAF Bangalore and PSU co-ordination committee Hyderabad addressed the convention with one voice to oppose disinvestment in PSU’s, fixed term Employment etc. And they focused on immediate conclusion of satisfactory wage revision settlement in all CPSU’s, No amendment to contract Labour Act 1970 and Revival of CPSU’s suffering to due to anti-public sector polices of the Govt. The convention unanimously adopted the declaration on (8) demands. And also they proposed to conduct one day strike in the country to oppose the anti labour and anti-CPSU’s policy of Govt. More than 350 delegates participated from all corners of the country. From NFTE BSNL, Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S, Com. K.S. Sheshadri Dy. G.S, the Secretaries HQR, Com. Mahabir Singh, Com. N.J. Bhatia, Com. Kamraj, Com. Malhan, Com. Vinay Raina V.P, Com. Mohinder Singh V.P, and Com. A. Rajamouli participated in the convention alongwith Com. Surjit Singh, C.S. Punjab, Com. Natarajan C.S. T.N, Com. H.K. Goel, C.S. Haryana, Com. Swatantra Kumar, Senior leader from Punjab and active Comrades from different Circles participated in the convention. Click Here,
  30-05-2018 : All India Convention of Central Public Sector Workers held at New Delhi on 30-05-2018 in Ghalib Institute – Declaration. Click Here,
  30-05-2018 : The leaders of AUAB Chhattisgarh Circle met with Hon’ble Minister for Communication and IT while he was on Camp at Chhattisgarh. It is reported that the Minister assured the leaders of AUAB that the 3rd PRC will be implemented for BSNL employees, though it may take some more time. Click Here,
  29-05-2018 : All India Convention of Central Public Sector Workers will be held in Delhi on 30-05-2018 from 13.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs, to discuss core issues like wage revision/disinvestment of PSUs etc.
Venue of the meeting:- Ghalib Institute, opposite Mata Sundri College, ITO, New Delhi.
  28-05-2018 : Meeting of joint committee for change of designation of left out non-executive Cadres. Letter No.-2-4/2007/Restg/Vol.III, dt-28-05-2018. Click Here,
  28-05-2018 : Court Case against formation of subsidiary tower company:- As per the decision taken on 08-05-2018 by AUAB for rolling back of subsidiary tower company, a case has been filed in Hon’ble High Court of Delhi on 23-05-2018, vide WP No.-5758/2018. The Hon’ble High Court admitted the case and it also said that the operation of subsidiary tower company shall be subject to the out come of this case and posted for next date of hearing in last week of Sept, 2018.
  26-05-2018 : Corporate office letter on verification of service of BSNL absorbed employees and DOT employees after completion of 18 years’ of service or on being left with five years’ service. Letter No.-40-06/2015-Pen(B), dt-25-05-2018. Click Here,
  25-05-2018 : 36th meeting of National Council on 12th June, 2018. File No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2017, dt-25-05-2018. Click Here,
  25-05-2018 : AUAB defers the call for walk-out and conducting rallies on 28.05.2018, against Subsidiary Tower Company: Based on the notice issued on 24.05.2018, by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, for organising walk-out and rallies on 28-05-2018, the CMD BSNL invited the leaders of the AUAB for talks. The talks started at 16:30 hrs. and lasted for almost two hours. In the meeting, the CMD BSNL informed the AUAB leaders that the item of Subsidiary Tower Company is not there in the agenda for the BSNL Board meeting to be held at Hyderabad on 28-05-2018. He also made an appeal to withdraw the struggle. Thereafter, a meeting of the AUAB was held. In view of the information given by the CMD BSNL, the meeting unanimously decided to defer the call for organising walk-out and rallies on 28-05-2018.
  24-05-2018 : Lunch hour demonstration at Corporate office on 24-05-2018:- All unions/associations have organized an inspired demonstration at Corporate office in lunch hour at Corporate office to oppose the formation of subsidiary tower company. The leaders of AIBSNLEA, BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, SNEA, FNTO and SEWA BSNL addressed the gathering. Com. Mahabir Singh Secy CHQ, Com. Rajamouli and Com. M.P. Singh Circle President C.O. participated from NFTE BSNL. Click Here,
  24-05-2018 : All unions and associations of BSNL – Appeal. Letter No.-UA/2017/22, dt-24-05-2018. Click Here,
  24-05-2018 : All unions and associations of BSNL notice for walkout from office/work places by the entire non-executives and executives throughout the country on 28-05-2018 and organizing of rally and protest demonstration at Hyderabad on the same day – reg. Letter No.-UA/2017/20, dt-24-05-2018. Click Here,
  24-05-2018 : All Circle/District Secretaries are requested please note an emergent meeting of all unions/associations held in NFTE office under the Chairmanship Com. Prahalad Rai G.S. AIBSNLEA on 23-05-2018, after a prolonged discussions the following decisions were taken in the meeting. Kindly start preparations to make 28-05-2018 programme a big success. Click Here,
  23-05-2018 : Meeting with GM(Banking) C.O. New Delhi on 22-05-2018:- General Secretary, Com. Rajamouli, Treasurer, Com. Mahabir Singh Secretary CHQ and Com. Sompal Saini C.S. UP(W) met with GM Banking regarding payment of GPF advance in Himachal Pradesh Circle, where GPF advance is not being paid for three/four months. GM(FB) reciprocated positively and told that fund will be released in this week. The leaders also met Shri A.K. Singh DGM(Est) and pursued the cases of temporary transfer.
  23-05-2018 : Corporate office letter on Regular updation of service details in the Service Books of IDA pensioners – regarding. Letter No.-40-06/2015-Pen(B), dt-22-05-2018. Click Here,
  23-05-2018 : Revision of pension of BSNL pensioner’s/family pensioners, who retired prior to 10-06-2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay/Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment regarding. Letter No.-48-10/2017-Pen (B), dt-22-05-2018. Click Here,
  23-05-2018 : Holding of Circle and Local Council meeting as per prescribed time schedule. Letter No.-BSNL/20-10/SR/2018, dt-21-05-2018. Click Here,
  23-05-2018 : Corporate office letter on grievance redressal Cell for the Retried Employees. Letter No.-BSNL/20-9/SR/2018, dt-22-05-2018. Click Here,
  23-05-2018 : Corporate office issued guidelines for settlement of claims for compensation on accidents …… reg. Letter No.-2-2(Misc./Guidelines/2018-WS&I, dt-21-05-2018. Click Here,
  21-05-2018 : Meeting with GM(SR):- General Secretary and Com. A.Rajamouli, Treasurer met with GM(SR) and discussed the HR issues of UP(West), West Bengal and A.P. Circles. The GM(SR) reciprocated positively to resolve the issues within sort period.
  21-05-2018 : Decentralisation of payment of pensionary benefits in respect of Heads of BSNL Circles/BSNL/RLO/TERM Cell at respective CCA offices – reg. Letter No.-48-03/2017-Pen (B), dt-16-05-2018. Click Here,
  21-05-2018 : All Circle Secretaries please note the venue of circle Secretaries meeting will be held from 29th June to 30th June, 2018 in DAKHA INTERNATIONAL (HOTEL). Click Here,
  19-05-2018 : Circle Secretaries meeting will be held on 29 and 30 June 2018 at New Delhi. Letter No.- TF-4/1, dt-18.05.2018 Click Here,
  18-05-2018 : The DOT/Govt of India has introduced a Indian Digital Communication policy and circulated it to seek the public opinion, please go though it and if any comment there on please send it though email.-csingh465@gmail.com. Click Here,
  18-05-2018 : Data furnished by Management to staff side in connection with the discussion on payment of PLI for the year 2015-16. The staff side pointed out that the revenue collected from service may be furnished for the year 2015-16 for better understanding the contribution of workers to the Company. Click Here,
  17-05-2018 : Corporate Office letter to all the CGMs, regarding Compassionate Ground Appointment. Ltr.No.268/SCT/2017/Estt.-IV Dtd.16.05.2018 Click Here,
  17-05-2018 : Wrong perception in granting pay scale on promotion under NEPP 1st upgradation. – Case of Shri S.M. Maru O.S. Bharuch under GM, WTR Ahmadabad. Letter No.-TF-07, dt-17-05-2018. Click Here,
  16-05-2018 : 87th birth anniversary of late Com. S. Jagan, one of the towering leader and Secretary NFTE is on 17.05.2018.: The CHQ extend tribute. Com. Jagan will be remembered for his work in respect of upgrading the social and economical status of workers as well as to defending their rights.
  16-05-2018 : PLI Joint Committee Meeting:- Meeting held under chairmanship of Shri. Ashutosh Gupta G.M.(Restg),GM (SR), Sr.GM(Estt), GM(Rectt) GM(EF) were present from Management side, NFTE was represented by G.S. and Com. K.S.Kulkarni. A detail discussion held for payment of adhoc PLI the F/Y 2015-16. In the meeting Management side supplied the data related to Staff strength, Service Connections in r/o Land line,Broad Band, FTTH, Mobile and leased line and also reported income and loss for the respective year but increase in service revenue was not given in the statement, hence it is decided to hold another meeting for which date will be fixed later with consultation with staff side.
  16-05-2018 : Meeting of Committee constituted to recommend change of designation of left out cadres:- Meeting held under chairmanship of Shri. Ashutosh Gupta G.M.(Restg),GM (SR), Sr.GM(Estt), GM(Rectt), were present from Management side, NFTE was represented by G.S. and Com. Mahvir Singh Secretary (CHQ). The designation of TOAs of all the four streams and Chargeman of Telecom factories, Draftsman of Telecom Factory/Civil/Electrical were approved by management committee for which administrative order will be issued shortly. For other left out 19 Group ‘D’ cadre and cadre covering under NE-4 to NE-6 it was agreed to discuss the issue further. The next meeting in this regard will take place on 31.05.2018.
  16-05-2018 : Revision of minimum daily wage of workmen w.e.f. 01-04-2018 based on consumer price index P/E 31-12-2017. Click Here,
  16-05-2018 : NFTE BSNL Tamilnadu Circle union Executive Committee meeting was held on 14/05/2018 at Karur:- Click Here,
  14-05-2018 : Non-availability of raw material for production of HDPE Duct – reg. Letter No.-TF-29, dt-12-05-2018. Click Here,
  14-05-2018 : Coimbatore District Union(Tamilnadu Circle) arranged a Special Meeting on 13/05/2018. Though it is a Sunday nearly 100 comrades enthusiastically attended the meeting to here the speech of our Beloved General Secretary. Com Chandeshwar Singh NFTE General Secretary addressed the meeting. He spoke on 3rd PRC, Tower Company and other important issues. In the course of speech he touched upon various issues. Finally he emphasised the need of NFTE BSNL to continue as a Recognized Union.
The meeting was presided over by Com Ramakrishnan District President. Com Roberts District Secretary welcomed the gathering. Com Natarajan Circle Secretary Com Gopalakrishnan Federation Secretary (Ex) Com Subbarayan Circle Treasurer and Com Semmalamudham CHQ Special Invite also addressed the gathering. Click Here,
  14-05-2018 : CONFERENCE AT CUDDALORE:- Click Here,
  14-05-2018 : Photos of Demonstrations and Street Corner meetings. Click Here,
  12-05-2018 : Regarding fixation of date of financial up-gradation. F. NO.-13-8/2016-TE, dt-18-08-2016. Click Here,
  12-05-2018 : Guidelines on treatment of effect of penalties on promotion – role of Departmental Promotion Committee. Letter No.-22011/4/2007-Estt.(D), dt-28th April, 2014. Click Here,
  11-05-2018 : Extension to TSMs regularized on or after 01-10-2000 in BSNL and covered under Rule 37A of CCS (Pension) Rules for granting 1st NEPP at par with the DOT absorbed employees – reg. Letter No. TF-26/6, dt-11-05-2018. Click Here,
  11-05-2018 : Recruitment in the Cadre of Telecom Technician (erstwhile Telecom Mechanic) against 50% outside quota – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(d), dt-11-05-2018 Click Here,
  11-05-2018 : Request to form bilateral committee for wage revision for non-executive staff. Letter No.-TF-9/9-c, dt-11-05-2018 to Director (HR). Click Here,
  11-05-2018 : Meeting of Joint Committee for Change of Designation of left out Non-Executive Employees in BSNL. Letter No.-2-4/2007/Restg/Vol III, dt-08-05-2018. Click Here,
  10-05-2018 : Street Corner Meetings – Few Photographs of 9th May:- Click Here,
  10-05-2018 : 8th round of wage negotiations for workmen in CPSEs – reg. File No.-62-2/2016-SU, dt-27-04-2018. Click Here,
  10-05-2018 : HOC Meeting:- CGMs meeting is taking place on 10th and 11th May at Delhi.
  10-05-2018 : Medical facilities:- Unions have vehemently opposed the move of curtailing the medical facilities of employees. The management is not in hurry to curtail MRS at present in view of firm stand of the unions.
  10-05-2018 : Meeting on wasteful expenditures – reg. Letter No.-TF-6/7, dt-10-05-2018. Click Here,
  10-05-2018 : Meeting with the Management:- The scheduled meeting between unions and management on “wasteful expenditures” took place on 9th instant in which GM(Banking), GM(SR), Dy. GM(SR) and Dy. GM(F) were present. The NFTE was represented by its President and General Secy. Prolonged discussions took place on many items. Out of these main points are mentioned in the letter No.-TF-6/7, dt-10-05-2018 addressed to GM(SR) and GM(F) which are uploaded.
  09-05-2018 : Upgradation of Sr. Accountants and the revival of pay scale – reg. Letter No.-TF-24/(h), dt-09-05-2018. Click Here,
  09-05-2018 : Non-availability of full quota of Directors in BSNL – reg. Letter No.-TF-36/2, dt-09-02-2018. Click Here,
  09-05-2018 : Decisions in the meeting of AUAB:- The meeting of All Unions and Associations held on 08-05-2018 under the Chairmanship of Com. C. Singh, G.S, NFTE (BSNL), has decided as under:- (1) Writ petition will be filed in Delhi High Court against the formation of Tower Company. (2) All India convention will be held at Delhi against the formation of Tower Company in the month of June, 2018.
  09-05-2018 : Provision of adequate and proper management in BSNL reg. Letter No.-TF-36/2, dt-08-05-2018. Click Here,
  08-05-2018 : View of some Street Corners meetings. Other Circle and District unions are also requested to send photographs of the meetings. Click Here,
  08-05-2018 : Intensify the Street Corner Meeting:- The meeting of “All unions and Associations in BSNL” took place today and reviewed the call of holding Street Corner meeting throughout the country. The meeting after deliberations has called upon the workers to intensify the struggle. Circle and District Secretaries are requested to exert maximum alongwith other unions to hold meetings at public places.
  08-05-2018 : Out of five posts of Director two are vacant for last two year. The Director (CM), Shri Mittal is retiring in June, 2018. Thus only two Directors will be available from July. Letter No.-TF-36/2, dt-07-05-2018 to Shri Manoj Sinha, MOC urging him to intervene to get all the posts filled up. Click Here,
  07-05-2018 : Meeting with GM(Rectt):-President and General Secretary met GM(Rectt) and discussed about discrepancies in JE LICE result and holding of JTO LICE.
