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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,
  30-08-2014 : Rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01-10-2000. Letter No.-40-27/2011-Pen (B)/(Misc). Dated:-29-08-2014. Click Here
  30-08-2014 : AIC at Jabalpur. Telecom Editorial September, 2014. (English & Hindi) Click Here
  30-08-2014 : Clarification regarding exercise of financial powers after merger of civil and electrical units in SSAs during ERP implementaion. Letter No.-CIT/8-10/2013/ERP/Pt.III, Dated:-29-08-2014. Click Here
  29-08-2014 : HOCC Discussions - Comments on recommendations of the consultant M/s Deloitte on HR issues. Letter No.-4-2/2014-Restructuring, Dated:-26-08-2014. Click Here
  28-08-2014 : HAPPY GANESH CHATHURTHI. Click Here
  28-08-2014 : Circle Working Committee meeting of East UP and Distt Conference concluded under Chairmanship of Com. Rajiv Verma. Com. Islam addressed the session. It was inspiring meeting at Barabanki.
  28-08-2014 : Proposal of incentive scheme for BSNL staff for making recovery of more than one year old outstanding dues in respect of permanent closed connections of leased circuits. Letter No.-28-16/2014-RM/Ent (Fin.)/, Dated:-28-08-2014. Click Here
  28-08-2014 : Proposal to provide point to point lease line in Maharashtra - Case of MCN Hathway Cable Network Service. Letter No.-TF-19/3, Dated:-27-08-2014. Click Here
  27-08-2014 : Circle Secretaries meeting will be held on 6th Sept at CTO dormitory, Eastern Court, New Delhi.
  27-08-2014 : CWC of East UP union will be held on 28th August at Barabanki. The conference of District union will be taking place on same date.
  27-08-2014 : Interest on PF 8.75% as before. No change.
  27-08-2014 : Grant of incentives to eligible non-executives for manning the vacant posts of Junior Hindi Translators (JHT) through local arrangements. Letter No.-201-01/2013-Estt.III, Dated:-25-08-2014. Click Here
  27-08-2014 : New Recruitment Rules of the Cadre of TTA. Click Here
  26-08-2014 : Amendments to the Constitution proposed for All India Conference to be held from 10th to 12th October, 2014 at Jabalpur.
  26-08-2014 : The Secretariat of NFTE BSNL met at union office, C4/1 Bangla Saheb Road, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Com. Islam Ahmed. The meeting recommended the following amendments to be placed before the All India Conference. Click Here
  25-08-2014 : President, GS and Secy, Com. Rajpal met CMD today and discussed the following matters. (1) evolvement of Rules for terminal benefits in respect of D/R BSNL staff. (2) Weightage of service for ex-servicemen in r/o LICE JTO. (3) Holding of National Council meeting.
  23-08-2014 : Minutes of the 20th meeting of Standing Committee of National Council held on 22nd July, 2014 in 8th floor Committee Room, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan. Letter No.-BSNL/39-5/SR/2014, Dated:-14-08-2014. Click Here
  23-08-2014 : Hon’ble Minister of Telecom, Shri Ravishanker Prasad addressed CGMs meeting on 22nd at BSNL Bhawan, New Delhi. Hon’ble Minister reportedly firmly asserted and asked the CGMs/GMs if they move two steps forward he will move five steps to help the BSNL. He desired that next time when he comes in such meeting the condition of BSNL be improved and it would be at respectable status. Besides Minister Secy(T) and Addl Secy (T) attended the meeting. The CGMs meeting was held in the back ground of Deloittee, consultant recommendations for restructuring
  23-08-2014 : Unending delay in settlement of pending disciplinary/vigilance cases against the pensioners – creation of an effective mechanism for speedy and time bound disposal thereof. F. No.-30-1/CVC comp./1/2014-VA, Dated:-22-08-2014. Click Here
  22-08-2014 : Anti-worker, anti-BSNL recommendation of M/s Deloittee Consultants - Protest Demonstrations on 12th and 21st August, 2014. F. No.-BSNL/7-4/SR/2014-II, Dated:-20-08-2014. Click Here
  21-08-2014 : Lunch hour Demonstration at Corporate office New Delhi:- As per earlier notification issued by Forum of BSNL unions and Assans a massive demonstration was conducted in front of BSNL head quarter in lunch hour to protest against recommendations of Deloittee consultants. GS NFTE and other Comrades from CHQ participated.
  21-08-2014 : Nominations for Local Councils. Letter No.-TF-2/2, Dated:-21-08-2014. Click Here
  21-08-2014 : National Council Meeting:- In last NC meeting the Chairman Director(HR), agreed to hold the meeting in last week of August, 2014. So far notice has not been issued by S.R. Cell. The President met GM(SR) and impressed upon him for holding the NC meeting by last week of September.
  21-08-2014 : All India Conference at Jabalpur:- GS alongwith Com. K.K. Singh, Secretary CHQ and Com. Habib Khan, circle Secretary M.P. stayed at Jabalpur on 19th & 20th August, 2014 and assessed the work of reception committee in respect of AIC. The headquarter team is fully satisfied with the united working of reception committee. The committee is facing hardships in arrangement of accommodation for stay of the delegates as the Jabalpur is military based city and no sufficient Dharmashalas etc are available there. Only marriage halls are available and that too very costly. In this circumstances the arrangement for stay is not so easy and the CHQ has come to conclusion to restrict the number of delegates as per provision in the constitution for participation. This will help the reception Committee to hold the conference in peace full manner. Later at evening on 19-08-2014 a meeting of reception committee and active members was held in which detailed discussions for preparations were held. Com. Habib Khan, circle Secretary and Com. A.K. Mishra, Secretary reception committee assured the CHQ leaders to make nice arrangement for stay of delegates. But the delegates should come as per norms provided in the constitution.
  21-08-2014 : Counting of past service of Ex-Serviceman in LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-21-08-2014. Click Here
  21-08-2014 : Delay in finalization of Staff matters pending with the BSNL Board. Letter No.-TF-14(2b), Dated:-21-08-2014. Click Here
  20-08-2014 : Eligible personnel looking after the change of Hindi translators will get Rs 800 pm as incentive. Board reportedly approved.
  20-08-2014 : TTA/ RR has been approved by BSNL board.
  20-08-2014 : Rajasthan Circle conference beginning from 1st September at Bhilwara.
  20-08-2014 : HOC meeting on 21st and 22nd August:- The CGMs of the Circles are meeting at Delhi on 21st and 22nd August on the issue of restructuring of BSNL as per Deloittee recommendations.
  20-08-2014 : Demonstration at BSNL HQr on 21st August:- The Unions and associations in Forum will organize Demonstration on 21st August against the recommendations of Deloittee consultant. NFTE will participate. The NFTE has already cautioned the administration against unilateral decision.
  19-08-2014 : Telecom PSUs headless:- The Govt which is talking about efficiency and pace in decision making but conveniently ignoring facts that two Telecom PSUs ie BSNL and MTNL are headless. Even the posts of Director are also vacant. BSNL is running without Director (Finance) and (HR). In DOT posts of Member (Services) and Member (Technology) are vacant. How efficiency and pace can be achieved? (Based on TOI, dt-19-08-2014).
  19-08-2014 : All India Conference:- The All India Conference has to conclude within 3 days from 10th to 12th October, 2014 as Reception Committee couldnot get accommodation for 13th. In view of above the participants should arrange their journey in such a way on 12th that they disperse only after conclusion of conference. All out efforts will be made to end the session by 8 PM on 12th October.
  19-08-2014 : National Executive to meet on 9th October. Click Here
  19-08-2014 : DOT working on modalities of BSNL-MTNL merger without no fixed time frame. It may take 2 years. Click Here
  19-08-2014 : Circle Secretaries meet on 6th Sept at Delhi:- Click Here
  19-08-2014 : Secretariat of NFTE will meet on 25th August at 1500 hours. Click Here
  16-08-2014 : CWC of eastern UP is being held on 28th August at Barabanki SSA.
  16-08-2014 : All Circle/District Secretaries please note Bank details for payment of CHQ quota through NFTE/RTGS. Click Here
  16-08-2014 : "Regarding Outsourcing of Wireline broadband services (Provisioning and maintenance)". Letter No.-Sr. GM(BB)/Misc-09/27-10(2), 06-08-2014. Click Here
  14-08-2014 : Change of date of 11th meeting of BSNL Staff Welfare Board. Letter No.-12-1/2013/BSNL-(WL), Dated:-14-08-2014. Click Here
  13-08-2014 : Formation of a Committee to explore the possibility of setting up of a company funded by Maharatna and other CPSEs to administer and manage the sick CPSEs which may be revived. F. No.-DPE/14(17)/2014-Fin.(PP), Dated:-04-08-2014. Click Here
  13-08-2014 : As per call from FORUM of BSNL unions/Associations Lunch hour demonstrations were conducted throughout the country to protest against recommendations of Deloittee consultants. News and photos have been received from several places like Indore(M.P.), Mumbai (MH), Raipur (CG), Punjab. Click Here
  11-08-2014 : (1) Organize and conduct lunch hour demonstration on 12-08-2014 at SSA/ circle level, against “Deloitee consultant report”. All District/Circle Secretaries are requested to make the programme success. (2) Lunch hour demonstration will be conducted at corporate office only on 21-08-2014, instead of 12-08-2014.
  09-08-2014 : Demonstration at jamshedpur under leadership of Com. K.K.Singh. Click Here
  09-08-2014 : JAC (Non-Executive Unions/Associations) call for “Demands day” on 07-08-2014 successfully conducted:- Congratulations to one and all:- As per reports reaching to CHQ, Demands day was organised at all levels throughout the country. It strengthen the unity of Non-Executive employees and determined to fight in coming days for securing long pending demands of employees. Click Here
  09-08-2014 : Reply from Hon’ble MOC & IT in Rajya Sabha in respect of BSNL financial condition. Click Here
  09-08-2014 : Will not allow BSNL to die: Minister. (Source The Hindu) Click Here
  07-08-2014 : Conduct lunch hour demonstration on 12-08-2014:- As per decision taken in the meeting of Forum of union and Association of BSNL (Non Executives and Executives) a massive demonstration is to be conducted at every level viz Distt, circle and Corporate office to protest against the recommendation of Deliotee consultant.
  07-08-2014 : Bihar:- A huge gathering of BSNL staff demonstrated at CGMT office at Patna. Com. Shrawan Kumar Dubey circle Secretary NFTE and other leaders of JAC addressed the gathering and explained all the 30 points long pending demands of non-executive and asked the workers to be unite to fight till the grievances are settled. Click Here
  07-08-2014 : JAC of non-executive unions/associations conducted lunch hour demonstration at BSNL head quarter New Delhi. Latter a mass meeting was held under the presidentship of Com. Chandeshwar Singh GS NFTE who placed the details of demands and explained how the issues related to the non-executives are not only delayed but denied by the management. Leaders from BSNLEU, NFTO, ATM, BSNLMS and other unions – addressed in the meeting. All most all the speakers pointed out and exhorted that the management is keeping deaf ear upon genuine demands like stagnation, wage erosion, payment of PLI, LTC Medical etc. The Comrades from Corporate office, NTR, NTP and other BSNL offices participated in the demonstration and mass meeting.
  07-08-2014 : Tamilnadu:- More than two thousand employees participated in lunch hour demonstration in Tamilnadu circle.
  07-08-2014 : Pre-paid Sim to non-executive employees - regarding. Letter No.-TF-19/4, Dated:-04-08-2014. Click Here
  07-08-2014 : Notice for All India Conference. Letter No.-TF-1/2/AIC, Dated-06-08-2014. Click Here
  06-08-2014 : Grant of Cash award to Sportspersons for achieving excellence in International Tournaments/Meets during 2013. Letter No.-32-3/2014-BSNL(Sports), Dated:-04-08-2014. Click Here
  06-08-2014 : Grant of Cash award to Sportspersons for achieving excellence in National Tournaments/Meets during 2013. Letter No/-32-2/2014-BSNL(Sports), Dated:-04-08-2014. Click Here
  06-08-2014 : DOT refute CAG’S charges of favours leveled against Reliance:- The DOT has refuted the allegations of CAG on alleged violations in the 4G spectrum allocation to infotel Broad band services which is now a Reliance Industries Company. The DOT has also rejected the demand of CAG for cancellation of the license. Mukesh Ambani acquired the IBSPL in June,2010 and won BWA spectrum for Rs. 12,750 crores through the process of auction.
  05-08-2014 : Salient points of Deloitte recommendations for restructuring of PSU are listed below. These require in depth study for proper representation to BSNL HQR. The circle Secretaries and central office bearers are requested to study and equip the NFTE HQR with their views very urgently. Click Here
  05-08-2014 : Strike deferred:- The Strike scheduled to take place on 04-08-2014 in Insurance Sector was deferred to take place on the day the bill is passed by Raya Sabha.
  05-08-2014 : Meeting with GM(Restg):- President met GM(Restg) on 4th instant on the issue of restructuring of BSNL as per recommendations of the consultant, Deolitte. She told that the recommendations will be discussed with the unions after CGMs conference.
  05-08-2014 : Meeting with GM(Adm) in BSNL HQR:- President met GM(Adm) on 04-08-2014 and requested him to issue orders for CUG, C-Top up facilities in Rs. 200/- Sim. He was also requested for getting activated from Pune.
  05-08-2014 : Meeting with GM(Cash) in BSNL HQR:- GM has told the President that more than Rs. 16 crores have been allotted to Gujrat for GPF payment. The payment has not been made to staff. The PGM(F) was contacted who told due to local ERP problems payments could not be made.
  05-08-2014 : National Executive to meet on 9th October before AIC:- The National Executive of union will meet on 09-10-2014 before the commencement of All India conference form 10th October at Jabalpur. This has necessitated as accommodation is not available on 13th. The central office bearers circle Secretaries and CHQ invitees should arrange their journey accordingly. The Reception Committee has agreed to make arrangements for NE on 9th October.
  05-08-2014 : Massive lunch hour Demonstration on 12th August:- The Forum of unions and associations in BSNL met on 04-08-2014 and decided to organize a massive demonstration at BSNL, circle and SSA head quarters on 12-08-2014 against anti BSNL and anti employees recommendations of Deliottee consultants, organize and participate in full strength.
  05-08-2014 : Identification of sensitive and non-sensitive posts in BSNL. Letter No.- 21-10-2013/VA, Dated:-04-08-2014. Click Here
  04-08-2014 : Com. C.N. Javia District Secretary, Rajkot and permanent invitee CHQ retired on superannuation on 31-07-2014. He is a senior Comrade in the organization for long 45 years. CHQ conveys best wishes to him and wish happy retired life.
  04-08-2014 : Preparations for All India Conference are in full swing. All the circle Secretaries are requested to intimate the number of expected delegates to the Reception Committee to avoid inconveniences and hardships. The Reception Committee is making arrangement with the limited resources.
  04-08-2014 : All India Conference at Jabalpur:- The Secretary, Reception Committee Com. A.K. Mishra has conveyed that the preparations for All India Conference are in full swing. All the circle Secretaries are requested to intimate the number of expected delegates to the Reception Committee to avoid inconveniences and hardships. The Reception Committee is making arrangement with the limited resources.
  04-08-2014 : LICE JTO Result in Tamilnadu:- Appeal filed in the High Court and Case has been heard today. The Court has asked details of vacancies upto year 1999.
  04-08-2014 : Reception Committee for All India conference scheduled to be held from 10th to 12th October, 2014 at Jabalpur has been formed Comrade A.K. Mishra, MP 09425868100 and 08827912577 IS Secy Reception Committee Com. Habib Khan, circle Secy is Vice President of Reception Committee and his No. is 9425015786. Letter dt-31-07-2014. Click Here
  04-08-2014 : Strike against 49% FDI in insurance Sector:- All the Trade unions are organizing strike today against increase of 49% Foreign Direct Investment in Insurance. NFTE extends support to the struggle. The insurance bill is likely to come today in Rajya Sabha. It is already passed in the Lok Sabha. The BJP has opposed this bill at the time of UPA-II Govt.
  02-08-2014 : Presidential orders in respect of TSMs promoted to the Cadre of Telecom Mechanic-regarding. Letter No.-TF-24/4, Dated:-02-08-2014. Click Here
  02-08-2014 : Recommendations of the "Deloitte" for the restructuring of BSNL. Letter No.-TF-6/2, Dated:-02-08-2014. Click Here
  02-08-2014 : Corporate office Letter on Database of BSNL employees both Executives as well as Non-Executives. Letter No.-3-4/2013-Estt.III, Dated:-01-08-2014. Click Here
  02-08-2014 : Corporate office called nominations for Sanchar Krida Award for outstanding Sportspersons in BSNL for the year 2013. Letter No.-32-1/2014-BSNL(Sports), Dated:-01-08-2014. Click Here
  01-08-2014 : Non-declaration of JTO LICE result at Tamilnadu - Request for intervention. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-01-08-2014. Click Here
  01-08-2014 : The meeting of BSNL Board is scheduled to take place on 5th August. The HR matters particularly R/RS of JTO, TTA, and Hindi Translator etc may come for discussion and approval.
  01-08-2014 : Recruitment of Junior Hindi Translators through Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) to be held on 9th November, 2014 – Corrigendum. Letter No.-50-1/2013-DE, Dated:-30-07-2014. Click Here
  31-07-2014 : Revised Allocation of Drop wire for the year 2014-15. Letter No.-14-1/2014-TEP, Dated:-30-07-2014. Click Here
  31-07-2014 : Encashment of EL at the time of avalling LTC by Govt. Employees on deemed deputation to BSNL. Letter No.-500-141/2012/CA-II/BSNL/Vol.II, Dated:-31-07-2014. Click Here
  31-07-2014 : Settlement may not be avoided. Telecom, Editorial (English & Hindi). Click Here
  30-07-2014 : Circle Executive Committee meeting and seminar at Ludhiyana:- On the occasion of CEC meeting of Punjab circle a seminar was also organised in Gurunanak Bhawan, Ludhiyana on 28-07-2014 under the Presidentship of Com. Amit Mittal circle President Com. M.L. Sharma placed and explained the subject in the house “the role of workers in survival of BSNL”. Besides General Secretary the seminar was also addressed by Shri S.K. Nigam PGMT Jalandhar who attended the meeting on behalf of CGMT Punjab circle, Shri Nigam explained the financial position of BSNL and appeal to the workers to come forward to work for marketing. He added that the large number of staff is a asset for the company. Addressing the meeting GS exhorted all the difficulties faced by the non-executive workers in way to maintain the services as well as to provide new connections. He urged all the workers to work hard with available materials and try to retain our subscribers by providing good services to them. The General Secretary of AITUC Punjab state addressed the seminar and explained the difficulties created by the previous Govt to all PSUs in the country. He added that only the unity of the workers can protect the public sector and the workers. All Public sector workers must united and can forwarded to protect against the Anti Public Sector Policies of the Govt. Shri Batra, DGM, Shri Shrivastav DGM and several other officers were also participated in the meeting. The meeting ended with concluding speech and Vote of Thanks by Shri Amit Mittal, President.
