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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,
19-09-2018 : FR22(I)(a) (I) benefits to the officiating JTOs:- The said issue stands resolved after very long period. The union has made sustained and serious efforts for its resolution. The brave Comrades of Kerala fought the legal battle. Sequel to decision of Kerala High Court the union sought. Its settlement through the National Council. Its settlement was avoided in the name of SLP which was out rightly rejected by Supreme Court. The union immediately demanded implementation of the verdict. Ultimately management has decided to resolve the matter and issued orders contained in letter No.-3-8/2010-Estt-IV(Pt), dt-18-09-2018. Congrats Congrats.
19-09-2018 : Meeting with GM(Rectt):- President, Dy. G.S. and Secy, Com. Kamraj met GM(Rectt) today and discussed some issues. The replies are mentioned below. (1) JTO LICE:- LICE will take place in January, 2019 and the notification for this will be issued accordingly. (2) JE LICE:- It is scheduled to take place in March, 2019. (3) JE LICE result review:- The GM(Rectt) firmly maintained that it will be done within two weeks. The delay has taken place due to fact that the officials were on leave. (4) LICE TT(Telecom Mechanic):- The Establishment section of BSNL HQR has not sent the necessary approval. It appears the Corporate office intends to hold TT LICE after JE LICE. Union will make suitable representation for early LICE.
19-09-2018 : BSNL Board meeting scheduled to take place today has been cancelled.
19-09-2018 : Fixation of pay under FR-22(1)(a)(i) to the officials, who were screening test passed & were officiating in the grade of JTO. Letter No-3-8/2010-Estt-IV(Pt), dt-18-09-2018. Click Here ,
19-09-2018 : Golden Year of Historic One Day Strike of 19th September, 1968:- Click Here ,
18-09-2018 : BSNL Board meeting is taking place on 19th September, 2018. It is learnt two HR issues may come up for discussions.
18-09-2018 : Meeting with GM(Restg):-President, Dy. G.S. and Secy, Com. Kamraj met GM(Restg) and raised the following issues for settlement. (1) Treatment of Suspension period:- It should be as in the case of CCS/CCA Rules. Amendment is necessary in BSNL CDA Rules, 2006. (2) Provision of Review be incorporated in case of compulsory retirement as per BSNL CDA Rule, 55(A). (3) Redesignation of Draughtsmen of Telecom as Junior Engineer.
17-09-2018 : Extension of FR 22(i) a (I) benefit to officiating JTOs:- orders are being issued expect within 2 days.
17-09-2018 : LICE for JTO Cadre promotion for the years 2016-17 and 2017-18:- Vacancies have furnished to Rectt Cell by Estt branch for LICEs for promotion to JTO Cadre.
17-09-2018 : Maintain unity to achieve the Goal:- Click Here ,
15-09-2018 : Reimbursement of salary and allowances expenditures by DOT in respect of BSNL staff on deputation – reg. Letter No.-TF-6/7, dt-14-09-2018. Click Here ,
15-09-2018 : One more chance extended for confirmation examination to such candidates who have exhausted all the prescribed chances. BSNL No.-250-10/2009-Pers III, dt-10-09-2018. Click Here ,
15-09-2018 : Approval accorded by BSNL HQR to depute qualified candidates of year 2014 for training and promotion as JE provisionally as per Andhra High Court’s judgment. BSNL No.-211-13/2018-Estt, dt-10-09-2018. Click Here ,
15-09-2018 : Revision of wages of casual labourers – reg. Letter No.-TF-31/1, dt-13-09-2018. Click Here ,
14-09-2018 :Joint Wage Revision Committee – The meeting of joint wage revision committee was held today(14/09/2018) under the chairmanship of Sri. H. C. Pant. The pay scales supplied by the management have been accepted by the staff side, How ever one week time was sought to avoid the chance of stagnation. If any case comes to notice, the CHQ promptly be informed. The next joint wage revision committee will take place on 28/09/2018 at 15:30 hrs. The staff side will meet on 25/09/2018 at 15:00 hrs in NFTE BSNL office to discuss the issue of allowances.
13-09-2018 : Downgrading of OTBP Sr. TOAs from the scale of Rs. 7100-10100 to 6500-9325 on option under NEPP – reg. Letter No.-TF-26/6, dt-13-09-2018. Click Here ,
13-09-2018 : Change the designation of sports persons. Letter No.-32-4/2018-BSNL(Sports), dt-10-09-2018. Click Here ,
  12-09-2018 : All Circle/District Secretaries please note:- The subscription of Rs. 44/-, per member/month, be distributed as follows. CHQ = 14/-, Circle = 15/-, District = 10/-, Branch = Rs. 5/-. G.S.
  12-09-2018 : Orders issued for promotion of LICE qualified personnel to JE Cadre in Telangana:- BSNL HQR has issued orders for LICE qualified candidates of year 2014 to JE Cadre who were denied on the plea of degree qualification from Ambedkar University. They were not having 10-2 qualification. The attempt to file SLP against High Court Judgment has been thwarted due to timely intervention of Director (HR). Congrats Congrats.
