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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,r
  31-10-2013 : Hunger fast programme – Report from West Bengal: As per CHQ Call, today 30th October, 2013 Hunger Fast organized by the Circle Leadership of West Bengal Telecom Circle at CGM Office, GM office at Suri, Krishnanagar, Berhampur, Siliguri and Burdawn, Durgapur. At Circle Office Circle Secretary Chitra Basu alongwith HarelalRam,Vice-President, SamirBanerjee,Div.Secretary Kolkata SSA, Ranjit Das, Div.Secretary CTO , Tapan Biswas, Div.Secretary Civilwing, Goutam Chatterjee, Div.Secretary Circle Office, Ashis Gayen, Secretary ETR, Salil kr Bose, Organing Secretary observed Fast in support of Bonus demand. During Lunch hour demonstration took place which was addressed by Circle leadership. Chitra Basu, Circle Secretary addressed the gathering in front of CGMs office, in her speech she narrated Bonus is right of the workers and we must fight for its restoration. In her speech she informed that NFTE-BSNL is prepared for Joint struggle and she invites all the union and Association to join their hand and fight for restoration our RIGHT. Nearly 150 Regular employees join in the Lunch hour Demonstration at CGM office. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : Bonus to employees. Letter No.-TF-7, Dated:-31-10-2013. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : Redressal of Hardships and sufferings in NEPP - Request for early issue of orders. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-28-10-2013. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : JTO LICE candidates possesing B.Tech, BE, etc will directly go for phase-I training. BSNL4-1/2013-Trg, dt-31-10-2013. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : One day hunger strike on 30-10-2013 at Vijayawada. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : Hunger fast programme observed successfully in Punjab. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : Hunger fast programme observed successfully: The employees observed hunger fast programme on 30th successfully in support of Bonus demand at all SSA/Circle head quarters. The right of employees, Bonus, has to be restored. To achieve and secure this struggle will continue unabated. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : Settlement of Revision of pension cases (pre-2006) DO letter from CMD to all CGM’s. D.O. No.-40-23/2013-pen(B), Dated:-29-10-2013. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : Hunger fast programme observed successfully Patna. Click Here
  31-10-2013 : Massive Participation in Chennai fast on 30-10-2013: Morethan 400 Comrades actively participated in the one day fast organized by Chennai Telephones circle union at the office of CGM in purasawakkam on 30th October, 2013 demanding 8.33% bonus immediately. Com. M.K. Ramasamy, circle president presided the fasting meeting and Com. C.K. Mathivanan formally inaugurated the fast at 10 a.m. In his speech he criticized BSNLEU for meekly accepting the argument of the management that no bonus could be paid since the company is not on profit. We can not forget the concept of “Bonus as deferred wage” as Com. Abhimanyu and his friends. At 6 P.M. Com. G. Jayaraman, Secretary (CHQ) formally declared close amidst shouting of slogans. Com. P. Udayasoorian, CS/AIBSNLOA greeted the fast.
30-10-2013 : Trade union action programme, Hunger Fast, organized at Delhi:- The Hunger fast followed by lunch hour demonstration was organized on 30th Oct in Eastern Court at Delhi. President, Secretaries (Comrades Rajmouli, Rajpal), Com. Naresh(CHQ), Com. M.P. Singh(C/S) observed fast in support of Bonus demand. During Lunch hour demonstration took place which was addressed by CHQ leaders. The leaders in their speech said Bonus is right of the workers and we must fight for its restoration NFTE is prepared for joint struggle but “forum” is silent, why it is so? If there can be joint struggle for 78.2% IDA why not for Bonus?.
30-10-2013 : The CGMs meeting was held on 24th/25th September. The conference felt that action is needed to improve the skill of staff of CSC and TMs to set right faults at local levels. BSNL HQR vide letter No.-22-1/2013-Trg, dt-28-10-2013 has issued guidelines for improvement in the skill. Click Here
30-10-2013 : A canard: NFTE has not nominated any non-member in the councils. Those who charge us must cite examples. We will immediately withdraw such names from the councils. NFTE will adhere the rules framed by BSNL HQR.
30-10-2013 : NFTE members demonstrated at CGMT office Bihar Patna against the partisan, discrimination done by the CGMT Bihar between two recognized unions. Click Here
30-10-2013 : President and Secy, Com. Rajpal met CMD and requested him to grant bonus to staff as good will gesture and no rigidity on amount. He was also urged to sanction pay advance to employees of Berhampur Ganjam staff.
30-10-2013 : Delay in declaration of JTO LICE result in respect of many circles – NFTE writes to Director (HR), Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-28-10-2013. Click Here
30-10-2013 : Pull of socks and work together to rejuvenate BSNL – Message dt-14th Oct, 2013 from CMD. Click Here
30-10-2013 : Hunger fast commenced at Eastern Court. President, Secretaries Com. Rajmouli, Rajpal, M.P. Singh Circle Secy Corporate office, Naresh and other circle leaders are observing fast.
30-10-2013 : Meeting with Director (HR). Click Here
28-10-2013 : Financial Relief to staff affected due to cyclone "Phailin" in Odissa circle. Letter No.-TF-16/9(a), Dated:-28-10-2013. Click Here
28-10-2013 : General Secretary Attended and Addressed the Central Working Committee Meeting of Sanchar Nigam Executive Association at Patliputra Sports Complex P.C Colony Kankarbagh Patna Bihar.
28-10-2013 : The District conference of Betiah (Bihar) held on 27-10-2013. A large number of workers attended the meeting, even after falling holiday. Comrades from neighbouring areas were also present in the meeting. Com. C. Singh GS in his speech narrated the status of issues viz. stagnation, Bonus, sufferings in NEPP etc and requested the workers and officers present in the meeting to work hard for survival of BSNL to bring the past glory. Shri B.N.K. Srivastava TDM Betiah addressed the meeting and assured to settle the all pending issues. Com. R.L. Singh D/S Patna. K.K. Choubey D/S Motihari & Com. Vikram Kumar Asst. Treasurer also addressed the meeting. Com. S.S. Prasad elected as District Secretary and the meeting ended with vote of thanks by him. Click Here
28-10-2013 : Revised R/R of TTA: Proposed R/R is pending with BSNL finance for concurrence.
28-10-2013 : Regularisation of officiating JTOs: Reliably learnt that legal advice is being obtained in the matter.
28-10-2013 : Non-provision of accommodation to NFTE BSNL Punjab circle office - Request for intervention. Letter No.-TF-5/5, Dated:-28-10-2013. Click Here
28-10-2013 : Non-provision of accommodation to union in Andaman-Nicobar, North East-1, Orissa, Punjab circle office etc. Letter No.-TF-5/5, Dated:-28-10-2013. Click Here
28-10-2013 : Adverse effect of average entries in NEPP: The proposal to modify/withdraw the adverse effects of average entries in NEPP upgradation is now remitted to the Management committee for consideration. The committee is meeting today.
28-10-2013 : Endorse copies of circulars/orders related to staff matters to NFTE BSNL. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2012/Vol.II, Dated:-24-10-2013. Click Here
26-10-2013 : Proposed Hunger Fast on 30th October, 2013. Letter No.-TF-38/4, Dated:-26-10-2013. Click Here
26-10-2013 : Dot has released Presidential orders on 10-10-2013 in respect of 206 TSMs who were regularized on 01-10-2000 or thereafter. The NFTE vide Letters No.-TF-24/4, dt-08-08-2011, TF-24/4 dt-02-01-2012 has referred the matter and persued it for settlement. DOT Letter No.-27-2/2006-SNG(Pt-II), dt-10-10-2013. Click Here
26-10-2013 : Circle working Committee of Eastern UP concluded on 25th October:- The two days CWC meeting concluded on 25th October, 2013 after address of delegate session by General Secy. The Comrades of Farrukhabad have made excellent and ever remember able arrangements. There is increase of 800 members in the circle. Com. Islam addressed the delegate session on 24th and appealed to make BSNL financially strong at Farrkhabad by providing excellent services as NFTE flag is flying here.
