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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,
30-07-2016 : Com. G. Jayaraman Secretary CHQ is retiring (superannuation) on 31-07-2016. We wish him all success and happy retired life.
30-07-2016 : Corporate office clarified on representations by DR JAOs 2010 and Departmental JAOs 2012 for fixation of initial pay scale same as given to Departmental JAOs (40% quota) 2010. Letter No.-4-8/2016-SEA, dt-29-07-2016. Click Here
30-07-2016 : Corporate office clarified in respect of LICE for promotion to the grade of JAO against 40% quota held on 17-07-2016. Letter No.-4-22/2013-SEA, dt-13-07-2016. Click Here
30-07-2016 : Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners-delinking of revised pension from qualifying service of 33 years – reg. Letter No.-40-22/2011-Pen. (B), dt-29-07-2016. Click Here
29-07-2016 : Central Govt. Employees/Pensioners are eligible 2% DA from 01-07-2016 on their new Pay/Pension as per 7th CPC.
29-07-2016 : Corporate office issued revised guide lines for Review of result of failed SC/ST candidates in LICE in limited competitive examinations. These modifications will be applicable retrospectively to all such examinations conducted after 02-12-2014 in respect of non-executive Cadres. Letter No.-250-22/2013-Estt.III, dt-28-07-2016. Click Here
28-07-2016 : Govt. of India notified 7th Central Pay Commission. dt-25-07-2016. Click Here
28-07-2016 : Meeting with CGM Telecom Factory Bombay on 27-07-2016:- Com. R.K. Kohili, Sr. leader alongwith Com. Bhopi, C.S. Telecom Factory Mumbai and Com. R.N. Ayare C.S. Maharashtra, Com. Manchekar and Com. Mrs. Karlekar met Shri Jitendra Vyas CGM Telecom Factory and discussed the long pending issues of Telecom Factory staff mainly change of designation of Safaiwala, Promotion of Gr. ‘D’, canteen and security staff. CGM has responded favourably .
27-07-2016 : HQR Secretaries Com.K.S.Sheshadri, Com.K.S.Kulkarni along with Com.Rajmouli met GM (Rectt) regarding difficulty faced by the candidates regarding filling up on line form of JAO 10% examination. The last date of filling the application is 30/07/2016. GM (Rectt) sorted out the issue immediately.
27-07-2016 : Formation of “National Forum of BSNL workers” vis-à-vis dissociation with “Forum” and “JAC”. Letter No.-TF-1/5(b), dt-25-07-2016. Click Here
27-07-2016 : Formation of “National Forum of BSNL Workers” at Head Quarter Level. Letter No.-TF-1/5(f), dt-24-07-2016. Click Here
26-07-2016 : Issuance of Presidential order – Case of Shri D.A. Nale, RM and Shri L.K. Bhujbal, RM – reg. Letter No.-269-2/2011-P-IV/LE(Vol.IV), dt-22-07-2016. Click Here
26-07-2016 : Method of pay fixation in IDA pay scales in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted after 01-10-2000 and opted IDA pay scales from the date of their promotion/retirement – reg. Letter No.-1-15/2011-PAT(BSNL), dt-26-07-2016. Click Here
26-07-2016 : Revision of pension of BSNL pensioners/family pensioners, who retired prior to 10-06-2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay/Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment. Letter No.-40-06/2011-Pen.(B)(Pt), dt-26-07-2016. Click Here
26-07-2016 : JTO LICE result:- The details of Court cases have been received only form 18 circles. There are series of representations from the employees about their eligibility. After availability of details the establishment will decide provisional permitted cases in consultation with the legal cell of BSNL HQR. In course of discussions with the GM(Est) the President and Secy, Com. Kulkarni submitted that TTAs recruited for year 2007 be permitted and none should be discriminated.
26-07-2016 : JAO Result:- JAO result is expected only after a week. Court cases are pending in two circles. The Rectt cell will hold consultations with FP branch before declaration of result. This information was given to union in course of meeting of President and Secy (Com. Kulkarni) with GM(Rectt).