  12-09-2018 : Letters related to issuance of pending Presidential order in respect of left out casual Labourer, for kind attention of concern Circle Secretaries of UP(E) and Bihar to persue the case at Circle level. Click Here ,
  12-09-2018 : The joint committee for wage revision of non-executive employees w.e.f. 01-01-2017 in BSNL will be held on 14th September, 2018 at 15.30 hours. Click Here ,
  12-09-2018 : Request to evolve new promotion policy for non-executives – reg. Letter No.-TF-26/6, dt-12-09-2018. Click Here ,
  12-09-2018 : Meeting with CMD, BSNL:- President, General Secretary and Treasurer, Com. Rajmouli met the CMD on date discussed the following problems. (1) Hangama Service on landline phones at Maharashtra:- Union urged him to stop the service as it is causing annoyance to the subscribers. CMD replied that the demand is being seriously considered. (2) Maintenance, operation, sales and marketing of BTS towers by ITI, Bengaluru:- It is on the basis of Tender process and BSNL will be saving Rs. 1,000/- crores. Moreover, It is obligatory also. (3) Introduction of new Promotion Policy:- Union demanded to evolve new promotion policy for non-executive staff akin to executive staff. The CMD responded positively.
  11-09-2018 : Extension to TSMs regularized on or after 01-10-2000 in BSNL and covered under Rule 37A of CCS (Pension) Rules for granting 1st NEPP at par with the DOT absorbed employees – reg. Letter No.-TF-26/6, dt-11-09-2018. Click Here ,
  11-09-2018 : Bifurcation of erstwhile A.P. Circle – addressing of different issues including transfer of non-executive staff from Hyderabad to Vijayawada etc. Letter No.-317-04/2012-Pers.I(Pt), dt-10-09-2018. Click Here ,
  11-09-2018 : Leader staff side consulted before submission of Agenda items for Council meeting. Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2018, dt-07-09-2018. Click Here ,
  10-09-2018 : 4th Meeting of Joint Wage Revision Committee:- The meeting took place today under the Chairmanship of Shri H.C. Pant. Surprisingly management made an about turn and was not inclined to increase span of scales to avoid stagnation on the plea of deposit of pension contribution to DOT. The staff side resisted and made it clear not to accept the proposal in which stagnation chances occur. Fitment below 15% will also be not acceptable. After prolonged discussions the management gave a proposal of scales which will be discussed on 11-09-2018 at 15.00 hours between BSNL EU and NFTE. The next meeting with the management side will be held on 14-09-2018 at 1530 hours. Click Here ,
  10-09-2018 : Circle working committee meeting of M.P. Circle held at Bhopal on 8th & 9th September, 2018:- The meeting was held under the Presidentship of Com. A. K. Mishra . More than 200 Comrades from all branches attended the meeting. Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Dy. General Secretary, Com. Habib Khan, Circle Secretary, Com. K. S. Thakur Org. Secretary CHQ, Com. M.D. Salodkar Circle Treasurer, Com. Narendra Rathore, ACS ,Com. Dinesh Yadav, ACS, COM Rameshwar Dubey ACS, Com. Bajpai ACS&DS (Gwalior), Com. Mayank Chaturvedi, ADS/Special Invitee, and all District Secretaries of M.P. Circle attended and addressed the meeting. Com. K.S. Sheshadri Dy. General Secretary explained the development on 3rd PRC and achievements of NFTE BSNL in recent past. The District Secretaries explained the staff problems facing in their SSA’s. Com. K. S. Thakur explained that the M.P. Circle have settled long pending problem of Comrade Panna Lal Saroj, T.T, Who got the promotion from ATT to TT and have received arrears of Rs. 272422/- . Com. Panna Lal Saroj, T.T. have expressed thanks to one and all. Com. Habib Khan, C.S. clarified the issues raised by the District Secretaries in the meeting. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Habib Khan, C.S. Click Here ,
  10-09-2018 : SNATTA All India Conference:- Click Here ,
  10-09-2018 : The BSNL has awarded Advance work order to ITI, Bengaluru for maintenance, operation, sales and marketing of 6945 BTS towers amounting to Rs. 6633.56 crores for 10 years. Letter No.-TF-6/7, dt-10-09-2018 to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL, New Delhi. Click Here ,
  10-09-2018 : Circle Executive Committee Meeting of Bihar held on 08-09-2018:- The meeting of circle executive committee started with initial speech of Com. Shrawan Dubey Circle Secretary Bihar. Com Ratnesh Mishra was in Chair. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. addressed the meeting before the debate begins on given agenda. G.S. in his speech exhorted the issues like 3rd wage revision, Pension Contribution on maximum of the scale, Pension revision, 4G spectrum and said improvement of services of BSNL is needed to increase the Customer base for improvement of the financial position of BSNL at this juncture. After speech of G.S. the debate on agenda was started and out of 20 District Secretaries 14 were present who took part in the debate and they also pointed out the sufferings of worker in their SSA, where the issues related to H.R. are pending. Most of them reported that the medical bills of indoor treatment even in empanelled hospitals are not paid from last one year. After completion of speech by District Secretaries, Com. Shrawan Dubey delivered the winding speech and explained the situation under which things are not moving fast. The G.S. suggested to submit a list of grievances to CGMT Bihar with all details and appeal to settle it, if those were not being settled within a targeted period, the issues should be sent to CHQ before taking any decision for agitational programme. Com. Ratnesh Mishra addressed the gathering and appreciated the leaders for attending the meeting within a short notice. Click Here ,
  08-09-2018 : Will ITI fulfill the task:- The BSNL has awarded advance work order, AWO, to ITI Bangaluru for maintenance and operation of BTS as well as sales/marketing task for ten years. The ITI was awarded projects/work earlier also by BSNL but failed to come to expectation and expansion of services suffered. It is very doubtful if ITI will be in position to attend the task?. Apprehension are that ultimately the work will be attended by vendors.
