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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,
31-03-2015 : Marvelous District Conference held at Bhopal:- Click Here
30-03-2015 : Holding of 32nd meeting of National Council-regarding. F. N.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2014, Dated:-24-03-2015. Click Here
30-03-2015 : Corporate office issued guide lines for operation Samundra (BSNL) Manthan to all circle. Letter No.-1/OSD to CMD/Misc/2015, Dated:-27-03-2015. Click Here
30-03-2015 : Com. Subhash Singh District Secretary, Jaunpur UP(E) expired on 29-03-2015. We pay respectful homage to departed soul and share the grief of the family.
30-03-2015 : Com. C. Singh, GS attended the mass meeting at Puducherry:- Click Here
27-03-2015 : HAPPY RAM NAVAMI. Click Here
27-03-2015 : Updation of ERP system of BSNL employees. Letter No.-3-1/2013-Estt.III, Dated:-27-03-2015. Click Here
27-03-2015 : Corporate office requested all circles to furnish the information with regard to revision of pension/family pension of pre-2007 retirees BSNL IDA pensioners/family pensioners, who retired prior to 01-01-2007 and post 2007 BSNL IDA pensioners/family pensioners, who retired between 01-01-2007 and 09-06-2013 within 10 days. Letter No.-48-04/2015-Pen(B), Dated:-26-03-2015. Click Here
27-03-2015 : Com. Shantanoo Babu Rao Shete, District Secretary Yeotmal retention order. Letter No.-1-7/2015-Pers-II. Dated:-25-03-2015. Click Here
27-03-2015 : Result of Junior Hindi Translator examination held on 09-11-2014. Letter No.-50-1/2013-DE, dt-25-03-2015. Click Here
27-03-2015 : Decisions of Forum meeting held on 25-03-2015. Click Here
27-03-2015 : Revised Timings for CGHS wellness Centers. Letter No.-S.11030/55/2012-CGHS(P), Dated:-24-03-2015. Click Here
26-03-2015 :Circle Conference of Uttrakhand.: The Circle Conference of Uttrakhand is notified to be conducted on 15th & 16th April 2015. Com Chandeshwar Singh G.S. Will attend the Conference.
25-03-2015 : “SAVE BSNL:- Save Nation” memorandum submitted to Shri Lakhan Lal Sahu, Hon’ble MP Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) by NFTE union on 24-03-2015 Click Here
25-03-2015 : Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL talks about various steps the state run BSNL is taking under his leadership to turn around things (Tele Analysis). Click Here
25-03-2015 : Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2014 - Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. File No.-3-1/2013-TE, Dated:-24-03-2015. Click Here
24-03-2015 : Non-issue of POS in respect of TSMs regularised on 01-10-2000 or thereafter - Case of M.P. Circle. Letter No.-TF-24/4, Dated:-24-03-2015. Click Here
21-03-2015 : Joint CEC at Ahmadabad:- A joint circle Executive Committee Meeting of all the unions and Associations which are the constituent of Forum of BSNL unions and Associations held at Pranshankar Bhai Hall, Bhai Ravnath Road Ahmadabad on 20-03-2015. Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S. NFTE and Chairman national forum presided over the joint meeting. Com. P. Abhimanyau GS BSNLEU, Com. Sabastin G.S. SNEA(I) Com. Suresh Kumar G.S. BSNLMS and Prahalad Ray G.S. AIBSNLEA were attended and addressed the gathering of Executive and non executive workers assembled in the hall. The meeting was much impressive and it was a unique symbol of unity in BSNL. All the leaders explained in detail the demands submitted to the BSNL management and DOT alongwith strike notice. All the leaders exhorted the policy of the Govt for which BSNL is passing through a critical situation. The leaders appealed to the workers to forget the differences if any and be united to face and fight against the anti PSU and anti working class policy of the Govt. Latter all the circle Secretaries of participating unions/associations also addressed the meeting and they assured full support to the call of national forum and participation of two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015. The circle Secretaries addressed the meeting are Com. D.G. Patil SNEA(I) Com. Belani AIBSNLEA, Com. S.R. Chhatriya BSNL ATM, Com. P.K. Rathor BSNLMS, Com. P. Mathew AIGETPA, Com. N.J. Bhatia, NFTE (BSNL) and A.M. Patil. The circle level forum was also formed at the end of meeting for which Com. N.J. Bhatiya was nominated as President and Com. A.M. Patil as convener, all the circle Secretaries of consistent unions/Assns. will be the members of circle forum. This proposal was approved unanimously by the house. Click Here
21-03-2015 : Convention at Guwahati:- Under the banner of Forum of BSNL unions and associations Assam circle conducted a massive convention on 18-03-2015 under the presidenship of Com. Shyamlendu Bhattacharjee. A large number of BSNL workers including women were attended from nook and corner of Assam circle. Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ New Delhi attended on behalf of NFTE and Com. Animesh Mitra All India Vice President attended from BSNLEU. Both the leaders addressed the huge gathering of workers. Com. K.K. Singh exhorted the demands chartered by the national forum and explained the need of united struggle to defeat the anti Public Sector policy of the Govt. The convention was addressed by all the circle secretaries. All the circle Secretaries assured national leaders regarding- cent-percent participation of workers in Strike on 21st and 22nd April 2015 in Assam circle. The meeting was ended in a very impressive manner.
20-03-2015 : National Council Meeting:- The meeting of NC scheduled for 13th April is being deferred.
20-03-2015 : Meeting with CMD and Director (HR):- President met the CMD and Director(HR) both and mentioned following issues. (1) Invitation to attend the open session of National Executive on 9th April at Jaipur:- CMD responded in a positive way. (2) Alternate union accommodation in place of C-4/1 Bangla Saheb Road:- Matter under consideration. CMD/Director (HR) both assured that needful will be done. (3) Recent orders for extension of immunity in Transfers to office bearers. Issues involved were explained at length. Director (HR) told that the orders will be modified.
20-03-2015 : Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2015 – Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. F. No.-12/6/2015-JCA-2, Dated:-19-03-2015. Click Here
19-03-2015 : Restoration of outdoor medical expenditures facility without voucher – consideration of. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-22/14, Dated:-17-03-2015. Click Here
19-03-2015 : All SSA Heads should meet the Hon’ble MPs in their respective constituencies. D.O. No.8/Cord./2015, Dated:-18-03-2015 from BSNL HQR. Click Here
19-03-2015 : Immunity from transfer to the recognized representative unions of non-executive employees in BSNL – reg. Letter No.-TF-20/(d), Dated:-18-03-2015. Click Here
18-03-2015 : Holding of 32nd meeting of National Council on 13th April. F. No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2014, dt-16-03-2015- Agenda of items proposed to be discussed in the council meeting. Click Here
17-03-2015 : Meeting with ED(F):- President met ED(F) and enquired about financial help coming from DOT. Till date even Rs. 1250 crores as recommended by Trai have not been paid to BSNL by DOT. The issue of PLI was also discussed with her.
17-03-2015 : Meeting with the Sr. GM(SR):- President met the Sr. GM(SR) and told that orders dt-13-02-2015 issued by “SR Cell” for extension of facility of “Immunity” to office bearers of recognized unions are not in good taste and will create many difficulties. Sr. GM(Sr) asked for the representation in this regard.
16-03-2015 : Immunity from transfer to the recognized representative Unions of non-executive employees in BSNL. F. No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2012 (Vol.II), Dated:-13-03-2015. Click Here
16-03-2015 : National Council meeting on 13th April, 2015 as notified vide letter No.-BSNL/29-3/SR/2014 at 16-03-2015. Click Here
16-03-2015 : National Exective Meeting at Jaipur:- Circle Secretaries please note. The Circle Secy, Rajasthan has intimated that there is acute and serious problem of accommodation at Jaipur. The reception committee is not in position to arrange extra accommodation. In the situation circle Secretaries are requested to discourage the observers to avoid inconveniences and hardships to reception committee. Those coming even after this advice have to make their own arrangements. Please contact circle Secy, Rajasthan on No.-09414753221.
16-03-2015 : Easter UP circle Conference:- The conference was held on 13th and 14th March at Jhansi which was attended by President, General Secretary and organizing Secy of HQR. The brave Comrades of host branch led by Com. Purushotam Singh, Distt Secy made tremendous efforts to make the conference memorable and purposeful. They deserve greetings and congratulations. The CHQ leaders addressed the Seminar, open session as well as delegate sessions presided by Comrades Paliwal(VP) and Rajiv Verma, President, GM, Jhansi TD attended the open session and addressed.
14-03-2015 : Two days UP(E) circle conference at Jhansi concluded today. Com. Rajeev Verma, Com. Sanjay Dubey and Com. Ashok Rai have been elected as President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The conference was a glorious success. President and General Secretary attended the conference.
14-03-2015 : Reply of Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad MOC in Rajya Sabha in respect of “Share of BSNL in Mobile Service Market”. Click Here
14-03-2015 : Reply of Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad MOC in Rajya Sabha in respect of “Turn around plans for BSNL”. Click Here
14-03-2015 : Reply of Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad MOC in Rajya Sabha in respect of “Persons employed in BSNL”. Click Here
14-03-2015 : Govt rules out privatization of BSNL, MTNL – (Source Business line). Click Here
14-03-2015 : Fixation of responsibility- Presidential orders to Temporary status mazdoors. Letter No.-269-2/2011-P-IV/LE Vol. III, Dated:-13-03-2015. Click Here
13-03-2015 : Gist of items discussed in the Standing Committee meeting of NC held on 12th March, 2015. Click Here
13-03-2015 : Lunch hour Demonstration at Indore (M.P.) on 12-03-2015. Click Here
13-03-2015 : No plan to shut down MTNL: Ravi Shankar Prasad. Click Here
13-03-2015 : Latest development in Superannuation benefits to D/R BSNL staff:- Matter has reportedly been referred to the “Remuneration Committee” in BSNL.
13-03-2015 : Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations Strike Notice for two days on 21-04-2015 and 22-04-2015. Click Here
13-03-2015 : MTNL declared sick alongwith Air India:- Two Central Govt PSUs MTNL and Air India have been declared sick as per report appearing in Economic Times of 11th March. The present Govt headed by BJP is apparently in hurry to sale the PSUs. Click Here
13-03-2015 : Lunch hour Demonstration at Corporate office:- Lunch hour demonstration was conducted at corporate office on 12-03-2015 as per the decision of Forum of BSNL unions/Associations, under the chairmanship of Com. C. Singh G.S. Com. V.A.N. Namboodri convener of Forum explained in detail the importance of agitation. All the General Secretaries of Forum addressed the well organised gathering at corporate office. And requested the members to make success two days strike which begins from 21st April to 22nd April, 2015 to protect BSNL and its employees. Later on strike notice was handed over to CMD BSNL by the Forum leaders on pending demands. Click Here
12-03-2015 : Meeting with the CMD:- President, General Secretary and Com. Rajmouli met the CMD and raised following issues for settlement pending in Board. (i) Wage erosion of employees appointed on 01-01-2007 or thereafter. (ii) Superannuation benefits to D/R BSNL staff. (iii) E-1 scale in NEPP. (iv) Approval of R/Rs for JTO/JAO. The CMD gave patient hearing. The union also extended invitation to grace the open session of National Executive meeting at Jaipur. He responded favourably.
12-03-2015 : PLI committee meeting:- The meeting took place today at 1100 hours under the chairmanship of Shri Shamim Akhtar, Sr. GM(SR). Sr. GM(Est), GM(Restg), GM(Rect) and GM(Est Accounts) were present. The NFTE was represented by Comrades Islam Ahmad and A. Rajmouli, Treasurer of NFTE. The demand to include the scale of “Fair” alongwith Excellent, Very Good and Good was accepted by the management side. The official side was undecided if the evolved formula will be applicable for non-executive staff only. As for as inclusion of VLR etc are concerned same will be as per MOU provisions to be signed between DOT and BSNL. The NFTE again reiterated its demand that the minimum amount of PLI be fixed and thereafter formula be evolved even if the PSU is in loss. The official side indicated to get the orders from CMD/Director (HR) on the issue. It was made clear that there will be no compromise on this demand. It was also stated that the committee has been formed for non-executives and linking it with Executive how not desirable. The item is in National Council.
12-03-2015 : Grant of Special Casual leave on request to members of National Executive at NFTE-BSNL for attending of National Executive from 9th to 10th April, 2015 at Jaunupyong Bhavan, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan reg. Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2015, Dated:-11-03-2015. Click Here
11-03-2015 : Pre-Paid Sim of Talk value of Rs. 200/- to the non-executive employees - reg. Letter No.-TF-19/4, Dated:-11-03-2015. Click Here
11-03-2015 : Eastern UP circle conference on 13th and 14th March at Jhansi.
11-03-2015 : Meeting with Director(HR):- Click Here
10-03-2015 : Further inputs regarding approval of revival and HR plan by BSNL Board:- It is further learnt that the Board in its meeting, held on 26-02-2015, has approved the revival and HR plan as recommended by the Deloittee and authorized the management committee to review estimated profit and loss. The Board has directed to evolve action plan for restructuring of circles, quality of Service improvement, outsourcing of network, customer satisfaction, increase in revenues, manpower requirement, restructuring of SSAs, Sales and marketing skill upgradation, performance culture etc etc. The union earlier represented that due to merger or consolidation of SSAs non-executive staff may not be displaced. This has already been clarified. The SSA concept should continue. The circle Secretaries are again requested that they should submit their views for action by HQR. The HQR has already given detailed views and same will be persued vigorously. Entire efforts will be to ensure that the non-executive employees are unharmed and no reduction in posts takes place.
10-03-2015 : Non-settlement of staff problems pending in BSNL Board – reg. Letter No.TF-21/6(d), Dated:-10-03-2015. Click Here
09-03-2015 : Revival Plan of BSNL:- It is reliably learnt that the BSNL Board in its meeting, held on 26th February, has approved all the recommendations of Deolittee after the consultant’s presentation to them. It is astonishing the Management has not consulted the unions as assured on 9th February meeting.
09-03-2015 : STD Carrier Charges:- BSNL HQR is assessing the financial effect of Trai orders reducing the STD carrier from 65% to 35%.