  07-05-2018 : Meeting with GM(Est):- Both the leaders met GM(Est) also and discussed about HRA to staff serving in Kupwad and Miraj areas at Sangli SSA of TSMs. The issue of PO of TSMs was also discussed.
  07-05-2018 : Denial of 20% HRA to employees working in Kupwad and Miraj corporation areas of Sangli District at Maharashtra. Letter No.-19/3, dt-07-05-2018. Click Here,
  07-05-2018 : “Hangama” service on landline phones – reg. Letter No.-TF-10/4(a), dt- 07-05-2018. Click Here,
  07-05-2018 : Discrepancies in question paper and in final answer key in the LICE for promotion to Junior Engineer (T) Cadre – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(a), dt-07-05-2018. Click Here,
  05-05-2018 : National Convention of Central Trade unions on 30th May, 2018:- The National Convention will be held on 30th May, 2018 at New Delhi against privitsation Fixed Term Employment and demanding wage revision for CPSU workers and no restriction on right to collective bargaining. The venue is Ghalib Institute near to ITO Metro Station.
  05-05-2018 : Proposed curtailment in Medical facilities:- Management has proposed to curtail present medical facilities in view of financial crunch being faced by the Company. The union has protested against the move and demanded that the wasteful expenditures be controlled first. The meeting between unions and management is fixed for 9th May in this respect. Circle and District Secretaries are once again requested to send the details of wasteful expenditures urgently.
  05-05-2018 : ZTE inauguration at Srinagar (Kashmir):- The CMD, BSNL inaugurated the MSC ZTE exchange and also met the leaders of all unions and associations. Com. Ashique, C.S. drew his attention on services. Click Here,
  04-05-2018 : Redesignation of left out non-executive Cadres:- According to sources the Management Committee has partly approved. Another meeting will take place of joint committee to sort out the issue.
  04-05-2018 : Hold Street Corner meetings from 7th to 11th May, 2018:- Click Here,
  03-05-2018 : JE LICE result:- President met GM(Rectt) and drawn her attention relating to discrepancies in the answers of last JE LICE. She readily agreed to consider these discrepancies. The CHQ will furnish consolidated details shortly to BSNL HQR.
  03-05-2018 : District Conference of NFTE BSNL at Belgaum:- The Conference was held on 2nd May 2018 at TRC Belgaum under the Presidentship of Com P.S. Sambrekar Com K.S. Sheshadri, Deputy General Secretary Chq, Com. A.C. Krishnamohan Reddy, Circle Secretary, Com. S.V. Arali, Circle President, Com. S.R. Patel, District Secretary etc and Shri Prasanth Obaiah, General Manager, Shri Nabapure DGM, Shri Dalawal DGM and Sri Inamdar DGM and other officers attended and addressed the conference. Maximum number of Coms attended the conference. Com SR Patel Com P.S. sambrekar and Com MB Patel have been elected unanimously as District President District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively Click Here,
  03-05-2018 : Conference at Coimbatore:- More than 220 comrades enthusiastically participated in the seventh district conference of Coimbatore on May -1 and unanimously elected the office bearers. Comrades N.Ramakrishnan and A. Roberts were elected as District President and District Secretary respectively. The conference was inaugurated by Comrade Natarajan, Circle Secretary and was greeted by CHQ office bearers Com. C.K.Mathivanan, Com. S.Palaniappan and Com. P. Kamaraj and Circle Union Treasurer Com.L.Subbarayan, Com. S.S. Gopalkrishnan (former Secy CHQ), Com. Semmal Amutham (CHQ Special invitee), Com. Arunachalm (Pensioners union). Click Here,
  03-05-2018 : Meeting with Director (CFA) and Enterprise:- The union representatives met Director (CFA)/(E), Shri N.K. Mehta and held discussions on matters appended below:-
(1) Provision of concessional Telephones in non-feasible areas:- The attention of Director (CFA)/(E) was drawn to the effect that the employees including retired personnel are not being provided concessional Telephones on the plea of non-feasible area. The union suggested in such situation an equal amount of Mobile phone service may be provided. He agreed to consider the proposal.
(2) Hangama Service:- Hangama Service is being extended to willing landline subscribers by private agency as per agreement with corporate office. Director’s attention was drawn that Hangama service charges are being realized from unwilling subscribers in Maharashtra circle causing annoyance and resentment. This be prevented. Director readily agreed for remedial action.
  03-05-2018 : Informal discussions with GM(EF):- President and Vice President, Com. Naresh Kumar met the GM (EF), Smt. Smita Chaudhary on 2nd instant and held discussions on the following issues:-
(I) Upgradation of Sr. Accountants:- GM (EF) told the union representatives that the revival of pay scale has been taken up with the DOT and she has discussions also with the Advisor (F) in the matter.
(II) R/R of JAO:- Proposed revised R/R is being sent to the Management Committee for consideration.
  01-05-2018 : The NFTE (BSNL) organized "May Day" celebration at Allahabad in which SNEA, SNATTA and AIBSNLEA associations participated. The meeting was presided by Com. Ved Mishra and conducted by Com. Sidhnath Pande, Distt. Secretary Com. Islam paid homage to the leaders who sacrificed their lives at Chicago for the cause of workers. He touched various issues in his speech and extorted to organize massive demonstration on 11th May against Govt.'s decision to form Tower Company.
  01-05-2018 : Com. C. Singh, G.S. addressed a well attended meeting of workers at Patna on the occasion of “May Day” celebration by NFTE and other sister unions. Com. Singh explained in details the background of the historic day and appealed to all to take pledge to fight against the united attack of capitalist joining hand with the Govt. He told that the message of May Day is most relevant today also when the workers of all sections are under attack. He thanked all the participants and organisers.
  01-05-2018 : Mass meeting at Lucknow:- A mass meeting of employees was held on 28th April at Kaiser Bagh Telephone Exchange premises, Lucknow and the same was presided by Com. Umesh Shukla. The functionaries of the union and employees extended a very warm and hearty felicitations to Comrades Islam and Rajiv Verma, the outgoing Circle President. His services to the union and boldness were recalled. The meeting was addressed by District Secretary (Com. V.N. Verma), Circle Secretary (Com. Dubey), newly elected Circle President (Com V.P. Singh), Com. Pramila Bajpai and others.
Com. Verma in his address declared that he will take care of NFTE and the interest of the employees till his last breath. Com. Islam expressing his gratefulness called upon the gathering to hold street corner meetings from 7th May onward and hold massive demonstration on 11th May against dangerous decisions of Govt. to form separate Tower Company in BSNL. The Govt. has not been transparent at all in this regard. He told the employees about latest position of the 3rd pay revision and exhorted for increase in revenue. The effect of CDA Rule 55 (A) was also touched upon and he said that the present Govt. wants and anxious to down size the strength of workers and is resorting to anti workers policies. He appealed to large gathering to face 2019 mission unitedly and for this the loins should be grid up right from now.
  01-05-2018 : The May Day Tradition. Click Here,
  28-04-2018 : NFTE BSNL conveys May Day revolutionary greetings to one and all. Click Here,
  28-04-2018 : Striking off BSNL Tower Corporation Ltd. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here,
  27-04-2018 : Permanency of non-executive employees;- The non-executive employees after completion of two years service are to be confirmed as per existing orders of BSNL HQR. Circle Secretaries are requested to act and ensure the employees having completed two years of service are declared permanent.
  27-04-2018 : Revenue receipt:- The BSNL has earned Rs. 6,000 crores less revenue in financial year 2017-18 in comparison to last year. The company is facing financial crunch and management contemplating to curtail the medical facilities of employees. The union has stoutly opposed and has demanded to control and check the wasteful expenditures first. All concerned are requested once again to send details of wasteful expenditures to CHQ to defeat the evil designs of BSNL HQR.
  27-04-2018 : New Telecom Policy:- The draft for New Telecom Policy is likely to be released on 1st May, 2018 to seek Public Comments and thereafter inter-ministerial consultation will commence. After these exercise it will be sent to Cabinet for approval.
  27-04-2018 : Confirmation examination:- There are TOAs(G) who have not passed the prescribed confirmation examination within the prescribed chance and not earning annual increments. In some circles this examination is not being held. BSNL HQR has sought details from the circles. Circle Secretaries are requested to contact appropriate concerned authorities in circle offices and exert so that the information are mailed to corporate office at the earliest.
  26-04-2018 : Confirmation examination:- The Circles have still not submitted details of such employees in TOA(G) Cadre who have not passed the confirmation examination within the prescribed chances. This was conveyed by Dy. GMT(Est) when President and Treasurer met him today.
  26-04-2018 : Inter Circle Rule-8 mutual transfer case in respect of JEs of SSA Cadre and JEs of Circle Cadre ------Clarification. Letter No.-250-6/2015-Estt-III, dt-17-04-2018. Click Here,
  26-04-2018 : Letter to Ms. Aruna Sundararajan, Chairperson TC &Secretary (Telecom), Click Here,
  26-04-2018 : Letter to Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, Honarable Minister of State for Communications (I/C), Govt. of India, Sanchar Bhawan, Click Here,
  26-04-2018 : All Circle/District Secretaries are requested to conduct “STREET CORNER MEETINGS FROM 7th TO 11th MAY, 2018”, against formation of subsidiary tower company and also organize massive demonstration on 11th May, 2018 at all levels. Kindly give a serious thought to this programme to make it a big success by co-ordinating with all unions/associations. G.S. Click Here,
  25-04-2018 : Meeting held:- The meeting of manager committee held today. The item of redesignation of left out Cadres was reportedly taken up. The details are awaited.
  25-04-2018 : JE LICE result:- The result of JE LICE is very poor commensurate with the 9145 vacancies of departmental quota. There are 7 circles where no one has qualified. President and Circle Secy Corporate office, Com. H.N. Sharma could meet GM(Rectt) today and told about the pathetic1.03% result. She was also apprised of that final Answer Key has not been released. Circles are requested to collect details of discrepancies and mail to CHQ for appropriate action in the matter.
  25-04-2018 : The pending two installments of Medical allowance to be paid to retired optees released. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn I, 15-22/14, dt-25-04-2018. Click Here,
  25-04-2018 : Guidelines regarding Police Verification Report ----- Clearance of JE/JTO. Letter No.-250-32/2014-Estt-III, dt-23-04-2018. Click Here,
  25-04-2018 : Redesignation of left out Cadres:- According to sources the proposal for redesignation of left out Cadres as per agreement with the unions has been sent to the management committee of BSNL for approval.
  25-04-2018 : Delay in settlement of pension cases at UP(E) circle – reg. Letter No.-TF-023, dt-24-04-2018. Click Here,
  24-04-2018 : Decisions of the meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held on 24.04.2018.
A meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) was held today the 24.04.2018. Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, presided over. Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BSNL MS, BSNL ATM and BSNL OA, participated. The meeting reviewed the March to Raj Bhawan programme, that was held on 19.04.2018. It is noted that, the programme could not be conducted in many circles, due to denial of permission for the same. The meeting also reviewed the progress in the Pay Revision issue. After detailed discussion, the following decisions are taken:-
(1) It is decided that street corner meetings are to be conducted throughout the country, from 07th to 11th May, 2018, against formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company and against the anti-BSNL policies of the government.
(2) It is decided that on the last day of the above campaign, that is on 11th May, 2018, massive demonstrations are to be conducted throughout the country, and fax messages are to be given to the Prime Minister against formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company.
(3) On the issue of wage revision, it is noted that the DPE has replied to the DoT, stating that the pay revision issue could be taken for the approval of the Cabinet. In this regard it is decided that, immediate meetings should be sought with the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and the Secretary, DoT, to discuss the issues of wage revision, pension revision and pension contribution.
(4) As regards holding a National Convention against formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company, the last meeting decided that the same could be held on 09th or 10th May, 2018. The issue was discussed in today’s meeting. In view of the campaign programme to be conducted against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company from 07th to 11th May, 2018, it is decided to defer the date of this Convention. The exact date of holding the convention will be decided in the next meeting of the AUAB.
The next meeting of the AUAB will be held at 11:30 hrs. on 08th May, 2018, in AIBSNLEA’s office at Eastern Court.
  24-04-2018 : Limited Internal Competitive Examinations (LICE) for promotion to the grade of Junior Engineer under 50% quota (RY 2016) held on 28-01-201 – Declaration of merit list. Letter No.-7-2/2017-Rectt, dt-20-04-2018. Click Here,
  24-04-2018 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est):- President and General Secretary met the Sr. GM(Est) on 23rd April and referred about the applicability GOI orders of Rs. 25 lakhs gratuity in respect of DOT absorbed employees reaching DA to the extent of 50%. He promised for taking up the matter with the DOT. His attention was also drawn on the matter of issuance of POS in respect of TSMs regularized on or after 1st October 2000. He assured for appropriate action.
  24-04-2018 : Meeting with Director (HR):- President and General Secretary met Director (HR) on 23rd Aprl and held prolonged discussions on many items which are creating anxieties and resentment amongst the employees. These are enumerated below.
(1) Relaxation in prescribed qualification for Telecom Technician (TM) LICE:- Her attention was drawn that R/R may be modified making provision for pre-qualifying examination in respect of non-matriculates assistant Telecom Technicians (RMs) etc that they may be eligible for J.E. LICE. Such officials are stagnating in the present scale.
(2) 15% reservation of JE(TTA) vacancies from 50% departmental quota for promotion of Telecom Technicians (TMs) on seniority-cum-fitness basis to the Cadre of JE(TTA).
(3) LICE for JTO and JAO:- She was apprised of the fact LICE has not taken place for both for last two years and employees denied their promotion.
(5) Introduction of “Term Group Scheme”:- The union demanded that all non-executive employees be included in the above scheme on optional basis.
(6) Settlement of pay and allowances of Shri K. Anbu, T.T. Chennai, TD for suspension and dismissal period sequel to High Court’s decision.
(7) Upgradation of Sr. Accountant to Group ‘B’ status:- Director (HR)/F immediately contacted and told the GM(EF) that the committee not be formed and consultation be made held urgently for the pay scale on upgradation. Union was also requested to give suggestion in this respect.
  24-04-2018 : Review of MRS policy:- The review of MRS policy is being contemplated in the name of financial crunch. President and G.S. in course of meeting with the Director (HR), PGM (Adm) and GM(Bank) have told on 23rd instant in clear terms that the review proposal be supplied to the union for our consideration. The union will submit details of prevailing wasteful expenditures for their curtailment so that change in MRS is avoided.
  24-04-2018 : Circle and District Secretaries to note and act - Wasteful expenditures in the field:- Circle and District Secretaries are requested to send details about the wasteful expenditures being incurred on many items for compilation at CHQ level and submission of the same to BSNL management. This is urgent as meeting with the management will take place on 9th May in the matter.