  08-09-2018 : Minutes of the Staff Welfare Board meeting held on 3.8.2018. Letter No. 12-1/2017-BSNL(WL), dt-07-09-2018. Click Here ,
  08-09-2018 : Simultaneous action of prosecution and initiation of departmental proceedings – guidance thereof – reg. Letter No.-29-3/2018-VA, dt-07-09-2018. Click Here ,
  08-09-2018 : FAQ on Retention of quarters beyond the permissible limits. F. No.-BSNL/6-1/SR/2017, dt-06-09-2018. Click Here ,
  07-09-2018 : The designations of employees borne in the scales from NE-4 to NE-6 changed vide BSNL letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg, Vol-III(Pt), dt-06th September, 2018. The change of designation of officials in the scales of NE-1 to NE-3 is being persued by the union. It will be resolved soon. Click Here ,
  07-09-2018 : President, Circle President (Com. M.P. Singh) and Circle Secy Com. H.N. Sharma of Corporate office met the officers on 6th August and discussed the problems appended below:- Click Here ,
  07-09-2018 : Minutes of meeting held on 27-08-2018 of joint committee for wage revision of non-executives staff. Letter No.-BSNL/38-1/SR/2016, dt-04-09-2018. Click Here ,
  07-09-2018 : Clarification on Compassionate Ground Appointment of rejected cases – reg. Letter No.-273-18/2013/CGA/Estt.-IV, dt-04-09-2018. Click Here ,
  06-09-2018 : Union demand new promotion scheme for non-executives keeping in view of the changes and hardships of staff. CMD’s intervention urged vide TF-26/6, dt-06-09-2018. Click Here ,
  06-09-2018 : Rounding of 0.5 to the next integer in awarding marks – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(a), dt-06-09-2018. Click Here ,
  06-09-2018 : Items for discussion in the 37th National Council Meeting. Click Here ,
  06-09-2018 : Meeting with Director (PSU) at DOT:- President and General Secretary met the Director (PSU) on 5th September and held discussions on some issues. The information are as below. (1) Relaxation in affordability clause for Pay revision of non-executive employees:- The Cabinet note for granting relaxation in affordability clause of DPE guidelines will be for executives and non-executives both. (2) Pension revision of retired personnel before wage revision:- The DOT has sought clarification from Department of Pension if Pension revision can be done before wage revision. (3) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL:- Matter under active consideration. (4) BSNL is depositing more than Rs. 700 crores per year to DOT as Pension contribution of its employees.
  06-09-2018 : Grand felicitation to Com. P. Kamraj, Secretary CHQ & President TN Circle NFTE BSNL on 01-09-2018 at Pondicherry:- NFTE members of Pondicherry arranged a impressive party and a massive meeting by inviting all the senior Trade union Leaders irrespective of unions on retirement of Com. P. Kamraj, O.S. who retired on 31-08-2018 on superannuation. From NFTE head quarter Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. and Com. Sammalamudham Permanente Invitee of CHQ attended the meeting. Sr. Com. R.K. Com. R. Pattabiraman, Com. Jaipal, Com.S.S. Gopal Krishnan former Secretary CHQ. Com. G. Jayaraman Former Secretary CHQ, Com. Sethu, Com. Murali and all most all the District Secretaries and Circle office bearers participated in the function. Several Leader from other organisation also attended the function and felicitated Com. P. Kamraj they addressed the meeting organized on the occasion as Com. Shiv Kumar All India President AIBSNLEA, Com. Vijay Kumar, Dy. C.S. TEPU, Com. P.N. Perumal, All India President SEWA(BSNL), Com. Chellppa AGS BSNL EU and other leaders addressed and extended their best wishes to Com. Kamraj. The felicitation meeting was attended by a large numbers of workers including ladies. Click Here ,
  05-09-2018 : District working committee meeting of NFTE BSNL Bangalore Telecom District held on 3rd September, 2018 under the Presidentship of Com. Ranganna District President, Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Deputy General Secretary Chq, Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy, Circle Secretary, Com. Sathyanaraya Naidu DS BGTD, Com. A Ravi District Treasurer and Special Invitee Chq, Com. Shanmugam ADS attended and addressed the meeting Com. K.S. Sheshadri Deputy General Secretary explained recent development of PRC and NFTE BSNL’s achievements / functioning of Chq etc. More than 100 Comrades participated. Click Here ,
  05-09-2018 : Upgradation of Senior Accountants to the Executive Grade – reg. Letter No.-TF-24/2(h), dt-04-09-2018. Click Here ,
  05-09-2018 : “Hangama Service” on Landline connections in Maharashtra Circle – reg. Letter No.-TF-19/3, dt-04-09-2018. Click Here ,
  05-09-2018 : Inordinate delay in settlement of Pension cases of retired personnel in Himachal Circle. Letter No.-TF-11/3, dt-04-09-2018. Click Here ,
  05-09-2018 : Change of designation of Draughtsman – reg. Letter No.-TF-53, dt-04-09-2018. Click Here ,
  05-09-2018 : Meeting with Director (HR):- The President and General Secretary held informal discussions on 04-09-2018 with Director (HR) on following items and told her about inattention at lower level for their settlement. Click Here ,
  05-09-2018 : The items of National Council were discussed on 8th August, 2018. The minutes of the meeting have been issued vide letter No.-BSNL/39-5/SR/2018, dt-31-08-2018. Click Here ,
  01-09-2018 : “No Pay Commission in Future” for Central Govt employees. The changes in Pay and allowance would be made taking into account inflation. Click Here ,
  01-09-2018 : Message from Sujata T. Ray Director (HR):- She has appealed:- “…to balance the expectations and aspirations of all the groups”. “… devote full energy and focused efforts for improving the productivity of the Company”. BSNL is undoubtedly “Plural Society” but the largest group of non-executives employees are not only neglected but blatantly discriminated due to mindset of some officers adorning the Chairs at BSNL HQR. Every attempt is being made to deny their rightful claims by approaching to High Courts and Supreme Court. It is high time to realize the expectations and aspirations of non-executives staff. Will the mindset change?. Click Here ,
