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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,r
  30-11-2013 : BSNL's awareness session with unions and associations. Click Here
  30-11-2013 : Com. A.P. Tripathi Circle President and Com. Rajpal Circle Secretary inaugurated union office in NTR Delhi. Click Here
  30-11-2013 : Message from Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, Director Finance on his Superannuation – “Let us be PASSIONATE about our organization. Let us be proud to be part of this massive organization. Let each one of us be a brand ambassador of BSNL”. Click Here
  30-11-2013 : Merger of Civil and Electrical Units with SSAs – Guidelines to CGMTs. Letter No.-ERP/FICO/MH POC/2013-14/, Dated:- 29-11-2013. Click Here
  29-11-2013 : Director finance BSNL, Shri Pillai retiring on 30th November, 2013.
  29-11-2013 : Suggestions for change of Recruitment Rules of TTA-2001 forwarded to BSNL HQR. Letter No.-TF-24/1(e), Dated:-28-11-2013. Click Here
  29-11-2013 : CGHS facilities to absorbed BSNL employees suggestions regading. Letter No.-TF-32/4, Dated:-28-11-2013. Click Here
  29-11-2013 : Grade promotion of Drivers in NEPP-Date of effect regarding. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-28-11-2013. Click Here
  28-11-2013 : Medical facilities: NFTE leaders again met GM(Admn) and pressed for inclusion of additional diseases in the list. He assured to hold early meeting of the committee appointed for the purpose.
  28-11-2013 : Average entries:- The issue of average entries in respect of NEPP is being sent now to BSNL board for approval.
  28-11-2013 : NFPTE’s 60th foundation day Celebrations in Chennai Telephones:- On 27th of November the Chennai Telephones circle union has organized a massive function at Flower Bazaar Telecom Complex to Celebrate the 60th foundation day of great NFPTE, the P&T employees guiding light since 1954. Com. C.K. Mathivanan, Presided over the meeting. More than 200 Comrades participated Comrades. Com. K. Vallinayagam, Former SG, FNTO, Com. Somasundaram, Veteran RMs(Postal), union leader, Com. Lingamoorthy, CS, FNTO, Com. Subbarayan, ACS, NFTE, Tamilnadu circle, and Com. M.K. Ramasamy, circle President, NFTE spoke on the occasion. Click Here
  28-11-2013 : Releas of Adhoc 50% Welfare Grant for the year 2013-14 to circles. Letter No.-13-3/2013-14/BSNL-(WL)/171, Dated:-27-11-2013. Click Here
  27-11-2013 : Staff side NC to meet on 22nd December:- The National Council will meet on 23rd December. The staff side will meet on Sunday dt-22nd December ie one day prior to NC meeting.
  27-11-2013 : 60th NFPTE Formation Day Celebrations at Vijayawada. Click Here
  27-11-2013 : Revision of FMC for Sulabh Plan. Letter No.-3-4/2013-R&C(CFA), Dated:-25-11-2013. Click Here
  27-11-2013 : Revision of free call, bifurcation into ONNET/OFFNET and revision of call charges after free call in Rural General plan. Letter No.-3-4/2013-R&C(CFA), Dated:-25-11-2013. Click Here
  27-11-2013 : Revision of pulse duration of local/STD calls from BSNL fixed line Rural/Urban to other operator's landline (including WLL fixed). Letter No.-3-4/2013-R&C(CFA), Dated:-25-11-2013. Click Here
  27-11-2013 : President & Secretary HQR met Director (F), Sr. GM(Est) and GM (Restg) on 26-11-2013 discussed staff related issues. Click Here
  25-11-2013 : Remittance of quota: It is observed that the DDOs are not remitting quota on regular basis. The All India conference is scheduled to take place and audited accounts for the year 2013 have to be placed before the house. The voting power of circle will also be calculated as per receipts. Therefore, circle/District Secretaries are requested to ensure remittance of HQR quota on regular basis.
  25-11-2013 : NFTE Comrades should be in the forefront of 12th December Parliament March:- NFTE has responsibility to ensure that maximum BSNL workers participate in the Parliament march on 12th December. Circle Secretaries of Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East) etc are specially requested to mobilize the workers for participation in the march.
  23-11-2013 : NFTE Delegation met and honoured Shri R.K. Upadhyay Ji, CMD BSNL on his visit to Patna on 31-10-2013. Click Here
  23-11-2013 : TOMORROW IS NFPTE’S 60TH BIRTH DAY:- Red salute to Comrades who sacrificed their lives to build up this mighty organization in P&T. Now, our fore most task is to strengthen BSNL and to settle the genuine long pending demands of BSNL workers like Bonus, stagnation, pay erosion, superannuation benefits to direct recruitees, 78.2% IDA to BSNL retirees & regularization of left out casual mazdoors etc.