07-03-2015 :Celebration of International Women's Day Week - Corporate Office letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-11/15,Dated:-04-03-2015. Click Here
04-03-2015 :Regional trade union workshop and seminar on save BSNL at Sasaram:- Com C. Singh G.S attended workshop and seminar on-04-03-2015 at Sasaram. The work shop was attended by the Distt. Secretaries, Branch Secretaries of Sasaram Ara and Gaya. The workshop was presided over by Com. Ratnesh Mishra circle president and the seminar was presided over by Com. C.D Singh Distt. president Sasaram, Trade union class was conducted to inculcate the sense of workers how to bargain for demands as well as to unite against corruption and to save own organisation by building a strong unity of staff the seminar was addressed by Com. Keshav P.D. Singh D/S Sasaram (Bihar) Com. Ram Lakhan Singh D/S Patna Com. Ghanshyam D/s Ara. Com. C. Singh G.S explained all the hidden agenda of the government to de-stabilise the public sectors including BSNL. He urged upon the workers to unite and participate in struggle with full determination to defeat the anti workers policy of the government, the meeting was ended with vote of thanks by Com. Ratnesh Mishra president. Click Here
04-03-2015 :Contempt proceedings against DOT for retention of its officers. Honble judge highcourt declined to hear due previous involvement in the matter. Listed now for 23rd March.
04-03-2015 :Review petition of DOT for retention of its personnel in BSNL has been dismissed on 3rd March by highcourt. Review was filed by DOT after 2 years of verdict. DOT approach is really astonishing. Contempt case is yet to be heard.
04-03-2015 :TRAI orders on IUC:- TRAI orders may result in direct savings of Rs. 60 crores. This will be on IUC. Tariff flexibility will increase much for off net calls.
03-03-2015 :Record of discussions of the committee meeting regarding evolving a scheme of PLI on the basis of Performance Management System (PMS). Letter No.-1-5/2012-Restg, Dated:-02-03-2015. Click Here
03-03-2015 :Timely settlement of pensionary benefits – regarding. Letter No.-40-06/2015-Pen (B), Dated:-02-03-2015. Click Here
02-03-2015 :Marvellous March And Thereafter Magnificent Strike. Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
02-03-2015 :A Seminar on "Save BSNL Save nation was conducted at Kankarbagh (Bihar) by the district Branch of NFTE BSNL Patna for the workers of rural area:- More than.200 workers including Ladies were attended, The Seminar was presided over by Com. B.N Sinha and addressed by Com. Ram Lakhan Singh dist sec, Com. C. Singh G.S NFTE and Executives of the area were also participated in seminar. Com. C. Singh exhorted all the demands taken by Forum of BSNL union/Association and explained the need of united struggle against the anti BSNL thoughts of the Government. He also informed the revised decision of Forum under which 2 days strike will take place on-21st and 22nd April 2015 and appealed to the workers to unite together to make the struggle a grand success, The seminar was also attended by Com. Sanjay and Com. Lal Senior leaders of NFTE, The meeting was ended with vote of thanks by Com. R.C Sinha. Click Here
28-02-2015 :Smt. Sujatha Ray, present ED(F) is selected for the post of Director(HR)/ BSNL by PESB. NFTE extend whole heated congratulations to her.
28-02-2015 :Comrade S.S. Gopal Krishnan, Secretary CHQ retiring today. CHQ wish him a happy retired life.
28-02-2015 :Two days strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015, instead of indefinite strike from 17th March, 2015 – Forum of BSNL unions/Associations decision on 27-02-2015. Click Here
27-02-2015 :National Executive Meeting – reg. (Notice). Letter No.-TF-4/1, Dated:-27-02-2015. Click Here
27-02-2015 :Delay in final payment of GPF be avoided. BSNL Letter No.-500-57/14-15/BSNL/CA-I/VOI VI, Dated:-23-02-2015. Click Here
27-02-2015 :The National Executive meeting will take place at Jaipur on 9th/10th April. The meeting will conclude on last day ie 10th April only after 1900 hours. The participants should accordingly arrange their return journey. The venue of meeting is Jan Upyogi Bhawan Shastri Nagar, Jaipur which is three Kms away from Railway Station.
26-02-2015 :March to Parliament - A mega event. Click Here
24-02-2015 :Meeting of Forum on 23rd February, 2015. Click Here
23-02-2015 :Presidential orders in respect of about 60 TSMs belonging to AP, UP(W), Himachal etc issued by DOT.
23-02-2015 :Parliament March:- All NFTE BSNL participants should assemble at Eastern Court premises at 0930 hours. The union badges will be distributed there during breakfast period. March will start at 1000 hours.
23-02-2015 :All India National Executive Committee meeting will be held at Jaipur (Rajasthan) from 09-04-2015 to 10-04-2015. This meeting is restricted to all India office bearers, circle Secretaries and special invitees. The venue of the meeting will be intimated very soon. All are requested to book your tickets to Jaipur to and fro to avoid inconvenience.
21-02-2015 :Circle executive committee meeting of Bihar circle:- Circle executive committee meeting of NFTE (BSNL) was held at Darbhanga on.20.02.2015 under the joint presidentship of Com. Ratnesh Mishra and com. B.N Sinha. Out of 19 District Branches 14 District Secretaries and all the circle office bearers attended. All the District secretaries took part in discussion on notified agenda. Com. S.K Dubey circle secretary replied on the issues raised by the District Secretaries and others. Com. C. Singh G.S attended and addressed the open session which was attended by a large number of workers. Com. Singh explained all the current issues related to workers and he appealed to the workers to work hard to make the parliament march on 25th Feb. 2015 and indefinite strike from 17 march.2015 a grand success and historic one. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by com R.N Jha District Secretary-Darbhanga. Click Here
21-02-2015 :Lodging arrangement for participants of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra:- The participants of 25th Feb “Parliament March” coming on 24th will stay in Rooms No.-3,4,6, and 7 at Hindu Mahasabha Bhavan near Laxmi Narain Mandir (Birla Mandir) situated at Mandir Marg. The participants of above circles ie Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh should straight way go to stay there. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to NFTE participants at Eastern Court premises. The rally will proceed from Janpath to Parliament. Rooms 2, 14 and 15 will also be available on 25th February.
21-02-2015 :Lodging arrangements for remaining circles:- The participants coming from other circles on 24th/25th February to participate in the “Parliament March” will stay at “Eastern Court CTO Dormitory”, Janpath, New Delhi. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to NFTE participants at Eastern Court premises. The rally will proceed from Janpath to Parliament.
21-02-2015 :Congratulations to Comrades for successful signature campaign in AP, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, UP(E), UP(W), Bihar, Kerala, Orissa, Punjab etc. Our Comrades have also met Hon’ble MP’s at various places and requested them to raise the issue in Parliament for saving the BSNL. People have showed faith in BSNL network.
20-02-2015 :Department of Personnel & Training Establishment Division guidelines for submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants for each year. F. No.-11013/3/2014-Estt. (A), Dated:-17-02-2015. Click Here
20-02-2015 :The small SSAs in Chhattisgarh, MP, UP(E) and UP(W) have been consolidated into business areas. The concerned circle Secretaries are requested to convey the effects to CHQ urgently for appropriate action in light of BSNL HQR letter No.-4-2/2014-Restg(Vol-III), dt-19-02-2015. Click Here
19-02-2015 :Convention at Jaipur (Rajasthan):- The circle convention of Rajasthan has been held today under the presidentship of Com. R.G. Dixit Circle Secretary, NFTE BSNL & Com. Parikh convener. The central leaders of unions and associations addressed the mass gathering. All appealed to make indefinite strike successful. Com. Islam President represented the NFTE. Dr. Akhilesh Shukla, President of Customer Cell of BJP promised to draw the attention of PM, MOC & CM Rajasthan in respect of our demand ‘SAVE BSNL – SAVE NATION’. He also said BSNL still carry the confidence of people of India. Click Here
19-02-2015 :Memorandum submitted to Shri. Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy, Member of Parliament of Khammam District (A.P. Circle) by Forum leaders to raise the question in Parliament for survival of BSNL. Click Here
19-02-2015 : Convention at Patna (Bihar)- A massive convention was conducted at Patna under the banner of Forum of BSNL Union/Assn.Bihar circle. The Convention Was Presided over by Com. B.P Singh C.S BSNLEU and the Charter of demand was placed and explained by Com. S.K Dubey C.S NFTE. The Meeting was addressed by Com.C.Singh G.S NFTE, Com. Swapan Chakraboty D.G.S BSNL EU, Com. A.P Dhaya A.G.S SNEA and all the Circle Secretaries of Constituent Unions/ Assn. of Forum. The meeting was very impressive and about 600 workers including Executives and Ladies were present and supported the call of Forum. All Circle Secretaries in their address assured cent per cent participation of Workers in Bihar Circle in the indefinite strike scheduled to be held w.e.f. 17-03-2015 and a large number of workers will participate in parliament march on 25-02-2015. The meeting was concluded with a vote of Thanks by Com. R.P Sinha C.S FNTO. Click Here
19-02-2015 :Forum Meeting now on 23rd February at 3 pm.
19-02-2015 :Secretariat Meeting at 1200 hours on 23rd February.
18-02-2015 :Corporate office issued clarification for ERP implementation in respect of looking after arrangement. Letter No.-ERP/HCM/Clarifications/1, Dated:-18-02-2015. Click Here
18-02-2015 :Revival and HR plan of BSNL - reg. Letter No.-TF-18/5, Dated:-16-02-2015. Click Here
18-02-2015 :BSNL Board is meeting on 20th February. The issues of Wage erosion of TTAs, Superannuation benefits to D/R BSNL staff are in agenda.
18-02-2015 :President met the GM(Restg) on 17th instant and conveyed union’s concerns relating to HR plan for consideration of BSNL Board. She maintained till date Restg Cell has not finalized the plan.
18-02-2015 :Corporate office resolved issues raised by field units in respect of Salary module in ERP. Letter No.-CIT/8-10/2013/ERP/Vol. 1, Dated:-17-02-2015. Click Here
18-02-2015 :DOE guide lines in respect of TA to attendant accompanying disable persons on tours/training etc. Letter No.-19030/3/2013-E. IV, Dated:-17-02-2015. Click Here
17-02-2015 :Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for promotion to the cadre of TTA for the Recruitment Year 2014. Letter No.-37-1/2015-Rectt-IV, Dated:-16-02-2015. Click Here
17-02-2015 :NFTE CHQ Accounts details. Click Here
17-02-2015 :BSNL Vide letter No.-2-01/2013-PHA, dt-13-02-2015 has taken up with the MTNL for 30% discount in the Telephone bills of BSNL staff residing in MTNL areas effective from 15th April, 2015. Past cases will be separately taken up. Click Here
16-02-2015 :Non-functioning of Local Council meeting at Hoshiarpur in Punjab Telecom Circle – regarding. F. No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2014, Dated:-13-02-2015. Click Here
16-02-2015 :Secretariat meeting on 21-02-2015 – Notice. Click Here
16-02-2015 :Trade union International (TUI) Public Service Congress held at Kathmandu (Nepal) – A constituent union of WFTU the TUI Public services held its congress on 13 & 14 Feb, 2015 at Kathmandu (Nepal). Com. C. Singh General Secretary attended the same. Delegates from 29 countries attended the congress, The congress concluded with unanimous declaration and resolution that the workers of the world will continue to fight against Imperialism and capital reforms through which the Govt. of different countries are imposing, privatisation, out sourcing, downsizing, ban on recruitment and several anti workers policies.
16-02-2015 :On behalf of BSNL JAC Sangareddy, Medak district(A.P. Circle) submitted a memorandum to the Honourable M.P,Zaheerabad Shri .B.B Patil Garu for raising question in parliament for survival of BSNL In the interest of Nation. Click Here
14-02-2015 :Forum of BSNL unions/Associations – Parliament March & Indefinite Strike – Poster. Click Here
14-02-2015 :The legendary leader of the Central Govt. Employees, Com. S.K. Vyas Ji passed away at about 20.25 hrs on 13th February, 2015 at Jaipur hospital. It is a great loss to Trade union movement of Central Govt. Employees. Our heart felt condolences to the bereaved family.
14-02-2015 :Appointment of ‘Junior Accounts Officer on probation’ under 40% quota/10% quota consequent on completion of 4 weeks of Phase-1 induction training. Letter No.-4-4/2014-SEA, Dated:-12-02-2015. Click Here
13-02-2015 :SAVE BSNL – SAVE NATION:- Memorandum submitted to Shri Varaprasda Rao, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) by Tirupathi Comrades in A.P. circle. Click Here
12-02-2015 :Recommendations of Management Committee of BSNL Board on Deloittee consultant’s recommendations on revival and HR plan of BSNL. BSNL Letter No.-CP&M/1-256/BRPSE/Revival Plan/2012-13/Vol-II, dt-10-02-2015. All the central office bearers, circle Secretaries and others are requested to send their views on the report by 16th February positively. Click Here
12-02-2015 :Weightage points for CGA:- Revised weightage points will be circulated by BSNL HQR after March, 2015.
12-02-2015 :Signature Campaign:- All the Circles/Districts union are again reminded that maximum signatures be obtained from the public in the memorandum, addressed to PM, and send the same to CHQ by courier or bring the same while coming to “Parliament March” on 25th February.
12-02-2015 :Guidelines for consolidation of bank accounts on migration to ERP in the circle. Letter No.-1-4/BFCI/BA/Project A/c Opening/2011-12, Dated:-11-02-2015. Click Here
12-02-2015 : Com. C. Singh G.S. departed to Kathmandu(Nepal):- G.S. will attend the 12th conference of Trade Union International Public Services (WFTU) on 13th and 14th Feb, 2015. He will return to headquarter on 15th Feb, 2015.
11-02-2015 : Com. Gopalkrishnan Secretary CHQ-NFTE attended convention at Bangaloru(Karnataka):- A massive convention was organized by circle level Forum of union/Assn. At Bangaloru on 10th Feb, 2015. Com. Gopalkrishnan Secretary CHQ attended and addressed the huge gathering assembled in the convention on behalf of NFTE. He explained the situation under which the central forum of unions/Assn. decided to start struggle to Save BSNL. He appealed to workers to participate in parliament march on 25th Feb 2015 and make preparation to make the indefinite strike w.e.f. 17 March a grand success. Com. Gopalkrishnan rushed to Trichur(Kerala) and he addressed the convention of Kerala circle on 11th Feb, 2015.