  30-07-2014 : Shri S.C. Mishra member (Services) Honoured by Karnataka Circle:- Com. K.S. Sheshadri, CS Karnataka accompanied by GS and A. Rajamouli Secretary CHQ honoured Shri S.C. Mishra with Shawl, memento, who will be retiring on superannuation on 31-07-2014. Shri S.C. Mishra member (S) conveyed his regards and best wishes to all fraternity of NFTE BSNL.
  30-07-2014 : Agenda items for 11th staff welfare board meeting. Click Here
  30-07-2014 : Corporate office issued notification for 11th meeting of BSNL staff welfare board. Letter No.-12-1/2013/BSNL(WL), dt-28-07-2014. Click Here
  30-07-2014 : Reply from Hon’ble MOC & IT in Rajya Sabha on performance of BSNL & MTNL. Click Here
  26-07-2014 : Observe demand day on 07-08-2014:- Click Here
  25-07-2014 : Books for Telecom Mechanics are available. These can be obtained from NFTE office C-4/1, Bangla Saheb Road, New Delhi by sending DD of Rs. 275/- in favour of Treasurer, NFTE BSNL, New Delhi (Hindi version books available).
  25-07-2014 : Evolving of formula for payment of PLI to non-executive staff in BSNL - regarding. Letter No.-TF-7/1, Dated:-25-07-2014. Click Here
  24-07-2014 : Meeting with CMD:- President, Secy (Com. Rajpal) and circle Secy, Jharkhand (Com. Mahabir Singh) met the CMD and drew his attention for early settlement of the following issues:- Click Here
  24-07-2014 : Meeting of PLI Committee:- The joint committee consisting of official and staff side met on 23rd July on the issue of Payment of PLI to the non-executive employees. The NFTE was represented by its President and Leader staff side of National council. The official side presented a proposed KPI’s measure performance table for the payment of PLI. The NFTE sensed the game plan as it is just a play to deny the PLI to the employees. The NFTE argued on the basis of already submitted “Note” that the minimum PLI, Rs. 3500, be fixed first and thereafter parameters be evolved for increase in the amount. NFTE also made it clear that the mindset of the management should be to pay PLI and not to scuttle the claim. Further discussions may take place soon. Click Here
  24-07-2014 : Designation Committee:- The Joint designation committee met on 23rd July. The NFTE was represented by GS and Com. Mahabir Singh, Circle Secy, Jharkhand. Fruitful discussions have taken place. It is expected by next meeting the issue of designation of TTA, Sr. TOA, TM and RM will be resolved. Earlier, the management side was told that the above 6/7 years without solution. In respect of TTA and Sr. TOA Cadres management side proposal. (1) TTA:- Telecom Engineering Associate (TEA). (2) Sr. TOA:- Telecom office Associate (TOA)….(3) NFTE’s proposal – (a) TTA:- Junior Engineer Telecom. (b) Sr. TOA:- Sr. Telecom office manager.
  23-07-2014 : The 20th Standing Committee meeting of National Council was held on 22nd July. Some of the items discussed are as below. Click Here
  23-07-2014 : Items for discussion in the 31st Meeting of National Council submitted by Secretary, Staff Side. Letter No. National Council/2004, dt-23-07-2014. Click Here
  23-07-2014 : A note on PLI has been submitted to GM(Restg) on 13-07-2014 for the consideration. The PLI committee consisting of Management Side and staff side will meet today. Letter No.-TF-7/1, dt-13-07-2014. Click Here
  22-07-2014 : Superannuation benefits to the Directly recruited BSNL employees - evolving of rules regarding. Letter No.-TF-11/3, Dated:-22-07-2014. Click Here
  22-07-2014 : GPF:- President and GS met the ED(Finance) and discussed the matter. The problem will be settled by 31st July.
  22-07-2014 : Entry in the Service Books and HRMS system regarding Temporary Status Mazdoors (TSM) period --- Instructions thereof. Letter No.-250-20/2014-Estt-III. Dated:-21-07-2014. Click Here
  22-07-2014 : Court verdict, for counting of service of Ex-Servicemen for eligibility to appear in JTO LICE, 2013. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-21-07-2014. Click Here
  21-07-2014 : The DOT has raised the issue of 60.40 of pension expenditures with the DOE of MOF. According to DOT the pension expenditures are more than the 60% of tax receipts from BSNL and MTNL and want to evade its responsibility of payment. This must awake us before it is too late. The DOT replying to the points of DOE for revision in pension due to 78.2% IDA merger has stated as enumerated below. (1)The pension of employees retired between 01-01-2007 to 09-06-2013 can be revised on the basis of notional fixation of pay citing the past example of organized account. (2) The issue of pension revision of Pre-2007 retirees has to go to the cabinet. Let there be dispassionate consideration how to keep the pension intact for serving and retired employees both. If not today there will be dark situation tomorrow. Should we wait for dark days?
  21-07-2014 : Wage loss to Post-2007 appointees in BSNL-regarding. Letter No.-TF-9/9, Dated:-21-07-2014. Click Here
  21-07-2014 : Problems regarding payment of GPF advances to the staff-remedial action regarding. Letter No.-TF-11/11, Dated:-21-07-2014. Click Here
  19-07-2014 :Restricted Holiday (R.H) on the occasion of the Maha Shivratri to be observed on 17th Februray, 2015 F.No. 3-1/2010-TE Dated 15-07-2014. Click Here
  19-07-2014 :Heads of circle conference to be held on 12 & 13th August to discuss deloitte consultants report. Letter no. 4-2/2014- Restg dated 18-07-2014. Click Here
  Annexure I   Annexure II   Annexure III   Annexure IV  
  19-07-2014 :Reply from hon'ble MOC&IT in Rajya Sabha on merger of loss making BSNL with MTNL. Click Here
  19-07-2014 : Gist of Recommendations of Deloittee Consultant : All the circle/district Secretaries are requested to go through the recommondations of Deloittee Consultant and send your views to CHQ as early as possible. Click Here
  19-07-2014 : Recruitment of Junior Hindi Translators through Limited Internal Compatitive Examination(LICE) to be held on 9th November,2014 Letter No. 50-1/2013-DE Dated 14-07-2014. Click Here
  18-07-2014 : JAC meeting held on 17-07-2014. Click Here
  18-07-2014 : Revision of pension/family pension of Pre-2007 retirees BSNL IDA pensioners/family pensioners who retired prior to 01-01-07 and post 2007 BSNL IDA pensioners who retired between 01-01-2007 and 09-06-2013 by allowing the benefit the merger of 50% DA/DR effectively amounting to 78.2%. Letter No.-40-13/2013-Pen(T), Dated:-11-07-2014. Click Here
  17-07-2014 : Record of discussions of the meeting held at 1100 hrs. on 27th June, 2014 under the chairmanship of Director (HR) with the representatives of Joint Action Committee of Unions/Associations. Letter No.-BSNL/39-6/SR/2014, Dated:-09-07-2014. Click Here
  17-07-2014 : Timely and expeditious disposal of pension cases of the pensioners. Letter No.-40-14/2013-Pen. (B), Dated:-16-07-2014. Click Here
  17-07-2014 : Periodical funds authorization to circles - instructions thereon-reg. Letter No.-16-04/2014-CB (Part), Dated:-10-07-2014. Click Here
  15-07-2014 : Recognition of majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL - Holding of 1st membershp verification - Stay on clause 5(I) of Recognition Rules regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2014, Dated:-15-07-2014. Click Here
  14-07-2014 : Minutes of the 19th meeting of Standing Committee of National Council held on 26th June, 2014 in 8th floor Committee Room, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan. Letter No.-BSNL/39-5/SR/2014, Dated:-09-07-2014. Click Here
  14-07-2014 : NFTE(BSNL) is improving in west Bengal circle:- A meeting held at Bakura(WB) on 11-07-2014 in presence of Com. Chitra Basu, circle Secretary and members have joined NFTE. On dated:-12-07-2014, a new Branch was opened at Adra where 60 new members joined with NFTE. CHQ welcomes the new Comrades. Click Here
  12-07-2014 : Honble Communication Minister in written reply to question has stated in Rajya Sabha that the Govt will provide Rs. 39000 crores for modernization and revival of BSNL and MTNL.
  11-07-2014 : Contact No. of Com. Islam Ahmad President – Please dial BSNL Cell Phone No.-09452848182 as the MTNL No.-9868230506 is not working due to same fault in SIM.
  11-07-2014 : Rate of Transport Allowance to Blind or Orthopedically handicapped employees. Letter No.-15-1/2014-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-11-10-2014. Click Here
  11-07-2014 : Circle Executive Committee Meeting of UP(W) circle:- As notified earlier by the circle Secy UP(W) circle the CEC was started at 11.00 am on 10-07-2014 under the presidentship of Com. Kamal Singh (Bulandshahar). All the District secretaries participated in the debate upon the functioning of circle as well as central head quarter of the union. Com. Sompal Saini replied all the issues raised by the speakers upto their satisfaction. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, GS also addressed the session and explained all the issues like PLI, Stagnation of the staff wage erosion of post 2007 recruits, BBNL, Tower sharing company and other issues raised by the Comrades. The meeting was conducted is very nice manner and it was concluded with vote of thanks by Com. Kamal Singh, President of the meeting. Click Here
  11-07-2014 : Seminar at Agra:- On the accession of District conference of NFTE(BSNL) Agra SSA and circle executive committee meeting a seminar was organized at CTO club room Agra under the presidentship of Shri Harish Arora AGM Sales and Marketing. The subject of discussion was placed by Com. Charan Singh District Secretary Agra SSA with detail explanation and Com. C. Singh GS, Com. Sompal Saini C/S, Com. Kamal Singh Mathura, Shri Mishra AGM, The CAO Agra Telecom Distt and Shri Raj Kumar Slanka GMTD Agra participated in debate. The hall was full crowded. GS explained the several tips through which BSNL can move forward and workers may also be protected. The General Manager while addressing exhorted the service condition and revenue earning of Agra SSA. He appealed to the workers to come forwarded and join the marketing team to increase the number of customers which is the only way to earn more revenue. Latter in a delegate session a team of office bearers were elected unanimously lead by Com. Charan Singh, Com. Kamal Singh and Com. Raman Lal as President, Distt Secretary and Treasurer. Click Here
  11-07-2014 : Denial of Rs. 200/- prepaid SIM to the staff working in MTNL service area. Letter No.-TF-16/4, Dated:-07-07-2014. Click Here
  11-07-2014 : Payment of IDA at revised rates regarding. Letter No.-14-1/2012-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-09-07-2014. Click Here
  08-07-2014 : Board level and below Board level posts including non-unionised supervisors in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)-Revision of scales of pay w.e.f. 01-01-2007 - Payment of IDA at revised rates-regarding. Letter No.-W-02/0002/2014-DPE(WC)-GL-XII/14, Dated:-03-07-2014. Click Here
  08-07-2014 : Modification in Policy for grant of Concessional telephone facility to retired/retiring employees of BSNL. Letter No.-02-07/2007-PHA, Dated:-12-06-2014. Click Here
  08-07-2014 : Strengthening emphasis on performance Management System:- DO. No.-3-2/2014-Restg(Pt.), Dated:-07-07-2014 from Shri A.N. Rai Chairman & Managing Director BSNL. Click Here
  08-07-2014 : Mass meeting at Kharagpur on 06-07-2014:- GS attended a mass meeting of BSNL workers at Kharagpur which was organized by the District union to welcome the new members who joined our union in large number. The meeting was presided over by Com. Pulak Ganguli and addressed by the GS, Com. Chitra Basu circle Secretary, Com. Gautam Chattergi D/S CGMT SSA, Com. Sameer Mukhergi D.S. Kolkata SSA. Com. Nikhil Astt. Circle Secretary WBT circle and other local comrades including SNATTA representative who placed several issues which was replied by the GS with full satisfaction to the workers. Com. Pulak Ganguli exhorted the organizational policy of the NFTE and he added that the NFTE is functioning with some ideology and we have to keep a firm view to adopt that ideology which will ultimately help us to protect the BSNL as well as its workers. He explained that NFTE is functioning on total internal democracy and none of the member will be left un touched to run the union. The meeting was concluded after vote of Thanks by Com. Ashish Sarkar. Com. Sarkar assured the gathering that the unit of NFTE at Kharagpur will work with general consensus and the issues related to all the members will be taken up with the management for its settlement. Click Here
  08-07-2014 : NFTE union office inaugural function at Kolkata:- GS inaugurated the union office of NFTE(BSNL) of CGMT office SSA on 05-07-2014. Though the allotted accommodation is not suitable for the functioning of the union as the room is totally inhygienic. There is no ventilation in that room. Despite all negatives our Distt. union accepted the accommodation and organized a colourfull function on the day. Latter a meeting was organized under the presidentship of Com. G.C. Bhawal in club room, which was addressed by GS, Com. Pulak Ganguli Vice President CHQ, Com. Chitra Basu circle Secretary WBT circle, Com. Gautam Chattargi Distt. Secretary CGMT office SSA, Com. Sameer Mukhargi D.S. Kolkata SSA. In his speech GS explained all the issues related to staff as well as the financial condition of BSNL. He urge upon the workers to work hard to save the BSNL and its staff. Com. Pulak Ganguli appealed the workers to unite otherwise BSNL cannot be saved. Com. G.C. Bhawal reported the glorious history of NFTE. The meeting was concluded after a vote of thanks by Com. Gautam. Click Here
  08-07-2014 : Court verdict regarding counting of service for ex-servicemen. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-08-07-2014. Click Here
  07-07-2014 : Meeting of the Committee to involve scheme of Bonus/Productivity Linked incentive based on PMS. Letter No.-1-5/2012-Restrg, Dated:-07-07-2014. Click Here
  07-07-2014 : Meeting of Joint Committee to sugest change in designation of major Non-Executive Cadres. Letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg, Dated:-07-07-2014. Click Here
  07-07-2014 : BSNL HQR has issued orders letter No.-5-8/2013-DE, Dated:-04-07-2014, for rectification of discrepancies in JTO LICE held on 2nd June, 2013. Click Here
  05-07-2014 : Provision of Pre-Paid GSM SIM Card to all non-executive employees working in BSNL. Letter No.-06-01/2012-PHA(Pt), Dated:-01-07-2014. Click Here
  03-07-2014 : National Council items for August, 2014 meeting from NFTE-BSNL. Click Here
  03-07-2014 : Shri Ram Sewak Sharma Ex. DG UIDAI, IAS-JH-78 batch presently holding Secretary DEITY shall look after charge of Secretary DOT for 3 months.
  02-07-2014 : Task Becoming Difficult. Telecom Editorial, July, 2014. (English & Hindi). Click Here
  02-07-2014 : GS will attend union office inaugural function at Kolkata on 05-07-2014 and he will address a mass meeting of BSNL workers at Durgapur (West Bengal) on 06-07-2014. GS will return to head quarter on 08-07-2014 (Morning).
  02-07-2014 : Circle Executive Committee meeting of UP(West) circle:- As per notification issued by circle Secretary U.P.(West). The circle executive committee meeting of UP (West) is scheduled to be held on 10-07-2014 in Agra. The District conference of Agra SSA will also be held on 09-07-2014 GS will attend both the meetings on 9th & 10th July at Agra.
  02-07-2014 : BSNL order on pay fixation in case of Group “C” & “D” officials absorbed in BSNL who have opted for IDA pay scale from the date of promotion after 01-10-2000-withholding of recovery. Letter No.-1-15/2011-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-01-07-2014. Click Here
  01-07-2014 : Suggestions for PLI:- The NFTE in the meetings of 26th/27th June firmly took the position and opposed the linking of payment of PLI with the performance of individuals and profit because it was against the DPE guidelines of year 2011. The BSNL management has agreed on 27th instant for payment of Productivity Linked incentive. A formula has to be evolved on the said basis. The Joint Committee consisting of officials and staff side is entrusted for the purpose. The circle Secretaries and others are requested to send their suggestions and views to CHQ within a week.
  01-07-2014 : District conference of Latur (Maharashtra) – District conference of Latur SSA held on 29-06-2014. It was attended by Com. Harish Muktali Secretary CHQ. Com. Muktali in his speech exhorted all the staff related issues and he said that for settlement of pending issues the formation of JAC is need of the time. He appeal the workers to work hard to bring the BSNL back to its previous glory position. The conference elected Com. M.K. Tondare, Shri D.G. Kulkarni and Shri Pattekar as President, Distt. Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
  01-07-2014 : Shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR) holds the charge of CMD BSNL. Click Here
  01-07-2014 : Shri R.K. Upadhyay CMD BSNL retired on 30-06-2014 from Service. NFTE delegation led by Com. C. Singh GS met him in the evening and conveyed best wishes on his superannuation. His contributions to BSNL in 3 years period are memorable. He strengthened the organization status by recognizing two non-executive unions in BSNL is exemplary one.
  30-06-2014 : 2.9% increase in IDA from 01-07-2014( i.e. 88.4 + 2.9 =91.3%).
  28-06-2014 : JAC of non-executive unions meeting on 27-06-2014 with management. Click Here
  27-06-2014 : POs of TSMs in Bihar:- The matter was raised very strongly. The Director (HR) ordered to seek explanation why Bihar circle has not done even after six months.
  27-06-2014 : Meeting of Standing Committee of NC:- The meeting was held on 26-06-2014 in which the official side was represented by GM(SR), GM(Est) and GM(EF). Click Here
  27-06-2014 : Management approved the order for distribution of a Sim Card for the value of Rs.200/- to all the non- executive employees. Cost of the Sim (Rs. 20/-) will be paid by staff. Orders are under issue.
  27-06-2014 : Adequate allotment of fund for GPF payment. Letter No.-TF-11/11, Dated:-26-06-2014. Click Here
  27-06-2014 : Relaxation in qualifying standards for SC/ST employees - wrong implementation of the DOP&T guidelines and depriving the benefit- request for consideration-reg. Letter No.-5-8/2013-DE, Dated:-20-06-2014. Click Here
  27-06-2014 : Benefit of merger of 50% DR effectively amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of revision of pensionary benefits of BSNL IDA pensioners/family pensioners w.e.f. 10-06-2013-reg. Letter No.-A-19/2012-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-03-06-2014. Click Here
  27-06-2014 : A meeting between unions of Non-executives under the banner of JAC will take place with Director (HR) from 1100 hours for settlement of long pending problems submitted on 09-04-2014 to CMD BSNL. Click Here
  27-06-2014 : Standing Committee will meet again on 22nd July to discuss some old items.
  27-06-2014 : Formation of JAC at circle and District levels:- The JAC in its meeting, held on 26-06-2014, under the chairmanship of Com. C.Singh, GS NFTE, has decided to form the committee at circle and District levels also. The CIRCLE/District Secretaries should take leading role in the formation.
  26-06-2014 : The Forum of unions and associations in BSNL held a meeting on 25th and decided as below:- (i) Hon’ble Minister of Communication will be again approached for grant of meeting on the issue of revival of BSNL. (ii) The DOT has still not answered to the queries of MOF on issue of revision in pension on the basis of 78.2% IDA fixation benefit. The Secy, DOT will be approached again for reply to MOF and settlement. Com. Islam presided the meeting.