  22-11-2013 : NATIONAL COUNCIL MEETING ON 23-12-2013. Click Here
  22-11-2013 : Corporate office directed all circles to send Data of candidates who got minimum qualifying marks in JAO Part-II LICE against 40% quota but not promoted due to not coming in the merit. Letter No.-4-19/2007-SEA, Dated:-20-11-2013. Click Here
  22-11-2013 : Corporate office requested circles to send category wise vacancy position of JAO against 50%,40% and 10% quota as on 30-09-2013. Letter No.-4-6/2013-SEA, dt-20-11-2013. Click Here
  21-11-2013 : Director Finance has told by Monday 25th all circles will get GPF fund.
  20-11-2013 : New Scheme of Bonus/PLI bassed on Performance Management System - inclusion of name of staff side members. Letter No.-1-5/2012-Restg, Dated:-20-11-2013. Click Here
  20-11-2013 : Meeting with Director(HR):- President and Secy (Com. Rajmouli) met Director(HR) on 20th November, 2013 and raised the following issues. Click Here
  20-11-2013 : Revival of Telecom PSUs: The DOT has reportedly sent a proposal for inter – ministerial consultations to the effect that only BSNL/MTNL Phones, Broad band, Mobile, Enterprise bills be utilized by Central Govt officers and PSU Executives. (At Coimbatore National Executive Meeting of NFTE BSNL in year, 2012 a resolution was adopted that the Govt’s departments and PSUs should BSNL Telecom Services.
  19-11-2013 : Corporate office seeking views for extension of CGHS facilities to absorbed BSNL employees. Kindly send your views to CHQ in fortnight for further action. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/14-15/09(pt), dt-06-11-2013. Click Here
  19-11-2013 : Delay in declaration of LICE JTO result - Request for intervention. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-18-11-2013. Click Here
  19-11-2013 : Training of Departmental Candidates for promotion to JTO Cadre. Letter No.-TF-15/2, Dated:-18-11-2013. Click Here
  19-11-2013 : LICE for promotion to JAO Cadre in 40% quota - Request for relaxation/concession. Letter No.-TF14/2c, Dated:-18-11-2013. Click Here
  19-11-2013 : Amendments in the R/R of TTA:- The NFTE has been continuously demanding change in the R/R of TTA. BSNL HQR has now sent proposed R/R to NFTE for comments. Circle/District Secretaries are requested to send their suggestions within a weeks time. Click Here
  18-11-2013 : Nomination in National Councils etc:- Reportedly the legal cell of BSNL HQR is not in favour of nominations made by Recognised unions other than its members.
  18-11-2013 : Meeting with Director (HR) and Enterprise at Kolkata and Kharagpur:- A delegation of NFTE leaders of Kolkata Telelcom Factories met the Director(HR) and Enterprise and held discussions about allotment of works to Telecom Factories. He has responded favourably.
  18-11-2013 : Meeting with Director (F):- President met Director (F) and solicited his intervention on following issues. (1) Proposed R/R of TTA:- Director(F) was apprised of that the case is pending with (EF) branch for more than a month. (2)Wage erosion of TTAs and others:- The final meeting of 3 GMs viz SR, Est and EF is not materializing. The framing of rule for pension and terminal benefit is also pending with the above committee. (3) JAO-II relaxation:- The Director (F) was again pressed for relaxation in the last examination held in 2012 in view of recommendations of some CGMs. He promised to do best.
  18-11-2013 : Presidential orders of TSMs:- BSNL HQR has issued POS in respect of TSMs regularised on 01-10-2000 or thereafter as below. WTR=7, West Bengal=10, Andhra=1. Chennai – queries have been made with the CGM Chennai. UP(West) – Requisite information is still awaited.