26-10-2013 : Com. T.N. Ray, District Secretary NFTE, Vadodra in Gujrat has passed away today. CHQ mourns his death and conveys heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Com. Rai was pillar of NFTE.
26-10-2013 : Thanks to CMD, BSNL:- The CMD, BSNL in D.O. Letter No.-1-19/2012-PAT(BSNL), dt-21-10-2013, addressed to Secy, DOT, has communicated the commitment to pay the 78.2% IDA arrears from 01-01-2007 to 09-06-2013 on improving the financial health of the Company. The CMD has also requested the DOT to extend the 78.2% IDA benefit in pension to the retirees from January, 2007 to 31st May, 2013 in the analogy of working employees. This has been the stand of NFTE. NFTE HQR extends sincere thanks to CMD for the initiative and now the ball is in the Court of DOT. Click Here
26-10-2013 : ORGANISE TRADE UNION PROGRAMME OF 30TH OCTOBER WITHOUT ANY DISRUPTION OF BSNL SERVICES:- President and Secretaries at three levels ie District, circle and CHQ levels will sit on Hunger Fast on 30-10-2013 from 1000 to 1700 hours. Lunch hour demonstration should also take place at all the three levels. This is to register our protest and anguish on denial of right of Bonus for last three years. The employees are being punished for their no fault. However, in no circumstances the services be disrupted and our esteemed customers are put to any kind of inconveniences. Click Here
25-10-2013 : Com. C.K. Mathivanan Dy. General Secretary will attend Mangalore District (Karnataka) conference on 14th & 15th November, 2013.
25-10-2013 : Corporate office seeking detailed report from CGM (Rajasthan) on Arbitrary and irregular allotment and its occupation of quarter at Sawai – Madhopur. Letter No.-BSNL/2-1/SR/2013, dt-15-10-2013. Click Here
25-10-2013 : CMD writes to Secretary, DOT on 78.2 arrears DO No.-1-19/2012-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-21-10-2013. Click Here
24-10-2013 : CMD BSNL message on vigilance awareness week. (i.e. 28th October to 2nd November, 2013) Click Here
24-10-2013 : The open session of UP(E) circle union working committee and seminar on “BSNL survival’ has taken place under the chairmanship of Com. Rajiv Verma, Circle President. The officers including GM Telecom District Farukhabad attended and addressed. President & GS represented HQR and appealed to the workers to handle the services under the present limited conditions and donot involve in blame game. Till workers are alive no one including Govt can kill the BSNL. Earlier the leaders from CHQ to District level were given warm reception. This District union of Farukhabad had made excellent arrangement. During the last verification it has secured 98% votes in favour of NFTE.
23-10-2013 : Corporate office issued clarification on wightage point system to compassionate ground appointments. Letter No.-273-18/2005-Pers.IV. Dated:-22-10-2013. Click Here
23-10-2013 : Training of officiating JTO's who have qualified the LICE for the promotion from TTA to JTO held in 2013. Letter No.-5-3/2012-Pers-IV(Pt), Dated:-23-10-2013. Click Here
23-10-2013 : Clarification regarding calculation of Commuted Value of Pension by applying old or new commutation table in respect in respect of BSNL IDA scale, Post - 2007 pensioners. Letter No.-40-10/2013-Pen.(B), Dated:-22-10-2013. Click Here
23-10-2013 : Bonus: Hunger fast on 30th October. A delegation consisting of President, GS and Secretaries (Comrades Rajmouli and Rajpal) held meeting with CMD, BSNL on 22nd Oct. and urged for Bonus payment. The CMD who has returned from Tamilnadu, Madurai etc, was very much impressed with the performance and presentation of the employees. The CMD showed helplessness due to financial condition of BSNL. He sought cooperation from the employees. The delegation pressed but he has not agreed to the demand. With profound anguish we call upon the workers to organize hunger fast on 30-10-213 and demonstrate same day during lunch hour. President and Secretaries only will sit on hunger strike at CHQ, Circle and District levels. Make the programme successful.
23-10-2013 : Stagnation:- (1) The employees who were stagnating are facing recoveries due merger of 78.2% IDA merger w.e.f. 01-01-2007. Such instances be collected and furnished to CHQ. BSNL HQR will look into such cases. (2) The employees who attain upgradation on 1st/2nd upgradation and on 3rd upgradation if they don’t get any benefit such cases will also be considered. The BSNL corporate has agreed to redress such cases after discussions on 22nd October with NFTE leaders.
21-10-2013 : Clarification regarding change of option to NEPP Scheme on intoduction of NE-12 pay scale of Rs. 16390-33830-case of Shri Lal Singh, Ex-CSS, O/o DE(Mtce.) Palampur. Letter No.-13-10/2013-Pen(B), Dated:-18-10-2013. Click Here
21-10-2013 : One time relaxation in the provisions of existing Recruitment Rules, to the eligible candidates of other circles to appear in LICE for the post of Junior Hindi Translators (JHT), against the vacancies of those circles where eligible candidates are either less or not available. Letter No.-201-01/2013/Pers.III, Dated:-18-10-2013. Click Here
21-10-2013 : Visit certification can be exempted in settlement of Indoor Medical claim BSNL/Admn-I/15-2/02(Pt), dt-24-03-2006. Click Here
21-10-2013 : Settlement of medical reimbursement claim – case of Shri S.S. Venugopal, TM O/o SSA Head, Kollam in Kerala circle. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-06/13(ii), Dated:-09-09-2013. Click Here
21-10-2013 : Insist for formation and functioning of works committee meetings at SSA levels: Circle and District Secretaries are once again requested to ensure formation and functioning of works committee at their respective SSAs. The issues relating to the growth and development of the company should be discussed. Click Here
21-10-2013 : Auction of fancy BSNL landline numbers: The first public auction of BSNL landline numbers in Chennai on 17th October saw a Cab operator walking away with the number “20002000” after pay Rs. 33.93 lakh to the Company. The monthly revenue of Rs.3 lakh is expected from the number. The auctioned number “20002000” is ISND number and has capacity to handle 30 outgoing and incoming calls simultaneously. Click Here
21-10-2013 : Heads of circles conference held on 24th/25th September, 2013: Increase the business and revenues in landlines, Mobile and Enterprise in 100 days programme. Improve the skill of CSC staff, Train the Telecom Mechanics for prompt fault redressal and train the executives in performance and Project Management locally. CMD D.O. Letter No.-7-1/2013 – WS&I dt-17-10-2013 to all CGMs. Click Here
21-10-2013 : Maharashtra Circle conference: On the occasion of 3rd circle conference an open session and seminar on. “Revival of BSNL” was organized on 20th Oct. 2013 which was presided over by Shri. M.R. Rawat GM Telecom, Sangli. The venue of the session was a park with full of greenery and colorfully decorated Pandal. Shri Raju Setti, M.P. attended and addressed the meeting as Chief Guest. Shri K.K. Saxena, Sr. GM Telecom Pune, Shri Vinay Jambhari, addl, GM Sangli, Shri Prakash Kanade DGM Sangli also attended and addressed the gathering. Shri Ramesh Ayare, circle Secy, MH placed the subject and explained the purpose of debate on the subject. Shri Harish Muktali, Secy CHQ, Shri K.S. Kulkarni Secy, CHQ and Com. C.Singh GS spoke on behalf of CHQ, Com Singh explained how the financial position of the company has gradually gone down. He demanded early supply of all the required material and equipments in the field through out the country and appealed to the workers to work hard with full devotion with the available infrastructure till the required materials are supplied by the BSNL management so that the company is brought back to its past glory. The open session ended with vote of thanks by Com. B.N. Patil who sung National song. Latter in delegate session circle office bearers were elected headed by Com. B.N. Patil, Com. R.N. Ayare and Com. K.P. Panchal as President, circle secretary and treasurer respectively. Click Here
19-10-2013 : Demonstration on 9th October, 2013 (Photos). Click Here
19-10-2013 : Review of result of failed SC/ST candidates of JAO Part-II Internal competitive Exam against 40% quota held on 17th to 19th December, 2012. Letter No.-4-28/2006-SEA, Dated:-17-10-2013. Click Here
19-10-2013 : Board level and below Board level posts including non-unionised supervisors in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) - Revision of scales of pay w.e.f. 01-01-2007 - Payment of IDA at revised rates. Letter No.-14-1/2012-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-15-10-2013. Click Here
19-10-2013 : Re-constitution of Works Committees and their regular functioning. Letter No.-BSNL/39-11/SR/2007, Dated:-15-10-2013. Click Here
19-10-2013 : Maharashtra circle conference: Maharashtra circle conference started at Sangali with full pomp and show. The arrangement recalled the past glory of NFTE. The function started as per schedule with flag hoisting by Com. C.Singh, GS. Later the inaugural session took place under the presidentship of Com. C.H. Tumram. The session was addressed by GS where he explained the background in the implementation of 78.2% IDA. He also added the efforts made by NFTE in respect of implementation of 78.2% IDA merger for retired employees. He explained in detail the sufferings of thousands of Group ‘D’ and RMs due to stagnation and the efforts done by the NFTE. The GS also exhorted for implementation of decision taken at Junagadh in respect grievances of the staff and trade union action for redressal. Lastly, the GS appealed the assembled members and leadership to work hard to strengthen NFTE and build a greater unity to save BSNL and its employees. The inaugural session was also addressed by Com. Adsul circle Secy SNEA. Com. Amit Kulkarni, CS SNATTA. The session concluded with a vote of thanks by Com. Ramesh Ayare CS NFTE.