  26-06-2014 : 2nd day of Kerala circle conference:- The delegate session started at 10.30am and it was inaugurated by the General Secretary. GS exhorted all the long pending HR issues for which the JAC submitted a memorandum to the CMD. He also explained the negatives of Tower sharing subsidiary company. Latter Com. D.Das circle Secretary placed the report on activities as well as financial report which was passed by the house after through Discussion. After lunch break the house again assembled at 0315 and elected a team of 21 office bearers lead by Com. P.K. Radhakrishnan Trissur, Com. Lolita G. Nair, Kalicut, Com. K. Abdullah Malapuram as president, circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com. Dharmdas out-going circle Secretary. He appealed to the newly elected office bearers to work hard to make the NFTE more strong and which will help us to save the BSNL. Click Here
  25-06-2014 : SIM Card of Rs.200/- to all non-executives. Favourable orders are expected soon.
  25-06-2014 : Notification for holding departmental examination for promotion to TM Cadre - Request for modification/corrigendum. Letter No.-TF-14/2(d), Dated:-25-06-2014. Click Here
  25-06-2014 : The forum of unions and associations will meet today at 1600 hours.
  24-06-2014 : JAO R/R:- BSNL management has approved 5 years service condition for JAO Deptl Candidates. The matter has been sent to Board for approval.
  24-06-2014 : Kerala circle conference:- GS hoisted the NFTE flag at 11.00. The circle conference started as per earlier notification. The first session was presided over by Com. Radhkrishanan, circle President and it was addressed by Com. Jayadevan, M.P. Trissur, Com. K.P. Rajendran, Ex. Revenue Minister Kerala and Com. Prakash Babu CPI Leader. BSNLEU circle President and leaders from executive associations also addressed the meeting. After lunch a seminar was organised which was presided by Com. C.K. Mathivanan, Dy.GS. Besides CHQ Leaders the seminar was addressed by Shri A. Jayshankar President Indian Association of lawyers. Shri S.S. Thampi PGMT Trissur SSA and other leaders from Bank etc. GS, Dy.GS and Com. Gopal Krishnan All India organizing Secretary are attending the conference. The seminar concluded after a Vote of Thanks by Com. M. Samsuddin D.S. Palakkad SSA.
  24-06-2014 : Non-settlement of problem in Bihar circle causing agitation at programme:- President met GM(SR) and apprised present situation. He has prolonged discussions with the CGM about the issues for settlement. He has advised the CGM to sort out the matters.
  24-06-2014 : CAT decision in respect of Ex-servicemen for JTO LICE:- The Court Judgment is being examined and the stand of BSNL HQR may be known within few days. The NFTE has pleaded that the result of provisionally permitted candidates be declared as their number is not much.
  24-06-2014 : Chennai Cat verdict for promotion to JTO Cadre vis-à-vis LICE:- BSNL HQR has decided to appeal against the Judgment.
  24-06-2014 : Meeting with ED(Finance) in BSNL:- President met ED(Finance), Madam Sujata Ray, and discussed the following issues. GPF fund:- Fund has been allotted to circles on uniform basis. Efforts are on to allot more fund to circles. The recovery on account of Pay Fixation of non-executives absorbed in BSNL who have opted for IDA Pay scale from the date of promotion after 01-10-2002:- The case for withholdment of recovery is now with the Head of the organization.
  24-06-2014 : Approval of JTO and TTA R/Rs and E1 scale for non-executives could not materialize due to absence of Govt nominees in Board meeting of BSNL.
  24-06-2014 : Review of JTO LICE results due to wrong and confusing answer keys etc:- BSNL HQR vide No.-5/8/2013-DE, dt-27-05-2014 has issued orders to all CGMs. The circle Secretaries of Kolkata TD, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Bihar etc are requested to pursue the matter at their respective levels.
  23-06-2014 : Non-settlement of problems in Bihar - regarding. Letter No.-TF-5, Dated:-23-06-2014. Click Here
  23-06-2014 : Pension revision of Pre/post 2007 retirees due to 78.2% IDA fixation benefit:- DOT has still not replied to the points of DOE of Ministry of Finance.
  23-06-2014 : Revamping of BSNL - regarding. Letter No.-TF-6/7, Dated:-23-06-2014. Click Here
  23-06-2014 : HRA in respect of CPSE employees (CPSEs) under 2007 Pay scales-reg. Letter No.-TF-10/4, Dated:-23-06-2014. Click Here
  21-06-2014 : Holidays to be observed in BSNL offices during the year 2015. Letter No.-3-1/2010-TE, Dated:-20-06-2014. Click Here
  21-06-2014 : DPE issued clarifications to CPSEs for finalizing the pension and post superannuation medical benefit scheme w.e.f. 01-01-2007. F. No.-W-02/0017/2014-DPE-(WC)-GL-XI/14. Dated:-21-06-2014. Click Here
  20-06-2014 : Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji MOC discussed strategy for revival of BSNL & MTNL with senior management and said no excuse for poor performance will be acceptable. Click Here
  19-06-2014 : Performance of BSNL and MTNL to be monitored closely for their revival, 2,50,000 Village Panchayats to be provided Broadband connectivity within three years – Union Minister for Communications & IT, Law & Justice, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad. Click Here
  19-06-2014 : DoPT Issues Revised Guidelines on Commencement of Pension. Dated:-18-06-2014. Click Here
  18-06-2014 : Rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01-10-2000. Letter No.-40-27/2011-Pen (B)/(Misc), Dated:-16-06-2014. Click Here
  18-06-2014 : Thanks from Com. Islam Ahmad:- I sincerely and very humbly thank all my brother officers, colleagues and Comrades who stood with me on my bereavement. Undoubtedly, presently I am saddened and upset with the sad demises of my only daughter and after two and half months my wife. I express deep regrets for not responding to the calls of well wishers emanating from different parts of the country. I could not develop courage to answer with broken heart. But I fully realize and acknowledge their anxieties for me. I also thank for condolence messages sent by Comrades and officers. These may help me to come out from the grief remembering men/women are not immortal.
  18-06-2014 : G.S. proceeded to Bhagalpur to attend the marriage ceremony of the daughter of Com. V.N. Dwivedi Ex. Vice President CHQ and a prominent leader of working class in Bihar. GS will return to Head Quarter on 23rd June.
  17-06-2014 : Voluntary Contribution of one day’s pay towards ‘Prime Minister National Relief Fund for Victims of flood in Uttarakhand. Letter No.-500-31/2012-13/CA-I/BSNL, Dated:-16-06-2014. Click Here
  17-06-2014 : Recognition of majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL – Facilities. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2014(2), Dated:-16-06-2014. Click Here
  16-06-2014 : News paper clipping in respect of seminar and Distt. conference of Bijnor SSA(U.P. West). Click Here
  14-06-2014 : LICE result in respect of Kolkata TD - Request for review. Letter No.-22-24/2012-Rectt.(Pt), Dated:-12-06-2014. Click Here
  14-06-2014 : Holding of meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council - regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/39-5/SR/2014, Dated:-12-06-2014. Click Here
  14-06-2014 : BSNLMRS- Guidelines for regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment - cases where no CGHS rates are prescribed for any treatment/procedure. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-3/11(Vol.II), Dated:-13-06-2014. Click Here
  14-06-2014 : MOU Singned with Oriental Bank of Commerce(OBC) for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees. Letter No.-1-9/BFCI/Staff Loan/2011-12, Dated:-12-06-2014. Click Here
  13-06-2014 : Seminar at Bijnor(U.P. West):- A seminar was organized on the occasion of District conference of Bijnor SSA. It was addressed by Com. C.Singh G.S. Com. Sompal Saini circle Secretary, Com. Harish Sharma Distt. Secretary SNATTA. Besides these leaders the meeting was addressed by Shri Babu Ram G.M. and Shri L.M. Singh AGM. The meeting was concluded after vote of thanks by Com. Ramgopal Distt. Secy Bijnor. Some leaders of neighboring SSA also attended the seminar.
  12-06-2014 : Long live Com. Vichare:- We remember Com. M.B. Vichare on this day of his demise on 12th June in the year 2007. He left us while he was on organizational tour to Srinagar. BSNL workers will never forget his sacrifices as he worked hard till his last breath for the welfare of working class. We hoist our NFTE flag half mast and undertake to complete the task left by Com Vichare. Com. Vichare Amar Rahe.
  12-06-2014 : Mrs. Rashidabegam wife of Com. Islam Ahmad President NFTE expired today early morning. We convey our heartfelt condolence to bereaved family and pray God to provide peace to departed soul.
  10-06-2014 : Kerala circle conference – circle conference of NFTE(BSNL) Kerala is scheduled to be held on 24th & 25th June as notified by the circle Secretary. General Secretary is expected to attend the conference.
  09-06-2014 : JAC meeting:- A meeting of the Joint Action Committee of the union & Association of non-executive will be held at 1600 pm on 26-06-2014 at BSNL MS office New Delhi.
  07-06-2014 : Issue of HRA in respect to employees of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) under 2007 pay scales. Letter No.-1-12/2009-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-06-06-2014. Click Here
  05-06-2014 : Joint action committee of unions & associations of non-executives meeting will be held on 26-06-2014 at 1600 hrs in BSNL MS office. Click Here
  05-06-2014 : Adherence of procedure in OMR based Departmental Examinations for preparation of result in BSNL-confirmation. Letter No.-5-8/2013-DE, Dated:-27-05-2014. Click Here
  04-06-2014 : Corporate office order on grant of selection grade to the lift operators on completion of 8 yrs of service. Letter No.-250-13/2014-Estt.III, Dated:-03-06-2014. Click Here
  04-06-2014 : Govt extends BSNL CMD's tenure till June-end. Click Here
  02-06-2014 : State owned power grid corporation of Punjab entered into an agreement with Vodafone for provision of GSM Mobile Telephone services to their officers and staff. Prior to this, Power grid had an agreement with the BSNL for the same. Now the company left BSNL services and alleged that the BSNL authorities are careless in providing satisfactory services to the customer. It is a shocking news for BSNL. BSNL authorities and staff should take proper care upon it.
  02-06-2014 : While returning from Ajmer shareef Com. Islam addressed the office bearers of circle as well as District union of Jaipur. He explained all current issues and exhorted them to strengthen the union. Local leaders reported that there is acute shortage of materials. Latter the President met CGM Rajasthan along with circle Secretary and District Secretary Jaipur.
  02-06-2014 : Com. K.S. Gill former P&T Leader Punjab and close associate of Late Com. O.P. Gupta, expired yesterday. CHQ pay respectful homage to departed leader and pray soul rest in peace.
  02-06-2014 : Election Mahasangram. Telecom Editorial June,2014(English & Hindi). Click Here
  31-05-2014 : Forum of unions/associations submitted a memorandum to Hon’ble Minister Communications & IT. Click Here
  30-05-2014 : Cash Payment for outdoor treatment in respect of retired personnel:- Matter is under very active consideration of the BSNL HQR. The matter is reportedly referred to the BSNL management committee.
  30-05-2014 : The meetings of Standing Committee, Designation Committee etc are expected from 22nd June onward.
  30-05-2014 : Sim of Rs 200/- value to non-executive employees:- Matter is being favourably considered.
  30-05-2014 : Bring the office bearers at HQR BSNL Letter No. BSNL/39-2/SR/2014, dt-21-05-2014 to CGM, Bihar. Click Here
  30-05-2014 : Corporate office order on manning of vacant posts of Junior Hindi Translators (JHT) through local arrangements. Letter No.-201-01/2013/Estt.III, Dated:-28-05-2014. Click Here
  29-05-2014 : HRA for BSNL staff Andaman Nicobar circle:- The proposal for grant of HRA to BSNL staff at par with CG Employees is awaiting approval of Director (HR).
  29-05-2014 : President and Secy, Com. Rajmouli met the Director (HR) today and discussed the following issues problems:- Click Here
  29-05-2014 : Glimpses of Haryana circle conference:- Click Here
  29-05-2014 : The minutes of 30th Meeting of National council, held on 23-04-2014, have been issued vide letter No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2013, dt-28-05-2014. Click Here
  28-05-2014 : JAO LICE:- The proposal for 5 years service condition for JAO LICE has been cleared by the BSNL management. The matter will now go to Board for approval. Thereafter, LICE will be notified. President accompanied with Com. Rajmouli had meeting with the Sr. GM(FP).
  28-05-2014 : PLI (Bonus):- President and Com. Rajmouli, Secy met the GM(Restg). Both the unions have not agreed for performance based PLI as such the matter has been sent to Establishment branch of BSNL HQR.
  28-05-2014 : The officers working on sensitive posts be rotated, orders issued vide letter No.-400-25/2012-Pers-I, dt-26-05-2014. Click Here
  28-05-2014 : Make special recruitment to the Cadres of TTA and Sr. TOA in Andaman and Nicobar circle. Letter No.-TF-12/1(d), dt-26-05-2014. Click Here
  26-05-2014 : JAO LICE as per revised scheme and syllabus - reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(c), Dated:-26-05-2014. Click Here
  26-05-2014 : Reminder on memorandum submitted to CMD BSNL on 09-04-2014 on long pending demands of non-executive staff. Letter No.-JAC/2014, dated-26-05-2014 Click Here
  24-05-2014 : NFTE wrote to S/C S/T Parliamentary Committee on 27-01-2014 for concessions/relaxations to S/C S/T employees in BSNL. The Committee officer vide letter No.-8(87)/SCTC/2014, dt-20-05-2014 has requested Secy DOT/CMD BSNL to take appropriate action on the points referred by the union. Click Here
  24-05-2014 : Dates for the 4th All India Conference. Letter No.-TF-1/4/AIC, Dated:-24-05-2014. Click Here
  24-05-2014 : Flash News:- The All India Conference will be held from 10th to 13th October, 2014 at Jabalpur. The host branch has been intimated about the dates for arrangement. The central office bearers, circle Secretaries and the delegates may book their To and fro Journey tickets accordingly. The AIC will be limited to the accredited delegates as per provision of the constitution, circles Secretaries and central office bearers.
  24-05-2014 : Glittering Haryana circle conference concluded:- Click Here
  24-05-2014 : Stir ended:- The stir of employees at Ludhiana and Jalandhar ended after positive assurance of CGMT to sort out the issues within 2-3 weeks.
  23-05-2014 : It is reported that Com. Ajay Tiwary Distt. Secretary Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) is admitted in Apollo Hospital Ranchi after road accident. He is in critical condition. CHQ wishes early recovery of our beloved leader.
  23-05-2014 : The meeting of Forum of unions and associations took place on 22nd May under the chairmanship of Com. C. Singh, GS. The meeting decided to hand over a memorandum listing the reasons for down fall of BSNL. Com. Islam attended the meeting. The NFTE pointed out that the main reasons for crisis in BSNL are due to facts that Govt has not honoured its assurances and promises. NFTE also objected the formation of BBNL and subsidiary Tower PSUs.
  23-05-2014 : President, GS and circle Secy, Punjab met Sr. GM (SR) on 21st May and urged for restoration of normalcy at Ludhiana and Amritsar.
  23-05-2014 : President, GS and circle Secy, Andhra and ACS met the GM(Pers) on 22-05-2014 and impressed upon him the necessity for modification in R/R of Rajbhasha Adhikari.
  23-05-2014 : Corporate office guidelines for selection of coaches for 2014-15 and 2015-16- corrigendum. Letter No.-36-6/2014-BSNL (Sports), dt-19-05-2014. Click Here
  22-05-2014 : Non-holding of HPC for approval of compassionate Ground Appointment cases - Request for urgent intervention. Letter No.-TF-16/5, Dated:-22-05-2014. Click Here
  22-05-2014 : NFTE CHQ deeply condoles the death of Mother of Com. K. Vallinayagam Ex. Gen. Secretary FNTO. We share grief of the family.
  22-05-2014 : Telecom Mechanic Deptl examination:- The notification by DE branch is expected shortly. The DE section in corporate office has moved into the matter after representation to Director (HR). The NFTE leaders also met the concerned officers.
  22-05-2014 : The proposal for grant of incentive to officiating Hindi Translators is sent to BSNL Board for approval. The board is meeting on 6th June.
  21-05-2014 : TTA/JTO RRs sent to BSNL Board for approval.
  21-05-2014 : Benefits under BSNL GSLI Scheme, 2005. Letter No.-TF-16/3, Dated:-21-05-2014. Click Here
  21-05-2014 : Re-classification of cities under SR-51 as done by the MOF from time to time for the purpose of TA/DA will hold good for the BSNL employees. Letter No.-7-6/2004-EF, Dated:-02-05-2014. Click Here
  21-05-2014 : The employees at Ludhiana and Amritsar are agitating against the unhelpful attitude of Local administration.
  20-05-2014 : Congratulations… ! ... Shri Jitan Ram Manjhi elected leader of legislative council of JDU Party in Bihar assembly after resignation of Shri Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar. Shri Jitan Ram Manjhi started his political carrier in 1964 when he passed the intermediate examination, he was influenced with the ideology of CPI and worked for the labour unions at Gaya. Latter after completion of graduation he joined P&T Dept at Gaya and worked as time scale clerk in the office of Divisional Engineer Telegraphs Gaya in Bihar circle. He also elected as Divisional Secretary of AITE union class-III (NFPTE) and worked for one year. He resigned Govt service in the year 1980 and joined the main stream of politics. Now he may take over as Chief Minister of Bihar. We wish all the success in his public life.
  20-05-2014 : DO letter from CMD BSNL on initiatives for improvement in cash flow of BSNL. D.O. No.-2-2/2011-BSNL/TR, Dated:-19-05-2014. Click Here
  19-05-2014 : Benefits Available Under BSNL GSLI Scheme,2005. Letter No.-500-57/2011/GSLI/CA II/BSNL/Vol.II, Dated:-12-05-2014. Click Here
  19-05-2014 : There is increase of 2.5% revenue in BSNL. GSM revenue increase is 5% as per reliable information.
  19-05-2014 : BSNL sports and cultural board has sanctioned sports grant for deferent circle sports and cultural board. Letter No.-29-12/2013-BSNL(sports), dt-16-05-2014. Click Here
  19-05-2014 : Calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of pension payable in respect of BSNL absorbed employees. Letter No.-500-57/BSNL/2014-15/CAI/Vol V-part I/57, Dated:-09-05-2014. Click Here
  15-05-2014 : A well attended meeting of staff held today at Pratapgarh under the chairmanship of Com. Rahim Khan, Com. Mishra welcomed the guests. President, NFTE Com. Islam expressed pleasure for large presence of employees in the meeting. He explained many issues of staff. He assured that NFTE will honour its commitments of election manifesto. We have fulfilled some of them.
  15-05-2014 : Com. Nagraja Chowdhary senior leader of NFTE, present vice president of A.P. circle and former Distt. Secretary of Tirupati SSA expired today at his home. CHQ conveys heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.
  15-05-2014 : Computation of reservation---implementation of the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court in the matter of Union of India & Anr. Vs. National Federation of Blind & others----Furnishing of information. Letter No.-250-17/2013-Pers-III, Dated:-13-05-2014. Click Here
  15-05-2014 : The CAG will audit accounts of pvt. cos including telecom and oil. Telcos are opposing.