  18-11-2013 : Almost all Central Trade unions are organizing Parliament March on 12th December against Disinvestment, Privitisation, Price rise etc. NFTE will participate in it whole heartedly as such start preparations right from now. The neighbouring circles should join the march in large number Click Here
  18-11-2013 : All unions to participate in awareness session on growth and development of BSNL on 30th November, 2013. BSNL/2010/SR/2013, dt-14-11-2013. Click Here
  14-11-2013 : Circle conference of Himachal Pradesh:- Circle conference of H.P. circle held at Sundernagar on 12th & 13th November, 2013. The delegate session was inaugurated by Com. C. Singh, G.S. & Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ jointly by lightening lamp. Com. K.K. Singh addressed the delegate session and exhorted in detail regarding recognition rule and functioning of negotiating machinery viz councils. Com. C. Singh in his inaugural speech explained all the staff related issues. The first day session was concluded at 8.30P.M. Open session:- An open session was organized on 13th at 12.00pm in TTC auditorium Sundernagar. The hall was packed with audience. Shri Pradeep Kumar CGMT H.P. circle, Shri Rajesh Sharma G.M. Mandi attended and addressed the open session. From NFTE HQ GS and Com K.K. Singh Secretary, CHQ, Com. Nand Lal Sharma circle Secy, H.P. Com. Satyam Ghai president H.P. circle also addressed the meeting. Latter Com. Satyendra Gautam, Com. Nandlal Sharma, Com. Prem Sharma were elected as president, circle Secy and Treasurer unanimously. The meeting was concluded with a vote of thanks by Com. Brij Bihari, Distt. Secy, Mandi and the Chairman Reception Committee. Click Here
  13-11-2013 : JTO(Telecom) Induction Training Structure & Syllabus-regarding. Letter No.-4-1/2013-Trg, Dated:-13-11-2013. Click Here
  12-11-2013 : Moharram holiday on 15th. F. No.-12/10/2013-JCA-2, dt-11-11-2013. Click Here
  11-11-2013 : A new union office for NFTE(BSNL) Kolar SSA(Karnataka) was inaugurated by Mrs. M.C. Nirmala DGM Kolar on 01-11-2013. Com. K.S. Sheshdari Secretary, CHQ New Delhi was present on the occasion as Chief Guest on behalf of head quarter. More than 150 members were participated in the function. The function was organized by Com. P. Muthuram, Distt. President & Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy Distt. Secretary in a very grand manner. Click Here
  09-11-2013 : Wage erosion of staff appointed on or after 01-01-2007:- President and GS met Sr. GM(Est) on 9th and requested to accelerate the process of settlement of wage erosion problem of employees. It is expected the committee will meet finally next week.
  09-11-2013 : Circle conference of Himanchal Pradesh NFTE(BSNL):- Circle conference of NFTE(BSNL) H.P. Circle is seheduled to be held on 12th & 13th November, 2013 at Sundarnagar (HP). Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. and Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ will attend the conference from headquarter.
  08-11-2013 : Shortage of Directors in BSNL affecting the performance - Request for remedial action. TF-36/2, 07-11-2013. Click Here
  08-11-2013 : BRBRAIT, Jabalpur vide letter No.-BRBRAIT/TM-27/Col/JTO Ph/1 dt-01-11-2013 has sought clarifications regarding training of LICE JTO successful candidates. Necessary clarifications will be sent after return of Director (HR).
  07-11-2013 : District conference and seminar held today at Bulandshar addressed by GS, President, GM, CS etc. It was presided by Com. Rana, CP. Seminar topic was how to increase revenue.
  06-11-2013 : Joint Committee for Change of designation of non-executive Cadres. Letter No.-TF-53, Dated:-06-11-2013. Click Here
  06-11-2013 : Com. C.K. Joshi CHQ Organising Secy, Retd. On Superannuation on 31st October, 2013. Photo view of farewell Party. Click Here
  06-11-2013 : Revival of BSNL - Request for urgent intervention. Letter No.-TF-6/7, Dated:-05-11-2013. Click Here
  06-11-2013 : President/GS both will be attending District conference on 7th November at Bulandshahar in Western UP circle.
  05-11-2013 : Provocation will not help: BSNLUE should understand that the National President of NFTE BSNL will not be provoked with the writes up against him at any quarter. It is fact he joined NFTE 1997.
  05-11-2013 : NFTE does require certificate:- NFTE has been insisting for redressal of sufferings and hardships of employees in NEPP for long. Formal meeting took place on 08-10-2013 with the management and we were told about the relaxations/concessions which are mentioned in the editorial. Why these concessions and modifications could not be secured in NEPP in last five years. It is question mark. Bonus is in the mind and heart of the workers from decades. NFTE holds firm view that the employees get their wages after month duty as such call it Bonus or PLI or any allowance but the workers should get the compensation for it and the NFTE will strive hard till last. Assurances and promises are to be honoured and not forgotten as so called champions are doing. Why payment of one month pay as PLI/Bonus was demanded in the strike notice and widely circulated in posters if it was not achievable. We will not call this as an act of dishonesty and cheating like BSNLEU. The NFTE leaders donot require certificates of credibility and honesty from any one.
  05-11-2013 : Core Committee of NFTE BSNL will meet on 10th and 11th December, 2013 at Delhi Members are requested to arrange their journey accordingly.