26-07-2016 : Circle and District Secretaries to note:- “National Forum of BSNL workers” has been formed at HQR level with Comrades V. Subburaman (G.S, TEPU) and C. Singh (G.S, NFTE) as chairman and convener respectively. Com. P.N. Perumal is joint convener of SEWA BSNL. All circle and District Secretaries are requested to Form the “National Forum of BSNL workers” at their levels with above constituents.
26-07-2016 : Day long Dharna on 12-08-2016 and lunch hour demonstration – regarding. Letter No.-TF-1/5(F), dt-25-07-2016. Click Here
26-07-2016 : Strategic Sale of BSNL/MTNL regarding. Letter No.-TF-41-1, dt-25-07-2016. Click Here
26-07-2016 : Strategic sale of BSNL – reg. Letter No.-TF-6/4, dt-25-07-2016. Click Here
26-07-2016 : Constitution of Joint Committee for Wage Revision of Non-Executive employees in BSNL regarding. Letter No.-TF-9/8/PRC, dt-25-07-2016. Click Here
26-07-2016 : CMD BSNL invites NFTE leaders:- Click Here
25-07-2016 : GPF FUND: President and Secretaries (Comrades K.S.Sheshadri and K.S.Kulkarni) met Director (F) /HR mentioned about non-allotment of money to circles to meet the requirement of GPF advances. The BSNL HQR has not allotted fund as some circles have withheld the earlier allotted fund. Apart from above some capital expenditures were to be met. Fund will now be allotted in August 2016.
25-07-2016 : Meeting with GM (SR/Restg) :- G.S. along Com. K. S. Sheshadri, Com.K.S.Kulkarni(Secretaries HQ) met GM (SR/Restg) to discuss for formation of PLI committee and HRA on 78.2 IDA and handed over the letter regarding demands which are part of agitation programme on 12/08/2016, also letter containing details of National Forum of BSNL Workers.
25-07-2016 : NOW NO TENSION FOR PENSION:- The DOT vide letter No.-40-13/2015-Pen(T), dt-20-07-2016 has withdrawn the 60:40 ratio for payment of pension to the absorbed employees. The 60:40 ratio was introduced vide letter No.-1-45/2003-B, dt-15-03-2005. The NFTE has been constantly representing and pursuing the matter for withdrawal of orders issued on 15-06-2006 at the instance of Ministry Finance. Due to this even pension of pre 13-06-2013 retirees was not being revised. The attention of Honble Prime Minister was finally drawn vide union letter No.-TF-11/3, dt-08-01-2016. The ceaseless pursuance by NFTE brought the result and now orders dt 15-06-2006 have been declared redundant. “Pension is no tension” now as Govt will pay the same. NFTE is thankful to Govt for safe guarding the future of employees.
25-07-2016 : PLI and alleged controversy:-The NFTE is not at all interested in raising and mentioning the controversy on the issue of PLI. But fact remains that due to sustained persuation of NFTE the management first time agreed to pay the PLI for year 2014-15. Accordingly the meeting was fixed for 30th March, 2016 for the purpose. The official side placed a formula in accordance with which the amount was coming in neither one nor in two digits but beyond this. Despite this no agreement could be arrived at between NFTE and the management side. The BSNL HQR letter No.-BSNL/7-2/SR/2016 dt-06-07-2016 is proof of that. The NFTE’s stand is vindicated and it needs no further dilation form our side. We will be happy in case employees get one month salary Rs.4500/- as PLI. However, it should be noted that baseless accusations and abuses do harm unity including functional one. NFTE will continue to discharge it’s all responsibilities in the interest of employees. Sermon is not needed form such quarter which hurled abuses and accusations.
25-07-2016 : Day long Dharna on 12-08-2016 and lunch hour demonstration – regarding. Letter No.-TF-1/5(F), dt-25-07-2016. Click Here
25-07-2016 : Organise Dharna and Lunch hour demonstration on 12th August 2016:- All Circle and District unions are requested to organize “Day Long Dharna” and lunch hour demonstration on 12th August at Circle and District Head quarters under the banner of “National Forum of BSNL Workers”. The representatives of TEPU, SEWA BSNL etc be immediately contacted for success of the agitation. Central unions leaders will sit in Dharna at BSNL HQR, New Delhi. Demands- (1) Grant HRA based on 78.2% IDA fixation benefit. (2) Grant PLI for years 2014-15 and 2015-16 at the earliest. (3) Constitute Joint committee for wage revision of Non – Executive employees and approach DPE for guidelines. (4) Drop proposal of strategic sale of BSNL. (5) Organise and mobilize employees through sustained efforts.