  15-05-2014 : The BHEL has decided to sale its 4.66% share. The cabinet of economic affairs promptly approved even during last day of govt.
  15-05-2014 : The 3C ie CBI, CAG and CVC not responsible for policy of decision inertness of Govt says chief vigilance commissioner. Shortcut method creates corruption.
  13-05-2014 : Circle conference of NFTE(BSNL) Haryana circle will be held on 23rd and 24th May, 2014 at Jind (Haryana).
  12-05-2014 : Increase in transport allowance of physically handicapped personnel is in active consideration of corporate office.
  12-05-2014 : Staying of recovery occurred due to option for IDA scale from option date of promotion after 1st October, 2000 is being seriously considered.
  12-05-2014 : LICE for promotion to Telecom Mechanic Cadre-regarding. Letter No.-TF-14/2(d), Dated:-12-05-2014. Click Here
  10-05-2014 : Constitution of Local Council at Circle HQRs and SSA levels - guidelines regarding. F.No.-BSNL/1-1/SR/2014. Dated:-08-05-2014. Click Here
  09-05-2014 : Revision of pension of pre-2007 and post BSNL IDA Pensioners-reg. Letter No.-TF-11/3(b), Dated:-08-05-2014. Click Here
  09-05-2014 : Deduction of union subscription and performing of various obligations with reference to the unions. Letter No.-BSNL/39-7/SR/2014, dt-08-05-2014. Click Here
  09-05-2014 : Payment of Srinagar Valley Allowances to the BSNL staff posted in Srinagar Valley. Letter No.-23-1/2011/TE, Dated:-08-05-2014. Click Here
  08-05-2014 : Management Committee of BSNL has approved JTOs recruitment rule, now it will be sent to BSNL Board for final approval.
  08-05-2014 : Review of result of failed SC/ST candidates of JAO Limited Internal competitive Exam against 10% quota held in Aug-2013. Letter No.-4-28/2006-SEA, Dated:-07-05-2014. Click Here
  08-05-2014 : DOT to Waive BSNL’s 102-cr Charges. (Source E.T.) Click Here
  07-05-2014 : Corporate office guidelines for safety of equipment from fire accidents. Letter No.-19-3/2014/NWO-CFA/MSE. Fire, Dated:-06-05-2014. Click Here
  07-05-2014 : Rate of stipend payable to Direct recruit TTAs/Sr.TOAs/TMs-regarding. Letter No.-TF-15/1, Dated:-06-05-2014. Click Here
  07-05-2014 : Proposed formation of subsidiary tower company in BSNL-regarding. Letter No.-TF-6/2, Dated:-06-05-2014. Click Here
  07-05-2014 : Fixing of service charges (Civil & Elect. Maintenance Charges) for renting out vacant BSNL Staff quarters to CPSU/PSU etc. Regarding qtrs. Allotted to BBNL employees. Letter No.-482-4/2013(BBNL)/BG, Dated:-02-05-2014. Click Here
  07-05-2014 : DOT office memorandum on disbursement of pensionery benefits to absorbed employees of MTNL. Letter No.-42-4/2012-Pen(T), dt-28-04-2014. Click Here
  06-05-2014 : Late but good start. Telecom Editorial May,2014 (English & Hindi). Click Here
  06-05-2014 : Filling up of the vacant posts of Private Secretary of BSNL field units under 33% LICE Quota as per Recruitment Rules-2004. Letter No.-25-01/2010-Pers.II, Dated:-28-04-2014. Click Here
  05-05-2014 : Inauguration of union office at Ongole (A.P.) Photos view. Click Here
  05-05-2014 : Facility of immunity from transfers - clarification ragarding. Letter No.-TF-20/3(d), Dated:-05-05-2014. Click Here
  02-05-2014 : President, GS met today the CMD, Director (HR), Sr. GMs(SR) and (Est) and discussed the following issues:- (1) Alternative accommodation to NFTE BSNL. (2) Extension of facility to circle union in NE-1 circle and stoppage of vindictive approach. (3) Repatriation of staff serving in Punjab circle. (4) Supply of copies of KPMG report and Terms of reference of consultant appointed for HR and restructuring of PSU. (5) CGA Cases. (6) Absorption of Technicians to the Cadre of TTA against 10% quota.
  02-05-2014 : Guidelines from corporate office for redressal of staff grievances at field units avoidance of agitations. Letter No.-BSNL/7-9/SR/2013, Dated:-01-05-2014. Click Here
  02-05-2014 : Special concessions/facilities to Central Govt. Employes working in Kashmir Valley in attached/subordinate offices of PSUs falling under the control of Central Govt. Letter No.-39-8/2001/TE-II/Pt.II), Dated:-01-05-2014. Click Here
  01-05-2014 : Evolving new scheme of PLI/Bonus on Performance Management system-Regarding. Letter No.-TF-7/1, Dated:-01-05-2014. Click Here
  01-05-2014 : Absorption of qualified Technicians to the Cadre of TTA against 10% quota-case of Tamilnadu circle. Letter No.-TF-24/2(d), Dated:-01-05-2014. Click Here
  01-05-2014 : Appointment of consultant for the restructuring of BSNL and requirement of work force in the PSU. Letter No.-TF-6/2, Dated:-01-05-2014. Click Here
  01-05-2014 : Formation of subsidiary Tower Company for BSNL. Letter No.-TF-6/2, Dated:-01-05-2014. Click Here
  01-05-2014 : May Day:- The NFTE(BSNL) offer greetings to all Comrades and their families on May Day which is international Day of the working class. Let us remember and pay homage to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the working class
  01-05-2014 : TDSAT Strikes down ban on Intra –circle 3G roaming:- The Telecom Tribunal, TDSAT, has struck down Govt ban on the 3G roaming beyond the licensed circles imposed on Bharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone. The penalties imposed on companies by DOT also quashed. Undoubtedly, this will adversely affect the BSNL. Let us see if Govt moves to Supreme Court to ensure compliance of License obligations. The NFTE has already requested the CMD to move into the matter.
  01-05-2014 : Restructuring of BSNL and requirement of work force in the PSU:- The BSNL management has reportedly decided to appoint “Deloitte” as consultant for restructuring of BSNL and for requirment of new workforce.
  01-05-2014 : Re-Constitution of Standing Committee of National Council to review the progress on the decisions taken in the National Council meetings. Letter No.-BSNL/39-8/SR/2013, Dated:-30-04-2014. Click Here
  30-04-2014 : 3'G' Telcos Intra circle agreement. Letter No.-TF-2/8, Dated:-30-04-2014. Click Here
  30-04-2014 : Relaxation in JTO/JAO Examination:- The issue was discussed in detail in NC on 23rd April, 2014. TF-14/2(B)(C), dt-30-04-2014 addressed to Director(HR) with copy to all concerned for action. Click Here
  26-04-2014 : Memorandum on long pending problems of the non-executives---DOT. Letter to CMD, BSNL. File No.-79-07/2014-SU, Dated:- 21-04-2014. Click Here
  25-04-2014 : Special allowance for Srinagar Kashmir staff:- Matter with Highest level at BSNL.
  25-04-2014 : Pay fixation in case of Non-Executives absorbed in BSNL who have opted for IDA Pay Scale from the date of promotion after 01-10-2003. Letter No.-TF-28/6, Dated:-25-04-2014. Click Here
  24-04-2014 : Empanelment of Hospitals at Kolkata and Chennai. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-7/14, Dated:-22-04-2014. Click Here
  24-04-2014 : Brief report of National Council Meeting, held on 23-04-2014 at New Delhi. Click Here
  24-04-2014 : Designation Committee meeting postponed:- Due to sudden death of Com. Rajpal’s son today at 1345 hrs, so we requested management to fix another date.
  24-04-2014 : The son of Com. Rajpal Secy, NFTE and circle Secy has breathed his last today at 1345 hours. CHQ condoles the death.
  22-04-2014 : National Secretariat Meeting:- The National Secretariat meeting was held on 22-04-2014. Com. Islam chaired the meeting. In addition to circle Secretaries at the HQR, Comrades Mahavir, Goel, Pattabi attended the meeting. In the following issues decisions were taken. (1)Temporary arrangement for managing accounts and Banking operations. (2) Purchase of office Accessories. (3) Com. Islam and C.Singh will be the members in the standing committee meeting.
  22-04-2014 : Extension of CGHs facilities to the retired BSNL employees. Letter No.-TF-32/4, Dated:-19-04-2014. Click Here
  22-04-2014 : Formation of subsidiary Tower Company:- BSNL HQR on 21-04-2014 gave a presentation to unions and associations regarding formation of subsidiary Tower Company. The formation decision of Board is as per recommendations of KPMG, consultative committee, and desire of DOT. Matter has been sent to GOM also for recommendation. In the presentation advantages were shown in formation of the company. The unions representatives expressed their serious concerns about the issue as well as over attitude of the administration. The management desired that the unions may submit their reactions for consideration. It may be recalled that the NFTE voiced its concerns in writing when the matter was sent to Board. It is unfortunate that management has taken us as granted in the matter. President and circle Secy, Com. Pattabi attended the presentation.
  22-04-2014 : Vacancy position in the grade of JAO/AAO as on 01-03-2014. Letter No.-4-6/2014-SEA, Dated:-21-04-2014. Click Here
  22-04-2014 : Board level and below Board level posts including non-unionised supervisors in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) – Revision of scales of pay w.e.f. 01-01-2007 – Payment of IDA at revised rates – regarding. Letter No.-14-1/2012-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-21-04-2014. Click Here
  19-04-2014 : Revised scheme and syllabus for LICE for promotion to JAO Cadre under 40% quota- Regarding. Letter No.-TF-14/2(c), Dated:-19-04-2014. Click Here
  19-04-2014 : Broad Band Services:- BSNL HQR vide No.-BSNL/7-2/SR/2014, dt-04-04-2014 has requested to unions to furnish suggestions for expansion and improvement of Broad band services. The circle Secretaries are requested to equip the CHQ with their views and suggestions for further action.
  17-04-2014 : Meeting with the GM(Adm):- President met the GM(Admn) on the issue of empanelment of hospitals at Chennai and Kolkata for Indoor Treatment like Tamilnadu and West Bengal circles. Favourable orders are expected soon.
  17-04-2014 : Meeting with Director(HR):- President met Director(HR) on the issues of grant of immunity to District Secy Yeotmal and Assistant circle Secy. He was also requested to get the matter clarified relating to grant of immunity as office bearers posted out are not being brought to HQR.
  17-04-2014 : Orders issued for bringing Financial Secy of NFTE BSNL, Gaya at the District HQR. Letter No.-BSNL/1-1/SR/2012, dt-02-04-2014. Click Here
  17-04-2014 : Congrats to MTNL staff as they are now entitled for Govt pension akin to BSNL employees Gazette notification dt-03-03-2014. Click Here
  17-04-2014 : The D/R of JTO has been challenged in many Courts. The Allahabad and Chandigarh benches of CAT have upheld the provisions of R/R. BSNL HQR vide Letter No.-3-33/2013/Estt-IV, Dated:-16-04-2014, has issued guidelines to defend the pending cases. Click Here
  17-04-2014 : Rcom tariffs up by 20%:- After top operators Airtel, Vodafone withdrew free minutes from their plans the Reliance communication has hiked tariffs by 20% on prepaid customers which will come into force from 25th April.
  17-04-2014 : PO of regularised TSMs – circle Secretaries to note:- Please ensure that the details of TSMs regularized on 01-10-2000 or thereafter are sent to BSNL HQR by 21-04-2014 for issuance of Presidential orders of left out cases
  17-04-2014 : Pension revision of Pre-2007 and Post-2007 retirees:- MOF has raised certain points with the DOT and BSNL. DOT has still reportedly not replied. Letter No.-144/EV/2014, Dated:-14-03-2014. Click Here
  16-04-2014 : Rate of stipend payable to DR TTAs, Sr.TOAs and TMS:- The rate of stipend to DR TTAs, Sr.TOAs and TMs is payable @70% of the minimum of the revised pay scales plus admissible IDA. The NFTE had raised the issue of revision of stipend. Letter No.-16-1/2003-Trg, dt-07-04-2014. Click Here
  16-04-2014 : Com. Islam joined the HQR today.
  16-04-2014 : Report required for Sim card of Rs.200/- Talk value to all non-executive employees-National Council item. BSNL Letter No.-06-01/2012-PHA(Pt), Dated:-15-04-2014. Click Here
  15-04-2014 : NFTE(BSNL) union office inaugurated by Shri V. Raju CGM A&N circle. CHQ convey warmest greetings and congratulations to all the Comrades of A&N circle. Click Here
  15-04-2014 : As per revised scheduled National council meeting will be held on 23rd April, 2014 at 11.00am in place of 22nd April, 2014. The designation committee meeting will be held on 24th April, 2014 at 4pm instead of 23rd April, 2014. Click Here
  15-04-2014 : We remember Dr. Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar on his 123rd Birth Anniversary on 14th April, 2014. He is known as father of the Indian Constitution. We pay our respectful homage to great leader on the occasion.
  12-04-2014 : Guideline for calculating vacancies for compassionate ground appointment. Letter No.-273-18/2005-Estt-IV, Dated:-11-04-2014. Click Here
  12-04-2014 : Functioning of councils:- All the circle/District secretaries please to note that even after laps of one year councils are not functioning smoothly at several places. At some places councils are not even constituted and at some other places it is constituted but not a single meeting is held till this time. All most all circles level and most of the Districts level councils have constituted but there are some hurdles in holding the meetings. In this respect CHQ appeal to all the circle/Districts Secretaries to coordinate with BSNEU and ensure smooth functioning of the councils. If any difficulty arises either in constitution of council, or in holding its meeting, it may be intimated to CHQ for remedial measure. The BSNLEU through its website on 27-03-2014 has also instructed their Circle/District Secretaries to coordinate with NFTE(BSNL) for smooth functioning of councils.
  11-04-2014 : National Secretariat meeting will be held on 22-04-2014. Click Here
  11-04-2014 : MOU signed by BSNL & DOT for the year 2014-15. Click Here
  11-04-2014 : Corporate office letter on pending issuance of presidential orders in respect of left out casual labourers. Letter No.-17-1/2014-LE, Dated:-09-04-2014. Click Here
  11-04-2014 : Guidelines for implementation of GPF module in DOT. Letter No.-A-3/CCA/GPF/PAO Compact/2013-14, Dated:-25-03-2014. Click Here
  11-04-2014 : Forum of unions/Associations meeting held on 09-04-2014 under the Chairmanship of Shri Chandeshwar Singh GS NFTE and discussed the following pending issues:- Click Here
  09-04-2014 : Memorandum submitted to CMD BSNL by Joint Action Committee of non-executive unions/Associations on charter of demands today. Click Here
  09-04-2014 : Yesterday was 93rd birthday of our great leader Com. Om Prakash Gupta. We never forget his sacrifices for the betterment of the common workers. We miss him at this juncture, but he is in our hearts forever, “Red Salute Comrade OPG
  07-04-2014 : Revision of Training stipend to TTA. Letter No.-TF-15/2, Dated:-07-04-2014. Click Here
  07-04-2014 : Mother of Com. M. Parasharamulu, Circle President A.P. expired today. CHQ condoles the death and share the grief of the family.
  05-04-2014 : SAMATHA DIWAS:- Today Babu Jagjivan Ram 107th birth anniversary, we pay our homage to the great freedom fighter and builder of independence India.
  05-04-2014 : DPE order on IDA. Letter No.-W-02/0002/2014-DPE(WC)-GL-VII/14, Dated:- 03-04-2014. Click Here
  05-04-2014 : A presentation by BSNL management on 21st April, 2014 at 1500 hrs in conference hall, 9th floor BSNL Bhavan New Delhi, upon formation of subsidiary tower company and other issues. Letter No.-BSNL/7-2/SR/2014, Dated:-04-04-2014. Click Here
  04-04-2014 : Shri John Thomas PGM (IA &ENT) in corporate office will look after as ED (Finance) BSNL. Letter No.-1-5/2010 SEA BSNL(Part-IV), dt-03-04-2014. Click Here
  04-04-2014 : Do letter from CMD BSNL to(II) CGM’s regarding settlement of pre-2006 CDA pension revision cases. Letter No.-DO. No.-40-23/2013-Pen(B), dt-03-04-2014. Click Here
  03-04-2014 : Opening of union office at Bilaspur on 31-03-2014:- Shri Anthany Ekka GMTD inaugurated the union office at Bilaspur. After the opening ceremony, a well attended meeting was organized by Com. T.R,C, Rao District Secretary. Com. Chilamwar , CS addressed the meeting and narrated the developments in BSNL and explained the staff related issues viz Bonus, stagnation, promotion of Drivers issue etc. Com. Ram Sunder Yadav, circle president Com. Z.I. Qureshi, D/S Durg and Com. Jitender Singh ACS also participated and addressed the meeting. Click Here
  03-04-2014 : 2nd Amendment in BSNL Employees Gratuity Trust Rules. Letter No.-500-50/2010-11/CA-II/BSNL/Vol.II, Dated:-01-04-2014. Click Here
  03-04-2014 : Extension of CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.1/14-15/09(pt.), Dated:-02-04-2014 Click Here
  02-04-2014 : Re-constitution of Standing Committee of National Council. Letter No.-BSNL/39-8/SR/2013, Dated:-02-04-2014. Click Here
  02-04-2014 : Clarification regarding promotion to the grade of JAO of candidates who got minimum qualifying marks in JAO Part-II LICE against 40% quota but not promoted due to not coming in the merit. Letter No.-4-19/2007-SEA, Dated:-28-03-2014. Click Here
  31-03-2014 : 2.1% Decrease in IDA from 01-04-2014 (i.e. 90.5-2.1=88.4%).
  31-03-2014 : Foreword to General Election. Telecom Editorial April, 2014 (English & Hindi) Click Here
  31-03-2014 : CHQ Conveys best wishes to one and all on the occasion of “Gudi Padwa” (New Year festival of Maharashtra) & “UGADI” (New Year festival of Andhra Pradesh). Click Here
  28-03-2014 : BSNL management committee has approved change of posting jurisdiction of TTAs as SSA Cadre to circle Cadre. It will effect for future recruitment either by LICE or by direct recruitment. The TTAs recruited prior to this amendment will continue to be as SSA Cadre.
  28-03-2014 : The Committee constituted to finalise the revised R/R of JTO Cadre has agreed to reduce the qualifying service for LICE to 5 years in place of 7 years.
  28-03-2014 : Change in designation of major non- executive Cadres meeting will be held on 23-04-2014. Letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg, dt-27-03-2014. Click Here
  28-03-2014 : All India conference of FNTO held at Chennai from 20th March to 22nd March, 2014. Com. K. Thomas John, Com. K. Jaya Prakash and Com. B.C. Pathak were elected as All India President, General Secretary and Treasurer respectively. NFTE CHQ extends warm greetings to newly elected body in the conference.