11-02-2015 :Business Rule for the functioning of National, Circle and Local Councils in BSNL:- The Draft proposal has been handed over to the union. All are requested to peruse the contents and send comments to CHQ at the earliest. The NFTE HQR has earlier submitted its “Note” on the issue long ago. Click Here
11-02-2015 :BSNL and SBI has signed a MOU on 06-02-2015 for extending various loans to the employees and circulated vide letter No.-1-9/BBF/STAFF LOAN/2014-15, Dated:-10-02-2015. Click Here
11-02-2015 :The Hon’ble Supreme Court has held that the granting of grace marks is against rule as there is no such provision. The BSNL has been directed not to violate the rules. BSNL letter No.-9-25/2007-SEA(Pt), Dated:-04-02-2015. Click Here
11-02-2015 :Inconclusive standing committee meeting of National Council:- The meeting was held on 10th February under the Chairmanship of Sr. GM(SR). Brief of discussion on items are as attached. Click Here
10-02-2015 :Regularisation of TSMs working in BSNL. Letter No.-TF-31/1, Dated:-10-02-2015 Click Here
10-02-2015 :Recognition of elected office-bearers of NFTE(BSNL) West Bengal Telecom Circle Kolkata. Letter No.-TF-04, Dated:-30-01-2015. Click Here
10-02-2015 : Wage erosion of TTAs. Matter sent to BSNL Board for consideration.
10-02-2015 : PLI meeting:- The Joint Committee Meeting on PLI has taken place today under the Chairmanship of Shri Shamin Akhtar, Sr. GM(SR). The GM(Restg) supplied the targets of years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 and thereafter discussions commenced. The NFTE representative, Com. Islam Ahmad, mentioned the following points. (i) There should be another Column of “Fair” besides Excellent, Very Good and Good. (ii) Minimum of PLI amount be fixed. (iii) Revenue earnings and sales should not be linked for PLI as BSNL is facing tough completion and there is no materials and equipments in the field. Moreover, PLI is not linked with the profit and performance. The official did not agree and maintained while it will not be linked with the profit but revenue earnings will be retained. (iv) Record of discussions should be prepared. The Committee will meet now on 12th March.
10-02-2015 : Forum meeting with Management under the Chairmanship of CMD:- In the meeting Shri. A.N. Rai Director HR, Shri N.K. Gupta Director GM, Shri Shamin Akhtar Sr. GM(SR), and Smt. Sujata Rey ED(F) were present from management side. Com. C. Singh G.S. NFTE & Chairman, Forum participated in the meeting. The CMD while welcomed the staff side, and appreciated their concerns for revival of BSNL. Thereafter, items were discussed. The staff side drew the attention of CMD towards Deolittee recommendations regarding restructuring of BSNL and its human resources. The CMD assured the staff side that the deolittee recommendations will not be accepted to create any unrest amongst the workers, specially he assured that the retirement and transfer of workers beyond its norms will not be allowed. CMD also projected his future plan in respect of revival of BSNL. He added that the BSNL will spend the money on core net work data business and Wi-Fi as now the GSM business is on almost saturation stage. He assured that the HR plan of staff will be finalized after taking the view of the staff side.
10-02-2015 :District Executive Committee meeting of Kareem Nagar District at Huzurabad:- The Executive Committee of Kareem Nagar held at Huzurabad on 06-02-2015 the meeting was attended and addressed by Com. P. Anjaneyulu circle President, Com. Phoni Kumar circle org Secretary, Com. Chandrashkher Rao Circle Secretary and Com. A. Rajamouli CHQ Treasurer. The meeting was held under the presidentship of Com. S. Venkteshwar Rao and Com. Sreeram Reddy District Secretary conveyed thanks to one and all for their hard work to put NFTE in first position in the SSA. Com. Sreeram Reddy appealed to the workers to participate in Parliament March on 25th Feb, 2015 and organize indefinite Strike w.e.f. 17 March, 2015 to Save BSNL. Meeting ended with Vote of Thanks by Com. Ch. Venugopal Rao, District Vice President. Click Here
10-02-2015 : District Executive Committee meeting at Nizamabad:- The committee meeting held under the presidentship of Com venktagowd, Com. S.K. Mehboob Distt. Secretary placed a brief report in HOUSE about. The activities of District union. Com. Chandrashekher Rao circle Secretary and Com. A. Rajamouli Treasurer CHQ attended and addressed the meeting on 07-02-2015.
10-02-2015 :Revision of Stipend to various cadres in BSNL on revision of IDA Pay Scales of BSNL employees w.e.f. 01-01-2007 reg. Letter No.-16-1/2003-Trg, Dated:-09-02-2015. Click Here
09-02-2015 :Review of results of failed SC/ST Candidates in LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre - Regarding. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-09-02-2015. Click Here
09-02-2015 :Holding of National Council meeting - regarding. Letter No.-TF-2/3, Dated:-09-02-2015. Click Here
09-02-2015 : According to Trai the subscriber base of Telecom is 97 crore for the period ending 31st December, 2014.
09-02-2015 : Campaigns for Parliament March, Signature Drive and indefinite strike from 17th March, 2015:- (i) It is again emphasized that the circle Secretaries should moblise the District Secretaries to ensure maximum signatures on the memorandum, addressed to Prime Minister, relating to survival of BSNL. (ii) The circle Secretaries must inform the CHQ number of participants who are coming to participate in the “Parliament March” of 25th February so that the lodging and fooding arrangements are made and they don’t face difficulties. (iii) The circles must come in “Parliament March” with their respective banners. The maximum participants from outside circles for “Parliament March” should come from Haryana, UP(West), Punjab, UP(East) etc.
09-02-2015 : Meeting with the CMD, BSNL:- President and General Secretary met the CMD, Shri Anupam Srivastav, on 6th February 1st time after taking over the charge of the company and assured our fullest cooperation in lifting the BSNL from the present crisis. The situation prevailing in some circles viz Rajasthan, Western UP, Andhra were referred by the union leaders. We also told him that there are many SSAs which are without heads whereas in circles and corporate office the GMs and Dy. GMs in abundance. The transfers of GMs alone will not change the present condition in SSAs. This needs to be done upto lower levels of executives also. CMD gave a patient hearing to our submissions.
06-02-2015 : Meeting with Director (HR):- President and General Secretary met today and raised the following issues. (i) Issue of orders for stoppage of recoveries due to mistakes of administration relating to promotion, Pay fixation etc in view of decision of double bench of Supreme Court. (ii) Problems relating to Andhra, Rajasthan and Punjab circles.
06-02-2015 : Meeting with ED (EB):- President and General Secretary met the ED(EB), Shri Khan, and discussed regarding one time relaxation to existing draughtsmen to appear in JTO(C) and (E) 20% deptl quota examination.
06-02-2015 :Meeting with ED(IT):- President and General Secretary met ED(IT), Shri Mehta, and apprised him about problems in ERP at Chhattisgarh circle.
06-02-2015 :Circle Level convention at Ludhiyana(Punjab):- A well attended convention of BSNL workers conducted at Ludhiyana on 04-02-2015 in which above 600 workers were attending including executives and Ladies. Convention was presided order by a presidium of all the circle president of constituents unions/Assn of the Forum and addressed by Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. NFTE, Com. Arbind Dahia A.I. Organising Secretary AIBSNL EA. Com. Balbir Singh A.I. President BSNLEU. It was also addressed by Com. D.P. Marya Vice President AITUC Punjab, Com. M.L. Sharma, Circle Secretary, NFTE along with other circle Secretary and Convener of the Forum (Punjab).
06-02-2015 :Regarding Sanction of Temporary Advance. Letter No.-CIT/8-10/2013/ERP/Vol.I/Pt, Dated:-04-02-2015. Click Here
06-02-2015 :Grant of Cash award to Sportspersons for achieving excellence in international Tournaments/Meets during 2014. Letter No.-32-2/2015-BSNL(Sports), Dated:-02-02-2015. Click Here
06-02-2015 :Grant of Cash award to Sportspersons for achieving excellence in National Tournaments/Meets during the calendar year 2014. Letter No.-32-1/2015-BSNL (Sports), Dated:-02-02-2015. Click Here
05-02-2015 :Superannuation benefits to D/R staff:- The proposal for retirement benefits to BSNL recruited employees have been sent to Board for consideration.
05-02-2015 :BSNL HQR vide letter No.-250-3/2015-Estt-III, dt-04-02-2015 has issued orders for LICE for promotion to TTA Cadre under 50% Deptl Quota. Click Here
04-02-2015 :Recovery of monetary benefits on account of mistakes of the employer – Judgment regarding. Letter No.-TF-9/7, Dated:-04-02-2014. Click Here
04-02-2015 :25th February’s Parliament March circle Secretaries should respond urgently:- Please intimate to CHQ number of Comrades who are coming to participate in the Parliament March on 25th February. Please come with the banner of your circle.
04-02-2015 :The Joint Committee of PLI will meet on 10th Feb, at 11 am. Letter No.-1-5/2012-Restg, Dated:-03-02-2015. Click Here
03-02-2015 :Stand Firmly to Save the BSNL. Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
03-02-2015 :SAVE BSNL COMPAIGN:- All the circle Secretaries are requested to make all efforts in preparation for a great success of Parliament March on 25th Feb, 2015 and indefinite strike w.e.f. 17-03-2015. State Level convention have been conducted at Chennai, Tamilnadu, Lucknow. The dates of convention in circles have been fixed like on 04-02-2015 at Ludhiyana (Punjab) on 10-02-2015 at Bangaloru for Karnataka circle and on 18-02-2015 at Patna (Bihar circle). Other circle Secretaries are also requested to orgainse state level convention coordinating with other constituents unions/Associations of Forum. Please give wide publicity of following points during the SAVE BSNL Campaign. Click Here
  03-02-2015 :JAO(DR) Exam to be held on 22-02-2015- Regarding deputing of observer and reimbursement of Travelling Allowance to SC/ST Candidates. Letter No.-31-2/2015-Rectt, Dated:-28-01-2015. Click Here
02-02-2015 :General Secretary will attend State Level Convention at Ludhiyana organised by Punjab Circle Forum of BSNL Union and Assn. on 4th February 2015. G.S. will return Head Quarter on 5th Feb.
02-02-2015 :The Unions and Associations of forum organised convention on 2nd february on save BSNL programme at Lucknow. Com Rajiv Verma, NFTE President Com. Islam addressed the session on behalf of CHQ. Acting CS, NFTE Com. Sanjay also addressed. Leaders exhorted workers to make the programme of Parliament March, Letter Campaign, indefinite strike successful.
  01-02-2015 :Circle level convention at codalure(Tamilnadu)-- Circle level forum of BSNL union and Assn. of Tamilnadu organised a state level convention at codalure on 30th jan. 2015. A huge gathering of BSNL workes including executives and ladies were participated in the meeting. The hall was full and hundrades were standing. The attedance of participants were more than fifteen hundrades.The conventiom was started as per schedule at 15pm with welcom speech by com R. Sridhar Dist. secretary NFTE. and it was addressed by com P. Abhimanyu G.S.BSNLEU,com Chandeshwar Singh G.S. NFTE, com K. Saaastin G.S. SNEA,com P.Venugapal President BSNLEA, com R.Pattabhiraman C.S.NFTE, Com A.Baburadhakrisnan C.S.BSNLEU, Com chelappa convenor Tamilnadu Forum and all other circle secrtaries of participants Unions/Assn. Circle leaders of foum handed over the signatures collected from public to central leaders.View Photo
  28-01-2015 :General Seceratary will attend the convention organised by forum of BSNL Unions and Associations of Tamilnadu Circle at Cadolure(TN) on 30-01-2015.
  28-01-2015 :Corporate office requesting information in respect of casual labourers who had been confirmed temporary status on or before 30-09-2000 and who have been appointed subsquently as Telecom Mechanic in BSNL. File No. 11-1/2015-LE(pt) Dated: 28-01-2015. Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Revised Fair Usage policy on office service BB Connections. Letter No. 13-2/PDP-CFA/Gen/2013-14. Dated 27-01-2015. Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Filling up backlog vacancies in respect of outstanding sports persons. Letter No. 27-1/2012-BSNL(Sports) Dated: 23-01-2015 Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Message from CMD BSNL to Unions/Associations. Dated 23-01-2015. Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Revision of IQ rates. Letter No. 18-1/2014-BSNL-(WL) Dated: 23-01-2015. Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Re-Constitution of National Council. File No. BSNL/39-8/SR/2013. Dated: 22-01-2015. Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Reconstitutioin of Standing Committee of National Council. File No. BSNL/39-8/SR/2013. Dated 22-01-2015. Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Holding of meeting of the standing Committee of National Council. File No. BSNL/39-5/SR/2014(Pt.) Dated: 22-01-2015 Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Enhancement of Kit Money Letter No. 27-1-2012-BSNL(Sports) Dated: 20-01-2015. Click Here
  28-01-2015 :Calculation of pension contribution in respect of BSNL employees those who are retiring within 6 months. Letter No. 500-67/2014-15/BSNL/CA-II/Vol.V Dated: 20-01-2015 Click Here
  22-01-2015 :Circle Conference at Siliguri (W.B.)
  As per prior notification the conference started at 11.00hrs. on 20.01.2015 with all pumps and show. Delegate session was addressed by Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ, The organisational activities placed through secretary report as well as annual accounts were discussed and passed by the house.
  Open session .. an open session was organised at 3pm. In YADAW SAMITI BHAWAN.. the munch was dedicated in name of Com. O.P. Gupta. The Hall was full and the crowd gathered were standing in the hall, A good number of lady workers were participated. The session was addressed by Com. C. Singh. G.S. Shri A Dakua. G.M. Siliguri.. Shri B. Bhattacharya. C.S. ALBSNLEA. Com. K.K. Singh Secretary N.F.T.E. Com. Pulak Kr. Ganguli Senior Leader N.F.T.E. .. Com. Tapan Bishwas. C.S. WBTC NFTE... Shri S. Bhattacharya, Zonal Secretary SNEA... Com. Gopal Mahato. SEWA .. Shri B. Ghosh. District Secretary BSNLEU.. Com. S. Paul. Dist. Sec. SNATTA.. Com. C. Singh. Explaned in detail regarding need of struggle and appeal to the workers to obtain signature from public in support of our struggle. He exhorted all the demand of Forum. The open session was concluded with vote of thanks by com. Tapan Bishwas.
  2nd day on 21.01.2015 delegate session was constructed and the presidium declared the house in corum and in order as well. out of 17 Territorial and non territorial Districts leaders and delegates from 14 district were attended the conference.. After thorough discussion on staff related issues, and the issues related to survival of BSNL the agenda of election was brought on the floor of house. The delegates elected Com. Pulak Kr. Ganguli, Com. Tapan Bishwas, Com. Ranjeet Kr. Das unanimously as President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer respectively. All assembled delegates were very happy and they soughed slogan in favor of NFTE (BSNL). The Conference was ended with national anthem.

General Secretary addressing the House.