  24-04-2018 : Implementation of recommendations of 7th CPC pay revision in respect of employees working in BSNL on CDA scales due to non-issuance of Presidential orders for their absorption in BSNL – admissibility of perks and allowances etc. Letter No-1-09/2016-PAT(BSNL), dt-23-04-2018. Click Here,
  24-04-2018 : Informal meeting with representative of Union/Association to discuss their suggestions on curtailment of wasteful expenditure in BSNL. F. No.-BSNL/20-7/SR/2018, dt- 23-04-2018. Click Here,
  24-04-2018 : Revision of scales of pay w.e.f. 01-01-2007 for payment of IDA at revised rates from 1st April, 2018. BSNL No.-14-1/2012-PAT (BSNL), dt- 20-04-2018. Click Here,
  23-04-2018 : Dependency for Medical facility – reg. Letter No.-TF-32/2, dt-23-04-2018. Click Here,
  23-04-2018 : Introduction of “Term group insurance scheme” in BSNL – reg. Letter No.-TF-16/3(b), dt-23-04-2018. Click Here,
  23-04-2018 : Issue of Presidential orders – reg. Letter No.-TF-24/4, dt-23-04-2018. Click Here,
  23-04-2018 : Request for treating the period of both suspension and dismissal as duty period and order for payment of wages – case of Shri K. Anbu, Telecom Technician/ Perumalpet exchange in Chennai Telephones circle – reg. Letter No.-TF-028/2018, dt-23-04-2018. Click Here,
  23-04-2018 : Felicitation at Chennai:- The NFTE circle union of Chennai TD organized a grand felicitation programme on 21-04-2018 at Anna Road Telephone Exchange in which circle Secretaries of BSNLEU, FNTO, TEPU, SNEA, AIBSNLEA and NFTCL participated. Three newly elected CHQ leaders viz President, General Secretary and Vice President, Com. C.K.M were given warm and hearty felicitation. Near about 450 employees were present. The CGM, Chennai TD also graced the occasion. All the circle Secretaries and CHQ leaders addressed the gathering. Click Here,
  21-04-2018 : Creation of Multi Tasking Cadre – resolution thereon. Letter No.-TF-1/2(AIC), dt-20-04-2018. Click Here,
  21-04-2018 : Enhancement of DCRG amount of Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 25 sequel to rise of DA to 50% for absorbed employees – Resolution thereon. Letter No.-TF-11/4, dt-20-04-2018. Click Here,
  21-04-2018 : JAO R/R – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(c), dt-20-04-2018. Click Here,
  20-04-2018 : Holding of LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-20-04-2018. Click Here,
  20-04-2018 : Relaxation in the educational qualification for eligibility to appear in LDCE for promotion to Telecom Technician Cadre (erstwhile Telecom Mechanic). Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-20-04-2018. Click Here,
  20-04-2018 : Upgradation of Senior Accountants to Executive status. Letter No.-TF-24/2(h), dt-20-04-2018. Click Here,
  20-04-2018 : Promotion to the Cadre of Junior Engineer (T) on seniority – Cum fitness basis – reg. Letter No.-TF-24/2(d), dt-20-04-2018. Click Here,
  20-04-2018 : Images of 19th April March to Governor House. Click Here,
  20-04-2018 : DPE letter No.-W-02/0004/2018 DPE – WC, dt-18-04-2018 to DOT for relaxation in the affordability clause for 3rd PRC. Click Here,
  19-04-2018 : March view of all unions and associations for submission of Memorandum to Government at Vijayawada, A.P. reg rolling back of Tower Company. Click Here,
  19-04-2018 : BSNL HQR Letter No.-4-8/2018-SEA(BSNL) (Pt), dt-11-04-2018 addressed to CGM, West Bengal with copy to General Secy regarding Transfer of Shir Ashis Sarkar, JAO District Secy , Kharagpur. Click Here,
  19-04-2018 : CHQ extends hearty congrats and greetings to Comrades Perumal and N.D. Ram on their reelection as President and General Secy respectively of SEWA BSNL.
  18-04-2018 : March to Governors house in large number on 19th April under the banner of All Unions and Associations of BSNL.
And hand over memorandum to his excellency demanding.
The Govt of India must roll back the decision to form separate Tower Company to protect the BSNL.
  17-04-2018 : Draft Memorandum for submission to Governor on 19th, April, 2018. Click Here,
  17-04-2018 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est) and Dy. GMT (Est) at BSNL HQR:- President, Vice President (Com. Naresh Kumar) and Circle Secy, Corporate office (Com. H.N. Sharma) held discussions with Sr. GM(Est) and Dy. GMT(Est) on the following issues:-
(1) 15% vacancies out of 50% departmental quota for promotion to JE(TTA Cadre) be earmarked for promotion of Telecom Technicians (TMs) on the basis of seniority cum-fitness basis.
(2) Pre-qualifying examination may be introduced for non-matriculates Assistant Telecom Technicians (RMs) etc to make them eligible to appear in Telecom Technician (TM) LICE.
(3) Availing of Home Travel concession should also be permitted during Child Care leave.
(4) The GOI order for 25 lakhs gratuity on reaching of 50% DA be endorsed by DOT for its applicability in respect of absorbed employees covered under Rule 37A.
(5) Employees on probation be permitted for mutual exchange transfer. Matter be clarified to CGM, Andhra.
  17-04-2018 : Clarification on grant of immunity to the office bearers of Executive Associations. BSNL/32-2/SR/2009, dt-16-04-2018 addressed to all CGMs. Click Here,
  17-04-2018 : BSNL Sports Calendar for All India BSNL Tournaments/Meets for the year 2018-19. Letter No.-28-1/2018-BSNL(Sports), dt-11-04-2018. Click Here,
  16-04-2018 : District Conference of NFTE BSNL in Raichur Telecom District was held on 15th April 2018 at Kannada Bhavan under the Presidentship of Com. S.M. Malli District President Com. K.S. Sheshadri Deputy General Secretary, Com. A.C. Krishnamohan Reddy Circle Secretary, Com S.V. Arali Circle President, Com. Muniyappa D.S Raichur etc and Smt. Radha Deputy General Manager, Shri Rangnath AGM Marketing and other officers attended and addressed the meeting. Maximum number of Comrades of SSA Raichur attended the conference. Com. S.M. Malli O.S, Com Md Tayyab Ali Sr. TOA and Com Abdul Azeez SrTOS have been elected unanimously as District President District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively. Click Here,
  16-04-2018 : Tamilnadu topped in providing landline connections:- The Tamilnadu circle provided total 90909 connections during financial year 2017-18 and topped in this regard. CHQ extends greetings and congrats.
  16-04-2018 : DA may be paid to casual labourers including TSMs 139% w.e.f. 01-01-2017 ands 139% w.e.f. 01-07-2017 BSNL HQR No.-11-1/2017-LE, dt-12-04-2018 to all CGMs. Click Here,
  16-04-2018 : The Govt has decided that the amount of gratuity payable to an employees under the Gratuity Act, 1972 shall not exceed Rs. 20 lakhs. DPE No.-W-02/0020/2018-DPE(WC)-GL-XII/18, dt-11th, April, 2018. Click Here,
  16-04-2018 : An employee can leave HQR, avail LTC and proceed to abroad with approval of competent authority. DOP letter No.-13018/6/2013-Estt(L), dt-03-04-2018. Click Here,
  16-04-2018 : Maharashtra’s wonderful performance:- The Maharashtra Circle has provided total 82222 landline connections during the financial year 2017-18. The circle has provided 9481 Telephone connections in the month of March itself. What a great performance indeed !. Apart from above the circle not only achieved the target in Business Enterprise but surpassed the same due to sincere efforts of all concerned. CHQ conveys congrats and greetings to every one for the achievements.
  13-04-2018 : 128 Birthday of Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar:- The 128th Birthday of Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is falling on 14th April, 2018. He was first and the best to champion the cause of social justice in the country. His contributions towards framing of constitution of India and social justice are unparallel. Today some people are trying to undo what Dr. Saheb has done. His contributions for the upliftment of downtrodden SC S/T community and job reservation can never be forgotten. The NFTE (BSNL) HQR records its deepest and respectful homage to the departed leader. Click Here,
  13-04-2018 : Issue of POS of TSMs regularized on 30-09-2000 or thereafter in East UP circle:- President and Circle Secy in Corporate office met the Sr. GM (Est) and apprised him that the cases of POS are pending from October, 2017. The case papers alongwith the CGM, East UP letter have been handed over to him for action. He assured for action.
  13-04-2018 : “Review of loss making CPSUs” by committee on Public undertaking:- The BSNL HQR has responded and replies on the points sent by the committee on Public under taking branch, Loksabha Secretariat for review of loss making PSUs.
  13-04-2018 : Further photos of Dharna programme of 12th, April received from the circles. Click Here,
  13-04-2018 : Photos of Eastern U.P. Circle conference held at Allahabad. Click Here,
  13-04-2018 : Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2018 – Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Letter No.-3-1/2010-TE, dt-12-04-2018. Click Here,
  12-04-2018 : Dharna held at Delhi:- The Dharna programme against the decision of the Govt to form separate Tower Company in BSNL was held today in Eastern Court premises under the banner of “All unions and Associations” in which the leaders of all unions participated. The assembled employees in sizeable strength demanded withdrawal of the decision as same is not in the interest of BSNL. The NFTE (BSNL) was represented by Coms. Islam, Rajamouli, Rajpal, Naresh Kumar (VP), Circle Secretaries NTR and Corporate office and others.
There has been enthusiastic response from the field and Dharna has been organized in almost entire country against Tower Company. Congrats and greetings to Comrades.
Click Here,
  12-04-2018 : Provisional Pension:- All provisional pension cases granted be revised wef 01-01-2016 in accordance with the orders contained in DOP P&W OM No.-38/49/16-P and PW(A), dt-12-02-2018 and DOT OM No.-36-02/2016-Pen-(T), dt-06-03-2018 endorsed vide BSNL No.-48-11/2016-Pen. (B), dt-10-04-2018. Click Here,
  11-04-2018 : Meeting with GM(Restg):- President, Treasurer (Com. Rajamouli) and Circle Secy in Corporate office, Com. H.N. Sharma met the GM(Restg) today and raised the following issues. The status of the points are as under:-
(1) Redesignation of left out Cadres:- Matter is being sent to the Management Committee and it may come in the committee next week.
(2) Term Group Insurance Scheme:- A committee has been formed to examine for the introduction of the scheme for Executives at All India level akin to M.P. union leaders pleaded for inclusion of direct recruits in non-executive Cadre specially JEs in the scheme.
  11-04-2018 : Corporate office issued clarification regarding deduction of union subscription to CGM UP(E) Telecom Circle, Lucknow. Letter No-BSNL/39-2/SR/2018, dt-11-04-2018. Click Here,
  11-04-2018 : All Circle/District Secretaries are requested to hold “DHARNA” on 12-04-2018 and make it a big success, demanding to roll back the Subsidiary Tower Company. Kindly co-ordinate with all unions/associations for success of Dharna.
  11-04-2018 : National Council Meeting which was scheduled on 16-04-2018 is postponed. File No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2017, dt-10-04-2018. Click Here,
  10-04-2018 : Meeting with GM(Rectt):- President and Com. Rajamouli met the GM(Rectt) today and discussed the following issues:-
(1) Declaration of JET LICE result:- The discrepancies furnished by the union have been sorted out by the expert committee and result will be declared within two weeks. She told Answer sheets have been revised and union can point out if ay discrepancy is noticed even after this exercise. We impressed upon her to take steps to avoid discrepancies in questions and answers.
(2) Review of JAO 40% result:- She informed that nothing wrong has taken place. The grievances pointed out by the union have been examined in depth.
(3) JTO LICE result:- The union stressed for finalization of results of last examinations so that the establishment section is in position to assess vacancies for LICE and delay in holding examination is avoided. She promised to reconcile the matter with establishment branch as all results have been declared.
(4) Review of T. Vijayan result of Chennai TD:- She promised to get the matter sorted out in consultation with EF branch of BSNL HQR.
  10-04-2018 : Karnataka Circle celebrated 96th birthday of Com. O.P Guptaji at Circle Office Bangalore under the Presidentship Com. S.V. Arali. Com K.S Sheshadri Deputy General Secretary, Com A.C. Krishnamohan Reddy Senior leader, Com. Nagaraj former Circle Secretary, all the District Secretaries, Circle Office bearers and active Comrades participated in the celebrations. Click Here,
  10-04-2018 : Circle working committee of Karnataka held on 7th April 2018 at Circle Office Bangalore under the President ship of Com. S.V. Arali. Com. K.S. Sheshadri Deputy General Secretary, Com. Krishna Reddy Circle Secretary, Com. G. Babu, Com. Nagaraj (former Circle Secretaries) all the District Secretaries, Circle office bearers and active Comrades participated in the meeting. Before starting the meeting, the house paid respectful homage to Com. Krishnamohan Circle President who expired on 22-03-2018. The circle union honoured Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Dy. G.S. and Com. A. Ravi, CHQ invitee in the meeting. Click Here,
  10-04-2018 : Ernakulam Declaration:- Join National Convention of All Central Trade unions was held on 08-04-2018 at Renewal Centre, Ernakulam, Kerala . Com. K. Kamraj Secy, CHQ, Com. Semmalamudham, invitee, CHQ and Com. Mohan Kumar C.S. Kerala circle attended the convention alongwith Comrades of Kerala circle. More than 350 Comrades participated in the convention from all central trade unions. Click Here,
  10-04-2018 : JTO LICE:- The NFTE (BSNL) leaders Coms. Islam Ahmad and Rajamouli met the Sr. GM (Est) and pleaded for necessary action for holding LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre. The status as told by him is as below. The last LICE was held in 3 spells and results are still being declared. So far four results have been declared. Unless these are finalized calculation of departmental vacancies is not possible. Steps will be taken for holding LICE after finalization of the results.
  10-04-2018 : Transfer of employees from Hyderabad, (Telangana) to Vijyawada, A.P. Circle stayed upto 31st May sequel to our meeting with GM(SR) and GM(PSNL). BSNL letter No.-BSNL/39-1/SR/2018, dt-09-04-2018. Click Here,
  10-04-2018 : Informal meeting with Sr. GM(Est):- President and Com. Rajamouli met the Sr. GM(Est) on 9th instant and discussed about the TOAs(G) who could not pass the confirmation examination within the prescribed chances and not getting annual increments. It was demanded that such personnel be either exempted from the test or special chances be afforded to pass the examination enabling them to earn increment. The Sr. GM(Est) was positive in the matter.
  09-04-2018 : Informal meeting with GM(SR) and PGM(Adm):- NFTE representatives Coms. Islam, Rajpal and Rajmouli met GM(SR) and PGM (Adm) on some issues. The replies are as below:-
(1) NC meeting:- The NC meeting scheduled for 16th April is postponed.
(2) Wage revision:- The DOT’s proposal for relaxation in wage revision guidelines for BSL staff is pending in the DPE.
(3) Welfare fund for farewell of retired personnel:- Matter will be looked into and remedial action taken.
(4) Modification in BSNL MRS:- Finance wing of Corporate office is considering the matter.
  09-04-2018 : Upgradation of Senior Accountants:- NFTE delegation met GM(EF) and discussed the matter. The status is as under:-
(I) A committee is being formed to consider the pros and cons for the settlement.
(II) DOT is being addressed for the scale after upgradation.
(III) Senior Accountants have been upgraded in NEPP during last 17 years. How these will be dealt with.
The committee will consider the views of the unions.
  09-04-2018 : President has joined the HQR today.