  27-03-2014 : Thanks to all:- I have received numerous calls and messages from dear colleagues, comrades and brother officials on the sad demise of my beloved daughter. I am really thankful for the moral support and encouragement extended to me at the time of deep agony and grief of my family. After all man is not immortal and none can escape from the death. Islam Ahmad, President (NFTE)
  27-03-2014 : Closing of Central Government offices in connection with general elections to the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies and Bye Elections to Legislative Assemblies during 2014. Letter No.-3-1/2013-TE, Dated:-26-03-2014. Click Here
  27-03-2014 : Closing of Central Government offices in connection with general elections to the Lok Sabha during 2014 (Delhi/New Delhi). Letter No.-3-1/2013-TE, Dated:-26-03-2014. Click Here
  27-03-2014 : Corporate office issued notification for Holding 30th National Council. Letter No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2013, dt-25-03-2014. Click Here
  25-03-2014 : GS and A. Rajmouli Secretary HQR met GM(Est) and discussed about compassionate appointments and JTO(R/R) issue:- The cases received in corporate office till May, 2013 were cleared as reported. The JTO(R/R) is likely to be finalized soon.
  24-03-2014 : Joint Action Committee (JAC) of unions and associations of Non-Executives to submit charter of demands on 09-04-2014:- It was decided in the meeting of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of unions and associations of the Non-Executives, held at New Delhi on 11-03-2014, to submit a memorandum to the Management, consisting of the important problems of the Non-Executives. Accordingly, it is decided that the memorandum Will be submitted to the CMD BSNL on 09-04-2014. A lunch hour demonstration will also take place at the Corporate Office on that day. General Secretaries of all the affiliated unions and associations are requested to participate in the programme. If Management fails to settle the burning problems, then countrywide agitational programme will start after the Parliament elections.
  24-03-2014 : Sad news:- Com. Islam Ahmed’s daughter has taken her last breath in the morning today at Allahabad. CHQ share the grief of the family.
  22-03-2014 : GS attended AIC of National union of BSNL workers (FNTO)- General Secretary attended and addressed the open session on the occasion of AIC of NUBSNLW (FNTO) at Chennai on 21-03-2014. He appealed the workers to built up strong unity to fight against the anti workers policy of the Govt in General and to participate in joint struggle under the banner of joint action committee of BSNL union and association of non-executive staff to settle the long pending grievances of staff.
  22-03-2014 : Guide lines for constitution of Local councils at circle HQR and SSA levels. F. No.-BSNL/1-1/SR/2014, dt-20-03-2014. Click Here
  22-03-2014 : Corporate office released final welfare grant to circles for the year 2013-14. Letter No.-13-3/2013-14-BSNL-(WL)/221, Dated:-20-03-2014. Click Here
  22-03-2014 : BSNL declared 2014-15 as devote year on “Improved Quality of Mobile services”. D.O. from Director(CM). Letter No.-MOB-14/Trai Report/2014, Dated:- 19-03-2014. Click Here
  20-03-2014 :Com. Rehanuddin District Secretary Badayun U.P.(west) Passed away:- Com Rehanuddin DS Badayun expired on 19.03.2014. He was a very effective comrade and kept NFTE flag always high till he alive. CHQ records his contribution and convey heart felt condolences to the bereaved family
  20-03-2014 :TTA Recruitment Rule:- After approval of management comittee it has been sent to BSNL Board for approval.
  20-03-2014 :30th meeting of the National council: The National Council meeting will be held on 22-04-2014,accordingly staff side will meet at 10.00 hrs. on 21.04.2014
  20-03-2014 :Restructuring process of LDC (TA) viz-a-viz promotion to the cadre of Sr. Accountant- Ernakulam CAT Judgement Letter No. 13-10/2012-SEA Dated-06-03-2014:- Click Here
  20-03-2014 :Items for discussion in the 30th national council meeting:- Click Here
  20-03-2014 :Pension Contribution & Leave Salary Contribution of BSNL deputed in DoT Letter No. 500-57/BSNL/2011-12/CA IV/Vol V-part I dated 14.03.2014 Click Here
  15-03-2014 :G.S attended a seminar at Ara and participated in Holi milan organised by Ara:- A seminar was organised on the subject "Role of workers in development of BSNL". It was presided over by Com L.P.Ray. G.S. in his address explained the issues like merger of BSNL & MTNL, Bonus, LTC and all the staff related issues. Seminar was also addressed by sri Akhilesh Chandra TDM Ara. Com Shrawan Dubey circle secretary Bihar and Com R. L. Singh D.S. Patna. Holi milan was celebrated in the evening in which G.S. along with circle leaders participated.
  15-03-2014 :Promotional offers during the festival season under mobile services. letter no. 26-07/2011-T&C-CM date 13-03-2014. Click Here
  15-03-2014 :Guideline for closer of exchanges having less then 20 DELS letter no. 13-10/2008-NWO-CFA-/mse dated 12-03-2014. Click Here
  15-03-2014 :Holiday on 14-04-2014- Birthday of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. Click Here
  15-03-2014 :Reservation for scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes for appointment in Public Enterprises- concessions to SCs & STs in posts filled by promotion Letter No. 45-1/2014-sct/191 dated 13th march 2014. Click Here
  15-03-2014 : Corporate office clarifed no grace marks shell be given to "OC" Candidates of JAO part II Examination held in Dec. 2012 L.No. 4-16/2013-SEA dated 13-03-2014. Click Here
  14-03-2014 : Organisational meeting and Holi milan samaroh at Sasaram:- General secretary reached sasaram on return journey from kolkata. He attended and addressed a mass meeting of BSNL staff at sasaram. He explained all the burning issues reletad to staff. Besides G.S. Com Shrawan Dubey circle secretary Bihar, Com. Ram Lakhan Singh Dist. Sec. Patna, Com. Sanjay Singh asst. circle sec. also attended & addressed the meeting. A grand reception was given to com. Shrawan Dubey circle secretary as it was his visit at sasaram after he elected as circle secretary. After conclusion of the meeting a colorfull Holi Milan was celebrated. Click Here
  14-03-2014 : Forum leaders met Executive Director (Finance) BSNL Board on 13th march, 2014:- As per fixed schedule leaders of forum of union and association in BSNL met ED(F) & chair person of the committee constituted by the management to study the issue of superannuation benefits to BSNL Recruitiees at 11 am on 13th march. Forum leaders exhorted the unanimous view in respect of the issues related to direct recruitees. Com. Rajmouli & Rajpal participated in the meeting.
  13-03-2014 : Circle conference of Kolkata Telephones held its 5th Conference at CTO meeting hallKolkata under the presidentship of Com. Lal Mohan Balaon 12-03-2014. The subject committee meeting started at 11:15 hrs. before that the NFTE flag was hoisted by Com. C Singh GS. along with Com. K.K.Singh Secretary CHQ. After lunch a seminar was organised on the subject "Financial viability of BSNL & Role of workers". The seminar was addressed by Com. K.K.Singh Secretary, Shri Gautam Chakraborty. CGMT Kolkata Phones, Com. Sushit Ray Acting C.S. BSNL EU, Chitra Basu C.S. NFTE WBTC. Comrades from SNEA, AI BSNL E, AIGETOA, SNATTA, TEU BSNL. were also addressed the seminar. Latter at late evening the delegate session was held and elected Com. Lal Mohan Bala, Com. Shekhear Majumdar and Com. Anandmay Chattrji as President Circle Secretary & Trasure respectively. Click Here
  12-03-2014 : Meeting of all Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL, held at New Delhi. A meeting of all the unions and associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL was held at New Delhi, yesterday the 11-03-2014. The meeting was held in the office of BSNL MS and was attended by the general secretaries of BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, FNTO, BTEU BSNL, SNATTA, NFTBE and BTU BSNL. It was also attended by com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and representatives of BSNL MS, TEPU, BSNL ATM and ITEF. Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL presided over the meeting. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, welcomed every one and explained about the purpose of the meeting. Thereafter, a detailed discussion took place on the pending burning issues of the Non-Executives as well about the indifferent and insensitive attitude of the BSNL Management, towards the settlement of them. The issues that are to be taken up with the Management were identified. It was decided to immediately submit a memorandum on the pending issues to the Management and also to go on struggle, demanding settlement. It was decided that the struggle will take place after the forthcoming elections to the parliament. However, in view of the urgency of the issues, it was decided to conduct a dharna by the General Secretaries in the Corporate Office, in this month itself.
  12-03-2014 : Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL formed. With a view to conduct sustained struggles for the settlement of the important and burning problems of the Non-Executives, it was decided to form a platform of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL. Accordingly the Joint Action Committee of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL was formed in yesterday's meeting. The following comrades are unanimously elected as the office bearers of the JAC.
  President: Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL
Convener: Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU
Joint Convener: Com.Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO
Joint Convener: Com.Pawan Meena, GS, SNATTA
Treasurer: Com.R.C.Pandey, GS, BTEU BSNL
All the General Secretaries of the affiliated Unions and Associations will be the members of the JAC.
  11-03-2014 : Status of 78.2% IDA for pensioners:- The Director(Admn), Department of expenditure informed that he saw in file a note regarding 60-40% pension contribution by BSNL which may create problem. He has returned the file to the concerned officer and instructed to “Delete” the note and resubmit.
  11-03-2014 : Cash less facility under CGHS:- The ministry of Health and family welfare said on Monday that it would ensure that the CGHS empanelled hospitals continued to extend cash less and credit facilities to the beneficiaries. (Source: Title Hindu)
  11-03-2014 : Meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations held on 10-03-2014. Click Here
  10-03-2014 : BSNL paid Rs. 126.67 crores penalty to DOT on account of incomplete consumer application form.
  10-03-2014 : GSM revenue Analysis for the month of January, 2014. Letter No.-2-97/2013-14/RM-CM/BSNL, Dated:-06-03-2014. Click Here
  10-03-2014 : DOPT instructions for fixing inter se seniority of direct recruits and promotees. Letter No.-20011/1/2012-Estt.(D), Dated:-04-03-2014. Click Here
  08-03-2014 : Today is International Women’s day:- NFTE CHQ wishes every women a Very Happy Women’s day. Women need security and dignity at work place. Click Here
  08-03-2014 : Trade union awareness classes at Vishakhapatnam:- Vishakha divisional union conducted Trade union classes on 01-03-2014 & 02-03-2014 in A.P. circle. Vishaka, East Godavari, Srikakulam & Vizianagaram Comrades participated in the work shop. Com. M. Janaradan Rao, Chief patron, Com. A. Rajmouli Secretary CHQ, Com. K. Anjaiah CS and prominent Trade union leaders explained the importance of “Trade union” movement in the present scenario. Click Here
  07-03-2014 : Corrigendum for conducting JAO examination (40% & 10% quota). Letter No.-4-22/2013-SEA, Dated:-28-02-2014. Click Here
  07-03-2014 : Trade union work shop at Munger:- District branch of Munger organized a T.U. Work shop alongwith Distt. executive committee members. The active members of neighboring District also attended the workshop. GS, Com Shrawan Dubey circle Secretary Bihar, Com. Ram Lakhan Singh D.S. Patna, attended and addressed the work shop. GS explained the basic principle of trade union movement. Latter on an open session was organised which addressed by Shri Dinesh Kumar TDM, Munger, and Shri Krishna Pandey D.S. SNEA. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. R.U.K. Mishra. Click Here
  07-03-2014 : Special discount scheme for serving/retired employees of BSNL under EVDO and NIC postpaid data plan. Letter No.-3-2/2013-R&C(DFA), Dated:-06-03-2014. Click Here
  07-03-2014 : Extension of CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees. File No.-4-12(11)/2012-PAT, Dated:-20-02-2014. Click Here
  06-03-2014 : Govt has approved 8.75% interest on EPF for fiscal year 2013-14.
  05-03-2014 : G.S. attended meeting at Kolkata at 03.30pm today:- GS and Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ addressed a get together meet of Kolkata telephones circle at telephone Bhawan Dalahausi (B.B.D. Bagh). Com. Lal Mohan Bala, Com. Shekhar Majumdar circle Secretary and other office bearers, several active members attended the meeting. CHQ Leaders exhorted all the current affairs including merger of BSNL & MTNL other issues related to staff viz Bonus, stagnation of RM’s, wage loss of post 2007 employees and superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited staff etc. the meeting was concluded after presidential speech by Com. L.M. Bala.
  05-03-2014 : Seminar and organsiational awareness meeting at Guwahati:- on 4th February, 2014 a seminar on the subject “Role of workers in development of BSNL” was organized under the Presidentship of Com. Shyamal Bhattacharya, Com. P.C. Patgiri circle Secretary inaugurated and explained the subject. Com. C. Singh GS exhorted in detail all the tips through which we can retain our subscriber with us. Shri S.L. Singh CGMT Assam circle while addressing the meeting told that work force in BSNL is a best asset for the company. He urge upon the workers to perform sincerely to face the challenges and to defeat the crisis which is a temporary phase in BSNL. In 2nd session a meeting on organizational awareness was held which was attended by 450 members including 30 women workers. The session was inaugurated by Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ who explained the basic need to built up a strong organization though which we can protect our company as well as the interest of workers. The awareness session was also addressed by the General Secretary and explained the history of trade union movement in Post & Telegraph dept latter in DOT and at present in BSNL. He remembered the line of Com. O.P. Gupta that NFTE represents workers and not shurkars. He assured all coopration to the circle union to make the organization strong with unity.
  05-03-2014 : Revised norms of Dropwire and Jumperwire for maintenance of Landline. Letter No.-7-4/2014-PHM, Dated:-04-03-2014. Click Here
  04-03-2014 : Safety from Fire incidents. Guidelines from corporate office. Letter No.-19-3/2014/NWO-CFA/MSE. Fire, Dated:-18-02-2014. . Click Here
  04-03-2014 : BSNL MTNL merger:- NFTE in its communication has already communicated to BSNL that it will oppose any arbitrary decision of Govt to merge two PSUs.
  04-03-2014 : NE-II Circle Conference:- circle conference of NE-II circle held on 2nd & 3rd March, 2014. The conference was started with flag hoisting. GS hoisted the union flag and the large gathering of workers given slogans in favour of NFTE. On the occasion seminar was organized which was presided over by Com. P. Boro, Com. K. Vizo circle Secretary placed the subject “Strive & struggle for the development of BSNL” Com. Vizo exhorted the object of seminar. Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ addressed the meeting and explained the views of NFTE in respect of survival and development of BSNL. He narrated how the Govt wants to merge MTNL with BSNL without settling the HR issues and financial discrepancies between two companies. General Secretary in his address touched all the aspect related to development and urge upon the workers to work hard so that company may be brought back to its previous glory. Shri L. Ananth Ram CGMT, Shri Mahajan, and Shri Vishwakarma, DGM Nagaland, Shri A.K. Kundu GM, Nagaland. Com. M.B. Singh C.S. BSNLEU, Com. R.K. Das D.S. BSNLEU were also addressed the meeting. Latter in a delegate session Com. L.V. Seema TTA, Com. K.N. Vizo TM, Com. Dipendu Medhashekhar, TM were elected unanimously as President, Circle Secretary, and Treasurer respectively. Click Here
  01-03-2014 : General Secretary’s organizational tour:- GS reached at Dimapur (Nagaland) today. He will attend circle conference of NE-2 circle, scheduled to be held on 2nd and 3rd March, 2014. Today GS along with Com. K.K. Singh Secretary met CGM Nagaland and requested to provide accommodation to NFTE union office and early holding the circle council meeting. The CGM assured to do the needful in the matter.
  01-03-2014 : Struggle Inevitable - Editorial Telecom February, 2014. (Hindi & English). Click Here
  01-03-2014 : Lunch Hour demonstration held on 28-02-2014 at BSNL Bhavan, Vijayawada. Click Here
01-03-2014 : Mass Demonstration at Sanchar Parisar Campus Patna(Bihar). Click Here
  01-03-2014 : Forwarding of Revised Scheme and Syllabus for Limited Internal competitive Examination (LICE) for filling up posts in the Cadre of Junior Accounts officer under both 40% and 10% quota. Letter No.-4-22/2013-SEA, Dated:-27-02-2014. Click Here
  28-02-2014 : Union office inaugurated at Barekpur (Kolkata):- For divisional union of Barekpur NFTE(BSNL) office opened today and inaugurated by Shri Sudeep Chatterjee area DGM. Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ New Delhi was present on behalf of Headquarter who addressed the gathering and explained all the current issues related to BSNL and staff as well.
  28-02-2014 : Lunch hour demonstration held at BSNL Corporate office, New Delhi:- As per decision taken by Forum of unions and associations in BSNL the demonstration held at Corporate office in Lunch hour. After soughting slogans the gathering was converted into a mass meeting which was addressed by Com. V.A.N. Naboodary convener of the Forum, Com. C.Singh GS NFTE, Com. Dahia AGS SNEA, Com. Sharma AGS BSNLEA, Com. Hari Singh Bahujan union and others leaders of Forum.
  28-02-2014 : 5th Annual Conference NFTE BSNL Vijayawada(Krishna) Telecom District of Gudivada. Click Here
  28-02-2014 : NFTE will participate in Lunch hour demonstration today on 28th February 2014 as decided in Forum meeting of union and associations on 27th February to protest against proposal for merger of BSNL & MTNL without settling issues of HR, Pension disinvestment etc.
  27-02-2014 : Discrepancies in questions of JTO LICE in respect of Bihar circle. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-27-02-2014. Click Here
  26-02-2014 : Items for National Council. Letter No.-TF-2/2(A), Dated:-26-02-2014. Click Here
  26-02-2014 : BSNL is likely to give presentation on formation of Tower Company on return of Director (CM) from abroad.
  26-02-2014 : Regarding Operation timing of CSCs under Project smile. Letter No.-15-1/2012/CS, Dated:-25-02-2014. Click Here
  26-02-2014 : Promotion of the officials who have completed TM training. Letter No.-TF-9/1(B), Dated:-26-02-2014. Click Here
25-02-2014 : POS of UP(East), UP(West), ETR and Andhra issued.
  25-02-2014 : Superannuation benefits to D/R BSNL staff. Letter No.-TF-11/10(b), Dated:-25-02-2014. Click Here
  25-02-2014 : Director(HR) has agreed on 25-02-2014 to consider the increase in the Transport Allowance in respect of Physically handicapped employees.
  25-02-2014 : Indoor treatment of BSNL staff at Kolkata and Chennai:- President and GS met Director(HR) and stressed that all the BSNL staff at Kolkata and Chennai should get Indoor Medical treatment from the empanelled hospitals on uniform basis. Director(HR) immediately asked the GM(A) for action in this respect.
  25-02-2014 : Meeting held with Director (HR) on 24th February:- The President and GS held meeting with the Director (HR) on 24th instant. The issues discussed are as below. Click Here
24-02-2014 : Meeting with Director (HR) at 1700 hours.
  24-02-2014 : Review of the Transport Allowance payable to the physically handicapped employees. Letter No.-TF-10/15(a), Dated:-24-02-2014. Click Here
  24-02-2014 : Proposal for use of MTNL-BSNL network by Government entities, Group of ministers have not approved the proposal – Reply by State Minister in Rajya Sabha. Click Here
  24-02-2014 : Settlement of problems - Request for urgent action. Letter No.-TF-38/4, Dated:-24-02-2014. Click Here
  24-02-2014 : Shri R.B. Yadav, Sr. TOA and Treasurer of District union at Lucknow breathed his last on 23-02-2014 due to massive heart attack. HQR conveys heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.