19-10-2013 : Meeting at Pune on 18-10-2013: GS on way to Sangali met the Principal General Manager, Pune and discussed the local staff issues including allotment of accommodation to NFTE District union. Com. Dilip Jagdale Distt. Secy, Com. Subhas Saha leader staff side LCM and other office bearers of Distt. Union accompanied him.
18-10-2013 : Nominations in the councils: BSNL HQR orders to the effect that the recognized unions should nominate their members alone in the councils have neither been withdrawn nor superseded. However, SR cell has sought legal opinion in the matter. vis-à-vis courts orders.
18-10-2013 : President and Dy. GS(Com. CKM) met Director (HR), Sr. GM(Est), GM(PSNL) and Dy. GM(SR) and discussed the following issues and urged for their settlement. (i) Bonus (ii) Regularisation of TSMs of Chennai TD as per Court’s verdict (iii) Transfers (iv) wage erosion of employees appointed on 01-01-2007 or thereafter (v) pension and Terminal benefits Rules for BSNL D/R staff (vi) Release of officers having completed their tenures (vii) NFTE Assam circle union recognition (viii) CGA in Chennai TD.
18-10-2013 : A huge gathering in the convention organized by the forum of union and association. U.P. (East) circle on 15th October in Mahatma Gandhi Bhawan Lucknow was addressed by Com. C. Singh GS NFTE. In his speech he appealed all the absorbed employees to defeat the anti workers policies of the central Govt. Beside Com. Singh other speakers were Com. V.A.N. Namboodary convener central Forum, Com. G.L. Yogi President SNEA, Com. Suresh Kumar GS BSNLMS, Com. Pradeep Goyal A.G.S. AIBSNLEA. Com. Sabastin GS SNEA. The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by Com. Ramnath Pandey President of the meeting and CS UP (East) circle.
18-10-2013 : Recognition of Assam Circle Union of NFTE-BSNL-reg. F.No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2013, Dated:-10-10-2013. Click Here
12-10-2013 : Hearty Durga Pooja, Dussehra and Eiduzzuha greetings to all Comrades and colleagues. Click Here
12-10-2013 : Interview with R.K. Upadhyay, Chairman and MD, BSNL. Click Here
12-10-2013 : Unprecedented success of 9th October demonstration programme:- The reports reaching NFTE HQR confirm that there had been unprecedented success of 9th October lunch hour demonstration programme. The employees wearing black badges responded spontantneously and demonstrated in large number at circle and District HQRs in support of the demands. The anger and anguish of employees are natural as Bonus is being denied for last three years. The employees are stagnating in NEPP upgradations and they could not get benefit of even one Rs. after 78.2% IDA merger. NFTE HQR congratulates the workers for their heroic performance on 9th October. Be prepared and mobilise all the employees for next phase of struggle.
12-10-2013 : Madhya Pradesh circle conference, Photos view. Click Here
12-10-2013 : Union Office Inauguration at Thrissur, Kerala: The union office allotted to NFTE-BSNL was inaugurated at Thrissur by PGMT-BSNL, Sri M B Ravichandren, ITS, Thrissur in presence of employees and other trade union leaders. The function was presided by Com. Michael PM (CHQ) and Chief Guest was Sri. K P Rajendran, EX-Revenue Minister, Kerala State. The function was addressed by Circle Secretary (Dharmadas), Circle president (Radhakrishnan), District Secretary (Girijavallabhan), District President (Sivankullty) of NFTE and district secretaries of BSNLEU, AIBSNLEA, SNEA, ATM. Click Here
12-10-2013 : Progress made by BSNL in respect of financial recovery: The revenues from the Mobile and Broadband business have increased over the past three years. These revenues are expected to increase further through, 3G and Broad band services.
12-10-2013 : Pay erosion of employees joined on 01-01-2007 or thereafter - Request for settlement. TF-9/9, Dated:-11-10-2013. Click Here
11-10-2013 : Bonus to employees. Letter No.-TF-7/1, Dated:-11-10-2013. Click Here
11-10-2013 : Declaration of JTO LICE results - Request for urgent action. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-11-10-2013. Click Here
11-10-2013 : Lunch hour demonstration at Jalandhar on 09-10-2013. Click Here
11-10-2013 : Lunch hour demonstration at Raipur on 09-10-2013. Click Here
10-10-2013 : Lunch hour demonstration at Jamshedpur on 09-10-2013. Click Here
10-10-2013 : Corporate office letter for providing accommodation to A & N and NE-I Circles. File No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2013, Dated:-08-10-2013. Click Here
10-10-2013 : Lunch hour demonstration at Hyderabad on 09-10-2013. Click Here
10-10-2013 : Opening of union office at ETR, Kolkatta. Click Here
10-10-2013 : Lunch hour demonstration at Kolkatta on 09-10-2013. Click Here
10-10-2013 : Com. Shiv Mohan Srivastav, District Secretary Bahraich UP(E) Passed away on 08-09-2013. CHQ condoles the untimely death of Shiv Mohan Srivastav and share the grief of the family.
09-10-2013 : Demonstration at Six places wearing Black badge in Chennai Telephones:- As per the call of the Junagadh National Executive today on 9th October employees took part in demonstrations at CGM office, Flower Bazaar, Anna Road, Ambathur, Chromepet and Guindy. Com. C.K. Mathivanan addressed the gathering in front of CGMs office. Apart from demonstrations nearly three thousand employees wore black badge to express protest throughout the day while on duty in Chennai Telephones circle.