Newly elected Circle Secretary of West Bengal Circle. Com. Tapan Biswas.


Com. K.K.Singh Sec. HQ with elected office bearers of West Bengal Circle.

  21-01-2015 :Circle Conference of West Bengal Circle stared as per schedule on
  16-01-2015 :Shri Anupam Shrivastava, Director (CM), has been appointed as Chairman & Managing Director BSNL. File No. 414-05/2013-Pers.1 Dated 15-01-2015 Click Here
  16-01-2015 :MOU Signed wioth allahabad Bank for extending various loan Schemes to BSNL Employees. Letter number F.No. 1-9/BBF/STAFF LOAN/ 2014-15. Click Here
  16-01-2015 :Ellgibility of disabled children after marriage and elligibility for two family pensions-clerification. Letter number 31-12/2014-pen(B) Dated 09-01-2015 Click Here
  16-01-2015 :Compasinate ground appointment-clerification given to A P Circle. Letter number 273-18/2013/CGA/E-4. Dated 08-01-2015 Click Here
  16-01-2015 :IDA oreder with effect from 01.01.2015. Letter number 14-1/2012-PAT(BSNL) Dated 14th January 2015 Click Here
  12-01-2015 :Photos received from different places in respect of Dharna conducted from 6th to 8th January, 2015 on the Call of Forum of Unions/Associations in BSNL. Click Here
  12-01-2015 :"BSNL Has got No Autonomy". Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
  12-01-2015 :Reg. Compassionate ground appointments - Change of procedure. Letter No.-273-/CGA/Estt-IV, Dated:-08-01-2015 Click Here
  10-01-2015 :Former Highcourt Judge & Renouned thinker in MH, Barristor B.N.Deshmukh along with Com. Dr.Bhalchandra Kango has inaugurated signature campaign at Aurangabad. Save BSNL Save Nation movement has gathered momentum & moral support due to their presence.
  09-01-2015 :JTO LICE Vis-a-Vis non-adherence of uniform procedure in evaluation of answer books-regarding. Click Here
  09-01-2015 :Out of Syllabus Questions: Click Here
Click Here Question paper
  09-01-2015 : NC Meeting...
Director Hr, Chairman Council agreed to hold meeting in last week of December. Till date notification for meeting has not been issued. President met Director Hr and requested for issue of notice for meeting.
  09-01-2015 : GPF Advance...
Pongal festival and Makar Sankkrati on 14 th jan. Ed Finance has been requested to release fund for GPF advance.
  08-01-2015 : Third day Dharna held at Bsnl Hqr. Com Goyal, Circle secy along with more than 30 employees of Haryana joined dharna. Lunh hour demonstration took place in chilly and bittering cold. Com MP Singh of BSNL Hqr addressed fron NFTE and urged for implementation of forum programme. Programme had been successful.
  08-01-2015 : Departmental exam for PA in respect of Bihar will be held as scheduled. Remaining candidates also permitted. Bsnl Hqr issued orders on 7th.
  08-01-2015 : Save BSNL..
The BSNL, our bread earner, is in serious financial crisis. Its revival is must. The year 2015 will be very crucial for the revival of BSNL and in the interest of employees. The unions of Forum met on 7th January, 2015 and concluded that the following programme must be implemented very sincerely and devotedly.
I.The draft of Memorandum to Prime Minister, uploaded in NFTE Website as well as published in January, 2015 Telecom, should be taken out and get signatures of people. The target fixed by forum is one crore. We, therefore, urge upon you to make sustained efforts to get signatures of the public of all walks of life and same be sent to CHQ either in person or through courier. The circle and District Secretaries and other must move in this direction on war path.
II.“Parliament March” is fixed for 25th February NFTE has committed in the meeting that atleast 500 members will participate in the march. The circle secretaries of out of stations should information the CHQ very urgently the number of participants so that the lodging and fooding arrangement can be made to avoid inconveniences. The neighbouring circle viz Haryana, Punjab, Western UP, East UP etc. should bring maximum participants. Remember the number of 500 can be more but in no circumstances it should be less than that for Parliament march.
III.“Take initiative at Circle/District levels to form Coordination Committee of all unions to mobilize the workers. Controversies should not occur during the period of struggle.
IV. Meet local MPs and other leading personalities and apprise them the present condition of BSNL and seek their support. If service is a bit bad today it is due to Govt’s apathy. Remind them how the Tariff of Mobile services have been lowered and reduced due to entry of BSNL.
BSNL has risen to occasion to restore Telecom services during natural calamities at J&K, Uttrakhand, Andaman-Nicobar, Gujrat (Bhuj) etc.
  08-01-2015 : Congrats and greetings to coal india workers for successful heroic struggle. Bsnl workers should take lesson of this and unite in the ensuing struggle to save bsnl. Govt is not honouring its commitments to revive the bsnl.
07-01-2015 : Positive and very satisfactory report of dharna programme....
barring few circles there has been very satisfactory response from circles.
07-01-2015 : Forum meeting..
meeting took place to mobilise workers to make programme ofsubmission ofmemorandum to prime minister successful.500 workers from nfte will join parliament march. Conventions will be held. Joint circular will be be issued signed by all general secretaries.
07-01-2015 : Second day dharna has been held today in bittering cold at bsnl hqr. Workers demanded refund of deposits money, installation of bts towers, materials, equipments. Forum leaders addressed the meeting. Com mpsingh of bsnl corporate office represented. President nfte and circle secretaries ntr and corporate office were present at dharna.
06-01-2015 : The nfte paid homage to our departed beloved leader, com op gupta at nfte hqr and circle union hqr who was secy general of nfpte, nfte and nfte bsnl.his services to workers specially telecom were remembered. May the soul rest in peace.
  06-01-2015 : The workers of coal india ltd on struggle against disinvestment and privatisation. Nfte congratulate workers for heroic struggle and stands with them.
  06-01-2015 : Dharna programme held at BSNL HQ.. Massive dharna has been held today. General secretaries of unions and president nfte addressed the mass gathering during lunch break. Com Islam stated the govt is not fair to bsnl. Minister telecom has not honoured the decle rations made in parliament
  06-01-2015 :Dharna at jamshedpur on 6th Jan. Click Here
  05-01-2015 :Conciliatuin meeting has been held today with jac leaders on 30 points demands. G S attended
  05-01-2015 :Meeting of Joint Committee to evolve scheme of Bonus/Productivity Linked Incentive based on PMS. Click Here
  03-01-2015 :The meeting of joint committee to suggest change in designation of major nonexecutive cadres will take place on 9th January as per letter of BSNL no. 2-4-2007. Registration date 2nd january 2015
  02-01-2015 :Wage Erosion...
Management committee of BSNL has reportedly cleared grant of one increment with arrears to employees entering on 1st January 2007 or thereafter with arrears.
  02-01-2015 : EDITORIAL : “BSNL Has got No Autonomy” : Click for ENGLISH
  02-01-2015 : EDITORIAL : “BSNL Has got No Autonomy” : Click for HINDI
  01-01-2015 : The meeting of forum of unions and associations took place on 30th December under the chairmanship of Com. Islam Ahmad.
  After detail deliberations the following decisions were taken.
  1. Dharna programme from 6th to 8th January 2015 has to be organized in a coordinated and planned way in which allemployees should participate one day. General Secretaries of unions will hold meeting with circle secretaries of NTR on 2nd January, 2015 at 14-00 hours in NFTE (BSNL) circle union office to make dharna successful in Corporate Office.
  2. All out efforts should start right from now to get the “Memorandum addressed to Prime Minister” signed by people to save the BSNL.
  3. Local MPs be contacted to briefed them.
  4. Forum will meet after Dharna Programme to finalise the “Parliament March.” NFTE office bearers are requested to participate in the programme as nothing is more important issue than the survival of BSNL.
  01-01-2015 : Deduction of Union Subscription from the Salary of National Federation of Telcom Employees (NFTE- BSNL) regarding. Click Here
  31-12-2014 : IDA increase 2.2 from 98.1 total 100.3
  30-12-2014 : HRA in respect of CPSE employees (CPSES) under 2007 scales- reg. Click Here
  30-12-2014 : Proposed withdrawal of 1.2MHz spectrum of 900MHz from BSNL-reg.  Click Here
  30-12-2014 : Former member tech of telecommunication has been selected as member of TDSAT. Shri N.K.Yadav cgm MP has been tipped for member sce in telecom commission.
  29-12-2014 : HR Plan of BSNL:- There are issues which are not getting approval of BSNL Board in absence of HR plan. The BSNL HQR has prepared a Draft Proposal for HR which will be sent to Board after our comments. All concerned specially circle Secretaries, Central office bearers are requested to send their views and comments very urgently. Click Here
  29-12-2014 : Extended Circle Working Committee Meeting at Mysore:- The, Extended Circle Working Committee Meeting of the Karnataka Circle held at RTTC, Mysuru on 13-12-2014 & 14-12-2014 under the President ship of Com . M.Krishna Mohan, Circle President. Programme commenced with by Sri. Subhash Baradhwaj,Com Mahadeva Gowda District Secretary Mysuru welcomed the Circle Executive Committee members and delegates. Com K.S.Seshadri Circle Secretary Karnataka Circle / Secretary Chq explained recent developments/ activities of our union and advice to all the District Secretaries / CWC Members and Branch secretaries to increase the membership between the period from 15th December 2014 to January 2015 and strengthening the NFTE-BSNL Karnataka in No.1 position. More than 600 members are attended. Com A.C.Krishna Reddy Circle Finance Secretary has been nominated as officiating Circle Secretary as per the house decision and Com K.S. Sheshadri elected as Secretary CHQ and his concentrated to Central head quarters for strengthening of organisation at all India level.
  29-12-2014 : Diamond Jubilee Celebration of NFPTE-NFTE at MYSORE:- The Diamond Jubilee Celebration of NFPTE-NFTE has been celebrated at RTTC Mysuru on 14-12-2014 with Invocation by Sri. Subhash Baradhwaj, Chaired by Com . M.Krishna Mohan Circle President. Com Mahadeva Gowda District Secretary Mysuru welcomed the gathering. Sri.T.V.Venkataraman PGM, Sri.G.S.Nagaraja Gupta DGM, Sri. B.Basave Gowda DGM (FA) and other senior Officers of Mysuru blessed the function. Com K.S.Seshadri Circle secretary Karnataka Circle / Secretary Chq Explained the 60 years history of NFPTE-NFTE very briefly and effectively for 60 years achievements by NFPTE-NFTE Union and their leaders Veteran Leaders Com.K.Ashwathanarayana Rao, Com.R.Changappa, Com.K.S.Ananthakrishnamachar Com.G.Babu, Com.Ramaswamy, C.M.Raju and other senior leaders addressed the function. More than 600 members attended the function. Click Here
  29-12-2014 : Modified policy for renting/leasing out vacant staff quarters of BSNL to Central Government Department, CPSUs/State PSUs and their employees and Outside Reputed Private Agency (ORPA). Letter No.-482-09/2009-BG/Vol.II(Pt.I), Dated:-22-12-2014. Click Here
  29-12-2014 : Jaipur Distt. Conference Conference held on 27th Dec. was addressed by GS Comrades B.D. Sharma, Ratiram and S.K. Mishra have been elected as President, Distt. Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
  29-12-2014 : Issue of medicines under CGHS:- Medicines to be issued as per CGHS guidelines. Reimbursement for unlisted procedures and implants will be done as per approved rates by AHMS/GB Pant Hospital/actual whichever is less. (Depart. Of health and Family Welfare letter No. 2-2/2014/CGHS (HQ)/PPTY/CGHS (P) dt. 23-12-2014.
  29-12-2014 : Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by public servant under section 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 – The last date is now 31st December, 2014-DOP No. 407/12/2014- AVD IV(B) dt. 25-12-2014
  29-12-2014 : : Alteration of DOB of a Govt. Servant – The alteration in Date of Birth of Govt. servant cannot be accepted after 5 years of his entry in the service. DoP No. 19017 /1/2014-Estt. (A-IV) dt. 16-12-2014
  29-12-2014 : JAO Part II LIC result against 40% quota held on 17th to 19th December, 2012 -Such candidates who have answered in Hindi instead of opted language English should immediately represent to CMD, BSNL through proper channel for onward transmission to BSNL HQr. The NFTE has earlier taken up the matter and the issue was raised in the National Council should also Circle secretaries should also send the particulars to CHQ. (BSNL No. 28-2/2012-Rectt/Result at 23-12-2014)
  27-12-2014 : DOT avoiding return of spectrum charges deposited by BSNL . DOT agreed to refund Rs. 500 crores every quarter of BSNL deposits Rs. 6500 crores. This is not honoured where as license fee recovered continuously.
  22-12-2014 : Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at Khammam on 20-12-2014:- Khammam SSA conducted Diamond Jubilee celebrations on 20-12-2014 in the exchange premises. More than 100 Comrades participated in the function. Distt. Union arranged a meeting after flag hoisting, Com. Mallishetti Janardan Rao and Chandrashekar Rao Circle Secretary attended and addressed the meeting. The meeting was ended with vote of thanks by Com. Durga Rao, District Secretary. Click Here
  22-12-2014 : Organise successful ‘Dharna’ programme from 6th to 8th January, 2015 at Circle/SSA level:- All Circle Secretaries are requested to initiate preparations and co-ordinate with other circle secretaries to make 3 days “Dharna” programme a grand success from 6th to 8th January, 2015 to Save BSNL. Kindly print leaflets in regional language by giving all details of BSNL and negative attitude of management as well as Govt. A massive campaign should be organised to meet the public and other trade unions to collect 1 crore signatures and request to send the signed memorandum copies to head quarter before parliament march (i.e. 25-02-2015).
  20-12-2014 : Com. Chhiddu Singh, Dy. General Secretary of All India BSNL pensioners welfare association and former AGS of BSNLEU has taken his last breath today. CHQ conveys heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.
  20-12-2014 : Govt approves 8.75% interest rate on PF deposits for 2014-15.