  09-04-2018 : President, Treasurer and Secy, Com. Rajpal met GM(PSNL), Shri Rao about deferring of deputation orders of staff of Telangana to Andhra upto 31st May. He responded positively and promised to speak to CGM and GM (HR) Telangana.
  09-04-2018 : UP (East) Circle union conference held at Allahabad:- Click Here,
  07-04-2018 : 96th Birthday of Late Com. O.P.G. on 08-04-2018. We remember his noble deeds, who regularized 1 lakh casual Mazdoors in one stroke and succeeded in getting Govt. pension to employees in a PSU (BSNL).
  07-04-2018 : All Circle/District Secretaries are requested to start preparations to make “Dharna’ programme a big success on 12-04-2018, demanding to roll back the Subsidiary Tower Company. Kindly co-ordinate with all unions/associations for success of Dharna.
  07-04-2018 : BSNL Added 1.2 Million Subscribers Via MNP in 2017-18. Click Here,
  07-04-2018 : Question and Answer in Rajya Sabha on merger of BSNL & MTNL. Click Here,
  06-04-2018 : Message of Amritsar. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here,
  05-04-2018 : Department of Personnel & Training letter with regard to Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2018 – Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Letter No.-12/6/2016-JCA-2, dt-02-04-2018. Click Here,
  05-04-2018 : DPE order on 0.3% increased IDA from 01-04-2018. Letter No.-W-02/0002/2014-DPE(WC)-GL-VIII/18, dt-03-04-2018. Click Here,
  05-04-2018 : D.O. Letter from Director (CM) to all CGM’s regarding (a) SIM sales achievement for FY2017-18 and for the month of March, 2018. (b) SIM sales target for the FY 2018-19 and for the month of April – 2018. D.O. No.-10-5/2016-SCM-CM, dt-03-04-2018. Click Here,
  05-04-2018 : Joint National Convention of All Central Public Sector trade unions will be held on 08-04-2018 at Ernakulam:- Com. K. Kamaraj, Secretary HQR will represent in the convention on behalf of NFTE BSNL. Click Here,
  02-04-2018 : Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. bereaved:- Com. Barmeshwar Singh, Retd. TTA, Ex. All India Treasurer NFPTE and elder brother of Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S, expired today at about 14.45 hrs in Patna at the age of 69 yrs. NFTE CHQ condoles the death and share the grief of the family.
  02-04-2018 : Smt. Balambal mother of Com. K. Natarajan, Circle Secretary, Tamilnadu, has taken last breath today (02-04-2018) at the age of 83. CHQ condoles the death and share the grief of the family. The funeral will take place on 03/04/2018 at 10.00 hrs.
  02-04-2018 : All unions/associations issued notification for conducting “Dharna” on 12-04-2018 at all levels – All circle/District Secretaries are requested to make the programme a massive one to roll back Subsidiary Tower Company. Letter No.-UA/2017/15, dt-28-03-2018. Click Here,
  02-04-2018 : All unions/associations General Secretaries submitted a memorandum to Ms. Aruna Sundarajan Secretary DOT, to roll back Subsidiary Tower Company. Letter No.-UA/2017/13, dt-27-03-2018. Click Here,
  28-03-2018 : 0.3% increase in IDA from 01-04-2018. Total 126.9%+0.3% = 127.2%.
  28-03-2018 : Condolence meeting of Com. Krishnamohan, Circle President and District Secretary Bangalore Telecom District held on 27th March 2018 at PGM Office Bangalore. Click Here,
  28-03-2018 : Warm Welcome to G.S at Airport Patna and in Campus of BSNL Patna on 27-03-2018:- G.S NFTE arrived at Patna Airport at 7:30pm where Hundreds of Workers were Waiting to Welcome him, As soon as G.S come out of Airport assembled workers shouted slogans and Garlanded him, The mob Started towards BSNL office, Hundred Biker's were Leading the procession, when the crowd reached in BSNL Campus a Massive Meeting was organised under the Presidentship of Com.B.N Sinha, Com. S.K Dubey C.S conducted the meeting, Com.U.K Tiwari, C.S Postal Union, Com.O.P Roy, C.S RMS, Com. R.P Sinha, C.S FNTO, Com. Satrughan Roy, ACS BSNLEU, Com.H.L Bhakta, Circle President DAP, and other Leaders of friendly Unions of BSNL and Postal Dept Welcomed Com.C.Singh and Garlanded him , Com.C.Singh in his speech exhorted the current situation in BSNL and the Anti Workers policy of the Govt. In general, the meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com.S.K Dubey C.S NFTE. Click Here,
  28-03-2018 : Decisions of All Unions / Associations of BSNL taken on 27.03.2018. Click Here,
  28-03-2018 : Recruitment for the Post of “Direct Junior Accounts Officers (JAO)” in BSNL from open market through online competitive examinations – 2017 held on 5th & 6th November, 2017 – Declaration of result on revised answer keys & normalized marks thereof reg. Letter No.-10-1/2017-Rectt, dt-26-03-2018. Click Here,
  27-03-2018 : Lunch hour demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi:- A powerful demonstration was conducted in front of Sanchar Bhawan despite high voltage resistance of Delhi Police all General Secretaries of All Unions and Associations reached at the gate of Sanchar Bhawan. More than two hundred workers were waiting there standing here and there. As soon as General Secretaries reached there all the workers assembled like a wall and shouted slogans against the Anti BSNL Policy of Govt. Latter the police arrested all the participants and they were sent to Parliament street Police Station by bus where they with held for three hours and there they released. Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. NFTE participated with Com. Rajpal Secretary, Com. Naresh AIVP, Com. H.N. Sharma and Com. M.P. Singh of corporate office and other more than 100 from NTR and corporate office took part with General Secretary in demonstration. Click Here,
  27-03-2018 : CHQ extend hearty thanks and congrats to all the members and office bearers for conducting very powerful massive demonstration, at circle and SSA level throughout the country even on a very short notice. Photos of demonstration received from different places. Click Here,
  27-03-2018 : Deductions of monthly subscription to the Unions in BSNL – reg. F. No.-BSNL/39-6/SR/2013-ii, dt-20-03-2018. Click Here,
  26-03-2018 : Draft memorandum to be forwarded to Shri Majoj Sinha Hon’ble MOS(C) through Hon’ble Governor of state and through CGM’s of the Circle after lunch hour demonstration on 27-03-2018. Click Here,
  26-03-2018 : Organise massive lunch hour demonstration on 27-03-2018. As per decision taken in the meeting of General Secretaries of All Unions and Associations of BSNL, to conduct a lunch our demonstration at Sanchar Bhawan at Delhi and all circle and SSA level. All the Circle/District Secretaries are requested to coordinate with all the unions and associations and make the demonstration historic one to defeat, the hidden agenda of Govt to break and sale the BSNL.
  26-03-2018 : 36th National Council meeting is notified to be held on 16-04-2018. Vide F. No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2017, dt-26-03-2018. Click Here,
  26-03-2018 : Consideration of Temporary Status Mazdoors (TSMs) regularized on or after 01-10-2000 and absorbed in BSNL w.e.f. 01-10-2000 and covered under Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules for granting 1st NEPP at par with DOT absorbed regular employees – reg. Letter No.-22-23/2012-TE, dt-23-03-2018. Click Here,
  24-03-2018 : Organise and conduct lunch hour demonstration on 27-03-2018 to defeat the DOT/Govt policy to break and sale the BSNL:- In an emergent meeting which held on 22-03-2018 at 4 P.M. in FNTO office Atul Grove, New Delhi. The General Secretaries and other prominent leaders of union and associations discussed the development after the meeting with MOS(C) held on 24-02-2018 and viewed, that the DOT/Govt is in hurry to break and sale the BSNL in systematic way.
In view of this, the meeting decided to launch the following agitational programme to defeat the DOT/Govt move against BSNL.
(1) Massive demonstration in lunch hour on 27-03-2018 in front of Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi, and submission of memorandum to MOS (C).
(2) Lunch hour demonstration at circle /SSA levels and submission of two memorandum through concern CGMT and the Governor of state on 27-03-2018 itself to be forwarded to the MOS(C), New Delhi. All the Circle Secretaries/District Secretaries are requested to please start preparation, with coordinating with all the unions and associations to make the agitational programme a grand success.
  24-03-2018 : Chennai Telephones circle union observed 87th Martyrdom of Shaheed Bhagat Singh on 23-03-2018:- On this day of 1931 Shahide – Azam Com. Bhagat Singh at the age of 23 only was hanged by the Britishers for his role in freedom struggle. Com. C.K. Mathivanan A.I. Vice President NFTE (BSNL) paid homage and garlanded on a portrait of Com. Bhagat Singh in a special function organized in BSNL training centre of Tambram. Click Here,
  24-03-2018 : Massive demonstration infront of Sanchar Bhavan and Circle/SSA HQs on 27-03-2018 against the Govt. move to form Tower Subsidiary out of BSNL – notice reg. Letter No.-UA/2017/11, dt-23-03-2018. Click Here,
  23-03-2018 : SR Branch of Corporate office New Delhi has circulated the list of elected office bearers of NFTE (BSNL) elected in AIC at Amritsar held from 14-03-2018 to 16-03-2018. Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2018/pt, dt-23-03-2018. Click Here,
  23-03-2018 : Opening of offices on Holidays – 29th and 30th March, 2018. Letter No.-3-1/2018-TE, dt-22-03-2018. Click Here,
  23-03-2018 : 23rd March Martyrdom Day:- The great revolutionaries and freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged unto death on 23-03-1931 by the then British Govt ruling in India. We pay heartfelt homage to above three martyrs with thousands and thousands Red Salute to them. Click Here,
  23-03-2018 : Follow up actions on the various demands raised by All Unions and Associations of BSNL-request thereof. Letter No.-UA/2017/10, dated:-21-03-2018. Click Here,
  22-03-2018 : Com. Krishna Mohan passed away:- The body of Com. Krishna Mohan, Circle President Karnataka NFTE (BSNL) criminated today afternoon in Bangalore. Hundrades of Comrades paid homage to departed leader yesterday and today. On behalf of CHQ Com. C.K. Mathivanan A.I.V.P, Com. K.S. Sheshadri Secretary CHQ, Com. P. Kamraj, Secretary CHQ alongwith acting circle Secretary. Com. Krishna Reddy and District Secretary Bangalore Com. Shanmugam, District President, Com. Ranganna took part in funeral.
  21-03-2018 : I on behalf of Central Head Quarter convey thanks to Com. Surjit Singh, C.S, Com. Mohinder Singh V.P. CHQ, Com. Bawa District Secretary Amritsar and all Comrades of Punjab, who taken much pain upon their shoulders for successful completion of 5th AIC and also, I convey my sincere thanks to Com. Monohar Lal Sharma, Veteran leader and Com. Swatantra Kumar, Senior leader for their guidance to make the AIC a big success. Red Salute to one and all. General Secretary.
  21-03-2018 : NFTE lost a brave and strong leader:- Com. Krishna Mohan, Circle President of Karnataka and District Secretary Bangalore Telecom District have taken his last breath today at about 04.00 a.m. at the age of 62 yrs. CHQ condoles the untimely death of Com. Krishna Mohan and share the grief of the family. The cremation will took place tomorrow at 11.00 hrs. Click Here,
  21-03-2018 : Discrepancies and out of syllabus questions in the LICE for promotion to Junior Engineer (T) Cadre (formerly TTA) held on 28th January, 2018. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-20-03-2018. Click Here,
  20-03-2018 : Meeting with CMD BSNL:- President, G.S, Com. Mahabir Singh (Secy) and Com. Rajmouli, Treasurer met CMD and raised the following matter. (1) Wage revision of non-executive employees:- He informed that the Secy DOT has issued instructions for preparation of papers for Cabinet approval. (2) Holiday on Saturday in circle offices specially for Metropolitan cities. (3) Hangama service on landline phones specially in Maharashtra and its effects on Customers. The, delegation apprised him the AIC concerns about his not coming at Amritsar. He told about his engagement in Parliament.
  20-03-2018 : Meeting with GM(F &P):- The NFTE delegation consisting of President, G.S. and Mahabir Singh (Secy) met the GM(F and P), Smt. Smita Chaudhary and requested her to take steps for resolving the pending matters of upgradation of senior Accountants and finalization of RR of JAO. She responded positively.
  20-03-2018 : Meeting of Secretariat:- Emergency meeting of Secretariat took place today under the Chairmanship of Com. Islam Ahmad. The following were present besides General Secy. (1) Com. Naresh Kumar, V.P. (2) Com. Rajpal Secy, (3) Com. Mahabir Singh, Secy, (4) Com. Rajmouli, Treasurer. The meeting discussed organizational position and decided to take appropriate action.
  20-03-2018 : Proposal to introduce “Check off” system for recognition of the union of Ballot – reg. Letter No.-TF-1/1(h), dt-19-03-2018 Click Here,
  20-03-2018 : Meeting with Director (HR):- President, G.S, Secretaries (Coms. Rajpal, Mahabir Singh) and Com. Rajmouli met Director (HR) today and discussed the following issues. GM (SR) was also present. (1) Problems arising out due to formation of Andhra and Telangana circle. (2) Upgradation of Sr. Accounts to Group ‘B’ status. (3) Check off system and deletion of clause of 50% for recognition of a single union. (4) Review of JAO LICE result of 40% and 10% quota. The delegation expressed anguish to Director (HR) for not coming to All India Conference. She expressed her regrets for not coming to AIC for being in abroad. She directed GM(SR) to avoid such happening in future.
  20-03-2018 : Resolutions adopted at 5th AIC:- Click Here,
  19-03-2018 : Resume of inaugural cum open session function of 5th AIC at Amritsar (Punjab):- Click Here,
  19-03-2018 : List of office bearers elected in 5th All India Conference at Amritsar. Letter No.-TF-1/2(AIC), dt-19-03-2018. Click Here,
  19-03-2018 : Sanction of final welfare grant. Letter No.-13-01/2017/BSNL (WL), dt-16-03-2018. Click Here,
  19-03-2018 : Method of membership verification for granting recognition to unions/associations of BSNL employees. File No.-BSNL/20-4/SR/2018, dt-15-03-2018. Click Here,
  19-03-2018 : Pension of provisional pensioners – regarding. Letter No.-48-10/2017-Pen(B), dt-27-02-2018. Click Here,
  19-03-2018 : The NTR Comrades in large number came to CHQ to welcome the newly elected office bearers and garlanded all. Click Here,
  19-03-2018 : The emergency meeting of Secretariat of the union will meet tomorrow dated- 20-03-2018 at 1300 hours and circle Secretaries available at the HQR will attend.
  09-03-2018 : Meeting with GM(SR):- G.S, Com. Rajamouli, and Com. K.S. Kulkarni met with Shri A.M. Gupta, GM(SR) and discussed the issue of non-deduction of union subscription from the salary of members who opted in favour of NFTE between 15th December, 2017 to 16 January, 2018. The issue related to circle office UP(East) Lucknow. The GM responded positively and assured to settle it according to rules.