  01-09-2018 : Formal orders granting relaxation to the last JE LICE issued vide BSNL HQR letter No.-7-2/2017-Rectt, dt-31-08-2018. It appears some reconciliation is needed in view of contents mentioned in Corporate office letter No.-9-2/2016-Rectt, dt-28-08-2017. Union will make suitable representation, if necessary. The union expresses thanks to BSNL management for the decision although it was overdue. The union has systematically persued the grievance ceaselessly with cogent reasons and arguments. Ultimately justice prevailed. Click Here ,
  31-08-2018 : Voluntary contribution of one day basic pay by BSNL employees for the victims of flood in Kerala State. Letter No.-1-14/2018-PAT(BSNL), dt-29-08-2018. Click Here ,
  31-08-2018 : Informal meeting with Sr. GM(Est):- President met the Sr. GM(Est) on 30th instant and raised the following issues. (1) Delay in settlement of Pension cases at Himachal:- The complaint of delay was well taken by Sr. GM(Est) and agreed to take action to accelerate the settlement of pension cases. “DOT Cell” at Himachal is reportedly in different. (2) Pos of TSMs regularized as ATTs (RMs):- Sr. GM(Est) was requested to intervene as incomplete information are coming from Circle Viz East UP, Bihar, M.P. etc due to which settlement is getting delayed. (3) Finalisation of vacancies for JTO LICE:- Sr. GM(Est) has asserted that it will be finalized within 2 to 3 days
  30-08-2018 : Meeting of Sub-Committee:- The informal meeting of the Sub- Committee of joint committee of wage revision took place today and views were exchanged. President represented the NFTE.
  30-08-2018 : BSNL Board Meeting deferred.
  30-08-2018 : Holding of the meeting of the Sub-Committee of the Joint Committee for wage revision of the Non-executives – regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/38-1/SR/2018, dt-30-08-2018. Click Here ,
  30-08-2018 : Deluge in God’s Own Country. Editorial, (Telecom) English & Hindi. Click Here ,
  30-08-2018 : Supreme Court:- “ Dissent is the safety value of Democracy”. “ If dissent is not allowed then the pressure cooker will burst”.
  30-08-2018 : JE LICE relaxation:- According to sources the file for relaxation in the last JE LICE is returned and necessary relaxation granted. This has been possible due to sustained representations and persuation by the union. Now candidates may succeed in hundreds.
  30-08-2018 : Voluntary contribution of one day basic pay by BSNL employees towards Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for the victims of flood in Kerala State. Letter No.-1-14/2018-PAT(BSNL), dt-29-08-2018. Click Here ,
  29-08-2018 : Meetings at BSNL HQR:- President, G.S. and Circle Secretary, Com. H.N. Sharma met the officers on 28th August and raised the following issues. Click Here ,
  28-08-2018 : Corporate office letter on Child Care Leave in case of disabled Children. Letter No.-1-33/2012-PAT(BSNL)/CCL, dt-27-08-2018. Click Here ,
  28-08-2018 : Wage revision committee meeting:- The meeting of joint wage revision committee took place on 27th instant under the Chairmanship of Shri H.C. Pant, CGM (Legal). The management side proposed minimum of revised pay scale of NE-1 as 2.4 times of existing minimum i.e. 2.4 X 7760 = 18,600. The staff side demanded multiplying factor of 2.44 with the minimum of Rs. 19,000/- as basic pay. The official side agreed to consider the same. Thereafter, discussions commenced on the maximum of the scale which but it remained inconclusive. The staff side was firm to avoid stagnation at all cost. The next meeting will be held on 10th September, 2018. In course of discussions the staff side expressed deep concerns and unhappiness over delay and unpreparedness of the official side.
  27-08-2018 : National Working Committee Meeting of TEPU at Chennai on 26-08-2018:- The meeting was held in TEPU office Bhavan under the Presidentship of Com. Panigrahi. Com. R. Venkat Raman a senior Leader of Telecom movement inaugurated the meeting. Shri V. Raju CGMT, Tamilandu and Madam Kalavathi CGMT Chennai Telephones attended and addressed the meeting. The Leaders of PSU’s and General Secretary of Labour Progressive Federation were the prominent speakers in the meeting. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. attended the meeting alongwith Com. P. Kamaraj, Secretary CHQ, Com. K. Natarajan, C.S. Tamilnadu, Com. Elangavon officiating Circle Secretary, Chennai. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. have explained the status of 3rd wage revision, Pension revision, Pension contribution, allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL and other HR issues in the meeting. Com. P. Kamaraj, Secy CHQ also spoken in the meeting. Click Here ,
  27-08-2018 : Items for inclusion in Agenda for 37th NC meeting – reg. Letter No.-TF-2/3, dt-27-08-2018. Click Here ,
  27-08-2018 : All Circle Secretaries please note, the notification for holding of National Executive committee meeting at “Haridwar” from 24-10-2018 to 25-10-2018 issued on 24-08-2018. We request you kindly intimate the number of delegates willing to participate in the meeting, other than all India office Bearers, Circle Secretaries and permanent Invitees latest by 15-09-2018 to headquarter for providing accommodation. Otherwise, they have to take responsibility themselves. Haridwar is a Holy & Pilgrimage Centre in Uttarakhand. Delegate fee is fixed Rs. 1000/- per member. The venue of the meeting is “Shri Radha Krishna Dham, infront of Jain Mandir, Rishikesh Road, Haridwar (Uttarakhand)”. Other details will follow. Kindly book your tickets “to and fro” to avoid inconvenience.