  24-02-2014 : Value of BSNL during Heyday:- The BSNL, was cash rich and valued at 80,000-90,000 crore during its heyday.
  24-02-2014 : Com. Mrs. Parvati Krishnan, Ex. M.P. and Vetern Trade union leader was cremated at Coimbatore on 23rd February. Com Gnaiah, Former Secy General, NFPTE and Com. Gopal Krishnan, organizing Secy paid homage to the departed leader.
  22-02-2014 : Wage loss of post 2007 appointees:- NFTE BSNL firmly stands with genuine demand of employees and determined to honour its commitment. Let there be no doubt and apprehension.
  21-02-2014 : Cabinet approves Terms of reference for the 7th CPC:- In order to benefit over 50 lakh employees and over 30 lakh pensioners, the Cabinet also approved terms of reference for seventh pay commission. This includes merging dearness allowance above 50 per cent with basic pay. Currently DA is around 90 per cent of basic pay and another hike of 10 per cent is expected soon. DA is calculated on the basis of change in retail inflation (Source Business lines).
  21-02-2014 : Proposed formation of Tower Company in the BSNL. Letter No.-TF-42, Dated:-20-02-2014. Click Here
  21-02-2014 : Corporate office launching competitive programme on zonal basis to encourage circles to excel in CFA business unit performance. Letter No.-64-297/2013-CFA competition, Dated:-19-02-2014. Click Here
  21-02-2014 : Tamilnadu circle union conducting one day work shop for council members on 22-02-2014 at Vellore. Com. Mahabir Singh C.S. & national council member, Com. Jayaraman & Com. Gopala Krishnan CHQ leaders are participating along with officers. The veteran leaders of Tamilnadu circle are also participating in the work shop to make it a success and useful.
  20-02-2014 : Writ petition filed by Com. Deka Ex Circle Secretary against Assam circle union election dismissed today by hon’ble High Court.
  20-02-2014 : 5th Circle conference of Telecom Factory at Kolkata:- The 5th circle conference took place on 12th/13th February under the President ship of Com. Dilipdas Gupta at Kolkata Telecom Factory Hall. The delegates form Kharagpur, Gopalpur and Alipore Telecom Factories participated the delegate and open sessions were held on 12th and 13th February respectively, Com. Islam attended and addressed the delegate and open sessions both. The open session was held with full grandeur. The General Manager, Shri B.B. Bisoi, Comrades Chitrabasu (C/S West Bengal and VP CHQ), Shekhar Majumdar (C/S Kolkata TD), Sukhan Bhattacharjee (circle President, BSNLEU) and others addressed the session. Earlier Com. Murshidali (C/S) mentioned about shortage of raw materials and equipment/Machine affecting the production. Com. Islam stated the developments relating to PLI, 78.2% IDA benefit to retirees, GPF, stagnation, LTC/Medical, Indoor (Hospital) Medical facilities, Modification in R/Rs of TTA, JTOs etc. Comrades Dilipdas Gupta, Murshid Ali and Kamal Kundu, Treasurer have been elected as circle President, circle Secy and Treasurer respectively.
  20-02-2014 : D.O. letter from CMD BSNL to all CGM's to finalise pre-2006 pension cases. D.O. No.-40-23/2013-Pen(B), Dated:-18-02-2014. Click Here
  20-02-2014 : Guide lines for conducting local councils, where one recognised union is in exisistence. File No.-BSNL/39-8/SR/2013, Dated:-13-02-2014. Click Here
  20-02-2014 : Guide lines for calculation of net points for compassionate ground appointments. Letter No.-268-Gen.Corr/2010-Pers.IV, Dated:-13-02-2014. Click Here
  20-02-2014 : Constitution of Higher Level Committee on Superannuation Benefits of DR Employees and Pay-Party / loss of pay of DR - JTO/JAO. Letter No.-1-05/2014-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-18-02-2014. Click Here
  18-02-2014 : JTO (Telecom) Induction Training Structure & Syllabus. Letter No.-4-1/2013-Trg, Dated:-11-02-2014. Click Here
  18-02-2014 : Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for promotion to the Cadre of Telecom Mechanic for the Recruitment year 2013. Letter No.-250-2/2014-Estt-III, Dated:-14-02-2014. Click Here
  18-02-2014 : UNION OFFICE INAUGARATION AT ALLEPPY:- Union office of NFTE-BSNL inaugurated in a colorful function by Sri. Satheesh Ram (ITS), GM, Alleppy SSA, Kerala. The function was presided by Com. P. K. Radhakrishnan (C/P), and addressed by DGM (Admin) Alleppy, Com. P M Michael (CHQ), Com. P V Dharmadas- (C/S), Com. M R Muralidharan Pillay (D/P), Com. P Praveen, TTA (D/S) and leaders of other associations SNEA, AIBSNLEA. It was pleasure to note that a group of 10 members who resigned from BSNLEU (Mavelikkara branch) and joined in NFTE represented the function.
  13-02-2014 : Shri A.N. Rai, Director (Enterprise) will hold additional charge of Director (HR) for a period of six months w.e.f. 04-12-2013 and Shri Anupam Srivastav, Drector(CM) will hold additional charge of Director (Finance) up to 28-02-2014.
  13-02-2014 : Two days circle conference of Telecom factory Kolkata started today in Alipore. Comrades Islam and Ganguli, Vice President CHQ addressed the delegate session. Open session will take place tomorrow.
  12-02-2014 : 4th District conference of Aurangabad on 09-02-2014:- A well organized District conference of Aurangabad held in Yashwantarao Chavan Auditorium with more than 200 Comrades including 50 women comrades. Com. C.K. Mathivanan, Dy. GS inaugurated the conference, Com. K.S. Kulakarni, and Moktali CHQ secretaries attended and addressed the meeting. Sr. officers G.M. P.C. Diwari and DGM etc participated in the conference. Com. Rajan Danni, District Secretary organsised a convention of 6 SSA’s consisting of Osmanabad, Jalna, Beed, Parbhani, Latur and Aurangabad. The convention is successful one to strengthen the orgnaisation in Maharashtra circle.
  12-02-2014 : Union office inauguration at Pune on 10-02-2014:- After flag hoisting by C.K. Mathivanan, Dy. G.S. our union office was inaugurated by Shri Jain DGM, Pune. More than 200 Comrades attended the inaugural function. Com. Gosavi ACS and senior Comrades Doparde, Sunanda Paradeshi and Rohini among others participated in this function. Com. Mathivanan Dy. G.S. narrated the present status of bonus issue, Stagnation of RM’s 30% pay fixation for the left employees and other issues. Com. Dileep Jagde District Secretary, Pune made an excellent arrangements for the inaugural function and open meeting.
  12-02-2014 : Corporate office asked all CGM’s to supply information/records regarding grant of one extra increment to BCR. Group III employees one year prior to their retirement within a weeks time. Letter No.-21-1/2014-TE, Dated:-10-02-2014. Click Here
  11-02-2014 : Emergency Meeting of BSNL Board:- It is learnt that the Emergency Meeting of BSNL Board is taking place today. The main agenda is reportedly to form Tower Company.
  11-02-2014 : Kolkata Telecom Factory circle and Distt. Conference on 12/13th February. President may attend.
  11-02-2014 : 40% posts of Directors are vacant in BSNL-Com.Gurudas Das Gupta writes to MOC. Click Here
  10-02-2014 : Recovery of wrongful/excess payments made to Government servants. F. No.-18/26/2011-Estt (Pay-I), Dated:-06-02-2014. Click Here
  10-02-2014 : President accompanied with Comrades Sanjib Saha (Kolkata TD) (C/S Snatta) Indrakesh Yadav (Snatta, Gujrat) and Sunil Gautam Bangalore met Sr. GM(Est) on the issues of wage erosion and JTO R/R.
  10-02-2014 : Realisation of Pension contribution in respect of absorbed employees – Request to end discrimination. Letter No.-TF-11/3(b), Dated:-07-02-2014. Click Here
  10-02-2014 : Declaration of JTO LICE results in r/o NE-2, Kerala, Jharkhand and Karnataka circles. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-08-02-2014. Click Here
  10-02-2014 : Presidential orders of TSMs:- President and GS met Sr. GM (Est) on 07-02-2014 and referred the pending PO Case of M.P., Wage erosion:- President and GS again met Sr. GM(Est) on 07-02-2014 and drew his attention that the extension of one increment may not mitigate the wage erosion of post 2007 appointees, Facilities to the union:- President and GS met Sr. GM(SR) on 07-02-2014 and drew his attention towards extension of facilities in respect of immunity, Accommodation and Telephone.
  10-02-2014 : Dont Take arbitrary decision in merger of BSNL and MTNL-NFTE responds to the communication of BSNL HQR. Letter No.-TF-41, Dated:-06-02-2014. Click Here
  07-02-2014 : Outstanding revenue of BSNL/MTNL and action for recovery-MOC Answers star question No.-214 in Lok Sabha. Click Here
  07-02-2014 : Payment of PLI to non-executive employees in BSNL-Request to send views:- The Department of Public Enterprise, DPE, Govt of India, has issued orders on 11-07-2011 for payment of productive linked incentive, PLI, (Bonus) to the employees in the PSUs. The payment of PLI is not linked with the profit of the concerned PSU as for as non-executive employees are concerned. The BSNL HQR is proposing to introduce PMS, Performance Management system, for payment of PLI to non-executive employees although the same ie PMS is applicable for executive only. The PMS will be on the basis of performance of groups, individuals etc. In the circumstances all employees may not get PLI. A meeting for payment of PLI was held on 09-12-2013 and a presentation of the scheme was also given to the representatives of NFTE and BSNL EU on 22nd January, 2014. The BSNL HQR has now sought the views/comments on the proposed scheme ie of PLI. BSNL Letter No.-1-5/2012-Restg, dt-05-02-2014. Click Here
  06-02-2014 : Realisation of Pension contribution in respect of absorbed employees in BSNL - Request to end discrimination. Letter No.-TF-11/3(b), Dated:-05-02-2014. Click Here
  05-02-2014 : Calling for of nominations from outstanding sportspersons for career progression for year 2013. Letter No.-32-1/2013-BSNL(Sports), Dated:-03-02-2014. Click Here
  05-02-2014 : Issue of POS of left over group ‘C’ and ‘D’ employees for permanent absorption in BSNL:- BSNL HQR vide letter No.-BSNL HQR vide letter No.-BSNL/11-2/SR/2013(Pt-II), dt-09-12-2013 has instructed all CGMs for immediate action on left over PO cases of group ‘C’ and ‘D’. The Circle and District Secretaries are also requested to enquire at respective levels and persue for the submission of such cases at the earliest. Click Here
  05-02-2014 : BSNL Medical facilities extended to ITS officers vide DOT Letter No.-4-12(14)/2012-PAT, dt-24-01-2014 and BSNL Letter No.-15-1/2012-PAT(BSNL) dt-03-02-2014. Extension of CGHS facilities to all BSNL staff are under consideration. Click Here
  04-02-2014 : Pension revision due to 78.2% IDA merger:- A proposal was sent by D/o Telecom on 20-12-2013. D/o P&PW has communicated its ‘No objection’ to the proposal subject to the approval of Deptt of expenditure. D/o Telecom has referred the proposal to D/o Expenditure on 08-01-2014. Approval of D/o Expenditure is awaited by D/o Telecom.
  04-02-2014 : Merger of BSNL and MTNL - meeting of Steering Group to look after various HR aspects of merger. F. No.-BSNL/20-2/SR/2014, Dated:-04-02-2014. Please send your views. Click Here
  03-02-2014 : Meeting with CMD:- President and Secy, Com. Rajpal met the CMD and urged him to use his good offices for early beneficial settlement of wage loss of post-2007 appointees and Pension, Terminal rules for DR BSNL staff.
  03-02-2014 : Views on proposed R/R of JTO:- TF-24/1(f), dt-25-01-2014 NFTE HQR will welcome comments. Our stand is to ensure that the interests of all concerned are protected and litigation avoided. Click Here
  03-02-2014 : Comrades C. Singh(GS) and Mahabir Singh(C/S) will be the nominees of NFTE in the Designation Committee.
  03-02-2014 : Wage loss:- NFTE representatives met Sr. GM(Est) who conveyed for extension of one increment to such staff who have entered in the PSU by May, 2010 and beyond this it is not possible. Matter is also under consideration if the same will be with or without arrears. The circle unions may give their views so that the CHQ may take a stand.
  03-02-2014 : Meeting with Director (HR):- President met Director (HR) and held discussions on Dies-non case of Chennai TD, issues relating to Bhilai Telecom Factory, non-declaration of TTA/TM examination results in East UP, empanelment of hospitals at Chennai TD etc
  03-02-2014 : LICE JTO Result:- President, Secy (Com. Rajpal) met Sr. GM (Est) and urged for declaration of results of Haryana, Kerala and NE-2 circles in the context of Chandigarh CAT decision. Haryana result is expected very soon. The BSNL HQR will submit Chandigarh CAT decision in Kerala Court for declaration of result.
  03-02-2014 : NFTE writes to “The Chairperson of the Parliamentary standing committee for welfare of S/C S/T employees” regarding concessions to SC ST employees in NEPP and compassionate grounds appointments. TF-1/5(d), dt-27-01-2014. Click Here
  03-02-2014 : The hospitals already empanelled by CGM, Tamilnadu should be empanelled by the CGM, Chennai TD for treatment facilities to the employees TF-35/5, dt-28-01-2014. Click Here
  03-02-2014 : Jharkhand circle conference:- The circle conference took place on 30th January with tremendous enthusiasm amongst the employees. The open session and delegate sessions were organized at Geeta Bhawan in Bokaro Steel graced by S/S Labh Singh(CGM), S.K. Agarwal, (GM Adm), GM and DGM Dhanbad and other officers. The Chairman Reception Committee, Shri Mihir Singh welcomed the dignitaries, guests and the participants. The circle Secretaries of AIBSNLEA, SNATTA and Sewa BSNL and circle President of AIBSNLEA also participated. All India President, GS and Secy (Com. K.K. Singh) of NFTE addressed the fully packed hall of the employees and urged them to recognize the time and do whatever is possible to improve the image of BSNL. The customers have to be satisfied. Our aim should be to earn more and more revenue for the Company. The CGM stressed mutual understanding to tide over the crises in BSNL. The circle Head stated that there is delay in activation of SIMs as we are dependent on Bihar and West Bengal circles. The conference has been very memorable. A sword was handed over to CGM to root out corruption in the circle. GS, CS(Jharkhand) and Dhanbad Comrades honoured Com. A.C. Dwivedi, Sr. TOA who retired on superannuation on this day. Com. A.C. Dwivedi has taken responsibility to conduct the memorable circle conference at Bokaro. CHQ conveys best wishes and thanks to him. Click Here
  03-02-2014 : JTO LICE result in Punjab:- NFTE’s constant and continuous pursuance resulted in dismissal and disposal of Court cases pending at Chandigarh. Sequel to finalization of the litigations President, NFTE came in touch with the BSNL HQR and advised the circle Secy, Com. M.L. Sharma, circle Secy to meet the CGM to get the result declared as per instructions of Corporate office. We are happy to record that the circle office has declared the result on 1st February and 386 candidates are successful. HQR congratulates the candidates although they faced agony as well as loss due to litigations.
  01-02-2014 : First National Council Meeting - Editorial Telecom February 2014. (Hindi & English). Click Here
  01-02-2014 : A grand felicitation to Com. Sompal Saini, CS UP(W):- The District union of Saharanpur organized a memorable felicitation on 31-01-2014(Near Gurdwara) to Com. Sompal Saini CS UP(W), Com. Preetam Singh TM, Com. Jagdish Prasad TM, Com. Ram Chander TM, Com. Sindhu Prasad, TM and Com. A.K. Watal TTA. District Secretaries & Comrades from all corners of UP(W) and family members of retirees present in large number in the farewell function. The union leaders of FNTO, BSNLEU and officers association also attended and greeted the retirees. The Sr. GM, DGM and other officers of Saharanpur came to the function and greeted the retirees. All praised and remembered the role played by Com. Sompal Saini, CS in settling the staff problems at all times in the circle. CHQ Secretaries Com. Rajpal, Rajmouli and Jabbar Khan attended the function and conveyed best wishes to all retirees.
  31-01-2014 : DA increase for Central Govt. employees 10% from 1st January now DA 100%.
31-01-2014 : Com. Sompal Saini, Circle Secy, UP(West) retiring today.
  31-01-2014 : Jharkhand circle conference held with enormous enthusiasm and pomp and show. Comrades Subhash Kumar, Mahabir Singh and Dhananjay Singh have been elected as President, Circle Secy and Treasurer respectively.
  30-01-2014 : Jharkhand Circle conference:- As per schedule the 4th circle conference of Jharkhand circle started after flag hoisting. The National flag was hoisted by Com. Subhash Yadav circle President and NFTE flag was hoisted by General Secretary. Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ is also attending the conference. First of all two minutes silence was observed by delegates to pay homage to late Com. P.L. Dua Treasurer. The meeting will continue till tomorrow.
  30-01-2014 : BSNL launches “one number, one Nation, one rupee a day” – A roam free plan. Letter No.-4-48/2013-14-S&M-CM, Dated:-29-01-2014. Click Here
  30-01-2014 : We salute the father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, on the 66th Anniversary of the Martyrdom
  29-01-2014 : Pension revision due to 78.2% IDA merger:- Matter is still pending with the Ministry of Finance.
  29-01-2014 : A condolence meeting was held in NTR today at 1330 hours on sudden and sad demise of Com. P.L. Dua, Treasurer of CHQ. President and Secretaries (Comrades Rajmouli and Rajpal) attended and paid homage to the departed leader. May the soul rest in peace.
  29-01-2014 : Minutes of 29th Meeting of National Council. Letter No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2013, dt-29-01-2014. Click Here
  28-01-2014 : MOU Singned with Canara Bank for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees for one year. Letter No.-1-9/BFCI/staff Loan/12-13, Dated:-27-01-2014. Click Here
  27-01-2014 : President met GM(SEA) and requested for reducing the service period for eligibility to JAO Examination and same be at par with JTO.
  27-01-2014 : Railways Replacement Scheme set a side by CAT, Rajasthan:- According to reports, published in NBT on 26-01-2014, the CAT, Rajasthan has struck down all the scheme of year 2010 of Railways for appointment of dependents of employees on their voluntary retirement. The Court has termed it backdoor entry.