  09-03-2018 : Review of the result of JE LICE held on 28-01-2018 and providing full marks for each wrong/out of syllabus questions. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-09-03-2018. Click Here,
  09-03-2018 : Corporate office letter regarding Implementation of Supreme Court Judgement on Recovery of excess/wrongful payments made to employees in BSNL. Ltr.No.1-6/2016-PAT(BSNL) Dt.08.03.2018. Click Here,
  09-03-2018 : Corporate Office letter for left out vacancy status as after 3rd merit list.(DR JE). Ltr.No.7-1/2016/Rectt-Vol-I Dated. 06.03.2018. Click Here,
  09-03-2018 : Extension of Gratuity to Casual Labour. L.No.11-3/2014-LE Dated.05.03.2018 Click Here,
  09-03-2018 : Corporate office letter regarding Deferment of Program of Indefinite Work According to Rule. Ltr.No.BSNL/-1/SR/2018 Dtd.06.03.2018. Click Here,
  08-03-2018 : Womens day celebration in BSNL Jabalpur. Click Here,
  08-03-2018 : Clarification regarding deduction of union subscription. Letter No.-TF-1/2(d), dt-08-03-2018. Click Here,
  08-03-2018 : Provision of cash reimbursement in lieu of brief case/tool bags to non-executives staff. Letter No.-TF-19/1, dt-07-03-2018. Click Here,
  08-03-2018 : Postponement of PLI committee meeting:-
Functioning of restructuring cell of BSNL corporate office New Delhi It is a big fun that the restructuring cell of BSNL corporate office has notified to hold meeting of PLI on 09-03-2018 as per decision taken in the last meeting held on 15-02-2018, and it is confirmed on 07-03-2018. But we surprised to see that as per letter No.-1-5/2018/Restg, dt-08-03-2018. The notified meeting is postponed.
This practice is viewed regularly at the part of restructuring cell in corporate office. We strongly oppose such type of irresponsible functioning of the restructuring cell. We hope higher management in BSNL corporate office will take note of it. If it happens like this who will monitor the functioning of field units.
  07-03-2018 : 5th AIC at Amritsar:- Weather expectation – Dear Comrades it may be little bit cold at morning/late evening and at night, hence all delegates/visitors are requested to bring a light weight full body shawl or very thin blanket with them as it will not be supplied by the reception committee. All circle and District Secretaries kindly take care of it, so that the message should reach to all the participants.
  07-03-2018 : PLI Committee will meet on 09.03.2018.
  07-03-2018 : Meeting with CGM (NGN):- Both the recognized unions were invited for a meeting to consider the proposal of management for outsourcing of customer service centers of BSNL. The NFTE (BSNL) was represented by Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. and Com. K.S. Kulkarni, Secretary CHQ. Shri Anil Jain CGM(NGN) placed the view of management and requested the staff side to consider to outsource at least three CSCs in each zone as sample and on experimental basis. Staff side opposed the view of management to outsource the CSCs and sought an input from management regarding detail of staff posted/working in CSCs with Cadre and age profile. The CGM (NGN) assured to supply the information to staff side and then it was agreed to hold another meeting on 26-03-2018 at 11.00 a.m.
  07-03-2018 : Retention of Original certificates in respect of directly recruited JTOs/JEs etc. Ltr.No.205-15/2015-Estt-III Dated 07.03.2018. Click Here,
  05-03-2018 : Confirmation in the Cadres of TOA(G)/TOA(TG) ------- furnishing of information regarding. Letter No.-250-10/2009-Pers/Estt-III, dt-01-03-2018. Click Here,
  05-03-2018 : NFTE strongly oppose the proposal of BSNL head quarter issued to the General Secretary NFTE (BSNL) vide letter No.-BSNL/39-1/SR/2018, dt-01-03-2018 to reduce the annual outdoor ceiling for reimbursement of medical allowance to 12 days for all serving and retired employees and also opposed the proposal mentioned in para (b) to withdraw the facility of reimbursement of retired employees if they reside in city where CGHS facility is in existence. Click Here,
  01-03-2018 : Work According to Rule agitation deferred till 30-04-2018.
All circle and district secretaries are hereby informed that in view of the meeting held between the Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL on 24.02.2018, and also in view of the assurances given for the settlement of the demands, it is decided to defer the Work According to Rule agitation till 30th April, 2018. Click Here,
  27-02-2018 : Grant of Special Casual Leave on 13th March, 2018 for attending NEC Meeting and from 14th to 16th March 2018 for attending AIC of NFTE at Amritsar – reg. Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2018, dt-26-02-2018.. Click Here,
  26-02-2018 : Organisational Meeting at Meerut on 19-02-2018:- The District union of Meerut organized a meeting in the Chamber of Commerce Bhawan under the Presidentship of Com. Premi, Com. Sompal Saini, C.S. UP(W) addressed the meeting on circle issues. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. addressed the well attended meeting on vital issues like wage revision, opposing the formation of subsidiary tower company, pension revision and 30% superannuation benefits for Direct recruited employees etc. And also requested all to participate in agitational programmes called by all unions/associations to achieve our demands. All the officers of Meerut attended the meeting except GMTD Meerut due to ill health. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Premi President. Click Here,
  25-02-2018 : Com.T.R.Rajshekaran Secretary CHQ is retiring on superannuation on 28.02.2018, on this occasion Chennai Circle union felicitated on 23.02.2018 in a grand manner. NFTE CHQ conveys best wishes to Com. T.R.Rajshekaran Secretary CHQ. Click Here,
  24-02-2018 : Meeting between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL.
A meeting is held at the Sanchar Bhawan today the 24.02.2018, between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL. Together with the Minister, Secretary, DoT, Special Secretary, DoT, Joint Secretary (Admn.), DoT, OSD to the Hon’ble Minister, CMD BSNL and Director (HR) BSNL were present. From the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, Com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO, Com. N.D. Ram, GS, SEWA BSNL, Com. Ravi Shil Verma, GS, AIGETOA, Com. Mallikarjuna, President, BSNL MS and Com. S.D. Sharma, GS, BSNL ATM, participated in the discussions. The representatives of the AUAB heartily thanked the Hon’ble Minister for taking out time to meet them. Detailed discussions took place on the memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Minister, the details of which are as follows:-
(1) 3rd Pay Revision.
So far, the DoT has been maintaining that BSNL employees are not eligible for 3rd Pay Revision. In today’s meeting the Hon’ble Minister agreed that the issue of 3rd Pay Revision of BSNL employees would be processed and would be taken for the approval of the DPE and the Cabinet. This is a great achievement. We have broken the stalemate that prevailed in the Pay Revision issue. At the same time we have to be vigilant, till the final approval is given by the Cabinet.
(2) Formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.
The AUAB representatives expressed their apprehension that in the name of formation of the Tower Company, the 66,000 mobile towers of BSNL are being snatched away from BSNL. They also pointed out that the decision of the Cabinet that, the Subsidiary Tower Company would remain under the control of BSNL Management, has been violated, through the appointment of an IAS officer as the CMD of Subsidiary Tower Company. They further pointed out that even BSNL Management was not taken in to confidence in the appointment of an IAS officer as the CMD of the Subsidiary Tower Company, which clearly shows that the Subsidiary Tower Company would not be under the control of BSNL Management. The reply given by the Hon’ble Minister in this regard is not satisfactory. The AUAB has to find ways and means to ensure the rolling back of the Subsidiary Tower Company.
(3) Pension Revision.
The representatives of AUAB strongly argued that pension revision should be done to the BSNL pensioners. It was pointed out that the BSNL pensioners and the Central Government pensioners are covered by the same rules. They argued that when pension revision is settled for the Central Government pensioners, the same should not be denied to the BSNL pensioners. The Hon’ble Minister assured that needful action would be taken to settle this issue.
(4) Calculation of Pension Contribution.
It was strongly argued that pension contribution in respect of BSNL employees cannot be calculated on the basis of maximum of the pay scale, when the same is calculated on the basis of actual basic pay, in the case of Central Government employees. It was pointed out that as per the DoP&T order issued in 2006, pension contribution of the Central Government employees is being deducted on the basis of actual pay only. The Hon’ble Minister directed the Secretary, DoT, that this issue should be settled as per Government orders.
(5) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL.
The AUAB representatives pointed out that it will be extremely difficult for BSNL to compete with the private operators, without providing 4G service. They strongly argued that the proposal of the BSNL Management, for the allotment of 4G spectrum by the Government, should be accepted. The Hon’ble Minister replied in the positive and assured that needful action would be taken.
(6) Reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58.
The AUAB representatives strongly argued that the retirement age of the BSNL employees should not be reduced from 60 to 58, as a measure for the revival of BSNL. The Hon’ble Minister told that the government is not having any proposal to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58.
(7) Left out issues of the 2nd PRC.
The AUAB representatives pointed out that this issue is lingering on very long time and needs to be settled. The Hon’ble Minister stated that this issue would be looked into by the Secretary, DoT.
At the end of the meeting, the Hon’ble Minister stated that the representatives of AUAB could meet him again, as well as the Secretary, DoT, in continuation of today’s meeting. The representatives of AUAB heartily thanked the Minister for his positive response to most of the issues.
After the meeting with the Hon’ble Minister, a meeting of the AUAB was held in the FNTO’s office. All the General Secretaries expressed their satisfaction with regards to the progress in the issues. They also expressed the view that all these have happened only because of the united struggles and massive mobilisations by the entire Non-Executives and Executives, for which they deserve appreciation.
  24-02-2018 : Onward March to Amritsar AIC. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here,
  23-02-2018 :During the meeting all the General Secretaries of the Unions and Associations of BSNL were escorted by Police to Sanchar Bhawan to arrange a meeting with Secretary (Telecom). Initially Secretary Telecom directed Police to take all the leaders to meet Special secretary (T), DoT but all the leaders categorically told that they will meet only Secretary (Telecom) otherwise all the employees will be called in DoT to demonstrate immediately. After some time Secretary (Telecom) agreed to meet the leaders in committee room.
Secretary (T) along with SS (T), JS (A) and Director (PSU) attended the meeting in the presence of Police and started discussions. All the leaders expressed their serious anguish against the negligent attitude of DoT administration towards the issues of BSNL employees. Even the Secretary (Telecom) is not granting meetings. They apprised in detail the justification of the demands i.e. implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefits, regarding the issue of appointing bilateral wage revision committee by BSNL, BSNL addressed a letter to DoT which is still not replied requires redressal, regarding no settlement of let out issues related to 2nd PRC, pension revision of BSNL pensioners, Rollback of Tower Subsidiary, No reduction in retirement age from 60 to 58 years and no VRS etc. Secretary (Telecom) mentioned that she have been meeting with BSNL leaders on different occasions and she is not denying meetings. However, she explained that the issues are already in her knowledge but she is not the final authority to decide. Matter is being discussed tomorrow with Hon’ble MOSC (I/C), head of the organization for consideration. Regarding 3rd PRC Secretary (T) mentioned that matter has already been referred to DPE for comments. She further mentioned that she is supporting BSNL being a state owned company.
After the meeting with Secretary (Telecom) all the General Secretaries met CMD BSNL and Director (HR) BSNL Board and apprised about the discussions took place with Secretary (Telecom). CMD informed that in tomorrow’s meeting he will also remain present along Secretary (Telecom) in the meeting with MOSC (I/C).
All the General Secretaries of all Unions and Associations will meet tomorrow morning at 1100 hrs to discuss the strategies for the meeting with Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) and thereafter will meet with MOSC (I/C) at 12.30 hrs.
The future course of actions will be decided per the outcome of the meeting with MOSC (I/C) and request the BSNL employees to implement ongoing agitation program of Work According to Rules successfully.
  23-02-2018 : March to Sanchar Bhavan:- On the call of all unions/associations, March to Sanchar Bhavan started from Eastern Court at 1130 hrs today. Com. Tapan Sen General Secretary CITU, Com. Vidyasagar Giri, Secretary AITUC and Com. Jile Singh President INTUC Delhi addressed the gathering at Eastern Court and extended their whole hearted co-operation to our struggle. The emotional speeches of these leaders inspired all. After words, the march started to Sanchar Bhavan, but the police stopped the March at Parliament street police station. A serious situation developed at that juncture. Then the leaders of all unions/associations addressed the mass gathering. Thousands of Comrades from all circles participated is the Sanchar Bhavan March. It is a big success for agitational programme organized by all unions/associations for settlement of 3rd PRC, Role back of tower sharing company, lowering the age from 60 yrs to 58 yrs etc. NFTE CHQ conveys sincere thanks to one and all. Red Salute Comrades. Click Here,
  23-02-2018 : DOT letter No.-24-1/2018/&/SR, dt-21-02-2018 is withdrawn. It is a moral victory of all unions/associations. File No.-24-1/2018-SR, dt-22-02-2018. Click Here,
  23-02-2018 : Leaders of NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle (Shri.H.L.Moktali Org.Sec.CHQ, Com.A.A.Patel, Com.Ravi Mane and others met Shri.Manoj Sinha and discussed the issue of wage revision and Tower Company. Click Here,
  22-02-2018 : Realisation of Pension contribution in respect of DOT absorbed employees in BSNL – Request for intervention to end discrimination. Letter No.-TF-11/3, dt-21-02-2018. Click Here,
  21-02-2018 :March to Sanchar Bhawan will start from Eastern Court, Janpath, at 11:00 AM.
The meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL held today to discuss the strategies for successful implementation of the “March to Sanchar Bhawan” on 23.02.2018 at 11.30 Hrs. It is decided that the March to Sanchar Bhawan will start from Bharat Sanchar Bhawan / Eastern Court, Janpath New Delhi to the Sanchar Bhawan sharp at 11.30 Hrs. The eminent trade union leaders will address before start of the rally at Eastern Court.
  21-02-2018 : DoT rejects the major demand of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL.
DoT vide letter number 24-1/2018/SR communicated CMD, BSNL with respect to the agitation notice by All Unions and Associations of BSNL - Massive March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018. Through this letter DoT has apprised the status of demands wherein all the demands have been denied which is the most frustrating situation. DoT instead of settling the issues in the interest of BSNL's viability and its employees denying the settlement of the legitimate demands. The reply of the DoT only shows it’s high handedness as well as anti-BSNL stand. Click Here,
  20-02-2018 : Informal meeting with CMD BSNL: President,GS, Secretaries (Com.K.S.Kulkarni and K.K.Singh) met the CMD today and discussed the issues. The replies are as under:-
I) The CMD has consented to attend AIC on 15th March 2018 at Amritsar.
II) The case of exemption of “affordability Clause” in DPE guidelines as demanded by union will be taken up with the DOT.
III) The demand of provision of Rs.429/- plan instead SIM of Rs.200/- per month to non executive employees will be favourably considered.
  20-02-2018 : Minutes of the Standing Committee of National council meeting held on 24-01-2018. Ltr.No.BSNL/39-5/SR/2018 Dated 16th February 2018. Click Here,
  20-02-2018 : Informal meeting with Sr.G.M.(Estt.): The Upgradation of Sr.Accountants to executive grade, file is still with Director (HR)/F. The above was conveyed to President and Secreary Com.K.K.Singh in the course of discussion.