  05-11-2013 : Change of Designation: President and Secy, Com. Rajpal met the GM(Restg) and requested for holding the meeting of Designation committee. She expressed her helpless as nomination from other recognized union has not been received. Avoidable delay is taking place in change of designations of RMs, TMs, Sr. TOA and TTAs.
  05-11-2013 : Hunger Fast observed Karnataka Circle:- More than 400 Comreads are participated in the one day Fast Organised by Karnataka Circle Union at the Office of the Chief General Manager Office Bangalore on 30th October 2013 demanding payment of Bonus immediately Com K.S.Seshadri Circle Secretary, Com M.Krishna Mohan District Secretary BGTD and Com A.C.Krishna Reddy Circle Finance Secretary formally inaugurated the fast at 10-30 Am. In particulars Bangalore Telecom District under leadership of Com Krishna Mohan full supported for succeeding the Hunger Strike/ Demonstration. Click Here
  02-11-2013 : Moral duty for BSNLEU to answer: The employees are putting questions if “Bonus” was not there and justified why BSNLEU served strike notice and demanded Rs. 10,000/- as Bonus?. NFTE has pressed for Bonus and will continue the efforts till goal is not achieved. NFTE’s “Hunger strike” programme may be eye wash and Drama for self praises who have got expertise in organizing drama. It is pity that the struggle of workers is called as drama.
  02-11-2013 : New recognition rule and claim: Self praise and credit of BSNLEU is understandable. This is nothing new. One should remember what was the stand of BSNLEU in the last meeting held on the issue of new Recognition Rule. Is not fact BSNLEU made about turn and demanded 6th verification as per old rule.
  01-11-2013 : Refusal of promotion - guidelines thereof. Letter No.-400-204/2013-Pers.I, Dated:-01-11-2013. Click Here
  02-11-2013 : National Council to meet on 17th December: The meeting of National Council is reportedly fixed for 17th December, 2013. It is taking place after 8 months of 6th verification. The NFTE in the meeting, held on 08-10-2013 with Director(HR), has demanded to ensure that atleast on e council meeting takes place at all levels in year 2013.
  02-11-2013 : Acceptance of nominations in NC:- (1) The nominations made by NFTE in respect of S/S Mahabir Singh and Pawan Meena have not been accepted and notified as yet. President met Sr. GM(SR) and enquired why it is so when we have stated they are members of NFTE. He promised to get it sorted out by coming week. It was also made clear to Sr. GM(SR) that the BSNL HQR’s guidelines will be followed and the CHQ will withdraw the nominations of such personnel who are not members of NFTE. (2) The legal branch is not in favour of acceptance of nominations in councils who are members of other unions in view of affidavit of corporate office filed in Kerala High court.
02-11-2013 : JTO LICE result in respect of Chhattisgarh is expected soon.
  01-11-2013 : Move to victimize Com. C.K. Mathivanan, Dy. GS and circle Secy, Chennai TD thwarted:- There has been move to victimise and harm Com. C.K.M. Dy. GS and circle Secy for organizing protest demonstration against CGM. It has been completely thwarted due to timely, systematic and sustained efforts and pursuance at CHQ level. Earlier, due to intervention of BSNL HQR the Dies-non cases with break-in-service of more than 70 employees were also regularized. The NFTE has ensured that there is no vindictive and punitive action against him after the retirement. NFTE HQR has succeeded. We record our sincere thanks to BSNL management for appreciating and realizing the serious concerns in course of discussions. Click Here
  01-11-2013 : Who is looser:- The new recognition rule was evolved on persistent demand of almost all the unions in BSNL. The demand was that more than one union be recognized and workers be adequately represented in the negotiating machineries. After 6th verification BSNLEU and NFTE got recognition and proportionately ie 9:5 ratio represented in the councils. BNSLEU has to share 5 out of 14 seats to NFTE in the councils. Had there been old rule BSNLEU would have enjoyed all the 14 seats. However, it is good that more than 80% workers are now represented in the Negotiating Machineries. Had FNTO secured 7% votes 90% workers would have been represented in the councils? NFTE would have been happy to that situation. FNTO and BTEU got Trade union facilities having secured more than 2% votes which were not available in the old rules. The subscription deduction facility remains as before to all the unions. So which union is looser? Answer is excepting BSNLEU none. But need of the hour is to evolve functional unity between two recognized unions right from base to top, NFTE is prepared and ready for this as nothing is more important than the well beings of the employees. This certainly does not mean we should leave other unions high and dry. We all should move together.
  01-11-2013 : JTO LICE in respect of Jharkhand circle. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-31-10-2013. Click Here
  01-11-2013 : ONE STEP FORWARD. Telecom Editorial November, 2013 (English & Hindi). Click Here
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