24-07-2016 : Tamilnadu Circle Union 5th Conference held with unprecedented grandeur and enthusiasm. The 5th Circle conference was held from 21st to 23rd July, preceded by CWC meeting on 20-07-2016, at Vellore with tremendous enthusiasm and very impressive glamour. The brave Comrades of Vellore worked ceaselessly to make the conference not only successful but also historic one. The Conference was presided by Com.Latchkam and more than 1000 delegates hailing from entire SSAs of the Circle participated. The President and G.S. addressed CWC on 20th instant. The inaugural function took place on 21-07-2016, which was graced and addressed by Senior and Veteran Leader popularly called Com.R.K. besides CGM, PGM (F) and GM(HR). The Circle secretaries Com.C.K.Mathiavanan (Chennai), BSNLEU, TEPU, SEWA BSNL, PEWA BSNL, AIBSNLEA, SNEA, Com. Mali etc. addressed the house. Com.Pattabi, CS raised and mentioned issues relating to service and staff problems before authorities. The Senior leaders Com.R.K. Kohli and CHQ leaders Viz President, G.S., Secretaries (Com.Gopalkrishnan and Com.Jairaman) addressed the delegate session, mentioned how pension orders were diluted in the year 2006 and how settled after persistent efforts and pursuance. The issues of CDA Rules 55(II) (b), PLI for 2014-15 and 2015-16, HRA on78.2 IDA, formation of Wage revision Committee etc. were explained. The NFTE will fight in case any strategic sale of BSNL is proposed . The Open session took place in the afternoon addressed by GS TEPU, All India President SEWA BSNL, State Secretaries of CPI and AITUC. Com.Pattabi was accorded a standing and thunderous ovation and applause for his hard and sincere services to the workers due to which NFTE registered successive victory in verification. Comrades P.Kamraj, K.Natarajan and L. Subbarayan have been elected unanimously as President, Circle Secretary and Treasurer of Circle Union. CHQ Extend greetings to New team Click Here
23-07-2016 : BSNL has issued guidelines for considering requests of BSNL employees for deputation to outside organizations. Letter No.-118-2/2015-CSS, dt-21-07-2016. Click Here
23-07-2016 : Letter regarding follow up action for result of LICE for promotion of Group ‘C’ employees to the grade of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom) (JTO(T)) in BSNL. Letter No.-12-1/2016-Rectt, dt-22-07-2016. Click Here
23-07-2016 : Reports has been called for from the circles regarding Court Cases filed by applicants with respect to LICE for the promotion to the post of JTO(T) Cadre 2016 conducted on 22-05-2016. Letter No.-5-1/LICE/JTO(T)/2016/Estt.IV/, dt-22-07-2016. Click Here
22-07-2016 : DOT’s Office Memorandum :Modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retired employees. vide letter number 40-13/2013-Pen(T) dated 20.07.2016. Click Here
22-07-2016 : Presidential orders for Shri L.K. Bhujbal and Shri D.A. Nale of Aurangabad SSA issued by SNG section DOT vide letter No.-27-2/2006-SNG/Vo.-II(Pt.-IV), dt-13-07-2016.
21-07-2016 : Proposed Business area formation at Tamilnadu and Karnataka circle :- Com. K. S. Sheshadri, Com.K.S.Kulkarni(Secretaries HQ) met GM (Restg) and mentioned about Proposed formation of business areas at Cuddalore and Hubli area inclusion of Davangere Division regarding. The GM(Restg) agreed to speak to CGMs to consult the respective circle union in this matter.
21-07-2016 : JAO LICE Result (on line exam.held on 17/07/2016):likely to be announced end of next Week
20-07-2016 : JTO LICE Result: Legal opinion is being taken in respect of provisionally permitted candidates.