  20-02-2018 : Exemption/Relaxation from “affordability clause” from the DPE guidelines of 8th round of wage revision of workmen in BSNL – reg. Letter No.-TF-9/9/PRC, dt-20-02-2018. Click Here,
  20-02-2018 : Exemption/Relaxation in guidelines for 8th round of wage negotiations for revision of wage of workmen in BSNL – reg. Letter No.-TF-9/9/PRC, dt-20-02-2018. Click Here,
  20-02-2018 : Provision of BSNL’s Rs 429 plan to non-executive employees in place of Rs. 200/- value Sim per months - reg. Letter No.-TF-19/1(c), dt-20-02-2018. Click Here,
  19-02-2018 : President, Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secy (CHQ) and Com. Rajamouli met with GM(SR), discussed the staff issues and transfer policy. Afterwards President, Com. K.S. Kulkarni met Shri Saurab Tyagi, Sr. GM(Est), Ms. Smita Luthra, GM(Rect) and discussed the issues of ERP, LICE of JTO and review of 40% & 10% quota JAO results.
  19-02-2018 : Reply received from DPE in response to NFTE BSNL letter No.-TF-9/9/PRC, dt-22-12-2017 addressed to Hon’ble Prime Minister for exemption of affordability clause. Letter No.-W-10/0001/2018-DPE (WC), dt-31-01-2018. Click Here,
  19-02-2018 : Circle Working Committee of Maharashtra circle was held on 16 &17 February 2018 at Ralegansiddhi A’nagar SSA under the Presidentship of Com. V.M.Bandi, circle President More than 150 delegates along with CWC members attended from different SSAs of Maharashtra. The Open Session was inaugurated by Com. Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary, introduced the subject” challenges before BSNL and role of unions.” Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar PGM Aurangbad, Shri.Aman Jaiswal G.M.(HR & Admn) Circle office,Com.H.L.Moktali Org.Secretary (CHQ) and Com.R.G.Muley Senior leader attended and addressed the meeting. The arrangement for meeting was done in grand manner. Click Here,
  17-02-2018 : Com. C. Singh G.S. and Com. A. Rajamouli met Smt. Amarjeet Kaur, General Secretary, AITUC in AITUC Bhavan today and extended invitation to inaugurate the session of AIC on 14-03-2018. She happily accepted our invitation.
  17-02-2018 : Don’t infringe on autonomy: Prasar Bharati to Govt. (Source Hindustan Times, dt-16-02-2018) Click Here,
  17-02-2018 : All unions/associations meeting was held under the Presidentship of Com. A.K. Mishra, President NFTE on 16-02-2018 at Jabalpur. More than 200 members including the circle/District leaders of Telephone factory, members of T&D circle, TTC circle, Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries of Jabalpur participated in the meeting. From NFTE, Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secy CHQ, Com. Habib Khan Circle Secy M.P. and Com. Saju V. Thomas ACS, Chhattisgarh were attended and addressed the meeting. Click Here,
  16-02-2018 : All Circle/District Secretaries please note, our All India Conference will be held at “Amritsar” from 14th March to 16th March, 2018. Amritsar is a holy and international tourist place. Reception Committee is making all efforts to provide accommodation in Dharmashalas. Mostly Dharmashalas owned by religious organizations. These are booked to us with some condition, which is displayed in notice board of Dharmashalas. All Comrades are requested to please take care of these instructions, while residing in it. Kindly minimize visitors to the meeting and extend co-operation to the reception committee. Mostly weather will be pleasant at that time. Kindly ensure payment of delegation fee before occupying the given Dharmashala by reception committee
  16-02-2018 : Com. C. Singh, General Secretary, Com. K.S. Sheshadri and Com. A. Rajamouli met CMD and extended an invitation to address the All India Conference which scheduled to be held from 14th March to 16th March, 2018 at Amritsar. CMD assured that he will attend and grace the conference as per convenience.
  16-02-2018 : Entry of revised cast/category in service book and in ERP system as modified by The Govt. Letter No.-TF-05, dt-16-02-2018. Click Here,
  16-02-2018 : Meeting with Director (HR):- G.S, Com. K.S. Shesadri Secretary, Com. A. Rajamouli CHQ Treasurer met to Smt. Sujata T. Ray Director (HR) and extended an invitation to grace the AIC at Amritsar at the same time we discussed the following issues:- (1) Holding of JTO examination for the vacancies of year 2016-17 and 2017-18. (2) To implement Term-Plan insurance in all circles of BSNL preferably with LIC and other Govt enterprises in the field of insurance. The Director (HR) gladly accepted our invitation and given assurance to address the conference. And on other issues, Director (HR) response was very positive.
  16-02-2018 : Meeting with GM(SR):- G.S. and Com. A. Rajamouli Treasurer CHQ met with GM(SR) and discussed the following issues:- (1) Excess recovery of License fee of quarter allotted from surplus pool of quarters at Ranchi and Hazaribagh. (2) Remittance of share of unions subscription deducted from the salary of NFTE members to CHQ. (3) Pending issues of Punjab circle. The GM reciprocated positively to resolve the issues at earliest possible.
  16-02-2018 : Meeting with GM(Estt):- G.S. Com. Sheshadri and Com. A. Rajamouli met with GM(Estt) and discussed the following issues:- (1) Selection group ‘D’ post under CGA quota ignoring higher qualification – case of Shri Birendra Signh S/o Late Birendra Singh, T.T. Lucknow. G.S. exhorted the background of case the candidate submitted his certificate well before the HPC conducted by the circle management, but ignoring his higher qualification and rule related to the matter, the HPC considered and recommended his appointment against Group ‘D’ post. The GM (Est) assured to enquire in the matter.
  16-02-2018 : Corporate office order on grant of transport allowance to Orthopaedically handicapped central Government employees – applicability in BSNL. Letter No.-15-1/2014-PAT(BSNL), dt-15-02-2018. Click Here,
  16-02-2018 : Corporate office issued guidelines for provision of telephone connection with STD & Broadband facility to recognized employees’ unions – shall be rent free service connection. Letter No.-21-01/17-PHA, dt-15-02-2018. Click Here,
  16-02-2018 : NFTE delegation led by Com. Chandeshwar Singh, General Secretary and Com. Saju V. Thomas of Chhattisgarh met Shri Motilal Vora Ji, M.P. (Rajyasabha) on 11-01-2018 and requested to raise a question on creation of separate tower company under BSNL. We are very thankful to Shri Motilal Vora Ji, M.P. for raising a question in Rajyasabha on 09-02-2018 (question No.-78). Click Here,
  15-02-2018 : Insurance under Term plan through Life Insurance Corporation of India for Directly recruits in BSNL.Letter No.-TF-16/3(b), dt-15-02-2018. Click Here,
  15-02-2018 : Meeting of designation committee:- The meeting held today under the Chairmanship of Shri Saurav Tyagi GM(Estt). From management side Shri A.M. Gupta GM(SR), Shri Ashutosh Gupta GM(Restg), Shri Keshav Rao, GM(Pers) and Smt. Luthra GM (Rectt) were present. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. and Com. Mahabir Singh, Circle Secretary Jharkhand were represented on behalf of NFTE (BSNL). The designation of all left out category staff were finalized and agreement signed in the meeting. The designation of Tech Grade II of Telecom factory will be re-designated as Telecom Technician and draughtsman of electrical wing will also be designated as Junior Engineer (Electrical). Click Here,
  15-02-2018 : Meeting of PLI Committee:- The PLI Committee meeting held today under the Chairmanship of Shri Saurab Tyagi Sr. GM(Est). Shri A.M. Gupta GM(SR), Shri Ashutosh Gupta GM (Restg), Shri Keshaw Rao GM(Personal) and Smt Smita Chaudhary GM(EF) were present from Management side, Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. and Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ attended on behalf of NFTE (BSNL). The meeting took place in a very cordial atmosphere and discussion took place for payment of PLI for the year 2015-16. It was decided to collect the inputs, like total revenue earned in the year 13-14, 14-15 and 15-16 alongwith the increase in customer base in the related years. The issue of payment of PLI for the staff working in TERM CELL of Chhattisgarh was also discussed and staff side submitted that since the salaries of staff are paid by the BSNL. The PLI should also be paid from BSNL. Management side reciprocated that after going through the letter issued by the DOT it will be finalized in the next meeting. The next meeting of PLI committee is to be held on 9th March 2018 at 11.30 hrs.
  15-02-2018 : Holding of LICE to the grade of Junior Telecom officer (Telecom) for the vacancy year 2016-17 and 2017-18 – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-15-02-2018. Click Here,
  10-02-2018 : General Secretary addressed a massive meeting organised by Chennai Telephones Circle Union at Flower Bazaar exchange compound on 10-02-2018:- Click Here,
  10-02-2018 : Com. Chandeshwar Singh , G.S. attended the 2nd CWC and 6th General Council meeting of SEWA (BSNL) on 9th February, 2018 at Rajeev Gandhi Memorial RTTC Chennai:- He addressed the meeting and explained the issues of 3rd wage revision, Subsidiary Tower Company and exhorted regarding struggle under the banner of all unions and associations. Com. V.S. Subburaman G.S. TEPU, Com. C.K. Mathivanan circle Secy, Chennai and leaders of several unions and associations were also participated. The CGMT Tamilnadu alongwith all higher level officers were also present. SEWA Comrades conducted the function in a grant manner. G.S. congrats them for their best hospitality. Click Here,
  09-02-2018 : Press News:BSNL Soft Launches 4G Services in Kerala, Broader Rollout to Follow.  Click Here,
  09-02-2018 : Press News:IIMs asked to indicate interest to prepare revival plan for BSNL.  Click Here,
  07-02-2018 : All Unions and Associations decides to organise the 'March to sanchar Bhawan' powerfully.
A meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL was held yesterday the 06.02.2018. Com. Prahlad Rai, presided over. General Secretaries / representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BTEU, SEWA BSNL, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, TEPU and BSNL OA attended. The 5 day Satyagraha programme was reviewed and the meeting expressed it’s satisfaction over the success of the programme. The meeting also decided to massively organise the March to Sanchar Bhawan programme on 23.02.2018 and will start from BSNL Corporate office at 11.30Hrs.
  07-02-2018 : Non-cooperation to NOFN and other government projects.
As per the call of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, the employees of BSNL are observing ‘Work According to Rule’ from 30.01.2018. This struggle was reviewed in the meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held yesterday the 06.02.2018, as well as in the Steering Committee meeting held today. After detailed discussion, it has been decided to observe Non-cooperation to NOFN and other government projects. This decision is taken in view of the fact that the DoT and the government have denied justice to BSNL employees in the matter of 3rd Pay Revision, pension revision to BSNL retirees, forming the Subsidiary Tower Company, etc. Entire Non-Executives and Executives are requested to strictly observe this Non-cooperation, in addition to implementing the ‘Work According to Rule’ call. The All Unions and Associations of BSNL is writing to the Secretary, DoT and to the CMD BSNL, about the struggle of Non-cooperation to NOFN and other government projects.
As a part of the ongoing ‘Work According to Rule’ programme, Non-Executives and Executives are requested to perform their duties strictly according to rules. Non-Executives and Executives are directed not to participate in any marketing activity like, mela or road-show, other than those employees who are posted in the marketing section.
  07-02-2018 : Meeting with Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications:
The Meeting with Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications (I/C) could not be held yesterday due to his busy schedule.(ongoing Parliament session).
  07-02-2018 : Wrong recovery of license fee of departmental quarter allotted from surplus quarter on request of individual. Letter No.-TF-011, dt-07-02-2018. Click Here,
  07-02-2018 : Non settlement of Medical bill of Shri A.K. Meshram husband of Smt. S.A. Meshram retired Sr. TOA(P) Nagpur SSA, Maharashtra circle. Letter No.-TF-015, dt-07-02-2018. Click Here,
  07-02-2018 : Appointment of Shri Yogendra Pratap Singh, S/o Late Birendra Singh Ex. TT, O/o PGMT Lucknow against group ‘D’ post ignoring his academic qualification as M.A. & M.Com – Case of UP(East) circle. Letter No.-TF-16/5, dt-07-02-2018. Click Here,
  07-02-2018 : Frequent calls are coming to enquire the limit of elected office bearers at all levels viz District/Circle/CHQ of the union, hence we upload the letter No.-BSNL/1-1/SR/2006, dt-09th, March 2007 for ready reference to all concern. Click Here
  06-02-2018 :Change for option for contribution in Employees Pension Scheme.Ltr.No.:500-85/CA-II/BSNL/EPF/2011/VOL VI Dated:06.02.2018. Click Here,
  06-02-2018 : General body meeting (conference) of BSNL civil wing Lucknow (UP East):- A General body meeting held under the presidentship of Com. Hari Nath on 05-02-2018. Com. Sanjay Dubey circle Secretary and Com. Mahabir Singh, Circle Secretary Jharkhand also attended and addressed the meeting. Latter the delegates elected a list of office bearers headed by Com. Hari Nath, Com. Raj Kumar Tiwari and Com. Parvej as President, Distt. Secretary and Treasurer unanimously.
  05-02-2018 : Meeting between Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications and "All Unions & Associations of BSNL" to be held tomorrow at 17.00Hrs.
  05-02-2018 : Meeting with GM(Admin):- Leaders requested to issue the corrigendum in respect of telephone/broad band service connections to unions.
  05-02-2018 : Meeting with GM(SR):- G.S. and Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ met Shri A.M. Gupta GM(SR) and discussed the pending staff related issues of Punjab, Telangana, A.P. and other circles. G.M. assured to settle the issues at earliest.
  05-02-2018 : Meeting with GM(Restg):- CHQ leaders met to Shri Ashutosh Gupta GM(Restg) and discussed the issue of payment of PLI to staff working under TERM CELL of DOT. GM reciprocated that the issue will be discussed in PLI committee meeting on 15-02-2018.
  05-02-2018 : Meeting of joint committee for change in designation is postponed. Letter No.-2-4/2007/Restg/Vol. III, dt-05-02-2018. Click Here,
  05-02-2018 : Reconstitution of Joint Committee for devising a scheme of PLI to non-executives employees in BSNL. Letter No.-1-5/2018-Restg, dt-31-01-2018. Click Here,
  03-02-2018 : Central budget proved the apprehensions of Trade unions true regarding sellout of CPSUs:-
The budget once again gives huge concessions to the corporates and big businesses including on focus to foreign investments, and continued disinvestments of Public sector units to the tune of Rs. 80000 crores in the coming year. The Govt wants to be satisfied with certificate from International Monetary fund for the growth estimates, as the Govt once again appeared to be committed to tag India’s economy with International finance capital. Ease of Business continued to be the keyword.
  03-02-2018 : A regular news and photographs in respect of Satyagraha are receiving at CHQ. CHQ extends thanks to all participants and congratulates to leaders of all unions/associations for a better coordination to making the Satyagraha grand success. On 2nd February, 2018 the Director (HR) called the leaders of unions and associations and shared her views regarding suffering of the company due to effect of the current Satyagraha and other agitational programmes conducted by the workers and she assured to arrange a meeting with Secretary DOT and MOC in next week after meeting with CMD .