  25-08-2018 : Happy Rakhsha Bandhan. Click Here ,
  25-08-2018 : All unions and associations of BSNL submitted a letter to Secretary Telecom for a meeting to discuss pending issues. Click Here ,
  25-08-2018 : All unions and associations of BSNL submitted a letter to CMD BSNL for deduction of one day basic pay from the salary of the willing employees to the Hon’ble Chief Ministers Disaster relief fund Kerala state. Click Here ,
  25-08-2018 : All unions and associations of BSNL requested Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL to arrange a meeting with Secretary Telecom to discuss the issues, 3rd pay revision, pension revision, payment of pension contribution and allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL. Click Here ,
  24-08-2018 : Notice for National Executive Committee Meeting to be held at Haridwar (Uttarakhand) from 24th October, to 25th October, 2018. Letter No.-TF-4/1, dt-24-08-2018. Click Here ,
  24-08-2018 :AUAB meeting held on 23-08-2018 and decided unanimously to contribute one day basic pay to Kerala flood relief from the willing employees. As per the decision of AUAB, the leaders met CMD BSNL on 24-08-2018 and handed over a letter in this regard. Later on the leaders expressed their deep anguish to the CMD BSNL for non-implementation of assurances given by the Hon’ble MOS(C) on wage revision, pension revision, pension contribution and allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL on 24-02-2018. And also the leaders demanded the CMD BSNL to arrange a meeting between the AUAB and the Secretary, DOT. On the issue of superannuation benefits of DR employees expeditious action is needed to increase managements contribution to the pension fund. Com. C. Singh, G.S. attended from NFTE BSNL.
  24-08-2018 : Decisions taken in the meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held on 23-08-2018. Click Here ,
  23-08-2018 : India gears up for big data: DOT to send officers to China for training. ( Source Indian express, dated 23-08-2018). Click Here ,
  23-08-2018 : Punjab Circle Conference – Open session on 21-08-2018, the open session was organized in a beautiful decorated hall. Com. Singara Singh Dhillo was in Chair. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S, Com. Mahabir Singh Secretary, CHQ, Com. Surjeet Singh, Circle Secretary Punjab, Com. Mohinder Singh and Com. Vinay Raina both Vice Presidents of CHQ are present in the open session. Com. Manohar Lal Sharma patron of the Circle union attended and addressed the meeting. From Management side Shri Hemant Kumar C. Mahay addressed the meeting. Com. Mahabir Singh exhorted and explained the issues like PLI, Medical allowance, promotion policy and Com. C. Singh, G.S. reported the status of wage revision, pension contribution and pension revision. The GMTD spoke on development of SSA and other administrative issues. At the end of delegate session on 21-08-2018, elected a panel of office bearers headed by Com. Preetam Chand, Com. Surjeet Singh and Com. Jeevan Kumar as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Click Here ,
  21-08-2018 : Change of date of holiday on account of Id-u-Zuha (Bakrid) during 2018 in BSNL offices located at Delhi/New Delhi. Letter No.-3-1/2010-TE, dt-20-08-2018. Click Here ,
  21-08-2018 : Verification of service of BSNL absorbed employees and DOT employees after completion of 18 years of service or on being left five year service. Letter No.-40-06/2015-Pen (B), dt-20-08-2018. Click Here ,
  21-08-2018 : Clarification on individual cases related to service matters received from unions/associations – regarding. F. No.-BSNL/20-3/SR/2018, dt-20-08-2018. Click Here ,
  21-08-2018 : Systemic improvement in medical claims of BSNLMRS beneficiaries. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-14/18, dt-20-08-2018. Click Here ,
  20-08-2018 : Minutes of the meeting of Joint Committee for wage revision of non-executive employees w.e.f. 01-01-2017 in BSNL held on 9th August, 2018. F. No.-BSNL/38-1/SR/2016, dt-20-08-2018. Click Here ,
  20-08-2018 : 5th Circle Conference of Punjab Circle NFTE (BSNL):- As notified by the Circle union the 5th Circle conference begins with flag hoisting at 10.30 am on 20th August, 2018 and it will continue upto evening of 21st August as per schedule. The National flag was hoisted half mast by General Secretary and Com. Mahabir Singh, Secretary CHQ hoisted the union flag. Delegate session – Subject Committee started under the Presidentship of Com. Sinhara Singh Dhillo, Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. Com. Mahabir Singh, Circle Secretary CHQ, Com. M.L. Sharma, Circle Patron, Com. Sarbjeet Singh, Circle Secretary SNATTA, Com. Bajwa a senior leader of NFTE were present on the dias. All District Secretaries alongwith their Branch Secretaries, delegates observers and visitors, together more than 200 were assembled in hall of Hotel Asia Palace, Pathankot. Click Here ,
  18-08-2018 :"Note" on demand for promotion of Telcom Technician (TMS) to Junior Engineer (T)cadre of seniority-cum-fitness basis-Reg. Click Here ,
  18-08-2018 :Treatment of the period of suspension-Reg. Click Here ,
  18-08-2018 :Extension of FR 22(1) (a)(i) benefit in officiating promotion of JEs to the cadre of JTO-Reg. Click Here ,
  18-08-2018 :Creation of Multi Tasking Staff in BSNL-Reg.. Click Here ,
  17-08-2018 :“Today India lost a great son. Former PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, was loved and respected by millions. NFTE condolences to his family & all his admirers. Rest in peace .