09-10-2013 : Lunch Hour demonstration at Eastern Court (NTR) New Delhi. Click Here
09-10-2013 : Meeting with the Director (HR) on 8th October, 2013. Click Here
08-10-2013 : Regarding pre-medical examination of eligible Non-executive employees who have qualified LDCE for the post of JTO's. Letter No.-5-11/2009-Pers-IV, Dated:-08-10-2013. Click Here
08-10-2013 : Declaration of Holdiay on 14th October on account of Dussehra- Request for urgent consideration. Letter No.-23/3, Dated:-08-10-2013. Click Here
08-10-2013 : Modifications in NEPP – Resolution adopted thereon. Letter No.-TF-4/1, Dated:-07-10-2013. Click Here
08-10-2013 : DPE issued revised DA order w.e.f. 01-10-2013 (78.9+6.6=85.5%). Click Here
07-10-2013 : Com. Vikram Kumar, RM and Assistant Treasurer of Bihar circle union has achieved Vishisht Sanchar Sewa Padak for excellent performance of duties. Click Here
07-10-2013 : Guidelines to Punjab and NE-II Telecom circles for Declaration of result of LDCE for promotion to the grade of JTO UNDER 35% & 15% Quota held on 02-06-2013. File No.-5-1/GEN/2012-Pers-IV(Pt), Dated:-07-10-2013. Click Here
07-10-2013 : Stagnation of employees - Request for remedial action. Letter No.-TF-4/1, Dated:-07-10-2013. Click Here
07-10-2013 : Restoration of LTC, Medical Allowance etc facilities. Letter No.-TF-4/1, Dated:-07-10-2013. Click Here
07-10-2013 : Revival and advancement of BSNL Resolution adopted. Letter No.-TF-6/7, Dated:-05-10-2013. Click Here
05-10-2013 : Recognition of Assam circle union of NFTE BSNL - Resolution regarding. Letter No.-TF-3, Dated:-05-10-2013. Letter No.-TF-3, Dated:-05-10-2013. Click Here
05-10-2013 : Modifications in R/R by relaxing educational qualifications, eligibility age, service period for LICE in respect of JTO/JAO, TTA, TM, Rajbhasha Adhikari and Management Trainees.Letter No.-4/1, Dated:-05-10-2013. Click Here
05-10-2013 : Move and Act together. Telecom Editorial October, 2013(English & Hindi). Click Here
04-10-2013 : Meeting with Director (HR) on 08-10-2013 to discuss pending demands. Click Here
04-10-2013 : Non-Declaration of JTO LICE result in Punjab Request for intervention. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-04-10-2013. Click Here
04-10-2013 : 50% IDA merger. Letter No.-TF-10/3, Dated:-04-10-2013. Click Here
04-10-2013 : 78.2% IDA merger fixation benefits to employees on roll between 01-01-2007 to 09-06-2013 - Request to remove discrimination. Letter No.-TF-11/7, Dated:-04-10-2013. Click Here
04-10-2013 : Pension revision of Pre/Post BSNL retirees - Request for intervention. Letter No.-TF-11/3(b), Dated:-04-10-2013. Click Here
04-10-2013 : Additional items of agenda for National Council. Letter No.-TF-2/2(a), Dated:-04-10-2013. Click Here
04-10-2013 : Review of 20% discount scheme to Govt. employees available under DSL and WiMax Broadband service and applicability of the same scheme under FTTH Broadband services. Letter No.-1-1/2013-R&C(CFA), Dated:-30-09-2013. Click Here
03-10-2013 : Settlement of wage erosion of appointees on 01-01-2007 or thereafter and rules for Pension and Terminal benefits for BSNL recruits:- The NFTE impressed upon the CMD/Director(F) for expeditious settlement to avoid resentment amongst the employees.
03-10-2013 : Relaxation in JAO-II (final) examination: NFTE once again tried to impress upon Director(F) to grant relaxation and grace marks for JAO-II(final) examination. He is not agreeable to demand due to complications and litigations.
03-10-2013 : Non-availability of materials in M.P. circle. BSNL HQR is maintaining that materials are available in the circles. In recent HOC’s meeting no circle complained about non-availability of materials.
03-10-2013 : Please respond urgently: BSNL HQR has taken a stand not to declare the JTO LICE results of Punjab and NE-2 circles due to pendency of Court cases. NFTE HQR requests the Comrades to send copies of writ petition and Court orders for proper study and representation. The NFTE wants to place and press the issue in the scheduled meeting of 8th October.
01-10-2013 : Meeting with Director (HR) on 8th October, 2013 to discuss pending issues.
01-10-2013 : LICE JTO Results of Punjab and NE-2 circles: Results will not be declared as R/RS have been challenged.
01-10-2013 : Pension revision of Pre/Post, 2007 retirees: BSNL HQR is taking up the matter with the highest authority in DOT.
01-10-2013 : Message from CMD, BSNL on BSNL’s Day: Happy BSNL Day to you and BSNL family under your leadership, care, guidance. Let us rededicate ourselves to the cause of BSNL on this auspicious day.
01-10-2013 : “Today is BSNL formation day. We completed 13 years and faced up and downs. We took a pledge to strengthen the organization and to protect bright future of the employees”. “Tomorrow is 144th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi” Non Violence is the greatest force at the disposal of man kind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man” – M.K. Gandhi.
30-09-2013 : 6.6% INCREASE OF IDA FROM 01-10-2013. (78.9+6.6=85.5%)
30-09-2013 : Photos of National Executive Meeting held at Junagadh on 24th & 25th Sept, 2013. Click Here
28-09-2013 : 3rd circle conference of Gujrat was held on 26th & 27th Sept, 2013 in Ekta Bhavan, Junagadh in grand manner. In spite of heavy rain, Comrades from all SSA’s attended the conference with commitment. GS, Secretary HQR and Com. M.P. Singh circle Secretary Corporate office participated in the meeting and explained the latest developments in BSNL. Com. H.R. Tiwari, Sr. TOA(P) Com. N.J. Bhatia Sr. TOA(G) and P.K. Mistry were elected unanimously as president, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
28-09-2013 : Demonstrate on 9th October and wear black Badges. Click Here
28-09-2013 : To fill up PA/PS vacancies in Tamilnadu/Bihar circles is not possible, as the matter pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court. Click Here
28-09-2013 : Data of candidates who got minimum qualifying marks in JAO Part-II LICE against 40% quota but not promoted due to not coming in the merit. Letter No.-4-19/2007-SEA, Dated:-26-09-2013. Click Here
28-09-2013 : Submission of Form 14 by the spouse to the pension disbursing bank after the death of the pensioner. Letter No.-1/27/2011-P&PW (E), Dated:-20-09-2013. Click Here
27-09-2013 : Programme of action: In pursuance of National Executive direction the CHQ has finalized the programme of action as below for settlement of the major demands which are already submitted to BSNL HQR. (1) Black badge wearing and lunch hour demonstration on 9th October, 2013. (2) Fast by central, circle and District office bearers. The struggle including strike will be organized at appropriate time.
25-09-2013 : 7th Pay commission formation approved by PM for CG employees. Report within 2 years.
24-09-2013 : National Executive Meeting commenced at 1030 hours after flag hoisting jointly by GS and Com. Chitra Basu, Vice President. House paid homage to the departed leaders by observing one minute silence.
24-09-2013 : Heads of Telecom Circles meeting taking place today at Delhi.
24-09-2013 : Must form Councils and hold meetings for purposeful and constructive dialogue between unions and BSNL. BSNL/39-8/SR/2013, dt-20-09-2013 in English and Hindi. Click Here
24-09-2013 : BSNL Letter No.-4-8/2013-SEA, dt-16th Sept, 2013 addressed to CGM, Maharashtra and Copy to General Secy, NFTE BSNL. Click Here
23-09-2013 : National Executive Meeting of NFTE BSNL will begin from tomorrow dt-24th Sept. at Junagarh in Gujrat.