20-07-2016 : Meeting with GM(Pers) Corporate office Delhi:- Com. K.S. Kulkarni, Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Secretaries HQR and Com. M.P.Singh President corporate office N.D. met and discussed regarding staff matters.
19-07-2016 : The NEC resolved unanimously to Form a separate circle level unions for STR and other regions. The process has to be completed by the 1st week of Sept, 2016. The resolution adopted was based on recommendation of a committee consisting of President, G.S, Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Com. C.K. Mathivanan, Com. Pattabiraman, Com. S.S.Gopalkrishnan and Com. R.N. Ayare. General Secretary was authorised to call the circle conference.
19-07-2016 : Meeting with GM(Admn) Corporate office Delhi:- G.S. along with Com. K.S. Kulkarni, Com. K.S. Sheshadri, Secretaries HQR and Com. H.N. Sharma C.S. corporate office N.D. met and discussed with GM(Admn) to provide office accommodation and service Telephone connection to NFTE (BSNL) circle union and regarding smooth service of Rs. 200/-SIM given to the staff. The GM(Admn) assured to resolve the issues.
19-07-2016 : Meeting with GM(Estt) C.O. New Delhi:- G.S. alongwith Com. K.S. Sheshadri and Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretaries CHQ met the G.M. (Estt) and discussed the issue of P.O. in respect of absorbed BSNL employees. Leaders pointed out the case of Shri Bhujbal and Shri Nale of Aurangabad SSA. The GM(Estt) after enquiring the matter reported that the cases are sent to SGN section of DOT for approval. (Letter No.-269-2/2011-P-N/LE(Vol.N)(ii), dt-05-07-2016.
19-07-2016 : The Chennai Telephones circle Union has organised a grand felicitation meeting for National President Islam for his tireless efforts and persuasion of removing the retrograde DOT order dated 15-06-2006 which was against the agreement we reached with the Government of India on payment of pension from consolidated fund. Though NFTE was out of power and authority from 2004 to 2013 it relentlessly pursued this vexed issue . Having taken up the matter with PM we feel happy at the cabinet decision on 05-07-2016 which effectively set right the wrong and gross injustice done to BSNL employees who got absorbed from DOT on 01-10-2000. The meeting was chaired by Com. C K M , the Circle secretary and addressed by TEPU / SEWA/ PEWA leaders besides CHQ Secretaries Jayaraman and Rajasekaran. Com. Islam in his speech traced the history of our pension struggles since September 2000. Click Here
18-07-2016 : ORDER Issued : Revision of Pension of BSNL Pensioners/Family Pensioners effectively amounting to 78.2% DOT Order No.40-13/2013-pen(T) Dtd. 18/07/2016 Click Here
18-07-2016 : UP(West) circle conference:- Click Here
18-07-2016 : Result of JTO LICE of 7th batch recruited TTAs (now JEs)- reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-18-07-2016. Click Here
18-07-2016 : Eligibility condition to appear in JTO LICE scheduled to be held on 28-08-2016. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-18-07-2016. Click Here
18-07-2016 : Grant of HRA on 78.2% IDA fixation benefit – reg. Letter No.-TF-10/4(a), dt-18-07-2016. Click Here
16-07-2016 : JTO LICE result:- The union has held discussion with Director (HR),GM(Est) and GM(Rectt) regarding result of JTO LICE in respect of such JEs(formerly TTAs) who are of 7th batch but their examination, for selection as TTAs, was held in February, 2008 etc. It has been specifically stated to the management that non-declaration of result in respect of such candidates will be discriminatory. Now corporate office has sought details of such candidates for appropriate action. Union is positively looking forward in this matter.
16-07-2016 : Meeting with GM(Est):- President, Comrades K.S. Sheshadri (Secy, NFTE), Ashique (C/S J &K) and Shalini(C/S A&N) met GM(Est) on 15th July and mentioned about discrimination in grant of Remote Allowance (SCA) in A&N. While executives are paid Remote allowance on IDA Pay Scale but non-executives on CDA. The treatment is unjust and illogical and she promised to look into the matter to remove discrimination.