  03-02-2018 : Congrats to elected office bearers of District level Branch in circle office Bangaluru (Karnataka):- A General body meeting held on 1st February, 2018 under the presidentship of Com. M. Rajindran. Com. K.S. Sheshadari Secretary CHQ, Com. Krishna Reddy acting circle Secretary, Com. Ranganna District President BGTD, and Com. Sanmugam, Treasurer BGTD were present in the meeting. Com. M. Rajendran AOS(G), Com. Rajshekher O.S.(G), Com. G.S. Vasantha O.S(G) were elected unanimously as Distt. President, Distt. Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
  03-02-2018 : Views of the 5th day Satyagraha. Click Here,
  03-02-2018 : Com. C.Suryanarayana Ex.C.S, AITEEU Class - Ill, Andhra Pradesh and veteran Trade union leader has taken last breath at 19.00 hrs at 86 on 02.02.2018 in Hyderabad. CHQ pay respectful homage with deep sorrow and offer our heartfelt condolences to his family members.
  02-02-2018 : Letter from Corporate office regarding Wage negotiation intimating that Corporate Office had a correspondence with DoT. BSNL/38-1/SR/2016 Dated:02.02.2018 Click Here,
  02-02-2018 : Views of the 4th day satyagraha at Corporate Office and other places. Click Here,
  02-02-2018 : DO letter from Director (CM) to The CGMs SIM sales in January-2018 and Targets for February-2018. Click Here, Click Here,
  01-02-2018 : Third day of the Satyagraha being observed in a Grand manner in Corporate Office and throughout the country. CHQ requests the circle and district unions to maintain the same spirit till the final day of the programme. Click Here, Click Here,
  01-02-2018 : Corporate Office letter on revision of Labour Rates - Endorsement of Government of India Gazette notification dated 19.01.2017. No. 2-2/201 6 -WS&l(Pt.) Dtd.31.01.2018 Click Here
  01-02-2018 : Corporate Office letter on holding of Circle and Local Council meeting as per prescribed schedule.No.BSNL/20-5/SR/2017 Dated:31.01.2018 Click Here
  31-01-2018 : Satyagraha organized at Corporate office (Eastern Court) on 31-01-2018, New Delhi. Click Here
  31-01-2018 : Leaders of All Unions and Associations of BSNL met yesterday, the 31st January, 2018 at New Delhi and reviewed the Satyagraha, as well as the "Indefinite Work According to Rule" struggles. The meeting expressed it's satisfaction over the determined manner in which the struggles are being organised in various circles. The meeting decided that the struggles should be conducted more effectively, in the days to come. Hence, all circle and district secretaries are requested to intensify the struggles, in close coordination with the other constituents.
  31-01-2018 : Satyagraha organized at Corporate office (Eastern Court) on 30-01-2018, New Delhi. Click Here
  31-01-2018 : NFTE requested Shri Alphonse Kannamthanam ji Hon’ble Minister for Electronics for his kind intervention to settle wage revision for BSNL employees. Letter No.-TF-9/10, dt-31-01-2018. Click Here
  30-01-2018 : Satyagraha organized at various places – view of photos. Click Here
  30-01-2018 : General Secretaries of All unions and Associations visited “Rajghat” as per the decision on 08-01-2018 and paid respectful homage to Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi and started 5 days Satyagaraha. Click Here
  30-01-2018 : Present status of MTNL and various remedial measures including BSNL synergy in operation for revival of the PSU. Hon’ble MOC responds to Shri Arvind Sawant, MP. D.O. No.-19-11/2015-SU-II, dt-10th, January, 2018. Click Here
  30-01-2018 : Wage cut for dated 12th and 13th December, 2017 – Request for review. Letter No.-TF-38/3, dt-30-01-2018. Click Here
  29-01-2018 : President, G.S. and Secy, Com. Gopal Krishnan met CMD today and offered condolences on the sad demise of his father.
  29-01-2018 : All the Circle/District Secretaries are requested to make the programme of all unions/associations a big success. “SATYAGARHA for 5 days from 30-01-2018 and INDEFINITE WORK ACCORDING TO RULE” from 30-01-2018, for settlement of wage revision and against to the formation of separate tower company.
  29-01-2018 : Hardships to employees on implementation of NEPP. Letter No.-TF-26/6, dt-29-01-2018 Click Here
  29-01-2018 : Immediately after standing committee meeting on 24th instant we met Director (HR)/F and told her details about upgradation of Sr. Accts to Executive Grade. Director (HR)/F said clearly that the points raised by establishment branch are unwarranted. Letter No.-TF-12/5(h), dt-29-01-2018 to Dir(HR)F for expeditious settlement of the matter. Click Here
  27-01-2018 : Satyagraha Soul Force Movement. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here
  25-01-2018 : Wish you all Happy Republic Day. Click Here
  25-01-2018 : Revision under timing of free night calling from existing “9th PM to 7 AM” to “10.30 PM to 6 AM” under post – paid Fixed/Limited CDMA plans in circles. Letter No.-3-2/2013-R&C(CFA), dt-24-01-2018. Click Here
  25-01-2018 : Decisions of the meeting of "All Unions and Associations of BSNL" held on 24-01-2018.
A meeting of “All Unions and Associations of BSNL” was held at New Delhi today. Com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS, presided over the meeting. General Secretaries / Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, BSNL ATM and BSNL OA, participated in the meeting. The following decisions are taken:-
1. The meeting decided to effectively organise the Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018. This programme is to be effectively organised in all circles.
2. Full day Sathyagraha agitation is to be effectively organised for 5 days from 30.01.2018 at Corporate Office, circle and district levels.
3. Steering Committees (consisting of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA and AIBSNLEA) are to be formed in all circles and districts to effectively plan and organise the struggles. The Steering Committees will meet as and when required for giving necessary guidance.
4. Poster will be designed and uploaded on the websites of the Unions and Associations. These posters shall be printed by the circle unions (in the regional languages if necessary) and distributed to all the stations.
5. Next meeting of the All Unions and Associations will be held at BSNL MS office, at 15:00 hrs. on 06.02.2018.
  25-01-2018 : Brief of NC standing committee meeting:- Click Here
  24-01-2018 : Informal Meeting with Director (HR):- President and General Secretary met Director (HR) on date and raised following items.
(1) Review of result of 40% and 10% quota JAO LICE –
Union handed over detailed letters. GM(SR) has been asked to ensure settlement by GM (Rectt) who is looking after the branch.
(2) Grant of annual increment vis-à-vis holding of confirmation examination including for promotion to Sr. TOA (G) Cadre –
Director (HR) was very sympathetic on the above issues and told GM(SR) to get these issues resolved after joining of new GM(Est).
(3) Promotion of Telecom Technicians to JE Cadre on seniority – cum-fitness basis against 15% out of departmental vacancies –
To be considered on joining of new GM(Est).
(4) Holding of LICE for promotion to JE Cadre under 50% quota-
GM(SR) has been asked to coordinate with GM(Rectt) to resolve the matter.
(5) Revival of BSNL –
The BSNL HQR has not sent any proposal and plan for revival of BSNL to DOT including lowering of age from 60 to 58 years. Director (HR) told this very clearly. DOT will be appointing a consultant for the purpose.
  24-01-2018 : Meeting of Joint Committee for Change in Designation of left out Non-Executive Cadres. Letter No.-2-4/2007/Restg/Vol III, dt- 23-01-2018. Click Here
  24-01-2018 : President, G.S. and Com. Ashique, C.S. J&K met GM(SR), GM(Restg), GM(Rectt) and Dy. GMT (Est) on 23-01-2018 and discussed many issues. These are as under:-
(1) Wages of staff working on deputation in Department of Telecommunications:- The salary of employees on deputation in DOT will not be paid from BSNL w.e.f. 01-01-2018 and same will be paid now by DOT.
(2) The amount already paid by BSNL will be reimbursed by DOT and for this the field units have to prepare statements and approach to the concerned DOT offices for immediate reimbursement. (BSNL No.-3-32/2010 –Pers V/BSNL, dt-21-02-2017) and DOT No.-34-8/2001-SEA (Vol III), dt-24-11-2017). Above had been long standing demand of unions.
(3) BSNL employees on deputation to DOT will not be entitled for PLI and they will be paid adhoc Bonus by DOT (Para 2(b) of DOT letter 34-8/2001-SEA(Vol III), dt-24-11-2017) – link and click. Click Here
(4) GM(SR) maintained that orders for formal meeting are clear and matter be brought to the notice of BSNL HQR where orders are not being followed.
(1) Union leaders drew his attention again about Rule 55(A) vis-à-vis incorporation of Rule 56(j) and CCS Pension Rule 48 union demanded that the committee be only at circle level headed by CGM of the circle to prevent settling scores and animosity. He promised to acquaint Director (HR). Provision be made for appeal review in the rule.
(2) Promotion after expiry of punishment should be from due date as per CG employees and not afterwards agreed to process the matter.
(1) LICE for promotion to JE Cadre:- Union demanded to revise the cutoff date of eligibility as on 01-07-2017 so that more candidates may appear in the test.
(2) Review of last JAO LICE result of 40% and 10% quota both.
GM(Rectt) agreed to get it considered.
Dy. GMT(Est)
The matter relating to restoration of 25 days for grant of Medical payment on 78.2% IDA fixation benefit is under process and file has been moved.
  23-01-2018 : Rule 55(A) in BSNL CDA Rule, 2006 is improper and not acceptable. Letter No.-TF-13/8, dt-20-01-2018 to Director (HR) BSNL. Click Here
  23-01-2018 : Promotion after punishment should be from the due date as per analogy of the Central Govt employees. Letter No.-TF-13/1, dt-20-01-2018 to Director (HR), BSNL. Click Here
  23-01-2018 : Special confirmation examination as one time measure or exemption for grant of annual increment – reg. Letter No.-TF-9/4(d), dt-20-01-2018. Click Here
  23-01-2018 : Payment of IDA rates w.e.f. 01-01-2018 is now 126.9% vide BSNL letter No.-14-1/2012PAT(BSNL), dt-22-01-2018. Click Here
  23-01-2018 : The father of CMD, BSNL, has expired on 22nd instant at Bhopal. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the family. We share their grief.
  22-01-2018 : Issue of Presidential orders – regarding. Letter No.-TF-24/4, dt-22-01-2018. Click Here
  22-01-2018 : Paucity of SDEs/JTOs at Kashmir SSA in J&K circle – reg. Letter No.-TF-010, dt-22-01-2018. Click Here
  22-01-2018 : Treatment of suspension period – reg. Letter No.-TF-13/1, dt-22-01-2018. Click Here
  22-01-2018 : General Secretary and Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ attended open session meeting at Guwhati on 19-01-2018:- On the occasion of District conference of Kamrup SSA NFTE (BSNL) an open session was organized in very high profile in which more than 500 workers including ladies were participating. The meeting was addressed by the General Manager Telecom and other T.U. Leaders Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S, Com. K.K. Singh Secretary, CHQ. Com. P.C. Patgiri Circle Secretary. G.S. while addressing the gathering explained the current issues related to staff and exhorted the issue of PRC, Tower Company etc in detail. The meeting was ended with a vote of thanks by Com. Shyamal Bhattacharji outgoing District President. Click Here
  22-01-2018 : AP Circle office SSA Branch Union has Formed on 19-01-2018:- Andhra Pradesh Circle office SSA union has formed on 19-01-2018. AP circle office union meeting took place on 19-01-2018 at about 4.00PM in SSA NFTE union office, BSNL Bhavan, Vijayawada under the presidentship com. B.V.Narasimha Rao, Senior comrade of circle office branch. Com.S.Subba Rao, Convener hold the meeting. Com.Ch.Chadrasekhara Rao, CS,AP, Com. T.V.Ramana Murthy, CHQ vice president, Com.M.Janaradhana Rao, Circle patron, Com. A.Nagendra Babu, D.S.-Krishana SSA, Com.J.Venkateswara Rao, circle org. Secretary have attended the meeting. Circle Secretary addressed the meeting and reported in detail the current issue like pay revision, Tower Company etc. He reported that between 16th December, 2017 to 15 January 2018. The A.P. circle added 267 members with NFTE (BSNL). Com. Ramanmurthy while addressing the meeting exhorted the national situation in respect of Trade union functioning and other staff related issues. Latter Com. Manohar Lal, Com. S. Subburao and Com. J. Suresh were elected as District President, District Secretary and Treasurer for the CGMT office SSA branch. Click Here
  22-01-2018 : Items of agenda for 36th N.C. meeting. Letter No.-TF-2/3, dt-22-01-2018. Click Here
  19-01-2018 : Formal Meeting to Union:
Union has been demanding formal meeting for redressal of staff grievances at the places where Circle/District Councils meeting are not taking place. The union has pursued the matter vigorously.
Now BSNL HQR vide para2 of letter No. BSNL/39-SR/2017-FAQ Dt.19.01.2018 has issued orders for grant of formal meeting to the union at the places.
Circle/District Secretaries are requested to submit list of grievances of the employees and demand meeting for settlement of problems of the employees. Do not depend upon councils meetings.Ltr.No.:BSNL/39-3/SR/2017-FAQ Dt.19.01.2018. Click Here, Click Here
  19-01-2018 : Promotion in NEPP of TSMs regularised on 01.10.2000 or thereafter:
The union has demanded that such RMs ( now Assistant Telecom Technician ) be granted 1st promotion in NEPP after 4 instead of 8 years. The issue was placed in the Management Committee of BSNL. The committee has asked for financial impacts regard to acceptance of the demand . The union is pursuing the matter to get it settled.
  18-01-2018 : Consideration of Temporary Status Mazdoors (TSMs) regularized on or after 01-10-2000 and absorbed in BSNL w.e.f. 01-10-2000 and covered under Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rule for granting 1st NEPP at par with DOT absorbed regular employees – repercussion reg. Letter No.-22-23/2012-TE, dt-12-01-2018. Click Here
  18-01-2018 : Committee for Restructuring of Non-Executive Cadres of Telecom Factories. No.:13-5/2017-TFS Dated 15.01.2018 Click Here
  18-01-2018 : Com. Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary NFTE (BSNL) Maharashtra along with other union office bearers met Padmashri Shri. Anna Hajare, at RaleganSiddhi today, and explained him about the motives of Government to Destabilise BSNL through formation of Tower Company. He assured to help in the matter. Click Here
  17-01-2018 : Notice for Satyagraha and Indefinite Work According to Rule served. Click Here
  17-01-2018 : Meeting of GMs (HR) of circles:- The meeting of GMs (HR) of circles will take place on 22nd January under the Chairmanship of Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) on HR matters.
  17-01-2018 : No rent charge on Combo Plan:- There will be no rent charge on combo plan facility extended to recognized unions etc. Necessary clarification will be issued. This was told by GM(Adm) when President, G.S. TEPU, Coms. C.K. Mathivanan and Ashique, circle Secretaries met him today.
  17-01-2018 : All Circle Secretaries/District Secretaries to note March to Sanchar Bhawan will be on 23-02-2018.
  17-01-2018 : BSNL Board meeting is scheduled to take place on 8/9th February, 2018.
  17-01-2018 : The CMD BSNL informed, Core Committee that, BSNL will announce the rolling-out of it’s 4G service on 31st January, 2018.
CMD BSNL convened a meeting of the members of steering committee of All Unions and Associations of BSNL. He apprised that BSNL’s net worth is about 35,000 Crore. The operational profit of BSNL last year was about 4000 Crore that was significant to other private operator. The EBITDA of BSNL was positive of Rs. 1684 Crore. BSNL’s asset reserves is Rs. 91684 Crore, land value is about 789 Crore. The loss of BSNL has gone down. BSNL is having only 4200 Crore’s loan which is insignificant comparison other Telecom Operators. In view of this BSNL is a very strong organization, neither SICK nor incipient SICK.