23-09-2013 : M.P. circle conference was held from 21st to 23rd Sept. at Ganj Basoda under the Chairmanship of Com. A.K. Mishra. About 300 delegates attended. The open session and seminar on “ BSNL’s growth” was attended and addressed by Sr. GM(HQR), Sr. GM(Adm) and TDM, Vidisha. The delegate session, open session and seminar was addressed by General Secy and President. Comrades A.K. Mishra, Habibkhan and M.D. Salodkar have been elected as President, circle Secy and Treasurer respectively. MP Circle is acute shortage of materials causing set back to developments.
21-09-2013 : Regarding Evaluation of Answersheets in JAO LICE held in December, 2012 against 40% quota - Representation of candidates of APT Circle. U.O. No.-4-8/2013-SEA, Dated:-12-09-2013. Click Here
21-09-2013 : Delay in declaration of result of LICE JTO (T) under 35% and 15% quota. Letter No.-22-24/2012-Rectt.(Pt.), Dated:-17-09-2013. Click Here
20-09-2013 : CHQ congratulates Sanchar Seva Padak Awardees of 2013 and conveys best wishes to Group ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ staff for their hard working to get Best customer service centre award 2013 to Indore of M.P. circle. Also, we heart fully congratulates the officials of Thiruvananthapuram, Nasik and Thrissur for getting Best maintained Telephone system Award 2013. Click Here
20-09-2013 : Declaration of the result of JTO LICE - Case of NE-II Circle. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-19-09-2013. Click Here
19-09-2013 : Declaration of result of JTO LICE:- NFTE HQR is ceaselessly persuing for rectification of discrepancies and declaration of result. BSNL HQR has recently issued orders to circles for declaration of result.
19-09-2013 : Medical examination and PVR of LICE JTO Candidates Gujrat:- Sr. GM(Est) has spoken to GM(A) in the matter. There is no provision for medical examination and PVR of LICE candidates for second time.
19-09-2013 : Phase-I training in respect of officiating JTOs. Letter No.-TF-15/2, Dated:- 19-09-2013. Click Here
19-09-2013 : Relaxation for S/C S/T Candidates in JAO Part-II (final) examination:- BSNL HQR is seriously considering the matter as per DOP guidelines orders are expected.
19-09-2013 : Com. D.K. Mahishkar, District Secretary Akola expired on 18 Sept. 2013. CHQ deeply condoles untimely death of Com. D.K. Mahishkar and share the grief of the family.
18-09-2013 : Meeting with Director (F): President and GS met Director (F) today and discussed following items. (I) Relaxation/concession in JAO Part-II (final) examination held in Dec, 2012. (2) Settlement of wage erosion of D/R BSNL staff appointed on 01-01-2007 or thereafter. (3) Pension and Terminal benefits for BSNL staff. (IV) Fund for GPF payment in MP and Tamilnadu. Director (F) indicated positive response on the issues.
18-09-2013 : NFTE has requested Director (HR) to grant meeting to discuss pressing problems.
18-09-2013 : Agenda for National Council. Letter No.TF-2/2(a),Dated:-17-09-2013. Click Here
18-09-2013 : TRAI report on BSNL's performance in Land line & Mobile connections circle wise. Click Here
18-09-2013 : MOU signed with State Bank of India for extending various loan schemes to BSNL employees on 02-09-2013. This agreement is valid up to 20-08-2014. No.-1-9/BFCL/Staff Loan/12-13, dt-17-09-2013.
17-09-2013 : 3rd OCTOBER 2013 - ACTION DAY/FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS. Click Here
17-09-2013 : Meeting with Sr. GM(PSNL): Union representatives met the Sr. GM(PSNL) and drew his attention on filling up the posts PAs in Tamilnadu and Bihar. Legal opinion has been taken after reference from the NFTE. During pendency of SLP action will not be taken to fill up the posts. (2) Pre-appointment formalities for LICE successful candidates for promotion to JTO Cadre:- There is no provision for Medical examination, PVR etc in respect of deptl candidates. Sr. GM(Est) agreed to speak to Gujarat circle authorities.
17-09-2013 : Govt. of India and DOT has applauded the BSNL for prompt restoration of Telecom Services in Uttarakhand – MOC, Shri Kapil Sibal conveyed appreciation vide letter dt – 8th August, 2013. Click Here
17-09-2013 : Grating of special casual leave to members of National Executive for attending meeting on 24th to 25th September, 2013 at Junagadh (Gujarat). Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2013, dt-16-09-2013. Click Here
14-09-2013 : M.P. circle conference is taking place on 21st and 22nd Sept, 2013 at Ganj Basuda President and GS may attend.
14-09-2013 : Pre-appointment formalities in respect of LICE successful candidates for promotion to the Cadre of JTO - Case of Gujrat circle. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-14-09-2013. Click Here
13-09-2013 : JTO LICE result. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-13-09-2013. Click Here
13-09-2013 : Assam circle marching ahead organisationally: SSA branches of NFTE started functioning at Jorhat and Silchar with sufficient membership. Congrats to NFTE Comrades of Assam.
13-09-2013 : The revision of pension/family pension of pre-2007 and post – 2007 retirees is under consideration of DOT. F.No.-42/06/2013-P&PW(G), dt-12-09-2013. Click Here
13-09-2013 : Meeting with Director(HR): President and GS met Director (HR) and discussed the following issues: (1) Wage erosion of employees appointed on or after 01-01-2007. The Director (HR) has been impressed upon to confer with Director (F) for expeditious settlement of the matter as there is frustration amongst the concerned staff. (2) Handing over BSNL premises to DOT “Cells”:- union pointed out the recent orders of DOT. Director (HR) told there is no need of anxiety over this matter is being sorted out with the DOT. (3) Transfers:- Director(HR) was apprised how the employees are being targeted in the transfers in some circles. Even the circle Secy of NFTE is being displaced.
13-09-2013 : BSNL to get refund of spectrum charges deposits. It is reported GOM has decided to refund Rs. 8300 crores to BSNL the spectrums surrendered charges.
13-09-2013 : Settlement of wage erosion of staff appointed on or after 1st January, 2007. Letter No.-TF-9/9, Dated:-12-09-2013. Click Here
13-09-2013 : Eligibility of widowed/divorced daughters for grant of family pension - clarification. Letter No.-1/13/09-P&PW(E), Dated:- 11-09-2013. Click Here
12-09-2013 : Council formation: The councils in majority of circles and SSAs have been formed. These councils are the proper forum for redressal and settlement of staff grievances. NFTE leaders are advised to use the platform for settlement of staff problems. Items of agenda will be routed through Secy official side. Exert to the best to avoid differences in the meeting so that management may not take advantage. Such circle and District Secretaries who have not sent the lists of nominations must send the same urgently. BSNL HQR is pressing for constitution of councils. Remember only members of the NFTE be included in the councils to avoid contempt of Court. The interim orders of Court speak about 7% condition.
12-09-2013 : Wage erosion of staff: President and GS met Director (F) on 10th instant and mentioned about delay in settlement of the issue due to proceeding of GM(EF) on child care leave.
11-09-2013 : Upgradation of Drivers in NEPP - Date of effect regarding. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-11-09-2013. Click Here
10-09-2013 : Avoidable delay in settlement of Pension and Terminal benefits of absorbed employees in Bihar circle - Request for intervention. Letter No.-TF-11/3, Dated:-10-08-2013. Click Here
10-09-2013 : Mistakes found in the JAO Key - Request for consideration. Letter No.-TF-14(2c), Dated:-10-09-2013. Click Here
10-09-2013 : Delay in declaration of JTO LICE results - Request for intervention. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-10-09-2013. Click Here
10-09-2013 : Com. T. Krishna Reddy ex DS of Ananthapur passed away on 09-09-2013 at 1030 hrs. He was committed leader of NFTE in AP circle. CHQ condoles the untimely death of Com. T. Krishna Reddy and share the grief of the family. Red Salute to departed Comrade.