  25-01-2014 : Mera Bharat Mahan:- Hearty Congratulations and greetings to all on the eve of 65th Republic Day of Inida. Click Here
  25-01-2014 : Pension and terminal benefits Rules for D/R BSNL staff-Delay regarding. Letter No.-TF-11/10(b), Dated:-24-01-2014. Click Here
  25-01-2014 : Vindictive action against staff at Chennai TD- Request for intervention. Letter No.TF-28/org, Dated:-24-01-2014. Click Here
  25-01-2014 : Fixing of service charges of civil & Electrical for renting out vacant BSNL staff quarters to CPSUs/PSU etc be charged from 01-06-2013 instead of 01-06-2012. Letter No.-482-9/2009-BG, dt-22-01-2014. Click Here
  25-01-2014 : Pending pension cases (pre-2006) in 14 circles. D.O. No.-40-23/2013-Pen(B), dt-22-01-2014. Click Here
  25-01-2014 : Undue delay in submission of complete pension papers to CCAs. Letter No.-40-14/2013-Pen.(B), Dated:- -01-2014 Click Here
  25-01-2014 : Furnishing expenditure statement for the period 01/04/2013 to 30/09/2013 to release the final welfare grant for the year 2013-14. Letter No.-13-3/2013-14/BSNL-(WL)/199, Dated:20-01-2014. Click Here
  23-01-2014 : Meeting with Sr. GM (Est):- President, GS and Secy, Com. Rajpal met Sr. GM (Est) and discussed proposed JTO R/R, Declaration of JTO LICE result in respect of Keral, Punjab and NE-2 circles as well as redesignation of staff in Electrical and civil wing.
  23-01-2014 : 50% adhoc grants to various circle sports and culture boards. Letter No.-29-12/2013-BSNL(Sports), dt-17-01-2014. Click Here
  23-01-2014 : All circle/District Secretaries please note Bank details for payment of CHQ quota through NEFT/RTGS. Click Here
  22-01-2014 : Presentation on Performance Management system in BSNL:- Due to poor financial performance of BSNL the BSNL HQR is contemplating to introduce performance management system in the company. The Restructuring wing of corporate office has given a presentation today to recognized unions, NFTE and BSNLEU for creation of awareness amongst the employees. In the present scenario increase in revenue is the only solution. The Corporate office has evolved Key Performance indicators, KPI, in respect of Group PMS, FPMS and individuals for executive staff and sought cooperation from unions for inputs to frame Key Performance Indicator for non-executives. The unions requested the GM(Restg) to make available the proposal for early response. There has been consensus that the customer service centers, CSCs, be manned with good personnel and for this policy be framed.
  22-01-2014 : In case empowered officers are not available for awarding major penalty then higher officers in the grade shall exercise powers. BSNL 437-01/2013-Pers-I, dt-21-01-2014. Click Here
  20-01-2014 : Bihar circle Conference:- Comrades Ratnesh Mishra, Chandeshwar Singh and Vinay Kumar Singh have been elected as President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively, However, soon after election Com. Chandeshwar Singh has authorized Com. Shrawan Dubey, TTA(ACS) to Function as full fledged circle Secy. Click Here
  20-01-2014 : BSNL’s IDA order on revised rates w.e.f. 01-01-2014. Letter No.-14-1/2012-PAT(BSNL) at 16-01-2014. Click Here
  20-01-2014 : Pension revision of Pre/Post 2007 BSNL retirees - Request for kind intervention. Letter No.-TF-11/3(b), Dated:-13-01-2014. Click Here
  20-01-2014 : LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre held on 8th December 2013 in Karnataka circle – BSNL letter No.-22-24/2012-Rectt(Pt), dt-16-01-2014. Click Here
  20-01-2014 : Proposed JTO R/R file No.-5-32/2013-Pers-IV 2014-circle Secretaries and others to offer their views. BSNL HQR has circulated JTO R/R -2014. Circle Secretaries and others are requested to send their views within a week.
  18-01-2014 : Bihar Circle Conference:- The Bihar Circle Conference of NFTE BSNL started from 17th January at 11.30 hours in U.P.T.R.C. Patna with enormous enthusiasm amongst the employees. After hosting of National and union flags by President, Com. Islam and General Secretary the delegate session commenced under the chairmanship of Com Ratnesh Mishra. The delegate session was addressed by General Secretary, Secretaries (Comrade Rajmouli and K.K. Singh) and circle Secretary, Com. Mahabir Singh. The leader touched various points length. The open session of the conference began at 16.00 hours. The CGM Bihar, PGM Patna, Sr. GM(Admn), GM(Operation), IFA and other offices graced the great occasion. The hall was packed fully with the employees. Large number of workers were waiting outside. The CGM, PGMTD and leaders of sister union viz, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, NUBSNLE (FNTO) addressed the session and stressed to restore the glory of BSNL President and General Secretary while addressing the mass gathering called upon them to do best for BSNL services despite heavy odds. They touched all the burning problems of employees viz stagnation, PLI, NEPP, wage erosion change in R/RS of Cadres, Rules of pension for D/R staff. Dilution of pension orders for absorbed employees. The session will continue upto 10th January. Click Here
  18-01-2014 : Amendment of Recruitment rules of JTO(T)2001 Draft copy released. This will pave way for regularisation of officiating JTOs. Union will study and comment on it shortly. Click Here
  18-01-2014 : Last rites of Com. Dua, performed. The last rites of Com. Dua, Treasurer performed on 17th January at 4PM. Comrades Naresh, HQR, circle Secy, Com. Goel and Comrades of NTR attended in large number.
  17-01-2014 : Bihar circle conference under chairmanship of Com. Ratnesh Mishra observed two minutes silence on the sad demise of Com. P.L. Dua and paid rich tributes.
  17-01-2014 : Com. P.L. Dua, Treasurer HQR expired. Funeral today. HQR condoles the death. Click Here
  16-01-2014 : New CAG Policy:- The proposal for New compassionate ground policy is now remitted to BSNL Management.
  16-01-2014 : Circle Secretaries to note:- Please intimate number of members enrolled in NFTE BSNL from 16-12-2013 to 15-01-2014 in respect of your circle on 01-02-2014 positively.
  16-01-2014 : Regularisation of officiating JTOs:- The committee has finalized its report and after approval by CMD the unions will get opportunity to offer their views on the proposal.
  16-01-2014 : Mass meeting at Muzaffarpur:- A mass meeting presided by Com. Rajeshwar Prasad Singh was held on 15th instant. The meeting was attended by all Branch Secretaries and employees despite cold wave. The GS addressed the large gathering and mentioned about efforts made for settlement of Bonus, NEPP hardships, 78.2% IDA etc. Com. Umesh Prasad, Distt Secy welcomed and thanked all. Com. Shashi Bhushan Singh joined NFTE along with his colleagues in the open meeting. Click Here
  15-01-2014 : Average entries concession:- The NFTE from very beginning was highlighting the sufferings of the employees due to average entries in ACRS because employees were not getting upgradations. The BSNL HQR vide letter 13-01-2014 has now extended one more “Average Entry” for upgradations from NE-6 to NE-8 (3 instead of 2) and NE-8 to NE-10(2 instead of 1). This concession may help to employees in getting upgradations in NEPP. Circle Secretaries may send report to HQR about the effect of orders dt- 13th January, 2014
  15-01-2014 : Provisions of retirement benefits to employees as per DPE guidelines:- The BSNL HQR has given a presentation today on the issue. The details have been drawn and shown on quantum of benefits with 2% contribution by BSNL management. The quantum of contribution will vary every year. The unions have not accepted the 2% offer as it is too meager in comparison of other PSU. The management has taken plea of loss making PSU. The Sr. GMs(Est), (SR), GM(Rest), GM(CA), GM(EF) and company Secy participated form the management side. NFTE was represented by its President, Com. Islam.
  15-01-2014 : DPE Order on IDA w.e.f. 01-01-2014 (i.e. 90.5%). Letter No.-W-02/002/2014-DPE(WC)-GL-I/14, Dated:-07-01-2014. Click Here
  13-01-2014 : Relaxation in grading criteria for Non-executive promotion policy (NEPP). Letter No.-27-7/2008-TE-II/Pen(B), Dated:-13-01-2014. Click Here
  13-01-2014 : Formation and functioning of works committee at SSA levels. BSNL HQR has issued orders on 8th January. Click Here
  13-01-2014 : Presentation on RMs for PLI:- The corporate office will give a presentation on 22nd January on performance management system for distribution of PLI.
11-01-2014 : Photographs of meet at Bangalore. Click Here
  11-01-2014 : Comrade Chilamwar, circle Secy, NFTE BSNL alongwith others met the CMD on 9th instant and handed over a memorandum of demands. He specially drew the attention of CMD on EPF scam in Chhattisgarh circle. The CMD promised to take appropriate action on return to Delhi.
  10-01-2014 : The Union Cabinet has decided to extend financial support to BSNL in its meeting held on 9th January, 2014. Click Here
  10-01-2014 : Rotational Transfers of officers posted on sensitive posts - Guidelines BSNL letter No.-400-294/2013-Pers.I, dt-08-01-2014. Click Here
10-01-2014 : 'The era of rising losses in BSNL has stopped'- R.K. Upadhyay. Click Here
  10-01-2014 : Furnishing of information in connection with recttification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01-10-2000-- settlement requested. Letter No.-40-27/2011-Pen (B)/(Misc), Dated:-08-01-2014. Click Here
  10-01-2014 : Report from Bangalore on Seminar and Extended CE meeting at Bangalore on 7th January:- Nearly 1500 Comrades took part enthusiastically on 07.01.2014 in a seminar and extended CEC Meeting at Bangalore Organised Jointly by Karnataka circle and Bangalore district Unions. CGM, PGM (HR), PGM (Bangalore TD) Sr.GM (Finance) BGTD and many high ranking officers spoke at the seminar. On behalf of CHQ Comrades Islam ahamed, Chandeshwar Singh, Gopala Krishnan addressed the seminar. Com.C.K.Mathivanan inaugurated the extended circle E.C.Meeting in the afternoon. Com.T.V.Paulose of Kerala paid rich tributes to Com.O.P.Gupta on his first death Anniversary. Comrades Islam and C.Singh explained the core issues at the CEC Meeting. Earlier in the day the union office allotted to Karnataka Circle union was opened by Sri.Misra, CGM, Karnataka. Com.K.S.Seshadri, Secretary (CHQ) and C.S.Karnataka and Krishnamohan, District Secretary, Bangalore District Jointly made excellent arrangements for both the seminar and extended CEC meeting Karnataka circle union is poised for big jump on membership.
  10-01-2014 : Truncated BSNL Management - Request for urgent intervention. Letter No.-TF-36/2, Dated:- 09-01-2014. Click Here
  10-01-2014 : Designation Committee:- The BSNL HQR vide letter No.-BSNL/5-2/SR/2012, dt-03-01-2014 has decided to reconstitute the Designation Committee. Now NFTE and BSNLEU are required to nominate two representatives from their respective side. Click Here
  09-01-2014 : Meeting with Director (CM):- President, GS and Secy (Com. Rajpal) met Director (CM) and discussed the present progress in supply of BTS. The Director (CM) told that the process in respect of Eastern, Southern, Northern regions for supply is completed. Steps are being taken in respect of western zone also.
  09-01-2014 : Meeting with Director (HR):- President, GS, Secy (Com. Rajpal) and Com. Chauhan (UP West) met Director (HR) on 09-01-2014 and requested for early settlement of the following problems. (1) Wage loss of employees appointed on 01-01-2007 or thereafter. (2) Uniform periodicity of service condition to appear in deptl examination for promotion to JTO(T), JAO, JTO(E) and JTO(c) Cadres. (3) 78.2% IDA fixation benefit to officiating JTOs in Kerala. (4) Repatriation of employees having completed prescribed tenure in remote areas and accommodation for circle union in A & N circle. (5) Stagnation problem in RMs and Group ‘D’ Cadres.
  09-01-2014 : Report from Kerala circle:- Union office of NFTE(BSNL) Kottayam SSA, Kerala circle got inaugurated by Com. Kanam Rajendran ( AITUC State Gen. Secretary, Kerala) on 08.01.2014 in a colorful meeting. The meeting was presided over by Com. Sri. P.K. Radhakrishnan (NFTE Circle President, Kerala). The session was addressed by Com. Sri. P.V Dharmadas(NFTE Circle Secretary, Kerala), Sri. Radhakrishnan.N, District President- SNEA Kottayam, Sri. Gopalakrishna Panikkar-AGM(Admin) represented the BSNL SSA administration
  09-01-2014 : A meeting with the representatives of staff unions/associations on provision of superannuation benefits to BSNL D/R employees is scheduled to take place on 15th January, 2014. BSNL Letter No.-1-23/2012-PAT(BSNL), dt-07-01-2014. Click Here
  09-01-2014 : Golden Jubilee Celebrations - a detailed report with the photos. Click Here
  09-01-2014 : Review of Answer Sheets in JAO Part-II Limited Internal Competitive Examination against 40% quota held on 17th to 19th December, 2012 - Regarding. Letter No.-28-1/2013-Rectt(Pt), Dated:-24-12-2013. Click Here
  08-01-2014 : Mammoth Meeting at Bangalore:- The extended Karnataka circle working committee took place on 7th January, 2014 at Bangalore in the premises of Telecom circle office. A seminar on “Role of Employees and Management in providing quality service to customers” was also orgainsed. CGM,PGM TD Bangalore, PGM(HR), GM (HR) and Sr. GM(F) attended and addressed the seminar. President, General Secy, Dy. GS and Com. Gopalkrishnan addressed the seminar as well as open session. More than thousand employees attended the function. The function has been momentous and ever remembering Earlier, Shri R.K. Mishra, CGM accompanied with senior officers inaugurated the circle union accommodation provided in circle office building.
  08-01-2014 : Wage erosion of employees appointed on 01-01-2007 or thereafter - Regarding. Letter No.TF-9/9, Dated:-08-01-2014. Click Here
  08-01-2014 : Amendments in R/R for JTO(T), JAO, JTO(E) and JTO(c) - request regarding. Letter No.TF-24/1(f), Dated:-08-01-2014. Click Here
  08-01-2014 : Stagnation of the employees working in RM and Group 'D' Cadres - Request for removal. Letter No.TF-9-4/(c), Dated:-08-01-2014. Click Here
  08-01-2014 : The Corporate office vide Letter No.-BSNL/31-2/SR/2009, dt-06-01-2014 has issued BSNL Recognition Rules in respect of Executives. The union securing 35% votes will be Representative union. There will be only one representative union. The unions securing not less than 15% will be the supporting unions. Click Here
  08-01-2014 : GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS IN TAMILNADU:- The Tamilnadu circle union organized a massive meeting on 6th Jan, 2014 at Cuddalure to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of “OLIKATHR”, Tamil monthly journal of circle union which started in 1963. Comrades, Islam Ahamad, Chandeshwar Singh, C.K. Mathivanan, G. Jayaraman, SS Gopalakrishna, senior leaders R.K. Muthialu, Ragunathan, etc took part in the celebration. CGM, TN, BSNLEU G/S, C/S & other sister union leader CPI Leader D Pandian, AITUC leader T.M. Murthy among others attended the celebration.
  06-01-2014 : Circle and District Secretaries to note please:- The Annual Account of Income and expenditures for year 2013 has to be prepared and audited before All India conference. Please ensure that the cheques/DDs for CHQ subscription quota are sent by second week of January positively.
  06-01-2014 : Today is first death anniversary of our great and visionary leader Com. O.P. Gupta whose contributions to working class particularly for P & T workers are immeasurable. NFTE HQR and family record its homage and pay rich tributes to our departed leader.
  04-01-2014 : LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre in Karnataka circle. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-04-01-2014. Click Here
04-01-2014 : A massive march of workers - Editorial, 2014. Click Here
  04-01-2014 : NFTE BSNL office inaugurated at Hyderabad:- The union office allotted to NFTE BSNL was inaugurated by PGM, Hyderabad TD in presence of Com. Rajmouli, Secy HQR on 30th December. Veteran leader Com. M. Rao and other office bearers were also present on the occasion. Click Here
  03-01-2014 : Circle conference – (1) Circle conference of Bihar circle is notified to be held on 17th & 18th January, 2014 at Patna. (2) The circle conference of Jharkhand circle is notified to be held on 30th & 31st January at Bokaro steel city. President, GS and CHQ Secretary Com. Rajmouli may attend these conferences.
  03-01-2014 : Inauguration of union office of NFTE(BSNL) Suri SSA(W.B.) on 31-12-2013. Click Here
  03-01-2014 : Formation and functioning of works committee - regarding. Letter No.-TF-53/3, Dated:-02-01-2014. Click Here
  03-01-2014 : Pay fixation on promotion to TTA Cadre - Case of Eastern UP Circle. Letter No.-TF-9/1(I), Dated:-02-01-2013. Click Here
  02-01-2014 : General Secretary and Secretary HQ Com. A. Rajmouli attended different programme organized by NFTE(BSNL) Ongole SSA on 31-12-2013. Click Here
  02-01-2014 : TWO DAYS FAST UNDERTAKEN BY COM C K MATHIVANAN HAS ENDED AFTER AN AGREEMENT REACHED WITH CGM CHENNAI TELEPHONES:- Chennai Telephones Circle Secretary began fast at 9 AM on 30th December 2013 for demanding settlement of SIX important demands. After two Rounds of discussion with Chief General Manager, Senior GM (HR & Admn) an agreement was reached with CGM and a letter signed by the CGM was handedover to the Circle Secretary on the settlement of demands. At about 10 PM on 31st December 2013 Com C.K.Mathivanan after consulting the circle office bearers announced the end of his fast and thereafter Com.R.K,former Secretary NFTE gave the fruit juice to Com CKM and thus two days his fast for 37 hours came to an end with an agreement. Click Here
  02-01-2014 : Transport Allowance to Physically handicapped employees - Request regarding. Letter No.-TF-10/15/(a), Dated:-01-01-2014. Click Here
31-12-2013 : AN APPEAL - NEW YEAR GREETINGS. Click Here
31-12-2013 : IDA increase by 5% total IDA 90.5%.
  31-12-2013 : BSNL Vide letter No.-12-1/2013-BSNL(WL), dt-27-11-2013 has issued orders for submission of items of agenda by 30-01-2014 for staff welfare Board meeting. Click Here
  31-12-2013 : Shri K. Anjiah, Circle Secy NFTE BSNL in Andhra is retiring today 31st December. HQR wishes him happy retired life and look forward that the organization will be strengthened under his leadership.
31-12-2013 : Chhattisgarh Circle Executive Meeting held on 28th December. Click Here
  30-12-2013 : President NFTE CHQ addressed annual meeting of DOT and BSNL Pension Association of Chhattisgarh at Raipur on 29th December. He explained the latest position of 78.2% IDA benefit to retirees, Medical allowance without voucher and pension contribution. He asserted pension orders have been diluted by Govt.
  28-12-2013 : Circle executive meeting of Chhattisgarh:- CWC of Chhattisgarh took place today at Durg SSA under the Chairmanship of Com. R.S. Yadav, Com. Chilamwar, CS placed the report of circle in settling the staff problems and strengthening of organization, as well as BSNL. Com. Islam stressed to strengthen the NFTE and assured promises made will be honoured. He mentioned the progress of problems like wage erosion, superannuation benefits to Direct recruitees, stagnation in RM Cadre, bonus etc. the session decided to increase further growth of BSNL revenue in the circle. It is no doubt circle sharing positive growth in revenue. Even after Six months period works committees were not formed in the circle. At the end Com. Qureshi offered vote of Thanks.