Sir.. you will be in our heart forever...We will miss him.
  17-08-2018 :Representation of Shri Shiv Kumar, ATT. O/o TDM Barabanki, UP(E) circle, candidate in Telcome Technician(TT) LICE 2017- Regarding re-evaluation of answer for Question no 6, Part I. Click Here ,
  17-08-2018 :Half Day holiday on 17th Aug.,2018- Demise of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime minister of India. Click Here ,
  16-08-2018 :Clerification on Compassionate Ground Appointment-reg. Click Here ,
  16-08-2018 :The meeting of National Council is contemplated to take place in September, 2018. The Circle Secretaries are requested to send items for inclusion in the agenda within a week.
  14-08-2018 :Re designation of left out cadres:-
  • The designations of all left out cadres excepting from NE-1 to NE-3 have been approved by the Management Committee. Orders are expected shortly. Another meeting of Joint Committee is expected shortly to reconsider the designations of employees from NE-1 to NE-3.
  • Relaxations for the JE LICE held on 28.01.2018. The file is reportedly at highest level. Decision is expected shortly.
  • Promotion of qualified officials of year 2014 to the cadre of JE on the basis of High Court judgement in Telegraph Circle. Attention has been drawn of Sr. GM (Estt.), CGM (Legal) as well as Director (HR) impressing them there is no need of filing SLP.
  • Wage revision of Casual labourers as per 7th Pay revision:- Sr. GM (Estt.) has been impressed upon to expedite the settlement as past formula is available with BSNL Hqr.

  • The progress mentioned above is on the basis of meeting of CHQ leaders with the different officers in the Corporate Office.
      13-08-2018 :Unprecedented flood in Kerala state - reg. Click Here ,
      13-08-2018 :Promotion of qualified Telecom Technicians to the cadre of Junior Engineer in Telengana Circle- reg. Click Here ,
      13-08-2018 :Com. Somnath Chatterjee former speaker Lok sabha expired today.He was leader of the toiling masses.NFTE Condols his death and express deep regasds-Red salute to departed leader.
      11-08-2018 :Organisation of Contract Workers in Chhattisgarh Circle- On 11th August 2018 at late evening about 100 contract workers assembled in Gass Memorial Hall, Raipur and it was decided to organise a separate union for them under the umbrella of NFTE as per the discussion held in AIC Amritsar . Several contract workers reported that their wages is not being paid timely rather it is delayed more than three months & EPF / ESI contributions also not deposited. It is observed by the leaders of NFTE that the contract workers are under threat of contractors as well as BSNL officers. After submission of their grievances the gathering was addressed by Com. Saju V.Thomas, ACS, NFTE, Com.H.P.Sahu, DS, Raipur District, NFTE, Com.S.M.Chilamwar, CS,NFTE, Com. Mahaveer Singh, Secretary, NFTE (CHQ)& Com.Chandeshwar Singh, GS, NFTE. All the leaders assured the workers to provide them full protection as per the rule of the Government. Identity card to be issued to all workers, EPF deduction & ESI membership are to be ensured by the contractor and it will be counter protected by the principal employer as per the Govt. order issued from time to time. NFTE never allow any authority to exploit the workers and compelling them to work under threat as per labour department and as per Industrial Dispute act the contract workers have all right as a workmen if any industry whether it is private or govt. The workers assured the NFTE leaders to be united under the umbrella of NFTE. The meeting of the contract workers ended with a slogan -"Workers Unity Zindabad - NFTE Zindabad".
      11-08-2018 :DoT/ BSNL Pensioners Welfare Association of Chhattisgarh Circle organised Annual Conference today(12-08-2018) at Gass Memorial Hall, Raipur- On this occasion an Open session was organised under the presidentship of Shri G.P.Pandey. About 200 pensioners including ladies were attending the open session. The special significant of the meeting was the presence of Shri Anand Swaroop Pathak, CCA, DoT Cell , Chhattisgarh & Shri Prem Prakash , Probationary Officer of CCA, DoT Cell. Com. S.M.Chilamwar delivered the initial speech and placed the activities of last tenure before the house and explained that no any major problem is being faced by any of the pensioner in CG Circle as the CCA Office is taking well concern of the pensioners. Treasurer placed the account before the house was passed unanimously by the house. Later the meeting was addressed by Com. Mahaveer Singh, Secretary (CHQ), Shri Prem Prakash, PO, CCA office, CG, Com. Chand eshwar Singh, GS, NFTE, Shri A.S.Pathak, CCA, CG. Shri Pathak in his speech exhorted regarding a new scheme to minimise the difficulties of Pensioners by collecting the data if pensioners through a KYP Form. Through this system the CCA will disburse the pension amount of pensioners direct in the bank as well as postal account of the pensioners. He added that it has been observed that even after disposal of the pension cases through post office or bank it takes further delay of two/ three months time in payment to the pensioners. To avoid this delay the new system has been adopted. Now the DoT Cell has took the pain to be a disbursing agent apart from the sanctioning authority. We hope that this statement will help the pensioners to get pension earlier than before. Com.Mahaveer Singh in his speech explained the delay in pension revision of post 01-10-2000 retirees and criticised the policy of Govt.in this regard. He added that BSNL absorbed employees were born in Govt. establishment and they have got every right to have their pension revised without further delay. He thanked the organiser of this meeting for providing an opportunity to address the senior citizens and appealed them to strengthen the NFTE organisation which is helping the pensioners in true sense. GS NFTE BSNL addressed the gathering of senior citizen pensioners and seemed their blessing to serve them better with unity and strength of NFTE. He exhorted the issues of 3rd wage revision, pension revision, discriminatory act of Union Govt. in respect of pension contribution for the BSNL employees on their maximum of scale. He appealed to the pensioners to be more united to get their legitimate demand of pension revision. He thanked to Com. S.M.Chilamwar, Com. H. P. Sahu, Com. W.R.Pankar, Com. Sahu V. Thomas, Com Jeetendra Singh and all the team who played a vital role to organise such a glorious conference. The open session was ended with vote of thanks to the Chair & other participants by Com.H.P.Sahu. Click Here ,
      11-08-2018 :SLP filed againest Kerla High Court decision granting fr 22.1 a 1 benefit to offtg jtos rejected by supreme court.