10-09-2013 : Sharp cuts in Spectrum base price:- TRAI has recommended a sharp reduction in reserve prices for spectrum and trading of air waves between operators. The move is likely to get interest from Airtel and Vodaphone.
10-09-2013 : Constitution of National Council - List of Staff Side/Official Side members. Letter No.-BSNL/39-8/SR/2013, Dated:-09-09-2013. Click Here
09-09-2013 : JTO LICE notified in Karnataka circle on intervention and pursuance of NFTE HQR.
09-09-2013 : BSNL's financial condition is totally weakened and jeopardised. Com. Gurudas Das Gupta, Senior MP writes to Hon'ble MOC on 20th August, 2013. Click Here
09-09-2013 : Nomination in the Councils - Kerala High Court's verdict. The NFTE HQR will watch the developments. Click Here
06-09-2013 : Project SHIKHAR implementation - extension of scheme of reimbursements, facilities, awards and incentives for sales teams in Consumer Mobility (Project Vijay), Consumer Fixed Access (Project Udaan) and Enterprise. Letter No.-4-20/2009-Restructuring, Dated:-02-09-2013. Click Here
06-09-2013 : Posting of Office Bearers of Executives' Associations in Sensitive Posts-Instructions. P-23715070, Dated:-05-09-2013. Click Here
05-09-2013 : Pre-appointment formatives for JTO LICE Candidates - Case of Gujrat circle. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-03-09-2013. Click Here
04-09-2013 : CGA in Maharashtra circle: Due to constant pursuance at circle and CHQ levels 33 candidates have been approved vide BSNL vide Letter No.-268-79/2002-Pers-IV/LE, dt-07-12-2012 and 268-79/2002-Pers-IV, dt-10-10-2012 and 15-03-2013. CONGRATS
04-09-2013 : Stagnation of group 'D' staff to upgradations in NEPP vis-a-vis 78.2% IDA merger fixation - Request for dispassionate consideration. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-04-09-2013. Click Here
04-09-2013 : Councils meeting in Bihar: NFTE circle union in Bihar has decided neither to accept gift nor lunch in councils meetings in view of financial condition of BSNL. A good initiative indeed! Surprisingly this is not being liked by a section of the officers.
03-09-2013 : Conference at Adilabad (Andhra): Comrades Rajmouli (Secy HQR), M. Parashu Ramalu (Circle President) and Anjiah (Circle Secy Andhra) attended and addressed the conference.
03-09-2013 : The prescribed qualifying service for upgradation from NE-11 to NE-12 is 8 years. With such condition very few employees will get NE-12 scale. The qualifying service needs relaxation. TF-26/6, dt-31-08-2013 to Director (HR). Click Here
02-09-2013 : CGM, Andhra inaugurated the union office accommodation in circle office on 31st August-Photos. Click Here
02-09-2013 : Conventions. Telecom Editorial September, 2013(English & Hindi). Click Here
31-08-2013 : President met Director (HR) on 30-08-2013 and discussed the following items: (1) Loss of pay to the Post 2007 appointees in the Pay revision:-The attention of Director (HR) was drawn over the delay in the settlement. The union was told that the Committee is meeting and last meeting was held on 29th August. (2) Permission to six TTAs of Punjab circle to appear in the LICE JTO at Haryana:- Despite pursuance and pleadings the Director (HR) has not agreed on the plea of complications.
31-08-2013 : BSNL is again in Loss: The Audit meeting has taken place on 30the August. The PSU, BSNL, is in loss of less than Rs.8,000 crores in year 2012-2013. The revenue earned is less but expenditures are more than the last fiscal year.
31-08-2013 : Immunity from transfers to office bearers of the recognised union: The General Secy, Assistant General Secretary and Financial Secy, Circle Secy, Assistant circle Secy and Financial Secy, District Secy, Assistant Distt. Secy and Financial Secy at All India, circle and SSA (District Secy) levels of recognised union are immune from transfers. BSNL/1-1/SR/2012, dt-19-09-2012. Click Here
31-08-2013 : BSNL Corporate office Letter No.-BSNL/Admn-I/15-21/13, dt-29-08-2013 for empanelment of sufficient hospitals. Click Here
30-08-2013 : Allotment of fund for salary sent to all circles.
30-08-2013 : Reception Committee writes - circle Secretaries to note. Click Here
30-08-2013 : Request for upgradation in NE-12 scale (16390-33830) wef 1st April, 2008 instead of 22nd February, 2012. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-29-08-2013. Click Here
30-08-2013 : Pay erosion of DR TTAs and others - consideration regarding. Letter No.-TF-9/9, Dated:-27-06-2013. Click Here
29-08-2013 : Pension of DOT absorbed employees in BSNL - AITUC writes to MOC to remove apprehensions and doubts. Click Here
29-08-2013 : Regularisation of casual labourers appointed on compassionate grounds. Letter No.-TF-30/1, Dated:-29-08-2013. Click Here
29-08-2013 : 35% quota LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre in Karnataka: President/GS met Director (HR) on 26-08-2013 in the matter. He immediately instructed the Sr. GM(Rectt) for action.
29-08-2013 : Proposed Allotment of PIJF U/G Cables of 10Pr/0.5(UA), 20Pr/0.5(UA) 50Pr/0.5(A), 100Pr/0.5(A) & 200Pr/0.5(A) sizes. Letter No.-410-2/2012-TPS(C), Dated:-27-08-2013. Click Here
27-08-2013 : Discrepancies in the question paper of JTO LICE held on 02-06-2013 - Case of UP West circle. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-27-08-2013. Click Here
27-08-2013 : Revised norms of materials for maintenance of Landline. Letter No.-7-4/2013-PHM, Dated:-22-08-2013. Click Here
26-08-2013 : Notice No.-TF-4/1, dt-14-08-2013 for National Executive Meeting sheduled for 24th/25th Septemeber, 2013 at Junagadh. Click Here
26-08-2013 : Regularization of eight TSM officials & Re-instatement of 28 Casual Mazdoors as per the High Court Directions - Reg. Letter No.-TF-31/1, Dated:-13-08-2013. Click Here
26-08-2013 : NFTE submitted BSNL a case study report on regularization officiating JTOs in BSNL. Click Here
26-08-2013 : NFTE served letter to Chairman BSNL on regularization of officiating JTOs. Click Here
26-08-2013 : Meeting with Director (HR): President, GS and Com. Michael met the Director (HR) and discussed the issues as mention below:- (1) Banning of meeting within office premises:- union protested against the orders dt-05-08-2013 and mentioned that the grievances of employees are not being properly looked into. This indifferent approach is compelling the employees to organize demonstration, Dharna etc. The union representatives requested the Director (HR) to advise CGMs/SSA Heads to be alive with staff grievances. (2) Regularization of officiating JTOs:- Letter No.-TF-24/2(g), dt-24-08-2013 was handed over. The Director (HR) enquired if litigation is over. (3) Regularisation of 8 TSMs of Chennai TD. The representation No.-TF-31/1, dt-13-08-2013 was handed over. The union was informed that necessary instructions have been sent to circle office. (4) Permission to 6 Candidates of Punjab circle to appear in JTO LICE being held at Haryana on 1st Sept, 2013:- Union pointed out that the 6 Candidates were not permitted to sit in LICE examination in Punjab circle. They be permitted to appear in the examination of JTO LICE in Haryana being held on 1st Septembe, 2013 Director (HR) enquired how merit etc will be decided. On our insistence he agreed to get this considered.