  28-12-2013 : DO Letter from Corporate office to 14 CGMs to settle pending pension cases (Pre-2006 CDA Cases) by 15-01-2014. DO No.-40-23/2013-Pen(B), dt-27-12-2013. Click Here
  28-12-2013 : Guidelines for filling out Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APARs) of employees in BSNL. Letter No.-45-03/2013-SCT/742, Dated:-19-12-2013. Click Here
  28-12-2013 : Status report of circles in Telephone connections & Broad band connections during November, 2013. Letter No.-1-2(1)/DELs progress/2013-CP&M, Dated:-23-12-2013. Click Here
  28-12-2013 : District Conference at Kolar (Karnataka):- District Conference / Seminar of Kolar Telecom District held on 21st December 2013 at KEB Samudaya Bhavan Kolar under the President Ship of Com P.Muthuraman. Sri Ramaraju General Manager Kolar inaugurated the session. Com C.K.Mathivanan Dy General secretary New Delhi, Com K.S.Seshadri Secretary/Circle Secretary Karnataka Circle, Shri Kothanur Manjunath MLA Mulbagal, Com Krishna Mohan District Secretary Bangalore, Sri T.Narayana Swamy President Zilla Parisath Kolar, Shri B.Shivalingappa Circle Secretary SEWA-BSNL Bangalore and Senior leaders of NFTE-BSNL Shri C.M.Raju, Bangalore, Com M.R.Nagaraj Bangalore & Com Rajkumar DS Tumkur are attended and addressed session, More than 400 members including officers participated in the meeting. Com S.Y.Nadugaddi, Com A.C.Krishna Reddy, Com V.Sreenivasulu have been elected as President,Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
  28-12-2013 : Orissa Circle Conference:- The two day Odisha circle conference was held at KORAPUT on 19th & 20th December. Nearly 250 delegates and visitors attended the meeting. Excellent arrangement was made by host division. Many resolutions on staff problems are taken. The conference elected Com. B.B.Sahoo, Com.Kulamani Tripathy and Com.P.K.Behera as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the year 2013-2015. On the concluding day an open session on the subject-“Role of recognized union in the growth of BSNL” was arranged. Senior General Manager(C.M) Odisha, Bhubaneswar Shri U.N.Mahallick was the Chief Guest. Sri K.K. Mishra DGM Koraput was the guest of honour. Shri K.C.Pradhan CHQ vice-President who was appointed observer was the Chief Speaker. Circle Secretary Kulamani Tripathy gave his key note address. Local media hailed the seminar in grand manner. Click Here
  27-12-2013 : Cabinet approved Govt pension to MTNL employees in Delhi/Mumbai. Govt has also decided to recover pension contribution on actual pay in respect of MTNL Staff. The same treatment in respect of pension contribution should be for BSNL absorbers. NFTE will strive hard to secure this.
  26-12-2013 : Conference at Varanasi:- District conference of Varanasi held today under the Chairmanship of Com. A.K. Sharma, Shri Ajay Rai MLA inaugurated the session. Shri Motilal GM and GM MS attended and addressed the session. Both appreciated the commitment of NFTE for BSNL. Com. Gulabrai also addressed the meeting. President and GS attended and explained the present position of issues as well as companies condition. Com. Anil Sharma, Com. Ashok Singh and Com. Anil Rai have been elected as president, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
  26-12-2013 : Migration of zero/reduced monthly fixed charges plans Customers under landline Services in Rural areas to corresponding General Plan. Letter No.- 8-33/PDP-CFA/2013-14/2, Dated:-26-12-2013. Click Here
  26-12-2013 : MOF reported that the upgradation of cities for grant of HRA/Transport allowance will be done, after receiving final report of the census – 2011 – provisional figures of census – 2011. No.-9(10)12012-E-11(B), ND. October, 2013. Click Here
  26-12-2013 : Physical verification of all the official and residential service Landline/broadband connections. Letter No.-64-03/2009-BB/, Dated:-24-12-2013. Click Here
  23-12-2013 : Brief of discussions in National Council Meeting Held on December, 23, 2013. Click Here
  23-12-2013 : Staff Side Meeting:- The Staff Side of National Council held a meeting on 22-12-2013 at 1030 hour under the Presidentship of Com. Islam Ahmad in DG Bhavan and exchanged views on the items of NC agenda scheduled for discussions on 23rd December with the Management. The views were freely expressed in a very cordial atmosphere and wished that the councils at circle and SSA levels should also held smoothly. The staff side was unanimous that without unity between NFTE and BSNLEU the BSNL cannot be protected. Comrades C. Singh, Pattabi, Mahabir Singh (NFTE Side) and Comrades Namboodri, P. Abhimanyu (Secy Staff Side), Tapan and Gundana (BSNLEU) Side were present.
21-12-2013 : Rajya Sabha Question. Click Here
  21-12-2013 : MOU Signed with UNION BANK OF INDIA for various Retail Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees. Letter No.-1-9/BBF/Staff Loan/2011-12(Pt), Dated:- 18-12-2013. Click Here
21-12-2013 : National Council meeting on 23rd December, 2013.
  20-12-2013 : Awareness session on growth and development of BSNL - Suggestions received from Union and Associations. Letter No.-4-48/2013-14/S&M-CM/11, Dated:-18-12-2013. Click Here
  20-12-2013 : Nomination of Shri Pawan Meena in NC not yet accepted:- The nomination of Shri Pawan Meena, TTA for National Council as member has not yet been accepted. The President met Sr. GM/Dy. GM(SR) and was told that the matter has been referred for legal advice. It is unfortunate as SR Cell kept quiet for last three months and awakened when council is meeting on 23rd December.
  20-12-2013 : CMD Designate for BSNL:- Shri Anupam Srivastav, Present Director of consumer Mobility has been recommended by the selection committee as next CMD BSNL. NFTE extends hearty congratulations and wish him best of luck.
  20-12-2013 : President alongwith Com. Rajpal met Sr. GM(Est), and enquired Progress on the issues which are as below. (1) CGA Guidelines:- The committee has reportedly finalized its reports regarding raising of quantum of amount of Pension and Terminal benefits for Compassionate ground appointment on point system. Some weightage is expected in case father and mother both have expired. Now the committee report will be sent to the management committee. (2) Wage erosion of post-2007 appointees:-The issue has now gone to Management committee for its consideration and recommendations to BSNL Board. (3) Average ACRS:- One more average has been added in NEPP upgradations as per approval of BSNL Board. This may help the employees in getting upgradations. (4) Regularisation of officiating JTOs:- Matter is reportedly being sent to Management committee. The union reminded that the interest of others be protected.(5) JTO LICE result in Kerala:- The Ernakulam CAT has cleared the deck for declaration of result. It was urged to Sr. GM(Est) for expeditious action in the matter. He responded favourably. (6) R/R of TTA:- The committee’s report is being finalised and thereafter it will be sent to Management committee.
  18-12-2013 : Shri R.K. Rai, Technician-II and industrial worker of Alipore Telecom Factory, Kolkata breathed his last today in the hospital. He was leading worker of NFTE BSNL. The HQR conveys heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.
  18-12-2013 : Pension Revision:- DOT has replied to the query of Department of Pension in connection with the revision of Pension it may send it now to Ministry of Finance.
  18-12-2013 : Donations:- The circle unions in Tamilnadu and Chhattisgarh have donated Rs. 10,000/- each to CHQ as donation for settlement of 78.2% IDA issue. The NFTE HQR acknowledge the gesture with thanks. Click Here
  17-12-2013 : JTO LICE result case of Kerala circle. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-17-12-2013. Click Here
  17-12-2013 : TTA R/R Committee:- The Committee is reportedly meeting today to finalise the R/R of TTA. The NFTE has already given its views and pressed for wider participation of the candidates in the departmental quota.
  17-12-2013 : Holding of National Council meeting - circulation of agenda items regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2013, Dated:-10-12-2013. Click Here
  17-12-2013 : Encashment of 300 days leave is admissible for Govt servants on their deployment and subsequently recruited in BSNL. Letter No.-1-13/2010-PAT(BSNL), dt-13-12-2013. Click Here
  17-12-2013 : BSNL HQR has issued orders for propagation of BSNL plans for the subscribers as well as for one window system for dealing with the customers. BSNL letter No.-7-1/CSC/2012-13, dt-16-12-2013. Click Here
  16-12-2013 : Constitution of National Coucil - Addition to the List of Staff Side members. Letter No.-BSNL/39-8/SR/2013, Dated:-16-12-2013. Click Here
  16-12-2013 : Formation and functioning of councils at circle and SSA levels – Request for intervention. Letter No.-2/2(b), Dated:-16-12-2013. Click Here
  16-12-2013 : Formation and functioning of works Committee. Letter No.-TF-35/3, Dated:- 16-12-2013. Click Here
  14-12-2013 : Demonstration at Chennai CGM office on 2nd December 2013:- Chennai Telephones circle union began its 3 phase agitation on 23 point charter of demands on 2nd December by holding massive demonstration in front of CGM office in which more than 250 Comrades very actively participated. Com. C.K. Mathivanan explained the demands and warned the management of serious struggles if demands are not settled. Click Here
  14-12-2013 : Corporate office Shown reasons for inordinate delay in declaration of JTO LICE results in 8 circles. Letter No.-22-24/2012 Rectt., Dated:- 12-12-2013. Click Here
  14-12-2013 : Minister of State for communication and IT has given written reply in Rajyasabha to enhance the revenues of BSNL & MTNL. Click Here
  14-12-2013 : Outsourcing of OF Cable maintenance work including splicing/ patrolling of OFC routes. Letter No.-49-1/2008 ML, Dated:- 10-12-2013. Click Here
  14-12-2013 : Extension of benefit of Time Bound Pay Scale upgradation under the 'Promotion Policy' to non-executives granted executive scale(s) under the erstwhile A.C.P. Scheme in BSNL. Letter No.-106-2/2011-CSS, Dated:- 06-12-2013. Click Here
  14-12-2013 : Revision of flat rates of license fee for dap departmental Qtrs w.e.f. 01-07-2013. Letter No.-BSNL/6-1/SR/2013. Click Here
  14-12-2013 : Meeting with CMD, BSNL:-

A delegation consisting of President, GS, Deputy GS, Secy (Com. K.K. Singh) and Com. Pawan Meena met CMD BSNL on 13th December and discussed matters relating to availability of materials and pilferage. CMD informed that the supply of material is done on the basis of business. He also told that the management has approved the scheme and orders are expected relating to sharing in the new apartments.
  13-12-2013 : JAO Part II relaxation

Now BSNL HQr is considering to grant some grace marks to the candidates of last examination. Necessary details from circles are being collected in respect of such employees who have failed with marginal marks.
  13-12-2013 : Director (HR) on 12th December and requested for settlement of the following issues:

1. Scrutiny of mistakes etc in JTo exam at Jharkand and early declaration of result.
2. CGA case of Chhattisgarh, Jahrkhand and MP. Director (HR) informed that in the ensuing.National Council meeting the official side desires to hold discussion with the Staff Side to evolve new policy of CGA.

NFTE representatives consisting of Presidents, Comrades Gopal Kishanan (Org. Secy), Pattabi (C/S Tamilnadu and Kamraj met the GM (Finance PSNL) on the following issues on 12th December.
  13-12-2013 : JAO R/R at par with JTO in respect of service period:
The Delegation of NFTE BSNL Requested the GM (Finance Personnel) that service period for departmental candidates to appear in JAO examination be brought at par with the JTO. He readily agreed to consider the proposal.
  12-12-2013 : Parliament March December 12 of Indian Working Class:- A very massive march to parliament of lakh and lakh of workers held today AGAINST THE ANTI WORKING CLASS POLICIES OF THE Government and demanding immediate settlement of 10 points charter of demands of all the Central Unions and federations. The march started by 8Am and continued even beyond 3 Pm. The NFTE BSNL true to its tradition, under the leadership of Com Islam president and Com C Singh GS participated in the march. Near about 1000 NFTE comrades from all over the country participated and 200 comrades from Punjab as the biggest contingent enthralled the rally. The employees from far off Chennai, TN with comrades of Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Andhra, Bihar, UP (West) Jharkhand, West Bengal and NTR participated good in number. The rally was so impressive and the Government responded and invited the leaders for talks. We thank on behalf of CHQ all our members and comrades participated in the rally. Click Here
  12-12-2013 : Suggestions regarding amendments to the union's constitution. Click Here
  12-12-2013 : Corporate office issued instructions to all CGM's for updation of leave accounts in service books. Letter No.-15-1/2013-14/SA-BSNL/Vol-II, dt-10-12-2013. Click Here
  12-12-2013 : All India conference:- The Core Committee has decided to hold the All India Conference in 1st week of April, 2014 at Jabalpur.
  11-12-2013 : The Core Committee of NFTE BSNL met on 10th December under the Presidentship of Com. Islam Ahmad and discussed the following items in depth. Click Here
  10-12-2013 : Core Committee Meeting of NFTE starts. Click Here
  10-12-2013 : Corporate office seeking details from M.P./Rajasthan/A.P./MH/KTK & KRI for settlement of grievances arisen due to implementation of Non-Executive Promotion Policy (NEPP). Letter No.-13-5/2013-Pen(B), Dated:- 09-12-2013. Click Here
  10-12-2013 : Raichur District conference (Karnataka):- District Conference at Raichur Telecom District was conducted on 10th November 2013 Com S.M.Malli Sr TOA, Com Muniyappa TM and Com Nagaraja TTA are elected as District President, District secretary, District Treasurer respectively. Com K.S.Seshadri Circle Secretary/Secretary Chq, Com A,C,Krishna Reddy Circle Treasurer and Com S.V .Arali Circle Org Secretary are the Chief Guests.
  10-12-2013 : Mysore District Conference (Karnataka):- District Conference of Mysore Telecom District was conducted on 9th November 2013 at RTTC Mysore Com Nagesh TM, com M.Mahadeve Gowda Sr. TOA(G) and Com Dinesh Sr TOA are elected as District President, District Secretary, and District Treasurer respectively. In Open secession as been inaugurated by Sr GM Mysore Sri Jayaram, Sri Somashekar MLA Mysore, Sri Sandesh Swamy EX Mayer and corp. orator Mysore City, Com K.S.Sheshadri KTK Circle Secretary/Secretary CHq, Com A.C.Krishna Reddy Circle Finance Secretary, Com M,Krishna Mohan District Secretary Bangalore Telecom District, Com C.M.Raju Senior Leader of NFTE Bangalore are the Chief Gusts. More than 300 Comrades are participated in the Conference/ Open session.
  09-12-2013 : Review of Answer sheets in JAO Part-II LICE against 40% quota held on 17th to 19th December, 2012 - clarifications regarding. Letter No.-TF-14/2(c), Dated:- 09-12-2013. Click Here
  09-12-2013 : Delay in Declaration of LICE JTO results of Punjab, Kerala, NE-II and Andhra circles - Request for urgent intervention. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-09-12-2013. Click Here
  09-12-2013 : LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre - Case of Kolkata TD. Letter No.TF-14/2(b), Dated:-09-12-2013. Click Here
  09-12-2013 : PLI (Bonus) meeting:- The meeting for evolving PLI formula was held on 9th December the official side was represented by Smt. Madhu Arora, (GM, Restg), Smt. S. Chaudhary (GMEF) and S/S Neeraj Verma (GM SR), R.K. Goel (GM Est). The staff side was represented by Comrades Islam Ahmad and P. Abhimanyu. The official side desired to introduce individuals/Group or circle Performance Management System for grant of PLI to the employees. The staff side expressed serious reservations on the system. The official side was told even targets to the circles are not fixed on uniform basis. Performance of circles depend on many factors. The NFTE pressed that performance should be taken as whole and PLI be distributed to all the employees. The official side agreed to give details of PMS to both the unions representatives jointly at the convenient date. The staff side also pressed for adhoc payment of PLI as same has not been done from years, 2011.
  09-12-2013 : The issue of promotion of 10% non- executive employees after one year in the NE-12 scale is still pending for approval of the Management Committee of BSNL.
  07-12-2013 : Replacement of Clip Instrument Free of cost to CIC customers – who has paid last six month bill for landline connection with total amount of Rs. 5000/- or above. Letter No.-3-4/2013-R&C(CFA), Dated:-06-12-2013. Click Here
  07-12-2013 : Residential service telephone connection over FTTH. Letter No.-32-64/2013-NWP-BB/FTTH. Dated:-05-12-2013. Click Here
  07-12-2013 : GET READY TO PARLIAMENT MARCH: An historical Parliament march is going to be take place on 12-12-2013 in Delhi. All major central Trade unions are planning to make success of the Rally. It is a fight against the anti labour policies of Central Govt. The present Govt slowly moving steps to bring Disinvestment and privitisation in PSU’s in the country. There is no control on price rise, the lives of poor in danger. NFTE decided to join in the Parliament march along with others. CHQ requests the Comrades of NTR and neighbouring states to participate in large number to make the rally a success. The Parliament march begins from Ramleela Ground at 10.30AM. Click Here
  06-12-2013 : “CHQ pays respectful homage to the legendry Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on his Mahaparinirvan Diwas on 6th December 2013”.
  06-12-2013 : Nelson Mandela dies at 95: A man of courage, principle, and South Africa’s symbol of the struggle against racial oppression died Thursday night. Our Red Salute to the great leader.
  05-12-2013 : 78.2% IDA benefits to the retired personnel:- DOP and Pension department has sought clarification from DOT if approval has been taken from the department of finance and expenditures.
  05-12-2013 : Excellent Grade for BSNL – Vide DPE letter No.-18(8)/2005-GM, dt-27-11-2013, BSNL got “excellent” grade for the year 2012-2013.
  05-12-2013 : Now View TV on BSNL Mobile along with Data STV - Press Release by Corporate office. Dated:-03-12-2013. Click Here
  03-12-2013 : CGA cases upto 30-06-2013 are being taken up by BSNL HQR.
  03-12-2013 : Presentation of growth and development of BSNL be done at circle levels also. Letter No.-TF-35/1, dt-03-12-2013 to CMD BSNL. Click Here
  03-12-2013 : Participate to Defeat Evil Designs. Telecom Editorial December, 2013 (English & Hindi). Click Here
  02-12-2013 : JTO LICE Result:- The CHQ leaders accompanied with the Punjab circle Secretary of NFTE and SNATTA circle president met the Sr. GM(Est) for declaration of results of Andhra, Punjab Kerala and NE-2 circles. The action is under process to clear the obstacles for declaration of result of Andhra. It may materialize soon. Two SNATTA Comrades of Punjab Com. Baljinder Singh & Com. Ravinder Singh were also present.
  02-12-2013 : Inordinate delay in declaration of JTO LICE result - Request for urgent intervention. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-02-12-2013. Click Here
  02-12-2013 : Restructuring of SSAs - Suggestions regarding. Letter No.-TF-21/6, Dated:-02-12-2013. Click Here
  02-12-2013 : Meeting on 9th December on New Scheme of Bonus/PLI based on Performance Management system. Letter No.-1-5/2012-Restg, dt-29-11-2013. Click Here
  02-12-2013 : For kind attention of circle Secretaries:- Clip phones and PIJF Cables are available in the circle stores of all the circles. This message was conveyed to us on 30-11-2013 to unions/associations at the time of awareness presentation. Circle Secretaries are requested to reconcile, if the circle stores are supplying the above materials to the SSAs.
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