      10-08-2018 :Joint meeting of NFTE Branch union & Contract workers held today on 09-08-2018 at Dhamtari of Raipur SSA (Chhattisgarh) . Com. Mahaveer Singh, Secretary (CHQ), New Delhi was the main speaker. Com.Ramsundar Yadav, Patron, Chhattisgarh Circle, Com. H.P.Sahu, District Secretary, Raipur & Com. Saju V. Thomas, ACS were present. Click Here ,
      10-08-2018 :Today on 10.08.2018 the Joint Executive Committee Meeting of Chhattisgarh Circle & Raipur District was held at Raipur presided by the presidium of Com. T.R.C.Rao, Circle President & Com. M.L.Gavel, District President . Apart for the participation of the Circle Office bearers, District Secretaries, Branch Secretaries delegates numbering more than 300 delegates participated in the Working Committee & Open Session. Large number of women delegates were present. The Open Session was addressed by Chief Guest Shri R.N.Patel, CGMT, Chhattisgarh Circle, Com. Chandeshwar Singh, General Secretary, Com.Mahaveer Singh, Secretary (CHQ), Shri Gajendra Singh, GM(HR& Admin.),CG Circle, Com. Rajesh Ranjan, CS, SNEA, Com.S.M.Chilamwar, CS, C.G.Circle. Com.Chilamwar reported the current status of Circle Union . All the District Secretaries & several Branch Secretaries took part in the debate on the agenda circulated by the Circle Union. Com. Mahaveer Singh while addressing the gathering exhorted the issues of PLI, Designations, Pay Revision & Pension Revision. GS in his speech explained the process of wage revision of non-executives and assured the assembled workers that wage revision is our right, hence we are much vigilant to achieve it to fulfill the expectations of the workers, he added that we should take care of better services to customers so that the BSNL can maintain it's glorious position. CGMT, CG Circle reported the development activities adopted by the Circle and he declared that rhe CG Circle has stood second in overall activities in BSNL. The open session was ended with a vote of thanks by Com.H.P.Sahu, District Secretary. Click Here ,
      10-08-2018 :Joint Committee on Wage revision meets:The joint wage revision Committee meeting was held on 9-8-2018 under the Chairmanship of Shri H.C. Pant, CGM Legal. The official side stated that the proposal of was structure, submitted by BSNLEU and NFTE (BSNL), will be examined by the sub- Committee Consisting of Dy. GMs (Et), (SR) and (EF). The next meeting will take place on 27 th August, 2018 at 1500 hours. The official side was represented by Sr. GMs (Estt), (EF) and GM (SR) as well as by Dy. GMT (SR). The NFTE (BSNL) was represented by President, GS and Dy. GS.
      09-08-2018 : Joint meeting of NFTE Branch union & Contract workers held today on 09-08-2018 at Dhamtari of Raipur SSA (Chhattisgarh) . Com. Mahaveer Singh, Secretary (CHQ), New Delhi was the main speaker. Com.Ramsundar Yadav, Patron, Chhattisgarh Circle, Com. H.P.Sahu, District Secretary, Raipur & Com. Saju V. Thomas, ACS were present. Click Here ,
      09-08-2018 :The meeting of Standing Committee of NC took place on 8th August, 2018 in which Sr. GM (Estt.), Sr. GM (EF), GM (SR), Dy. GM (SR) and Dy. GMs (Estt.) were present from the official side. The staff side was represented by comrades C. Singh (leader), P.Abhimanyu, (Secy.), Islam Ahmad, Balbir Singh and Swapan Chakravarti . The progress on items of N.C. meeting held on 12-6-2018 was reviewed and these as under:
    Click Here
      08-08-2018 :NFTE & BSNLEU submit note on the new pay scales. NFTE and BSNLEU have already decided to adopt a common approach, for the early and successful settlement of the Wage Revision of the Non-Executives. The meeting of NFTE & BSNLEU members of the Joint Wage Revision Committee was held on 03.08.2018. Detailed discussions took place on the construction of the new pay scales. Finally, the meeting reached unanimous conclusion on how to construct the new pay scales. It is also decided that the Staff Side should submit a note to the Management Side, ahead of the next Wage Revision Committee meeting, to be held on 09.08.2018. In accordance with this, the following note is submitted today, to the Chairman of the Wage Revision Committee.