26-08-2013 : Meeting with Director (F): President, GS and Com. Michael (CHQ) met the Director (F) and discussed the following items. (1) Relaxation/concession to JAO-II candidates of year, 2012 examination. (2) Retention of officers on sensitive posts beyond the prescribed period against the CVC guidelines. (3) Declaration of result of JAO-II of year 2010 sequel to retotalling and rechecking.
26-08-2013 : JTO LICE held on 02-06-2013 in Punjab circle - Denial of opportunity to appear in the examination. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-24-08-2013. Click Here
24-08-2013 : Pension revision of Pre/Post 2007 retirees - consideration regarding. Letter No.-TF-11/3(b), Dated:-22-08-2013. Click Here
24-08-2013 : Holding of agitational programme in the BSNL premises viz Dharna, Demonstration etc - stoppage thereof. Letter No.-TF-1/1(f), Dated:-24-08-2013. Click Here
24-08-2013 : Pension withholdment:- Civil Appeal No.-6770 of 2013 (Arising out of SLP (Civil) No.-1427 of 2009) A person cannot be deprived of this pension without the authority of law, which is the constitutional mandate enshrined in Article 300 A of the constitution. It follows that attempt of the appellant to take away a part of pension or gratuity or even leave encashment without any statutory provision and under the umbrage of administrative instruction cannot be countenanced.
23-08-2013 : President and Com. Michael met the authorities at BSNL HQR and discussed the issues: (1) Wage erosion settlement committee: The committee has not held further meeting. However, the reply of BSNL HQR in response to CAT orders will not stand in the way of settlement of the matter. (2) Modification in R/R of TTA and JTO: It is in process. The union will submit its views on getting the proposal from corporate office. (3) Pension revision of Pre/post 2007 retirees: In course of discussions the NFTE leaders told the management that the reply to DOT is just to ensure non- revision of pension of retirees and stressed that the retired personnel should get 78.2% IDA benefit in the analogy of working employees.
23-08-2013 : Officiating JTOs regularization: President and Com. Michael P.M. discussed the issue with Sr. GM(Est.) and NFTE will submit its representation soon.
23-08-2013 : There is no provision for withholding pension or gratuity - Supreme Court ruled. Click Here
23-08-2013 :Local Council office Inaugurated at Palakkad, Kerala: Inauguration of the 1st local council office in Kerala circle held at Palakkad SSA by GM, BSNL, Palakkad Shri Rajendren, ITS on 16-08-2013 presided by Com. M. S. Nair, D/P, NFTE in a function held at conference hall of SSA in presence of 70 members including invited guests from various unions. The felicitation was made by Shri K.P. Suresh Raj (TAC Member), Shri Rama Bhatt and Shri Tamil Mony, DGMs Palakkad, Com. Michael PM (CHQ) , Com. Dharmadas C/S, Com. Radhakrishnan C/P, Com. V.S. Ramachandran, C/VP, Com. K.T. Ramanarayanan (Pensioners association), Com. Krishnadas (BSNLEC), Com. Pavithran (NFTE).
23-08-2013 : Retirement age not 62: Hon’ble Minister of state for Department of Personnel and Pension as stated in the Parliament that the retirement age of Central Govt. Employees in 60 and there is no consideration to enhance the same to 62 years. Click Here
22-08-2013 : Non-availability of fund in respect of GPF - case of Telecom Factory, Jabalpur circle. Letter No.-TF-Org/29, Dated:-22-08-2013. Click Here
22-08-2013 : LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre in Chhattisgarh circle - Request for consideration of the issues. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-22-08-2013. Click Here
22-08-2013 : Observe International Action day on 3rd October, 2013 on the basic demands of the people, food, water, Medicine, Education, and Housing. Click Here
22-08-2013 :Nominations for Welfare and Sports: The nominations for welfare and sports Boards may not be sent to CHQ. The circle unions are once again requested that they should nominate at their respective levels.
22-08-2013 : Com. P.M. Michael has joined HQR to help in preparing the representation for reularisation of officiating JTOs without affecting 35% and 15% quota avenues meant for TTAs and others. The representation will be uploaded on 26th August for comments.
19-08-2013 :Send nominations urgently BSNL Hqr. is pressing for formation of councils at SSA, Circle and National levels. Therefore, circle and District Unions are once again requested to send the lists of circle and District councils on urgent basis to Chq. for further action.
19-08-2013 : Tata Teleservices robes USO fund in Rajasthan Tata Teleservices claimed huge amount of money without actually providing the Telecom Services in the Circle. The paying authority i.e. CCA, Jaipur apparently colluded with the Tata Teleservices and released the money without verifications. The P and T Audit Team, Jaipur reported these citing instances where subsidy has been released without checking. The case is of cheating, fraud and corruption. DoT should refer the case to CBI for investigation so that culprits are brought to book (Based on report published in Telecom Live of August).
  17-08-2013 : Benefit of merger of 50% DA effectively amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of fitment 10.6.2013.Click Here
  17-08-2013 : President accompanied with the Circle Secretary, NFTE Telecom Factory Jabalpur (Corn. Rajak) and Com. Soni (Bhilai TF) met the Sr. G.M. (Est.) on 16th August 2013. The discussions focused on the issues of stagnation of RMS in NEPP which is now more due to 78.2% IDA merger as well as how to bring factory workers into the main stream.
  17-08-2013 : Pension revision of employees retired after 31s1 December 2007:- The BSNL management signed an agreement on 12th June 2012 with the Unions / Associations for pension revision after extension of 78.2% IDA fixation benefit to the serving employees. But alas ! the corporate office letter No. 1-19/2012-PAT (BSNL) dated 8th August 2013 to DoT is just to scuttle the pension revision. BSNL management should be honest to the agreement and not succumb to the pressure of DoT.
The Kerala circle convention of forum of unions and associations in BSNL held at Trichur on 13.08.2013. All unions and association representatives participated in the convention The convention made reporting of the Delhi convention of 3rd and 6' August 2013 and discussed the need, solutions and strategies of reviving BSNL and restoring the lost glory. The convention was presided by Corn. George Varghees, SNEA. The introductory speech was made by the Corn. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU. Central office bearers, circle secretaries and circle presidents of all unions were present. On behalf of NFTE Corn. Dharmadas C/S, Corn. Radhakrishnan C/P and Michael PM (CHQ) participated.
  16-08-2013 : LICE for promotion to JTO cadre-case of Karnataka Circle. Click Here
  16-08-2013 : Implementation of order dated 08.02.2013 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in SLP© CC20410-20411/2012 (From the judgement and order dated 23-06-2011 in WA No. 354/2007, dated 28.02.2012 in RP No. 165896/2012 bearing Case No. MC No. 3272/2011in WA No.354/2007 connected vide order dated 21.03.2012 of the High Court of Assam)- Case of Shankar Das & Ors – reg. Click Here
  16-08-2013 : Constitution-of-Councils, viz. National Council, Circle Councils and Local Councils -thereof. Click Here
  16-08-2013 : LICE for promotion to TM Cadre -Case of NE-II Circle. Click Here
  16-08-2013 : Holding of any agitational programme in the BSNL premises, viz. dharna, demonstration etc. - guidelines regarding. Click Here
  14-08-2013 : Revision of Pension of Pre and Post 2007 absorbed BSNL retired employees. Letter No.-TF-11/3(b), Dated:-13-08-2013. Click Here
  14-08-2013 : District Conference and seminar at Gaya (Bihar) Photo View-on dt-13/08/2013. Click Here
  13-08-2013 : President and Secy, NFTE BSNL (Com. Rajmouli) met today Director (HR), Sr. GM(Est) and Sr. GM(SR) on some issues particularly revision of pension of pre/post 2007 retirees after 78.2% IDA fixation benefit large scale cables cutting of BSNL by Reliance in Eastern UP, immunity in Transfers, Wage erosion etc. The wage erosion is still being considered by a committee of three GMs. The Court’s order has also been followed.