CMD further mentioned that 4G spectrum and technology is a must in BSNL for the public perception and its requirement. In view of that BSNL Board has already taken a decision in its last Board meeting held on 21.12.2017 to get allocated 4G spectrum from DoT and DPR has been sent to DoT for approval. BSNL needs to pay Rs. 16000 Crore to get allocated 4G spectrum from DoT for next 10 years. BSNL has decided to launch 4G mobile service on 31st January 2018 by improving its existing mobile network in some of the Circles. After allocation of 4G spectrum from DoT, the 4G service will be rolled out throughout the county. We have requested DoT to utilize 5000 Crore remaining equity of BSNL in allocation of the 4G spectrum. Rs. 17500 Crore was Govt. equity in BSNL at the time its formation. Out of which equity of about Rs. 12500 Crore has already been utilized. 50% spectrum charges can be adjusted against equity and remaining amount will be paid in 10 installment in 10 years. In this manner BSNL is trying to get 4G allocation from DoT at the earliest.
Also discussed the issue of cancellation of the free calling from landlines on Sundays, as well as change in the timing of the night free calling.
On the issue of creation of Tower Subsidiary, CMD mentioned that in case the Tower Subsidiary 100% control remains with BSNL than it is beneficial to BSNL otherwise it may not be beneficial. The appointment of CMD Tower Subsidiary Company has been decided by DoT which was not in his notice. All the representatives expressed their resentment against the creation of Tower Subsidiary.
Regarding wage revision , we expressed our serious concern against delay in constituting bilateral committee for Non Executive employees. We explained that revision of pay of BSNL employees is a must to keep them motivated and in the interest of BSNL’s viability.
  16-01-2018 : Meeting with PGM (Pers):- The union complained about delay in finalization of restructuring of Hindi Translators etc. It is pending in DOT for a long period. PGM (Pers) replied that DOT wants that the same be finalized at BSNL HQR level which is not tenable. The DOT’s concurrence is must to avoid pension complications. He promised to persue.
  16-01-2018 : Informal meet with GM(Admn):- The union representatives met the GM (Admn) and enquired about cash payment of Medical reimbursement in respect of retired personnel. It was conveyed to union that the finance wing of BSNL HQR has concurred and orders will be issued in due course.
  16-01-2018 : Informal meeting with GM(SR):- President and circle Secy, of Corporate office, Com. Sharma met the GM(SR) and raised the following issues:- (i) Formal meeting to NFTE (BSNL) where Circle/Local councils are not being held:- union pointed out that staff problems are not being redressed due to non-holding of councils meeting at circle/SSA levels. GM (SR) responded positively in the matter. (ii) Composite (joint) wage revision committee):- The union again stressed for formation of joint wage revision committee. The GM(SR) immediately contacted Director (SU) in DOT for this and assured to follow it through correspondence.
  16-01-2018 : Corporate Office letter on withdrawal of Unlimited Free calling to any network on all Sundays from BSNL landline. L.No.3-4//2017-R&C(CFA) Dtd.16.01.2018 Click Here
  15-01-2018 : JAO R/R:- The proposed and modified JAO R/R will be sent to next BSNL Board meeting for consideration and approval.
  15-01-2018 : The BSNL HQR vide letter No.-BSNL/39-5/SR/2018, dt-12-01-2018 has fixed the meeting of standing committee of NC to take place on 24th January, 2018 at 1100 hours. Click Here
  15-01-2018 : The standing committee of National Council has been constituted vide letter No.-BSNL/39-8/SR/2013, dt-10-01-2018. Click Here
  13-01-2018 : CHQ extends happy Lohri, Makarsankranti, Pongal and Bihu to all members, well wishers and entire BSNL employees. Click Here
  13-01-2018 : 5 Days Satyagraha w.e.f. 30-01-2018:- All the Circle/District Secretaries are requested to arrange preparatory meeting at Circle/District level, coordinating with all the unions/associations as the ensuing agitation is crucial one and we have to make all efforts for its historic success.
  12-01-2018 : On 11-01-2018 Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. and Com. Saju V. Thomas met Hon’ble Shri Motilal Vora Ji, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) at his residence at Delhi and explained the current situation prevailing in BSNL like formation of Tower Company & requested his intervention to protect BSNL intact as a Govt. owned company. Click Here
  12-01-2018 : Extension of Gratuity to Casual Labour. File No.-11-3/2014-LE, dt-10-01-2018. Click Here
  12-01-2018 : Arrangement of pre exam training to SC/ST/Minority candidates: LICE for promotion to JE (RY 2016) reg. Letter No.-7-2/2017-Rectt, dt-10-01-2018. Click Here
  10-01-2018 : Meeting with GM level officers in BSNL Corporate office:-
General Secretary and Com.K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ met Shri Keshav Rao GM(Est) and discussed the issue of training of Sr. TOAs appointed under CGA. The syllabus of Training is pending for approval. GM reciprocated positively and assured to do needful at earliest.
GM(SR) Shri A.M. Gupta:- Discussed the pending issues like clarification in respect of local council under Chief Engineer Civil Karnataka. Wage revision committee, sexual harassment case of Pathankot (Punjab), illegal and arbitrary decision taken by the outgoing CGMT Bihar circle. The GM exhorted upon all the issues and assured early action.
GM(FP) Shri Sunil Kumar:-Discussed the issue of presidential order in respect of senior accountants, LDC (TA) case pending in Supreme Court. The GM reciprocated that a committee of two officers viz GM(FP) and GM (Est) have been authorized to clear the P.O. as well as scales in respect of Sr. Accoutants. Regarding case of LD (TA) the next date in court is on January , 2018, he assured to look into the issue.
GM(Adm) Shri S.K. Sinha:- Discussed the issue of payment of medical claims to individual as well as to impanel hospitals. The GM replied that a meeting of all GM(HR) have been called on 22nd Jan, 2018 to stream line the medical claims in all circles.
Both the CHQ leader met with Shri Sheo Shankar Prasad DGM (Estt) and pursued the issue of medical outdoor claims with voucher which has been reduced from 25 days to 23 days in name of implementation of 78.2% IDA. The DGM assured to put up the case again for restoration of 25 days.
  10-01-2018 : National Council Meeting:- NC is schedule to be held in March, 2018 hence all the circle Secretaries are requested to send items if any suitable to be taken up in National Council.
  09-01-2018 : General Secretaries and other leaders of All unions and associations of BSNL met with CMD BSNL:- A delegation of leaders of All unions and associations of BSNL met with CMD (BSNL) and discussed the formation of Tower Company and hidden development like appointment of CMD for Tower Company etc. The delegation conveyed the resentment prevailing amongst the workers after flashing the news of appointment of CMD of so called subsidiary tower company. It was added by the leaders of staff, that all the norms and parameters have been ignored and dictatorial decision have been taken unilaterally by the DOT. The entire workforce have decided to protest and fight against the decision.
  09-01-2018 : Lunch hour demonstration at all level on 08-01-2018. Against Tower Company:- News are coming from field units that the lunch hour demonstration have been conducted very massively throughout the country at SSA and circle headquarter. At Delhi it was conducted at corporate office where a very large number of workers from corporate office and NTR were assembled. The workers were in anger and shouted slogans against the ill motive of union Govt regarding formation of Tower Company by adopting back door method. The demonstration converted in rally which was addressed by Com. P. Abhimanyu, Com. Chandeshwar Singh, Com. G.L. Jogi, Com. Prahlad Ray, Com. K. Jaiprakash, Com. R.C. Pandy, Com. N.D. Ram, Com. Anil Tiwari, Com. Rashid Khan. All the leaders appealed to the workers to be unite and fight to defeat the anti workers/anti BSNL policy of the Govt. Click Here, Click Here
  08-01-2018 : Unanimous decisions taken in today’s meeting of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” to intensify the struggles for achieving wage revision and for the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’.
“The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”, held it’s meeting at New Delhi today to discuss about the steps to be taken for intensifying the struggles for the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and to ensure the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’. The meeting was attended by the General Secretaries / Representatives of NFTE, BSNLEU, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BTEU, SEWA BSNL, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, TEPU, BSNL ATM and TOA BSNL. The meeting was presided over by Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO. The following decisions are taken unanimously for intensifying the struggles to achieve the demands.
Struggle programme:
1) Whole day Satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018. The starting of the Satyagraha will be marked by the paying of ‘shradhanjali’ at Gandhi Samadi at New Delhi on 30.01.2018, by the leaders of the “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.
(2) ‘Indefinite Work According to Rule’ from 30.01.2018.
(3) Massive “March to Sanchar Bhawan” on 28.02.2018.,
(4) Leaders of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” will take all out efforts to meet Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, the Secretary DoT and CMD BSNL, within a week’s time.
(5) The meeting entrusted Com. G.L. Jogi, Leader, SNEA, and Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, with the responsibility of exploring possibilities to take legal action to roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.
(6) A Steering Committee consisting of the General Secretaries of NFTE, BSNLEU, SNEA and AIBSNLEA is formed to monitor the struggles.
(7) Meeting the leaders of political parties and Central Trade Unions, by 30.01.2018, to mobilise support in favour of the demands of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.
Charter of demands
(1) Settle:-
(a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.
(b) Settle pension revision.
(c) Settle left-out issues of the 2nd PRC.
(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.
No reduction in the retirement age from 60 to 58 and no VRS.
All Circle Secretaries /district Secretaries are requested to co ordinate with the leaders of “All Unions and Associations of BSNL” at your Circle/District and make the agitational programme as mentioned above a grand success as the BSNL company as well as employees are passing through a critical situation which has been imposed by the union government in planned manner. So unity and struggle is only way left to us. All should unite and fight against the anti BSNL and anti workers policy of the govt.
  08-01-2018 : Increase in the exiting rate of employer's Contribution towards Superannuation Pension Scheme in respect of directly recruited employees of BSNL from 3% to 5% of Basic Pay Plus DA per Month w.e.f.01.04.2017. Corporate office ltr.No. No: 500-51/2015-16/CA II/BSNL Dated:08.01.2018 Click Here
  08-01-2018 : Notice for All India Conference. Letter No.-TF-1/2/AIC, dt-08-01-2017. Click Here
  08-01-2018 : Kind attention of Circle Secretaries. The proposed Amendments to union constitution are given below. Kindly send your view if any within a week time positively. (i.e. upto 15-01-2018). Click Here
  07-01-2018 : Comrade OPG fifth anniversary observed in Chennai Telephones at a function organised in Flower Bazaar exchange compound on 06-01-2018 in which more than 300 comrades took part despite state transport workers complete strike. Click Here
  07-01-2018 : Homage to Com. O.P. Gupta: Floural tribute paid by circle Secretary and others in Raipur NFTE BSNL circle union office on 06-01-2018. Click Here
  06-01-2018 : NFTE (BSNL) letter to Director (HR) regarding the reduction of ceiling for outdoor medical claim from 25 days to 23 days. Ltr.No.TF-32/2 Dated:06.01.2018. Click Here
  06-01-2018 : Tower Subsidiary Formation: Countrywide Protest Demonstration on 08.01.2018
Government is going ahead with the formation of Tower subsidiary formation irrespective of the strong opposition from the employees. Shri.Amit Yadav IAS has been appointed as CMD of this Company.
To protest it, as an immediate response, all Unions and Associations have decided to hold demonstration throughout the country on 08.01.2018. All the Circle/District Secretaries are requested to ensure 100% participation in these demonstrations and make it a grand success.
Further course of action will be decided in the meeting of all the Unions and Assns scheduled for 08.01.2018.
  05-01-2018 : Observe 5th death anniversary of Com. O.P. Gupta unparallel leader of working class and founder of UPTW and NFPTE. Hold meeting at office premises/union offices and pay homage to Com. O.P. Gupta on 6th Jan, 2018.
  04-01-2018 : Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secy HQR, Com. M.P. Singh and Com. Rajmouli met Shri Y.N. Singh GM(Banking) in connection with the payment of wages to contract labourers in Tamilnadu circle, in between Com. C. Singh G.S. have a telephonic talk with GM(Banking) about the payment of wages to labourers. After a prolonged discussion, GM reciprocated that the funds will be released tomorrow for payment to contract labourers. The hunger fast organized by unions of Tamilnadu circle since yesterday is called off.
  04-01-2018 : All Unions/Associations have decided to conduct Lunch hour demonstration on 08-01-2018 at all levels against Cabinet decision. (Tower Company) All circle Secretaries and Distt. Secretaries are requested to coordinate with all unions and associations to make the programme a big success.
  03-01-2018 : Com. K.S.Kulkarni Secretary CHQ, Com. Rajamouli , met Shri A.M. Gupta, GM(SR), and DGM(SR) to discuss the staff matter during the discussion it is informed by the officers that the Corporate Office has already written to the DoT, seeking necessary permission for starting wage negotiation.
  03-01-2018 : DOT appointed Shri Amit Yadav (IAS) ,Joint Secretary (Admin), DOT as CMD of tower subsidiary company of BSNL.
DOT vide its letter no.79-51/2017 -SU dated 21.12.2017, has appointed Shri Amit Yadav (IAS) ,Joint Secretary (Admin), DOT as CMD of tower subsidiary company of BSNL. It is surprising that as per Union Cabinet decision the tower subsidiary will be fully owned by BSNL , but after seeing the DOT order it is difficult to understand that whether tower subsidiary will be controlled directly by DOT or through BSNL. We strongly oppose such active move of Government to fragment BSNL assets. Click Here
  03-01-2018 : Comrades Believe you are aware that Shri. Amit Yadav IAS officer has been appointed as CMD of Tower Company (so called subsidiary of BSNL). It is a calculated move to dismantle BSNL by taking away vital and potential earning assets- towers- of BSNL. It is surely a sinister and deadly move to disintegrate BSNL and facilitate other service providers to these towers of BSNL to enable them deeper penetration in wireless segment without any capital investment. BSNL has made incredible capital investment in building mobile tower infrastructure which is its greatest strength as of now.
It is not going to end here- very shortly govt. will go ahead with creation of land assets Company by taking away premier and highly potential land assets of BSNL throughout Country and allow Private entrepreneurs to build commercial complexes on this gold mine of BSNL.
If this is allowed to continue, in due course of time, BSNL will be consigned to flames and get buried deep down the ground.
Comrades you understand the grave seriousness of the situation and the immediate massive organisational response that is needed to force the govt. to reverse its decision of creating subsidiary tower Company which is fraught with deadly consequences. If we do not act and succeed now, then we have to forget about BSNL.
  03-01-2018 : DPE HAS ISSUED ORDERS FOR INCREASE IN IDA FROM 124.3% TO 126.9% Click Here
  02-01-2018 : The Issue of Revival of BSNL. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here
  02-01-2018 : Corporate office issued orders on medical reimbursement with voucher for outdoor treatment – revised annual ceiling to be calculated on revised basic pay @ 78.2% fixation for upto 23 days w.e.f. 01-04-2018 in respect of executives and non-executives of BSNL. Letter No.-11-04/2015-PAT(BSNL), dt-01-01-2018. Click Here
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