    Click Here
      07-08-2018 : General Secretary attended and addressed the seminar on the subject “BSNL financial viability role of employees” organized by Vishakhapatnam District union on 06-08-2018 :- The seminar was held at Subba Lakshmi Kalyanamandapam under the Presidentship Com. Narsima Murthy. The seminar started with flag hoisting ceremony, Com. N. Janardan Rao Patron hoisted National flag and Com.Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. hoisted NFTE flag. The District Secretaries of Srikakulam, Vizaianagaram and East Godavari attended the seminar along with more than 75 Comrades. More than 350 Comrades participated in the seminar from Vizag SSA. On the occasion the reception committee felicitated General Secretary, Circle Secretary, District Secretaries with Shawl and Memento on this occasion. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. inaugurated the seminar and said all workers should work dedicatedly to strengthen the mighty organization BSNL. In the same venue the District conference of Vishakhapatnam held in grand manner. Com C. Singh, G.S. explained the latest position of 3rd PRC, status of subsidiary tower company, Medical policy, Pension and examinations G.S. in his spirited speech said the unity among the all workers is needed at this juncture to save BSNL and to the rights of workers. Com. Chandrasheker Rao, C.S. addressed on staff issues of Circle and given clarification on issues raised by the members. Com. C.Singh informed the house that the issues settled by NFTE after getting recognition in 2013.He assured the house that 3rd PRC will be settled without any doubt in BSNL. At the end Com Bobba Srinivasa Chakravarthy, Com K.V.Prasad have been elected unanimously as District President and District Secretary respectively. Click Here,
      04-08-2018 : Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications stated in Rajya Sabha on 03-08-2018 in Q. No.-1997 about BSNL infrastructure in BSNL as below : 2G BTS = 20035, 3G BTS =22517 and 4G BTS = 10,000, Total = 52552 BTS installed. Click Here,
      04-08-2018 : The 12th BSNL staff Welfare Board meeting took place on 3rd August, 2018 under the Chairmanship of Smt. Sujatha T. Ray, Director (HR). General Secretary, NFTE (BSNL) attended the meeting. Decisions taken on some items are mentioned below:- (1) Financial assistance for the death cases increased from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000/-. (2) The annual grant increased from Rs. 15,000 to Rs.25, 000/-, Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 15,000/- to TWWO (Telecom Women Welfare organisaiton) as per size of the city. (3) The amount of items viz Shawl and Memento increased to Rs. 750/- and Rs. 400/- respectively. (4) Honorarium for Treasurer for BSNL staff Welfare Board and Circle Welfare Board increased respectively to Rs. 5,000/- and Rs. 4, 000/- respectively.
      04-08-2018 : Demand of DOT for vacation of Eastern Court building at New Delhi to house Telecom Museum – reg. Letter No.-TF-34/2, dt-02-08-2018. Click Here,
      04-08-2018 : Implementation of 7th CPC for Casual Labourers working in BSNL w.e.f. 01-01-2016 –reg. Letter No.-TF-31/1, dt-03-08-2018. Click Here,
      03-08-2018 : AUAB letter to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL on implementation of the recommendation of the 2nd PRC, on 30% superannuation benefits in respect of direct recruited employees in BSNL. Letter No.-UA/2017/30(i), dt-02-08-2018. Click Here,
      03-08-2018 : AUAB letter to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL on implementation of austerity measures at the top management level. Letter No.-UA/2017/30, dt-02-08-2018. Click Here,
      03-08-2018 : Upgradation of Senior Accountants to the Executive Grade – reg. Letter No.-TF-24/2(h), dt-02-08-2018. Click Here,
      03-08-2018 : Junior Engineer LICE – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(a), dt-02-08-2018. Click Here,
      02-08-2018 : Internal wage revision committee meeting took place today in NFTE union office at New Delhi. The Committee members discussed all the issues pertaining to wage revision of non-executive thoroughly. All the leaders opinioned that “stagnation” issue should be addressed seriously in the wage negotiations. Valuable suggestions given by the committee members will be taken care.
      02-08-2018 : The meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council will be held on 08-08-2018 in the 8th floor Committee Room, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. Letter No.-BSNL/39-5/SR/2018, dt-31-07-2018. Click Here,
      02-08-2018 : Disbursement of salary to employees working in BSNL. File No.-16-4/2017-CB(Part), dt-31-07-2018. Click Here,
      02-08-2018 : Holding of 12th BSNL staff welfare Board meeting on 03-08-2018 at 15.00 hours at the conference hall, 9th floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. Letter No.-12-1/2017/BSNL (WL), dt-01-08-2018. Click Here,
      02-08-2018 : Reply in Lok Sabha with regard to Financial condition of BSNL and MTNL, Question No.-2326 on 01-08-2018. Click Here,
      02-08-2018 : Reply in Lok Sabha with regard to installation of Mobile Towers by BSNL/MTNL, Question No.-2465 on 01-08-2018. Click Here,
      01-08-2018 : All unions/associations Leaders met Hon’ble Minister Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, MoSC(I/C) today in the Parliament house. Click Here,
      17-09-2018 : Maintain unity to achieve the Goal Dear comrades, Of late, the CHQ is observing that some of our comrades are criticizing the BSNLEU and praising the NFTE leadership for achieving the proposed wage revision scales. The goal is still far away as it has to get approval from DOT which may need sustained and serious struggle. The unfounded criticism may affect the unity which will be detrimental to the great cause. Therefore please desist from such activities forthwith in larger interest. Trust our comrades will sincerely abide by the advise of CHQ .
      01-08-2018 : Minutes of the meeting of NFTE – BSNL with Director (HR) held on 24th July, 2018. F. No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2018, dt-01-08-2018. Click Here,
      01-08-2018 : Pension Revision Experiences and Expections.Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here,
      01-08-2018 : The grant of relaxation in LICE examination for JE held on 28-01-2018 is under very active consideration of management, after vigorous pursuance of the HQR.
      01-08-2018 : Corporate office issued clarification on Compassionate ground appointment to married son. Letter No.-273-18/2013/CGA/Estt-IV, dt-31-07-2018. Click Here,
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