  20-12-2014 : Decision of the Meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations held on 19th December, 2014. Click Here
  20-12-2014 : Alteration of date of birth of a Government Servant – reiteration of the instructions. F. No.-19017/1/2014-Estt (A-IV), Dated:-16-12-2014 Click Here
  20-12-2014 : Engagement of Apprentices in BSNL under Apprentices Act. Letter No.-12-1/2007-Trg(Vol.II), Dated:-16-12-2014. Click Here
  19-12-2014 : ‘No Plan to Cut Retirement Age from 60 to 58 Years’ (Source Economic Times). Click Here
  18-12-2014 : Presentation on ERP in the board room, 3rd floor BSNL Bhavan New Delhi on 23-12-2014 at 10.30 am. Letter No.-BSNL/39-11/SR/2014, Dated:-17-12-2014. Click Here
  17-12-2014 : Corporate office order to stop printing and distributing the bills to BSNL employees for their residential service landline/broadband connections. Letter No.-64-133/BB/Tariff/14-15, Dated:-17-12-2014. Click Here
  17-12-2014 : District Conference of Moradabad was held on 16th December, 2014 under the chairmanship of Com. Jabbar Khan, Vice President CHQ. It was attended and addressed by Com. Islam Ahmad All India President, Jabbar Khan, Vice President CHQ, and Com. Sompal Saini circle Secretary UP(W). Sr. GM, Dy GM(Admn) and Finance of Moradabad also addressed the meeting. Com. Mukhram Tyagi, Com. Prem Singh and Ferozh Khan have been elected as District President, Secretary, Treasurer respectively. The conference was glorious.
  16-12-2014 : All Circle/District/Branch Secretaries are requested to collect one crore signatures of public in support of Save BSNL – Save Nation, in revised memorandum which is to be submitted to Hon’ble prime minister on 25-02-2015. (i.e. March to Parliament Day) Click Here
  16-12-2014 : Transfer requests of BSNL Executives/Non-Executives canvassing outside influence. Letter No.-400-57/2012-Pers.I(Pt), Dated:-16-12-2014. Click Here
  15-12-2014 : As per directive from RLC (C) New Delhi, Notification for talks between the JAC and Management, to be held on 22-12-2014, on the 30 point charter of demands. Letter No.-BSNL/39-6/SR/2014, Dated:-15-12-2014. Click Here
  15-12-2014 : Clarifications on compassionate ground appointments after change of procedure. Letter No.-273-18/2013/CGA/E-IV, Dated:-15-12-2014. Click Here
  13-12-2014 : SAVE BSNL – One Crore Signature campaign started at Madurai. Click Here
  13-12-2014 : Memorandum to the Prime Minister. SAVE BSNL – SAVE NATION. Click Here
  13-12-2014 : Forum of unions/Associations go on indefinite strike from 17-03-2015. Click Here
  13-12-2014 : Marans being questioned:- Marans are being questioned by Enforcement Directorate of Income Tax Department in connection with money – laundering charges in the Aircel – Maxis bribery case relating to 2G spectrum scam.
  13-12-2014 : “Champions of peace” received Nobel award at Oslo in Norway:- Kailash Satyarthi of Bharat belonging to MP state and Pakistan’s Malala received jointly “Nobel Peace Prize” on Wednesday at Oslo in Norway. NFTE HQR joins the nation to greet them.
  13-12-2014 : Pension revision of Pre/Post BSNL retirees:- The Cabinet Note is awaiting clearance of Hon’bel Minister of Communications and IT. After clearance it will be sent to the Nodal Ministries and then the note will be sent to the Cabinet. The entire process may take atleast three months.
  13-12-2014 : Meeting on 30 demands:- Another meeting is likely to take place with the CMD, BSNL before 5th January, 2015 as per advice of RLC.
  13-12-2014 : Sim of Rs. 200/- Talk value to BSNL Non-executive employees at Delhi and Mumbai:- Financial implications are being assessed as per direction of the Management Committee. The issue is reportedly moving in the right track.
  13-12-2014 : GSLI scheme benefit stopped to employees who joined after 31-07-2014. Letter No.-500-57/2011/GSLI/CA II/BSNL/Vol.II, Dated:-10-12-2014. Click Here
  12-12-2014 : Demands day observed at BSNL C.O New Delhi :- A massive demonstration was conducted under the banner of Forum of BSNL unions & Association (Executives and non-Executive) in lunch hour. Very large no. of workers participated from corporate office and NTR. Later a mass meeting was held under the chairmanship of com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S NFTE. The convener com V.A.N. Namboodry placed the demands & explained it in detail. All the General Secretaries of participant unions and Assn. addressed the gathering and appealed to the workers to face the challenges imposed by the Govt. and save the BSNL by making a very strong unity of the workers.
  10-12-2014 : Minutes of National Council meeting held on 25th September, 2014. Letter No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2014, dt-08-12-2014. Click Here
  10-12-2014 : ERP implementation in UP(East), UP(West), Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, MP and proposal for consolidation of small SSAs with nearby GM headed SSA:- (1) Small SSAs will become part of GM (headed) SSAs which will be called Business areas. (2) HR, Finance, Planning and procurement will be handled at Business areas. (3) TDM/TDEs of merged SSA shall mainly be responsible for network O and M, customer services and sales. (4)Transfer liability of SSA Cadre will remain unchanged.
  10-12-2014 : Consolidation of small SSAs list in UP(E), UP(West), Odisha Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, M.P. Click Here
  10-12-2014 : Revised R/R of JTO:- The revised R/R of JTO and other HR matters could not get approval of BSNL Board due to reported objections from Govt nominees. The DOT, Govt, nominees are objecting on the plea of restructuring and HR plan.
  09-12-2014 : Secretariat Meeting held today:- The meeting has taken following decisions in the meeting. Click Here
  09-12-2014 : PLI Committee meeting:- The meeting commenced at 1100 hours. After lengthy deliberations the management side agreed to provide the achievement of last 2 or 3 years to fix target for 2014-2015 for grant of PLI. The next meeting is fixed for 27th January, 2015.
  09-12-2014 : Note for non-applicability of Rule 55(II)(b) of BSNL CDA Rule 2006 in respect of absorbed employees. Letter No.-TF-13/8, Dated:-08-12-2014. Click Here
  09-12-2014 : Selection for the post of Director (Finance), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). Minute No. 1 of the PESB Meeting No.-129/2014, Held at 10.00 AM & 2.30 PM on 08-12-2014. Click Here
  08-12-2014 : Items for discussion in the 32nd Meeting of National Council submitted. Letter No.-National Council/204, Dated:-08-12-2014. Click Here
  06-12-2014 : Reply of unstarred question No.-1440 by Hon. Minister of communication in Rajyasabha on 05-12-2014 regarding. Merger of BSNL & MTNL Click Here
  06-12-2014 : Hon. Minister of communication and IT Answered the stared question in Rajyasabha on 05-12-2014 regarding. Revamping of BSNL. Click Here
  06-12-2014 : Forum meeting:- The meeting of Forum of BSNL unions and Associations (Executive and non-executive) held on 05-12-2014 under the chairmanship of Com. C. Singh GS, NFTE. The following decisions were taken after detail discussion:- Click Here
  05-12-2014 : Protest day lunched by all TU centers:- As per decision taken earlier, today protest day is conducted throughout the country. At Delhi it is conducted at Jantar – Mantar where a huge gathering of workers and employees from several PSUs and Govt. Sectors Participated. NFTE Comrades were also participated in good number along with Com. C. Singh, GS.
  05-12-2014 : Payment of Death Gratuity to a minor - regarding. Letter No.-7/3/2013-P&PW (F), Dated:-02-12-2014. Click Here
  05-12-2014 : BSNL’s Employee Transfer Policy (issued vide No.-6-1/2007-Restg. Dated:-07th May, 2008), (corrected upto 24-11-2014). Click Here
  05-12-2014 : Selection for the post of Director (Enterprise), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). Click Here
  05-12-2014 : Meeting of Joint Committee to suggest Change in designation of major Non-Executive Cadres. Letter No.-2-4/2007, Dated:-04-12-2014. Click Here
  05-12-2014 : Secretariat Meeting at Headquarter:- The Central Secretariat meeting of NFTE(BSNL) scheduled to be held on 10-12-2014, is shifted back on 09-12-2014 at 2.30 pm with same items of agenda.
  04-12-2014 : Problem and hardship to staff in introduction of ERP system – case of Gujrat circle. Letter No.- TF-9/11, Dated:-04-12-2014. Click Here
  04-12-2014 : Declaring all areas falling under Bihar and Jharkhand Telecom Circles as ‘Soft Tenure Areas’- regarding. Letter No.-400-36/2011-Pers.I (Pt.), Dated:-03-12-2014. Click Here
  04-12-2014 : 10th Meeting of BSNL Sports & Cultural Board. Letter No.-27-1/2012-BSNL (Sports)/, Dated:-20-11-2014. Click Here
  03-12-2014 : Notice for Secretariat meeting on 10-12-2014. Click Here
  03-12-2014 : Head quarter is receiving a number of Telephone calls/messages and mails to take immediate action against Com. Chitra Basu Circle Secretary WBT. The CHQ has already decided to hold its Secretariat meeting on 10-12-2014 to discuss the issue and to take appropriate action as per constitutional provisions.
  03-12-2014 : Meeting of Joint Committee to suggest Change in designation of major Non-Executive Cadres. Letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg, Dated:-02-12-2014. Click Here
  03-12-2014 : Meeting of Joint Committee to involve scheme of Bonus/Productivity Linked Incentive based on PMS. Letter No.-1-5/2012-Restg, Dated:-02-12-2014. Click Here
  02-12-2014 : Sustained Struggle A Must. Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
  02-12-2014 : Method of pay fixation in IDA pay scale in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted after 01-10-2000 and opted IDA pay scales from the date of their promotion – Reminder to all circles. Letter No.-1-15/2011-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-01-12-2014. Click Here
  02-12-2014 : Sanction of Rs.4, 48,27,000/- welfare grant to circle staff welfare boards. Letter No.-13-3/2014-15/BSNL-(WL), Dated:-27-11-2014. Click Here
  01-12-2014 : JTO R/R:- The issue is most likely will be placed in BSNL Board meeting on 9th December.
  01-12-2014 : Process for selection of Directors for BSNL started:- The interview dates for the selection of Director (Enterprise) and (Finance) are fixed for 4th and 8th December, 2014 respectively. NFTE has been ceaselessly drawing the attention of Telecom Ministry in the matter. However, the finalization of selection of CMD is still pending.
  01-12-2014 : BSNL Board meeting:- BSNL Board is meeting on 9th December. The President, NFTE met ED(Finance) and urged for getting proposal of 5 instead of 10 years cleared as Departmental Examination of JAO is abnormally delayed and there is huge vacancies. She responded positively.
  01-12-2014 : 27th November, 2014 one day strike photos of Mangalore SSA. Click Here
  29-11-2014 : Photos of one day strike on 27-11-2014 in Maharashtra and Rajasthan circles. Click Here
  29-11-2014 : Items of agenda for NC meeting of December, 2014. Letter No.-TF-2/3, Dated:-28-11-2014. Click Here
  29-11-2014 : Question No.-670 raised by Shri Pankaj Bora, MP in Rajysabha and answered on 28th November regarding merger of MTNL and BSNL. Click Here
  29-11-2014 : Remedial measures for making BSNL profit making – Question No.-680 raised by Dr. V. Maitreyan, MP in Rajyasabha and answered on 28th November, 2014. Click Here
  28-11-2014 : Observe 5th December as Protest Day:- All the Central Trade unions have given a call to observe 5th December, 2014 as “Protest Day” against Govt’s move to introduce anti-workers amendments in Labour laws, Privitisation, contractarisation etc. CHQ appeals to circle and District unions to participate in the programme.
  28-11-2014 : Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer Policy. Letter No.-6-1/2007-Restg Vol-III, Dated:-24-11-2014 Click Here
  27-11-2014 : Well done Comrades:- Congratulations and Greetings for heroic struggle. Reports extremely satisfactory. View of Strike at different places in the Country. Click Here
  27-11-2014 : Meeting on Strike demands:- A meeting between unions and BSNL management was held on 25th November in which six GMs were present. This meeting took place after 27th June and that too on RLC’s intervention prolonged discussions took place on charter of demands without any concrete result. The conciliation meeting was held on 26th morning with the Regional Labour Commissioner(C). Who advised the management for another meeting with the unions. Management failed to act on the advice of RLC. Hence Strike due to callousness and indifferent approach of the administration on demands. Click Here
  25-11-2014 : CHQ conveys best wishes to the newly elected office bearers of SNATTA in All India Conference held at Kolkata on 23-11-2014 & 24-11-2014. Shri Rajender Khanna, Anup Mukherjee, Sunil Goutham, M.K. Kandonia have been elected as all India President, General Secretary, Dy. General Secretary, Treasurer respectively. Hearty congratulations to all office bearers.
  25-11-2014 : Management invites JAC leaders for talks today on strike demands at 1700 hrs. Click Here
  24-11-2014 : All the Circle/District/Branch Secretaries are requested to make all efforts to mobilize the staff for success of one day historic strike on 27-11-2014. General Secretary reaching Delhi tomorrow morning. Talks may takes place tomorrow with JAC.
  24-11-2014 : General Secretary attended All India Conference of ‘SNATTA’ held at Kolkata on 23-11-2014. In his address in the open session explained the current status of issues related to TTA’s in all India level.
  24-11-2014 : Diamond Jubilee celebrations of NFPTE:- NFPTE formed on 24-11-1954, Successfully completed 60 years, Red Salute to Comrades, who sacrificed their lives in building the mighty organization with commitment. CHQ extend revolutionary greetings to one and all.
  24-11-2014 : NFTE conveys best wishes to newly elected office bearers of BSNLEU in All India Conference held at Kolkata from 6th to 9th November. Shri Balbir Singh, Shri P. Abhimanyu (Retd), Shri Saibal Sen Gupta were elected as All India president, General Secretary, Treasurer respectively. Heartily congratulation to all.
  22-11-2014 : As per JAC decision, talks did not take place with management on strike demands, due to indifferent attitude of management. One day strike holds good on 27 November. (i.e. From 0000 hrs to 2400 hrs on 27 November, 2014)
  21-11-2014 : NFTE CHQ Accounts details. Click Here
  21-11-2014 : Lunch hour demonstration conducted very massively throughout the country. CHQ extend thanks to all Circle/District Leaders and common members for their sincere effort made to make the programme a historic one. Photos view of demonstration from different places. Click Here
  21-11-2014 : Four hours daily off to sportspersons selected to represent BSNL. Letter No.-27-1/2010-BSNL (Sports), 19-11-2014. Click Here
  21-11-2014 : 10th Meeting of BSNL sports & Cultural Board. Letter No.-27-1/2012-BSNL(Sports)/, Dated:-19-11-2014. Click Here
  20-11-2014 : Notice for indefinite Strike from 3rd February, 2015 by BSNL Executive and Non-Executives. Letter No.-FORUM/BSNL, Dated:-18-11-2014. Click Here
  20-11-2014 : JAC conducted Lunch hour demonstration at Corporate office New Delhi:- A massive demonstration was conducted in lunch hour at corporate office under the banner of JAC. General Secretaries of participant unions addressed the meeting and explained why the JAC has decided to go on one day strike on 27 November, 2014. Com. Chandeshwar Singh GS addressed the gathering as president of JAC and appealed all the leaders and workers present there to work hard to make the one day strike a grand success.