15-07-2016 : Corporate office letter on updation of Education Qualification in service records of Ex-servicemen TTA – reg. Letter No.-250-08/2010-Estt.III, dt-14-07-2016. Click Here
15-07-2016 : Open session on 14-07-2016. Click Here
15-07-2016 : Corporate office requesting all CGMs to furnish information with regard to training of DR TTA’s 2008 batch (Recruitment year). Letter No.-5-1/LICE/JTO(T)/2016/Estt.IV/, dt:- 14-07-2016. Click Here
13-07-2016 : JAO-II (LICE):- NFTE has requested Director (HR) and (F) to postpone the JAO LICE scheduled for 17th July in J & K.
13-07-2016 : Today in open house session Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. NFTE explained the difficulties of the staff members in bifurcation of Andhra circle, into Andhra & Telangana. He also request to Director (HR) to resolve issues arising in the bifurcation. The Director (HR) ensured the involved staff representative will be inducted in the committee. Letter No.-TF-01org, dt-13-07-2016. Click Here
13-07-2016 : Inaugural function of NEC meeting on 13-07-2016:-The NEC meeting commenced with great enthusiasm under the Chairmanship of Com. Islam Ahmad, President, NFTE BSNL, Com. C. Singh G.S. NFTE BSNL and Com. Islam alongwith all NEC members garlanded photo of Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar on the occasion of his 125th Birth Anniversary and paid tributes to Baba Saheb and Com. O.P. Gupta. Com. Islam in his presidential address and Com. C. Singh reported the NEC on the activities from Patna Extended Working Committee Meeting to 7th Membership Verification. The inaugural function was held at 1200 hours. Smt Sujata Ray, Director (HR) and (F), Smt. Madhu Arora (GM Est), Shri A.M. Gupta (GM Restg and SR), CGMs NTR and NTP, Smt. Smita Chaudhary (GM(F), NTR) and other officers attended the so grand inaugural session. The Director (HR) and others were accorded a tumultuous welcome led by Com. Rajpal, circle Secy. President and General Secretary while addressing the session mentioned the role of NFTE in settling the pension issue. The 60:40 ratio in Pension has been done by Govt and the NFTE made sustained efforts for this. They recorded thanks to Govt, DOT and BSNL HQR for the settlement. The future of employees i.e. Pension is now safe for which NFTE had been committed. The Leaders demanded that the HRA on 78.2% IDA, PLI, Functioning of councils etc be resolved. Both demanded that the wage committee be formed. Director (HR) assured for early settlement of issues including HRA on 78.2% IDA. Click Here
12-07-2016 : Business set up at Tamilnadu and Karnataka:- Comrades S.S. Gopala Krishnan Seshadri(Secretaries) alongwith Com. Islam met GM (Restg) and mentioned about formation of business areas at Cuddalore and Hubli. The GM(Restg) agreed to speak to CGMs to consult the circle union in the matter.
12-07-2016 : NEC meeting of NFTE(BSNL):- CMD BSNL has agreed to address NEC meeting on 14th July at 1600 hours in Auditorium, Eastern Court, New Delhi.
12-07-2016 : President, Com. S.S. Gopala Krishnan and Com. K.S. Sheshadri (Secretaries CHQ) met CMD BSNL today. CMD reported 3% increase in revenue for the year ending 31st March 2016. But, it is not enough and added that the staff side should more careful in rainy season to rectify the faults of land line/Broad Band connections. All the circle/District Secretaries are requested to be more attentive so that we can achieve the targets in fault rectification.
12-07-2016 : Highhandedness and vindictive action of Shri B.N. Singh, GMTD, Jamshedpur. Letter No.-TF-36/2, dt-11-07-2016. Click Here
12-07-2016 : Meeting with Director(HR) and (F):- An informal meeting took place on 11-07-2016 with the Director (HR) and (F) in which President and GS participated. The following issues were raised and discussed. GM (F and P) was also present. (I) Settlement of Vicitimisation cases at Jamshedpur:- The issues of arbitrary and vindictive transfers, Chargesheets of staff were focused by the union. She asked for details which were handed over. She promised to get all such cases sorted out. (II) Qualified personnel in screening test of JAO are not being permitted to appear in LICE JAO scheduled to take place on 17th July, despite year 2009 clarificatory orders. GM (F and P) was asked to get the matter resolved. (III) The result of JTO LICE in respect of all TTAs (JEs) of 7th batch has not been declared. It is discrimination, discussions held with GM(Est) as per advice of Director (HR). Further discussions will take place on the issue with Director (HR). (IV) Director (HR) was apprised how kind of leave applied by staff have been changed by GM, Jamshedpur against rules. She promised to see to it. Nature of applied leave cannot be changed.