  13-08-2013 : Provisions of Superannation benefits to directly recruited employees in BSNL-Comments of NFTE relating to the proposal. Letter No.-TF-11/10(b), Dated:-13-08-2013. Click Here
  10-08-2013 : Organisational Tour of General Secretary:- (1) General Secretary will attend District conference and seminar of South Area of Bihar at Gaya on 13-08-2013. (2) He will also attend the organizational meeting at Muzafferpur and Sitamarhi on 16/08 and 17/08-/2013.
  08-08-2013 : Request for change in the methodology for fixation of pay of TTAs. Letter No.-TF-9/2(e), Dated:-06-08-2013. Click Here
  08-08-2013 : Modification in Promotion Policy - Request for consideration. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-06-08-2013. Click Here
  07-08-2013 : Revision of Pension of Pre and Post-2007 absorbed BSNL retired employees - Request for settlement. Letter No.-TF-11/3(b), Dated:-06-08-2013. Click Here
  07-08-2013 : Benefit of merger of 50% DA effectively amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of fitment w.e.f. 10-06-2013. Letter No.-40-13/2013-Pen(T), 28-06-2013. Click Here
  07-08-2013 : National Executive Meeting of NFTE BSNL will be held on 24th and 25th September at Junagadh in Gujrat. The formal notice will be issued in due course. Participants are requested to book their tickets accordingly. It should be noted by all central office bearers and circle Secretaries that they donot arrange their return journey on 25th September before 8 P.M. Click Here
  07-08-2013 : Meeting with Director (F): President and GS met Director (F) and requested for fund to meet the requirement of circles for festival advances. He immediately instructed the concerned officer to release fund for the circles which have demanded.
  06-08-2013 : National Convention of workers held on 6th August at Mavlanker Hall, New Delhi was attended by Comrades Islam, C. Singh, Gopalkrishnan and Pattabi from NFTE. Click Here
  06-08-2013 : Meeting with Member (Services): A delegation of NFTE consisting of President, GS, Secy (Com. Seshadri), organizing Secy (Com. Gopal Krishnan) and Circle Secy, Tamilnadu (Com. Pattabi) met the members (services) on 5th August and discussed the issues. (1)Bailing out the BSNL from the present crisis: EGOM has met twice to consider the problem of BSNL/MTNL and how the extend reliefs to the Telecom PSUs. The EGOM has agreed to settle Pension issue of MTNL and contribute in Pension Fund. Now Follow up process will start at DOT-MTNL levels. After settling HR matters of two PSUs merger process of both will start Member (Sces) was emphatic that the reliefs will be extended to the BSNL/MTNL by one way or the other. (2)Pension of Pre-2007 and Post-2007 retirees:- Member (Sces) felt it is now complicated problem and DOT has sought Data from the BSNL for further action. NFTE representatives pointed out that the RMs, Group ‘D’ employees are facing stagnation to which he asserted it is not good for any organization.
  06-08-2013 : Meeting with Sr. GM (Est):- NFTE representatives consisting of President, GS, Secy (Com. Seshadri), organizing Secy (Com Gopalkrishanan), and circle Secy Tamilnadu, Com. Pattabi met Sr. GM(Est) and discussed the necessity for change in the compassionate ground appointment rule. The revision in CGA rule is under process. The HPC has cleared the CGA cases upto July, 2012.
  06-08-2013 : Meeting with GM(Telecom Factory): GS alongwith circle Secy, NFTE and others of Mumbai Telecom Factory met the GM, Telecom Factory and discussed about allotment of work in the factories.
  04-08-2013 : Bonus to BSNL staff-Request for serious consideration. Letter No.-TF-7, Dated:-04-08-2013. Click Here
  04-08-2013 : withholding of recovery from staff due to merger of 78.2% IDA for fixation benefit. Letter No.-TF-10/3, Dated:-04-08-2013. Click Here
  04-08-2013 : National Convention of Forum on revival of BSNL on 03-08-2013:- At Mavlankar Hall in New Delhi the National convention called by the Forum of BSNL unions/Associations was held under the Chairmanship of Com. Chandeshwar Singh. Nearly 1000 delegates took part in it from all over the Country. NFTE BSNL mobilized morethan 200 Comrades mainly from adjacent circles. Com. VAN. Namboodri, the convener introduced the declaration for the approval of the convention. Com. Gurudas Das Gupta, Com. Swadesh Roy, Com. B.N. Rai and Com. Thomas Jhon spoke respectively on behalf of AITUC, CITU, BMS and INTUC, Com. Uditraj, SC/ST leader also addressed the convention. All the General Secretaries of Union/Association in the forum spoke at the convention highlighting the issues for the survival of BSNL. Com. C.K. Mathivanan, Dy. G/Secy addressed the convention on behalf of NFTE-BSNL. In the end the convention approved the declaration unanimously. Now it is the duty of our circle/District secretaries to conduct the convention at their level on the revival of BSNL unitedly.
  04-08-2013 : For kind attention of circle and District Secretaries: Circle and District Secretaries are requested to send details of RMs, Group ‘D’ and other staff to CHQ who have reached to the stagnation stage due to 78.2% IDA fixation benefit by 15th August positively.
  03-08-2013 : National Convention of BSNL Employees "On Revival of BSNL" 3rd August 2013, Mavlankar Hall, New Delhi Declaration. Click Here
  03-08-2013 : National Convention of BSNL Employees "On revival of BSNL" 3rd August, 2013 Mavlankar Hall, New Delhi. Click Here
  03-08-2013 : Tears to BSNL Cheers to Pvt. Cos. Telecom Editorial August, 2013 (English & Hindi). Click Here
  02-08-2013 : Payment of allowances and extension of facilities etc to staff posted at Srinagar valley (Kashmir). Letter No.-TF-10/6(a), Dated:-02-08-2013. Click Here
  02-08-2013 : The GOM appointed to consider and suggest the measures to bail out the BSNL/MTNL from the present financial crisis met on 1st July and is reportedly approved the pension for MTNL staff. The issues of BSNL have not come for discussions. The GOM will meet again.
  02-08-2013 : GOM on state-run telcos discuss pension issue of MTNL Staff. (Source Economic Times) Click Here
  01-08-2013 : Meeting with Director (F): (1) President, NFTE alongwith SNATTA Comrades Anup Mukerjee (Kolkata TD), Naresh (Hyderabad TD) met Director (F) and explained the wage loss of TTAs and others after wage revision agreement implementation. The Director made searching questions which were answered. (2) NFTE representatives mentioned to Director (F) that there is still paucity of funds under Medical and GPF Heads.
  01-08-2013 : Wage erosion of employees: A committee of Sr. GMs has been formed on the pursuance of NFTE to resolve the wage loss of employees occurred after the implementation of second wage revision agreement. President and GS of NFTE, Com. Manish Samadhia (President, SNATTA) and Comrades Anup Mukerjee (SNATTA Kolkata TD), Naresh (SNATTA Hyderabad) met Sr. GMs, SR and Est and held discussions and impressed upon them to redress the grievance on the methodology of oil sector PSUs. The representatives urged upon them to extend the fitment benefit to post 2007 staff till the signing of wage agreement as done by HPC, BPL, IOC etc. Both the officers listened patiently. A letter No.-TF-9/9, dt-31-07-2013 was also handed over to them with other necessary documents. Click Here
  01-08-2013 : Management Trainee: President and GS met Sr. GM(PSNL) and requested for eligibility in R/R of non-executive employees against internal quota for Management Trainee examination. In course of discussions it was conveyed that some Comrades went to Court in this regard and WP is decided for non-inclusion of non executive staff in the MT R/R.
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