  20-11-2014 : Notice for one day All India Strike on 27th November, 2014 – discussions regarding. F. No.-BSNL/39-6/SR/2014, Dated:-19-11-2014. Click Here
  19-11-2014 : Notice of Indefinite strike w.e.f. 3rd February, 2015 served to the CMD at 14.30 hrs by Forum leaders. Com. Chandeshwar Singh represented the NFTE.
  19-11-2014 : National JAC meeting at Delhi:- The National JAC meeting held on 18-11-2014 under the Presidentship of Shri Chandeshwar Singh and reviewed the preparation at various level to make the strike a historic one. After detail discussion the following decision were taken. (1) The lunch hour demonstration and gate meeting on 20-11-2014 must be conducted massively as a pre exercise to make the strike a total success. (2) The strike is total stay out for one day i.e. from 00.00 hrs to 24.00 hrs on 27 November, 2014. (3) In between strike period all leaders at all levels should organize a day long demonstration at the gate of each and every office to focus our demand and to attract common people of the country. (4) JAC at all level should appeal to all the other union and Association of executive class to extend solidarity to our struggle.
  19-11-2014 : Modification sought in transfer policy. Letter No.-6-1/2007-Restg(Vol.II)Part, Dated:-18-11-2014. Click Here
  18-11-2014 : Proposed plan to switch over to on-line examination system in BSNL – views regarding. Letter No.-TF-14/1(a), Dated:-15-11-2014. Click Here
  18-11-2014 : Relaxation in qualifying standards for SC/ST employees – wrong implementation of the DOP&T orders for the benefits – request for consideration. Letter No.-TF-2/3, Dated:-12-11-2014. Click Here
  18-11-2014 : Formation Day of NFPTE. Click Here
  18-11-2014 : Purchase of Diaries. Letter No.-4-2/2014-Admn-II, Dated:-17-11-2014. Click Here
  17-11-2014 : Status of 27th strike demands:- The BSNL HQR vide letter No.-BSNL/39-6/SR/2014, dt-17-11-2014 has sent to union the current status of 30 demands and has sought convenient date for discussions between management and unions.
  17-11-2014 : NOFN Project regarding. Letter No.-1-24/2014-NOFN(pt), Dated:-12-11-2014. Click Here
  17-11-2014 : Forum’s Programme of action:- Click Here
  17-11-2014 : Functioning of works committee. BSNL/39-11/SR/2007, dt-11-11-2014. Click Here
  15-11-2014 : Mother of Com. R. Pattabi, Circle Secy Tamilnadu has breathed her last on 14th November. The CHQ mourns her death and records heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.
  15-11-2014 : All Central office bearers elected at Jabalpur All India Conference are requested to send their photos to CHQ at the earliest.
  14-11-2014 : Central sports meeting on 10th December.
  14-11-2014 : JAO R/R amendment - regarding. Letter No.-TF-24/1(I), Dated:-12-11-2014. Click Here
  14-11-2014 : Revised R/R for the Cadre of JTO. Letter No.-TF-24/1(j), Dated:-12-11-2014. Click Here
  14-11-2014 : FORUM MEETING:- The meeting of Forum of unions and associations was held on 13th November under the Chairmanship of Com. Islam. The following decisions have been taken relating to the indefinite strike from 3rd February, 2015. (i) The General Secretaries will sign in the memorandum of demands on 18-11-2014 at 1300 hour at BSNL HQR. (ii) Demands day and Demonstration:- Demands day and demonstration will be organised at all levels on 11th December.(iii) 11th to 20th December, 2014 will be campaign week at all levels. (iv) March to Parliament on 19th December. (v) Dharna from 6 to 8 January 2015 at all levels.
  14-11-2014 : For kind and urgent attention of circle and District Secretaries:- (1) Hold JAC meetings of all non-executive unions in BSNL on 18th November and gear up the preparations for one day strike on 27th November in favour of charter of demands. Mobilise the employees for participation and success of the strike. (2) Hold lunch hour demonstration and gate meeting on 20th November at all levels. Every employee be contacted to participate in the programme. It is abundant duty of NFTE leaders to take the representatives and leaders of all other unions and move together for success of the struggle.
  14-11-2014 : Formation of Works Committees at SSA level – regarding. F. No.-BSNL/39-11/SR/2007, Dated:-11-11-2014. Click Here
  14-11-2014 : Method of pay fixation in IDA pay scale in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted after 01-10-2000 and opted IDA pay scales from the date of their promotion. Letter No.-1-15/2011 PAT(BSNL), Dated:-12-11-2014. Click Here
  13-11-2014 : JAC meeting held on 13th under Chairmanship of Com. Islam has decided as under. (1) Lunch hour demonstration and gate meeting on 20th November. (2) JAC meeting at District and circle levels on 18th for strike preparation of 27th November.
  13-11-2014 : (1) Emergency meeting of JAC is taking place today at 1430 hours regarding impending strike of 27th November. (2) Forum meeting will be held today at 1500 hours.
  13-11-2014 : President met the CMD today and requested him for taking steps for finalization of Terminal benefits rules in respect of D/R staff. More than two years have passed since strike agreement of 12th June, 2012 but the issue has not been resolved. Similarly, JTO and JAO R/Rs are also pending for finalization. He was also requested to visit J & K to know the plight of the workers.
  13-11-2014 : Management Committee of BSNL cleared the proposal of protection of wage loss of TTAs. Matter now to go to board for approval.
  12-11-2014 : Meeting with GM(Admn):- President and Com. H.N. Sharma, Circle Secy Corporate office staff met the GM(A) on the following items. (1) Solution of irritating issues in Sim of Rs. 200/- Talk value and extension of the Sim facility to Delhi NTR and Mumbai staff. (2) Settlement of Indoor treatment claims of employees in Rajasthan. (3) Office accommodation for circle union at BSNL HQR.
  12-11-2014 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est):- President met the Sr. GM(Est) on 11-11-2014 and apprised him that the result of JTO LICE of Tamilnadu is not being declared due to pendency of the Court Case. He was impressed upon for taking steps for early finalization of the Court Case. Letter No.-14/2(b), dt-10-11-2014. Click Here
  12-11-2014 : Celebrate 60 years of NFPTE. Click Here
  11-11-2014 : Pilot implementation of Area offices in Maharashtra on recommendation of M/S Deloitte. The corporate office vide No.-4-2/2014-Restg (Vol-II), dt-30-10-2014 has issued clarification regarding transfer liability of non-executive staff. Click Here
  11-11-2014 : Salary advance to the BSNL employees affected by floods in Jammu & Kashmir in 2014. Letter No.-1-10/2014-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-11-11-2014. Click Here
  11-11-2014 : Switching over to on-line examination in BSNL:- Click Here
  11-11-2014 : Three months pay advance to staff approved by BSNL HQR approved. Orders are being issued today.
  10-11-2014 : Apprehension of employees on Deloitte recommendations – BSNL HQRs to the NFTE BSNL. Letter No.-4-2/2014-Restg, Dated:-30-10-2014. Click Here
  10-11-2014 : SNATTA Punjab circle conference held at Hoshiarpur:- Click Here
  10-11-2014 : Strike on 27th November as per call of JAC. The poster containing demands are being dispatched.
  10-11-2014 : Proposal for switching over to on-line examination in BSNL due to financial and other constraints – Meeting on 11th Nov (BSNL Letter No.-22-6/2014-Rectt, dt -31-10-2014) circle Secretaries to give suggestions. Click Here
  10-11-2014 : Homage to Shaheed-a- Azam, Sardar Bhagat Singh:- Com. Islam accompanied with Distt. Secy Jalandar, Com. Shakti and other Comrades paid homage to Shaheed – a- Azam, Sardar Bhagat Singh on 8th November at the museum as well as at his ancestral house.
  08-11-2014 : Com. Islam addressed meetings at Nawanshar and Jalandhar today. He is attending circle conference of SNATTA at Hoshiarpur on 9th November in Punjab. In his address he apprised about present crisis in pension and BSNL.
  07-11-2014 : The Mother of Com. A. Rajamouli, Treasurer CHQ has expired on 6th at 1530 hours. CHQ deeply mourns the sad demise. Pray departed soul rest in peace.
  07-11-2014 : Regarding maintenance of existing buildings - clarification regarding. Letter No.-1-1/2012-W(T), Dated:-03-11-2014. Click Here
  07-11-2014 : Inclusion of Aadhaar (Unique Indentification) number in Service Book of Government servants. Letter No.-Z-20025/9/2014-Estt.(AL), Dated:-03-11-2014. Click Here
  03-11-2014 : Welcome meeting at Allahabad:- The employees and officers organised a grand welcome meeting on 1st November to facilitate Comrade Islam Ahmad, President, NFTE-BSNL. The Sr. GM, Dy. G.Ms were present and spoke on the occasion. Besides Comrades N.N. Pande, Circle Secy NFTE and District Secy, Com. Ved Mishra the representatives of BSNLEU, SNEA, AIBSNLEA etc. also participated in the facilitation and said Com. Islam is joint property of all staff and officers as he has never disappointed any one from very beginning of his public life. Com. Islam while thanking to all expressed that the employees and officers brought him up and will be grateful to them forever. He recalled how hundreds of staff and officers thronged the remote villages after the demises of his daughter and wife to console. He called upon all the employees and officers to organize Indefinite Strike from 3rd Feb, 2015 to protect the BSNL as Govt. does not appear to be sincere for its revival. The one day strike of 27th November is against the indifferent attitude of BSNL management in settlement of demands of non-executive employees which should be organized whole heartedly. Click Here
  01-11-2014 : Call for struggle. Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
  31-10-2014 : Additional charge of Shri A.N. Rai. Letter No.-414-45/2010-Pers.I, Dated:-30-10-2014. Click Here
  30-10-2014 : Financial assistance to J and K staff. BSNL Letter No.-14-2/2014-BSNL(WL), dt-27-10-2014. Click Here
  30-10-2014 : President and Circle Secy, Haryana met the CMD and raised the following issues. Click Here
  30-10-2014 : NFTE CHQ Accounts details. Click Here
  30-10-2014 : Facility to BSNL employees serving in Naxal affected areas. Letter No.-TF-16/3, Dated:-28-10-2014. Click Here
  29-10-2014 : Organise one day strike on 27th November for settlement of demands of non-executive employees. The All India Conference of the union at Jabalpur has endorsed the Call. Click Here
  29-10-2014 : Pension revision of pre/post 2007 retirees due to 78.2% IDA fixation benefit:- Reportedly, the Cabinet “Note” is being prepared by DOT as per advice of Ministry of Finance for pension revision of pre/post 2007 retirees.
  29-10-2014 : The Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations held a meeting on 28th October, 2014. Click Here
  28-10-2014 : Compassionate ground appointments - resolution regarding. Letter No.-TF-16/5, Dated:-28-10-2014. Click Here
  28-10-2014 : Rs. 1,000/- crores investment for West Zone circles:- The BSNL HQR is investing Rs. 1,000/- crores on BTS and equipment in West Zone circles.
  28-10-2014 : Payment of pension to DOT employees absorbed in BSNL vis-a-vis evading of responsibility by DOT - Resolution adopted thereon. Letter No.-TF-11/3, Dated:-27-10-2014. Click Here
  28-10-2014 : Formation of subsidiary Tower Company - Resolution reg. Letter No.-TF-6/2, Dated:-27-10-2014. Click Here
  28-10-2014 : Pension revision of retirees due to extension of 78.2% IDA fixation benefit - resolution thereon. Letter No.-TF-1/3, Dated:-27-10-2014. Click Here
  28-10-2014 : 50% adhoc grant to circle sports/cultural board. Letter No.-29-8/2014-BSNL(Sports)/, Dated:-17-10-2014. Click Here
  27-10-2014 : District Conference Pune (Maharashra). Click Here
  27-10-2014 : Restoration of LTC, Encashment of leave and Medical allowance - Resolution passed by AIC. Letter No.-TF-16/6, Dated:-22-10-2014. Click Here
  27-10-2014 : Wage revision of PSU employees - resolution thereon. Letter No.-TF-9/9, Dated:-22-10-2014. Click Here
  27-10-2014 : Functioning of Councils at Various levels - resolution thereon. Letter No.-TF-2/1, Dated:-22-10-2014. Click Here
  27-10-2014 : Functioning of works committee - Resolution adopted in AIC. Letter No.-TF-35/3, Dated:-22-10-2014. Click Here
  27-10-2014 : Providing name, mobile no., phone/fax no., email-id of the signing authority while making correspondences with BSNL Corporate office. Letter No.-20-35/2013-Pers.II, Dated:-24-10-2014. Click Here
  24-10-2014 : Glimpses of All India Conference held at Jabalpur. Click Here
  24-10-2014 : Pilot implementation of Area offices in Maharashtra circle based on M/S Deloittee recommendation:- Vide Letter No.-4-2/2014 – Restg(Vol.II), dt-14-10-2014 the BSNL HQR has decided for implementation of concept of area offices in Maharashtra on pilot basis to identify practical difficulties and to find out their solutions. Circle and all District union are requested in the concerned circle to inform the CHQ about difficulties for suitable representation to BSNL HQR.
  24-10-2014 : BSNL is victim of highhandedness from all corners:- The income Tax Department levied exorbitant tax on BSNL which was deposited by the company. The PSU thereafter preferred an appeal and it was found that tax amounting to Rs. 6,000/- crores was excess and the company requested for refund. The IT department refunded Rs. 100 crores out of 6,000/- crores and assured to refund remaining amount, Rs. 5900 crores, in next year. The IT department reassed the tax on BSNL to ensure that Rs. 5900/- crores are not refunded to the PSU. The DOT’s intervention could not bring result till date. How the BSNL will survive with such injustices, discriminations and hostility from Govt departments and institutions?. Click Here
  22-10-2014 : Happiest and Heartiest Diwali greetings to BSNL family. The festival of light may enlighten us to forge unity to fight for the cause BSNL and its workers. Click Here
  22-10-2014 : President and Secy, Com. Rajpal met GM(Restg) regarding pilot implementation of area offices in Maharashtra circle based on recommendation of M/S Deloitte:- The union representatives sought clarifications on the issue. The GM (Restg) spelt out the following. (i) The SSAs will remain intact and non executive staff would not be transferred out of the present SSAs. She also agreed to issue orders in this regard. (ii) Emphasis will be on sales and marketing besides network in the area set up. PLI Meeting:- The NFTE has again conveyed that 1st minimum PLI be declared to employees.
  22-10-2014 : Meeting with CMD:- President and Secy, Com. Rajpal met the CMD on the following issues. (i) Advance Pay to J & K flood affected staff. (2) PLI to staff. (3) Filling up of CGM post at Chhattisgarh circle. The CMD indicated to discuss items 1 and 2 in today MC meeting.
  22-10-2014 : Some other Resolutions of AIC:- Click Here
  22-10-2014 : Warm Welcome to Com. C. Singh at Patna by all Section of BSNL workers. Click Here
  21-10-2014 : Payment to the contract workers be made through Accounts Payee Cheque/online. BSNL Letter No.-BSNL/Admn-I/12-4/2014, dt-20-10-2014. Click Here
  21-10-2014 : Verification of first Salary & GPF details in ERP - SAP. Letter No.-CIT/8-10/2013/ERP/10, Dated:-20-10-2014. Click Here
  21-10-2014 : Regarding Grievance Redressal procedure and formation of Staff Grievance Cell in each Circle/SSA's. F.No.-33-7/2014-BSNL(SG)/815, Dated:-17-10-2014. Click Here
  21-10-2014 : Conference at Pune:- The District Conference of union took place on 18th October under the Chairmanship of Com. Mrs. Pardesi. Comrades Islam (President), K.S. Kulkarni (Secy) and Ayere (C/S) and others attended and addressed the session. Com. Islam urged upon the employees to strengthen the NFTE to protect BSNL. Comrades Pardesi, Jagdali and Balsaraf have been elected as President, Distt Secy and Treasurer respectively. In the night Com. Shaha was given a very rousing “Samman” in presence of CGM, PGM and other officers. Com. Shaha has been a very strong and staunch follower of Com. OPG and Com. Vichare.
  20-10-2014 : ERP difficulties:- President accompanied with Secy (Com. Rajpal) and circle Secy Corporate HQR (Com. H.N. Sharma) met ED(IT) on the issue of ERP who informed that the difficulties have been sorted out. The circle Secretaries of Maharashtra and Karnataka are requested to send feed back in this regard to CHQ urgently.
  20-10-2014 : Meeting with Sr. GM(SR):- President, Secy (Com. Rajpal) and Com. Sharma, circle Secy Corporate office held discussions with him and conveyed their anguish for non-issue of orders to grant 3 months advance pay to J and K flood affected staff. The decision of National Council is being bypassed and ignored in the matter. The PLI matter was also raised and he was requested to apprise the concerns of the employees to CMD, BSNL who is on tour.
  20-10-2014 : Sr. GM(SR) transferred:- Shri Neeraj Verma, Sr. GM(SR) and architect of New Recognition Rule has been transferred to Lucknow circle office.
  20-10-2014 : Merger of MTNL with BSNL - Resolution thereon. Letter No.-TF-41, Dated:-20-10-2014. Click Here
  18-10-2014 : NFTE CHQ Accounts details.Click Here
  18-10-2014 : Pilot implementation of Area offices in Maharashtra Circle based on recommendation of M/s Deloitte. Letter No.-4-2/2014-Restg.(Vol.II), Dated:-14-10-2014. Click Here
  18-10-2014 : Modification sought in transfer policy. Letter No.-6-1/2007-Restg(Vol.II) Part, Dated:-17-10-2014. Click Here
  16-10-2014 : Mobile Number Portability:- 31st March of next year is dead line for MNP as decided by DOT. The Mobile Phone users can retain their number in any part of the country.
  16-10-2014 : UAN for EPF:- The process to provide Universal Account Number to EPF members will begin from today Approximately 4.25 crores members can know their details of EPF on the website of EPFO(www.epfindia.com). Members can withdraw fund also from the portal through online.
  16-10-2014 : Grant of PLI to BSNL employees - Request for intervention. Letter No.-TF-7/Bonus, Dated:-16-10-2014. Click Here
  16-10-2014 : Settlement of Staff Problems - Resolution adopted in the 4th All India Conference at Jabalpur. Letter No.-TF-1/2(AIC), Dated:-16-10-2014. Click Here
  16-10-2014 : Resolutions adopted in the 4th AIC:- Click Here
  15-10-2014 : Policy and Programme - Resolution adopted thereon in All India Conference held at Jabalpur. Click Here
  15-10-2014 : Guidelines to CGMT Rajasthan circle to settle Discrepancies in questions of JTO LDCE. Letter No.-22-24/2012-Rectt. (Pt.), Dated:-09-10-2014. Click Here
  15-10-2014 : Instructions to circles to complete establishment review for the vacancies falling up to 31-03-2015. Letter No.-273-18/2013/CGA/Estt-IV, Dated:-14-10-2014. Click Here
  15-10-2014 : Corporate office keeps in abeyance it's instructions dated 18.09.2014 on Dharna, demonstration, etc. This follows a strong opposition from the Staff Side to those instructions in the National Council. F.No.-BSNL/7-6/SR/2014, Dated:-01-10-2014. Click Here
  14-10-2014 : List of office bearers elected in 4th All India Conference. Letter No.-TF-1/2(AIC), Dated:-14-10-2014. Click Here
  14-10-2014 : The 4th All India Conference was held from 10th to 12th October 2014 at Jabalpur. The inaugural function of the conference took place on first day of the conference Com. G.L. Dhar, Secretary AITUC inaugurated the session and addressed the large gathering of the delegates and office bearers of the union. He appealed for unity among the trade unions to protect the interest of the employees as the present Govt is recklessly adopting the path of FDI, privatization and introducing higher fire scheme through the changes in the labour laws. Comrades Sapan Chakravarthy (AGS BSNLEU), Suresh Kumar (GS BSNLMS) and (K. Jayaprakash (GS NU BSNLW(FNTO) participated in the inaugural function. All the leaders stated that the problems of non-executive employees are not been settled by the management. Therefore the JAC of non-executive unions have decided to organize one day strike on 27-11-2014 for redressal of the grievances. The open session was held on 11-10-2014 at 1530 hrs, which was attended by Shri A.N. Rai, CMD BSNL and four CGM’s viz MP circle, T & D, Telecom Training centre, Telecom Factory beside GMTD and GMCM of Jabalpur Telecom District. The General Secretary Com. Chandeshwar Singh drew the attention of Shri A.N. Rai and urged for settlement of pending demands. He forcefully requested for payment of PLI to the BSNL employees. The CGM MP spoke about improvement in Broad Band services in MP. Shri A.N. Rai CMD BSNL in his address stated that the wage revision w.e.f. 01-01-2017 is very necessary and for this company has to be put in profit. He appealed to the workers to work hard to generate revenue for the company. He expressed helplessness to grant PLI due to shortage of revenue. Com. Islam in his presidential speech expressed that there should be confidence between Trade unions and management on reciprocal basis. The NFTE firmly hold view that financial health of Company should be restored. The Govt must refund the deposits of spectrum charges and honour the declarations made in the parliament. The unions should be consulted on the issue of merger of MTNL with BSNL. The denial of PLI is serious issue and workers right for this cannot be taken in this away. The industrial unrest is bound to take place if the issue is not sorted out soon.
  14-10-2014 : Revised IDA order (i.e. 98.1% w.e.f. 01-10-2014). Letter No.-14-1/2012-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-10-10-2014. Click Here
  14-10-2014 : To meet shortage of SIMs in the circles – circles authorized to procure at local level. Letter No.-53-104/2010-CMTS (Pt-II)/116, Dated:-08-10-2014. Click Here
  14-10-2014 : Vacancy position in the grade of Junior Accounts officer as on 30-09-2014. Letter No.-4-6/2014-SEA, Dated:-10-10-2014. Click Here
  12-10-2014 : All India Conference of NFTE(BSNL) at Jabalpur. Paper Clip Click Here
  08-10-2014 : One day strike on 27-11-2014:- JAC meeting held on 07-10-2014 under the Chairmanship of Com. Chandeshwar Singh GS and Com. Abhimanyu GS convenor. The leaders from BSNLMS, FNTO, ATM, SNATTA, Bhahujana and other Secretaries attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed the agitational programme conducted by JAC on 07-08-2014, 23-09-2014 at 30-10-2014 throughout the country. JAC conveyed thanks to all. JAC unanimously taken a decision to go on “one day strike” on 27-11-2014 for settlement of demands Bonus(PLI), stagnation, pay erosion etc.
  08-10-2014 : Calculation of monthly contribution towards cost of pension payable in respect of BSNL absorbed employees. Letter No.-500-57/2014-15/BSNL/CA-I/Vol V/70, Dated:-07-10-2014. Click Here
  07-10-2014 : The National Executive Meeting as well as All India Conference of NFTE(BSNL) will be held from 9th to 12th October. Therefore, NFTE HQR office will remain closed from 13 hrs of 8th Oct to 13th October, 2014 - - GS.
  04-10-2014 : 2 hours walk out programme photos (Mumbai). Click Here
  04-10-2014 : Circle heads are authorized to approve compassionate ground appointments – change of procedure. Letter No.-273-18/2013/CGA/P-IV, Dated:-01-10-2014. Click Here
  01-10-2014 : HAPPY DUSSEHRA. Click Here
  01-10-2014 : Tomorrow is 145th Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and International Non- Violence day. Bapu said “the day power of love over rules the love of power, the world will know peace”. Click Here
  01-10-2014 : Successful walk out in BSNL Corporate Office. Click Here
  01-10-2014 : BSNL formation day:- BSNL born on 01-10-2000 completed 14 yrs, after 2008-09 there were up and downs in the company. There are challenges ahead in the company. We have to work hard unitedly to strengthen the mighty organization. The Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ employees were facing hardships with stagnation, pay erosion etc. So, we have to take pledge for strengthening the organization and strive hard for settlement of genuine demands of employees. CHQ extends warm greetings to one and all.
  01-10-2014 : 2 hours walk out programme photos:- (1) Vijayawada (2) Pathankot (Punjab) (3) Bhopal (4) Indore. Click Here
  30-09-2014 : CHQ receiving very encouraging reports of 2 hours walk out strike response from circles. Congrats and greetings.
  30-09-2014 : 6.8% increase in IDA from 01-10-2014 – Total 91.3 + 6.8 = 98.1%. Note:- As per the index it is 98.15562, if rounded up, it will be 98.2% otherwise it will be 98.1% - if the fraction rounded up then IDA per month will be 6.9% otherwise it will be 6.8% from 01-10-2014.
  29-09-2014 : Will Govt. revive the BSNL?. Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
  29-09-2014 : JAC of non-executive Unions/Associations called for 2 hrs “WALK OUT” programme on 30-09-2014 from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs for achieving long pending issues like Bonus, stagnation, pay erosion etc. All the Circle/District Branch Secretaries are requested to make the programme a grand success.
  27-09-2014 : Inaugural function of union office and seminar at Bangalore:- GS attended union office inaugural function and seminar at Bangalore on 27-09-2014. The function started with union flag hoisting by Com. C. Singh GS, Shri K.L. Jairam PGMTD Bangalore inaugurated the union office which was decorated colourfully. Hundreds of workers shouted slogans “NFTE Zindabad”. After words a seminar was organised in a very big pandal erected in new Telecom building sports complex Bangalore. Com. Krishnamohan Distt. Secy Bangalore placed and explained the subject. More than 1200 workers including huge number of women employees were attended the seminar which was addressed by Shri K.L. Jairam PGMT BG. Shri Sampath Kumar Sr. GM. Com. C. Singh GS, Com. C.K. Mathivanan Dy. GS, Com. Gopalkrishnan CHQ Org Secy, Com. K.S. Sheshadri Circle Secy, Karnataka. The leaders exhorted all the current issues related with staff and survival of BSNL. The seminar was presided over by Com. Ranganna.
  27-09-2014 : Wage loss to Post – 2007 appointees (TTAs) in BSNL – regarding. Letter No.-TF-9/9, Dated:-26-09-2014. Click Here
  27-09-2014 : Rectification to discrepancies and anomalies in questions in JTO LICE examination held on 02-06-2013, 01-09-2013 and 08-12-2013. TF-14/2(b), Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  27-09-2014 : Dharna view of different places. Click Here
  27-09-2014 : Appeal by CMD BSNL to donate one day salary for J&K flood victims. Letter Dated:-25-09-2014. Click Here
  26-09-2014 : Grant of PLI to BSNL non-executive employees. Letter No.-TF-7/Bonus,
Click Here
  26-09-2014 : Difficulties being faced in the ERP – Item (2) of NC:- This was discussed on 25th in detail. Chairman said the ERP will be implemented and problems will be sorted out. NOFN has been kept out from the ERP. He asked the staff side to mail the difficulties to BSNL HQR. Staff side also demanded for training of non-executives to work in ERP.Click Here
  26-09-2014 : Item (10) of National council meeting held on 25th September regarding restoration of one BCR extra increment prior to one year before retirement:- official side has not agreed the demand.Click Here
  26-09-2014 : Item 12 of National Council meeting discussed on 25th September regarding delay in giving clearance by QA circle to the Telecom Factory:- There is no delay. Item 15 of the NC meeting, held on 25-09-2014, regarding restructuring of industrial cadres:- Case is being reprocessed.Click Here
  26-09-2014 : NFTE CHQ Accounts details.Click Here
  26-09-2014 : Brief of National Council Meeting held on 25th Septemebr. Click Here
  26-09-2014 : SNEA leaders end fast:- The SNEA leaders were on indefinite hunger fast from 22nd September. The leader staff in the National Council meeting, held on 25-09-2014, requested the Chairman, Director(HR), to take steps for end of the fast. The President, General Secy and circle Secy, Com. R. Pattabi met the CMD and again impressed upon him to end the impasse due to hunger fast. The SNEA leaders have finally ended their fast at 1830 hours on 25th. We record our thanks to BSNL management for their positive action and approach.
  25-09-2014 : Three months pay advance to J&K staff.
  25-09-2014 : In NC meeting held today official side agreed to offset the wage loss of TTAs.
  25-09-2014 : RRs of JTO and JAO to be placed in next board meeting.
  24-09-2014 : HPC for CGA will now take place at circle level. Orders shortly.
  24-09-2014 : Meeting of Staff Side of National Council is taking place today at NFTE (BSNL) office.
  24-09-2014 : Dharna in front BSNL Corporate office under the banner of JAC. Click Here
  23-09-2014 : Dharna Started at BSNL HQR.
  22-09-2014 : Andhra Circle Conference at Tirupati (Photos):- Click Here
  22-09-2014 : NFTE CHQ Accounts details. Click Here
  22-09-2014 : Organise and mobilize for struggle:- JAC of Unions & Associations of Non-executives, BSNL demand. (Hindi Poster) Click Here
  22-09-2014 : Andhra Circle Conference at Tirupati:- Click Here
  20-09-2014 : Provision of in-service training on "Marketing & Sales" to BSNL officers/officials - regarding. Letter No.-29-1/2014-Trg, Dated:-19-09-2014. Click Here
  20-09-2014 : Backlog vacancies in SC/ST/OBC categories in TTA and Telecom Mechanic Cadres---- Furnishing of information regarding. Letter No.-250-39/2014-Estt-III, Dated:-18-09-2014. Click Here
  19-09-2014 : Grant of Special Casual leave, on request, to members of National Executive Committee of NFTE-BSNL for attending their National Executive Meeting on 9th October, 2014 and to delegates and members of National Executive Committee for attending All India Conference from 10th October, 2014 to 12th October, 2014 at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2014, Dated:-18-09-2014. Click Here
  19-09-2014 : Clarification on application of yearly ceiling limit towards settlement of bills of outdoor treatment under BSNLMRS. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-8/14, Dated:-16-09-2014. Click Here
  18-09-2014 : Andhra Circle Conference on 19th & 20th Sept at Tirupati.
  18-09-2014 : Settlement of grievances arisen due to implementation of Non-Executive Promotion Policy (NEPP) – regarding. Letter No.-13-5/2013-Pen. (B), Dated:-17-09-2014 Click Here
  18-09-2014 : Rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01-10-2000. Letter No.-40-27/2011-Pen (B)/(Misc), Dated:-17-09-2014. Click Here
  17-09-2014 : "NOFN" project regarding. Letter No.-TF-19/3, Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  17-09-2014 : Upgradation of cities/classification - regarding. Letter No.-TF-10/4(a), Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  17-09-2014 : HR integration of BSNL and MTNL etc. Letter No.-TF-41/2014, Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  17-09-2014 : Rectification of discrepancies and anomalies in questions in JTO LICE examination held on 02-06-2013, 01-09-2013 and 08-12-2013. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  16-09-2014 : CGA Policy:- BSNL management is likely to review the CGA policy shortly and transfer the matter to circles.
  16-09-2014 : Organise and mobilize for struggle:- JAC of Unions & Associations of Non-executives, BSNL demand. Click Here
  16-09-2014 : Settlement of pensionary benefits cases of DOT/BSNL pensioners-regarding. Letter No.-40-07/2012-Pen(B), Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  16-09-2014 : Loss making PSUs:- Govt officials will meet today to discuss proposals to close some loss making state owned PSUs. The loss making companies include Air India, BSNL, MTNL, HPC etc. The meeting has been called by Cabinet Secy. (Based on TOI, dt-16-09-2014)
  16-09-2014 : Relief to J & K:- The forum of unions and associations in BSNL its meeting of 12-09-2014 have decided to donate one day basic salary as relief to Jammu and Kashmir. The decision has been communicated to CMD, BSNL, Secy, DOT and MOC.
  15-09-2014 : ERP Problems:- President met the CMD, BSNL and narrated ERP problems at Karnataka and Maharashtra circles ED(IT) in BSNL has been asked to sort out the problems at the earliest
  15-09-2014 : BSNL-MTNL Merger:- The DOT is considering option to de-list MTNL or listing BSNL for merger of both the Telecom PSUs. (Click ET News) Click Here
  15-09-2014 : Difficulities in ERP - Request for remedial measures. Letter No.-TF-19/1, Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  15-09-2014 : Karnataka Circle Conference:- The delegate session commenced at 1500 hours on 11-09-2014 and continued upto 12th Sept. it was addressed by Comrades C.K. Mathivanan (Dy. GS), Secretaries (Comrades Kulkarni and Muktali), Com. Pattabiraman (C/S Tamilnadu and NC member), Com. Gopal Krishnan (Org Secy), General Secy and President. The house was apprised of with the current status of Pension, PLI, NEPP, wage erosion and other issues. The conference was glorious and historical. The Comrades of Hassan TD deserve for warn greetings and congrats Comrades M. Krishnanmohan, K.S. Seshadari and A.C. Reddy have been elected as President, Circle Secy and Treasurer respectively. Click Here
  15-09-2014 : District Conference of NFTE BSNL at Nalgonda took place on 11th, Com A. Rajamouli, Secy attended and addressed the gathering. Click Here
  13-09-2014 : Free calls and SMS to BSNL customers in Srinagar area. Letter No.-2-2/2014-P&P-CM(Pt.)/8, Dated:-12-09-2014. Click Here
  12-09-2014 : Karnataka Circle conference:- After union flag hoisting by Com. C. Singh, GS the open session commenced at 1100 hours under the Chairmanship of Com. Vasu, Circle President. Shri R.K. Mishra CGM inaugurated the conference and called upon the workers to dedicate for the BSNL. The Karnataka has earned revenue more than last year. It is to the tune of Rs. 175 crores. He appreciated the leadership of NFTE for their positive role. S/Shri K.L. Jairam (PGM), Sethy (GM, Hasan) also addressed the open session. Speaking on the occasion General Secy and President contained the management about arbitrary decisions in respect of formation of BBNL, Tower Company and Deloitte recommendations. Arbitrary decision on MTNL will be suicidal and NFTE will oppose. The leaders told the large gathering the BSNL is facing discrimination by the Telecom Ministry. BWA spectrum charges are not being refunded Air India can get help but not BSNL. Why Govt depts. should not use BSNL services akin to Air India. The leaders from BSNLEU, AIBSNLEA, SNEA and others also addressed the session.
  11-09-2014 : Issue of Presidential Order to RMs who were having temporary status as on 30-09-2000 and regularized in pursuance to DOT letter No.-269-94/98-STN-II, dated:-29-09-2000---Clarification regarding. Letter No.-250-1/2014-Pers-III, Dated:-10-09-2014. Click Here
  10-09-2014 : HR integration of BSNL and MTNL meeting of Sub-group to study the issues of Inter-se-seniority of the officers of both the CPSEs. Letter No.-BSNL/20-4/SR/2014, Dated:-10-09-2014. Click Here
  10-09-2014 : Rajasthan Circle Conference view. Click Here
  10-09-2014 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est) and GM(Admn):- President, GS and circle Secy, Jharkhand met Sr. GM(Est) and GM(Adm) and mentioned the following matters:- (1) Upgradation/classification of cities of Ahmadabad and Ujjain:- BSNL will issue orders only on receipt of orders from MOF and DPE. (2) Degrading from NE-9 to NE-8 sequel to option for NEPP. (3) Problems in Sim of Rs. 200/-. (4) Revision of rates of uniforms etc. (5) Holding of sports Board meeting.
  09-09-2014 : Havoc in Kashmir due to heavy rains and floods - relief regarding. Letter No.-TF-16/9(a), Dated:-09-09-2014. Click Here
  09-09-2014 : Problems in Sim of Rs. 200/- Talk value provided to non-executive employees - regarding. Letter No.-TF-19/1(b), Dated:-09-09-2014. Click Here
  09-09-2014 : Suggestions for concessions relaxation to S/C S/T Employees in BSNL. Letter No.-TF-1-5(d), Dated:-09-09-2014. Click Here
  09-09-2014 : Havoc in Kashmir – NFTE shares the grief and sufferings. There is havoc in Kashmir due to heavy rains and floods. There is heavy loss of lives and properties. The army is in rescue operation in worst ever calamity. The Telecom Network has broken. The CMD, BSNL has held a meeting of top ranking officers on 08-09-2014 to restore the connectivity. NFTE shares the grief of the people.
  09-09-2014 : Govt to take Trade unions view on amendment of labour laws:- The NDA Govt is keen to amend the labour laws. The bill is Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The Labour Minister declared to hold consultations with the Central Trade unions. (On the basis of TOI report)
  09-09-2014 : Upgradation of Cities/classification - cases of Ahmedabad (Gujrat) and Ujjain (MP) Cities. Letter No.-TF-10/4(a), Dated:-08-09-2014. Click Here
  08-09-2014 : All India Conference. Letter No.-TF-1/2(AIC), Dated:-08-09-2014. Click Here
  08-09-2014 : GS attended and addressed the circle executive committee meeting of NFTE(BSNL) M.P. circle on 4th Sept,2014. Click Here
  08-09-2014 : Decisions relating to All India Conference:- A meeting of circle Secretaries took place on 6th September at Eastern Court, New Delhi. Com. Islam presided the meeting. The following decisions have been taken in the meeting.(1)Delegation fee will be Rs. 700/- for delegates including observers. It is responsibility of the circles to ensure that all the delegates and observers deposit the fee to Reception Committee. It should be noted that the observers should not be more than the justified delegates for the concerned circle. (2) The circle Secretaries have to submit list of delegates as well as of observers to the credential committee so formed. (3) Inaugural function of AIC will take place on 10-10-2014 at 1600 hours. The open session well be on 11th October at 1600 hours. (4) The Reception Committee should ensure proper lodging and fooding arrangements so that maximum period is for the deliberations.
  08-09-2014 : BSNL-MTNL merger:- “We have not given any thought to the issue of merger” says the Telecom Minister.
  08-09-2014 : BSNL’s availability:- “BSNL was not a priority area for the previous Govt. It is very important that atleast one public body is available for the Govt” Telecom Minister declares. (Based on TOI dt-8th August)
  06-09-2014 : Declaration of assets and liabilities by the Public servants for the each year and placing the same in public domain of the Ministries/Departments. ---Instructions with regard to Non-Executives equivalent to Group C employees of BSNL. Letter No.-250-20/2014-Estt-III, Dated:-05-09-2014. Click Here
  06-09-2014 : Agitation Programme: JAC of non executive unions meeting held on 05-09-2014 under the Chairmanship of Com. Chandeshwar Singh GS NFTE and convener Com. P. Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU and reviewed the programme conducted on 07-08-2014 in the country. The leaders from BSNLMS, Bahujana, SNATTA, FNTO, ATM etc participated in the meeting. The meeting expressed dissatisfaction with the role of management in settling genuine demands like PLI, stagnation, pay erosion etc. They kept deaf ear on our demands. Pooja is coming nearer. Management is not responding to settle PLI. The meeting decided to continue the agitation programme at all levels SSA/Circle/C.O. to achieve PLI and other demands. (1) DAY LONG DHARNA ON 23-09-2014 (2) 2 HOURS WALK OUT PROGRAMME ON 30-09-2014 i.e. 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs . If not settled one day strike programme will be decided in the next JAC meeting scheduled to be held on 4th October, 2014. All are requested to make the agitation programme grand success in given dates.
  06-09-2014 : The meeting of circle Secretaries held on 06-09-2014 at Eastern Court New Delhi, mourned the sad demises of Com. President’s daughter, Wife and the son of Com. Rajpal and other departed leaders and Comrades. The meeting observed two minutes silence.
  06-09-2014 : Circle Secretaries meeting is taking place today at Eastern Court, New Delhi.
  06-09-2014 : EPF and Pension:- Such employees who are getting more than Rs. 15,000 salary will not get pension scheme benefit. The Govt will not contribute its share. It is effective from 1st Sept, 2014.
  05-09-2014 : Lowering of scale of OTBP personnel sequel to promotion in NEPP – Hardships regarding. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-05-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : The 11th meeting of the Staff Welfare Board was held on 04-08-2014 New Delhi. The meeting was presided over by Shri A.N. Rai, CMD BSNL. Com. K.S. Kulkarni, Secretary CHQ represented NFTE(BSNL) in the meeting. The meeting was held after lapse of 3 and half years. The CMD BSNL assured that the meeting will be held in regular intervals. Some decisions are as below. (1) Holiday Homes:- The details will be made available on website. (2) Increase in Scholarship will be considered keeping in view fund position.
  05-09-2014 : Meeting with Sr.GM(Est) and GM (Adm):- Click Here
  05-09-2014 : BSNL MTNL have signed agreement with ONGC five years to provide Telecom Services.
  05-09-2014 : Indifferent and unhelpful attitude of administration in Rajasthan resulting in non-settlement of staff problems and grievances - Request for urgent intervention. Letter No.-TF-39/2, Dated:-03-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : Suspension of all the activity related to manufacturing of CAT-5 cable by Telecom Factories. Letter No.-64-225/2012-BBO, Dated:-04-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : Guidelines for Recruitment of Junior Hindi Translators through Limited Internal Competitive Examination(LICE) to be held on 9th November, 2014. Letter No.-50-1/2013-DE, Dated:-04-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : Rationalization of the tariff under prepaid mobile services. Letter No.-26-07/2011-T&C-CM, Dated:-04-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : Relieving of JTOs/TTAs working on temporary transfer. Letter No.-20-Staff/2009/Estt-IV, Dated:-01-09-2014. Click Here
  03-09-2014 : Grant of PLI to BSNL employees in accordance with the DPE guidelines of 6th July, 2011. Letter No.-TF-7/Bonus, Dated:-03-09-2014. Click Here
  03-09-2014 : 31st National Council Meeting on 25-09-2014. Click Here
  03-09-2014 : In board meeting of 29th August,2014 only balance sheet of BSNL was discussed.
  03-09-2014 : NFTE delegation led by Com. S.K. Dubey circle Secretary Bihar met Shri A.N. Rai CMD BSNL on his visit to Patna. The delegation honoured him and discussed staff issues. Click Here
  03-09-2014 : Rajasthan Circle Conference:- The 5th circle conference of Rajasthan has been held from 1st to 3rd September, 2014 at Bhilwara with full glamour. The Comrades at Bhilwara under the leadership of Com. Jashwan Singh Bundela worked hard to make the conference a great success. The open session and seminar was organised on 01-09-2014 which was addressed by General Secy and President besides GM,TD and other dignitaries. The delegate sessions were also addressed by Central leaders. It was pathetic to note that the administration in circle is not alive to the staff grievances. The officers are resorting to partisan action. Comrades Jashwant Singh Bundela, R.G. Dixit and Banwarilal Sharma have been elected as President, Circle Secy and Treasurer respectively. SNATTA leaders in their address said that the services rendered by NFTE cannot be forgotten.
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