12-07-2016 : Meeting with GM(Est):- Meeting also took place with the GM(Est) wherein views were expressed for amendments in the R/R of TTA and JTO(T).
11-07-2016 : JAO-II(Final) Departmental examination scheduled for 17th July, 2016. Letter No.-14/2(c), dt-11-07-2016. Click Here
11-07-2016 : Clarification regarding LICE for promotion to JTO(T) Cadre. Letter No-TF-14/2(b), dt:-11-07-2016. Click Here
11-07-2016 : Change of kind of leave done in Jharkhand circle. Letter No.-TF-23/5(a), dt-11-07-2016. Click Here
09-07-2016 : NFTE CHQ extends a very hearty congratulations to all success full candidates in JTO LICE held on 22-05-2016.
09-07-2016 : Result sheet – 2 of JTO LICE held on 22-05-2016 (M.H, Orissa, NTR, NE-II, NE-I, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu-CHTD, Kolkata TD, UP(W), UP(E) and Uttarakhand). Click Here
09-07-2016 : Result sheet – 1 of JTO LICE held on 22-05-2016 (A&N, A.P, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujrat, J&K, H.P, Haryana, Jharkhand, Kerala, Karnataka, M.P. and Maharashtra). Click Here
09-07-2016 : Corporate office declared results of JTO LICE held on 22-05-2016 for the vacancy year 2013-14. Letter No.-12-1/2016-Rectt, dt-08-07-2016. Click Here
09-07-2016 : Corporate office letter on verification/scrutinizing of the Online Application Forms in respect of Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion from Group ‘C’ employees to JAO under 40% quota to be held on 17-07-2016. Letter No.-9-1/2016-Rectt, dt-08-07-2016. Click Here
09-07-2016 : Corporate office called nominations from staff side members for National Council. F. No.-BSNL/39-8/SR/2013, dt-29-06-2016. Click Here
08-07-2016 : Central Govt employees differed their proposed Strike on 11th July, 2016, for four months on the assurance of the Ministers. (P.I.B.) Click Here
06-07-2016 : Shri Manoj Sinha, is set to take over the charges of Communications Ministry as MoS with Independent charge. He was elected as MP from Gajipur in U.P. we wish him all success in strengthening BSNL.
06-07-2016 : Change of date of holiday on account of Id-ul-Fitr. F. No.-12/10/2016-JCA2, dt-05-07-2016. Click Here
06-07-2016 : DPE order on IDA w.e.f. 01-07-2016 (114.8%). Click Here
06-07-2016 : Cabinet approves Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners Removing Anomalies. (Press Information Bureau Government of India) Click Here
06-07-2016 : CABINET CLEARED 78.2% IDA FIXATION TO BSNL PENSIONERS, RETIRED BEFORE 10th JUNE, 2013:- The Cabinet has approved the grant of 78.2% IDA benefit to retirees. 60:40 ratio condition also dispensed with. BSNL now free from pension liabilities. It will pay pension contribution as per FR 116. Govt. finally annulled the 15th June, 2006 orders and restored decisions of year 2000 and 2001.
06-07-2016 : Reply of PMO letter No.-PMOPG/D/2016/0011084, dt-13-01-2016. Click Here
06-07-2016 : NFTE vide letter No.-TF-11/3, dt-08-01-2016 addressed to Hon’ble P.M, due his attention on the points relating to the payment of pension in respect of absorbed BSNL employees. Click Here
05-07-2016 : All Central Public Sector Trade Unions Convention at Hyderabad:- National Convention of all Central Public Sector Trade Unions was held at Gandhi Bhavan in Hydrabad on 02/07/2016. More than 750 delegates participated. The convention was inaugurated by Com. Sanjeeva Reddy of INTUC. Com. S. Mahadevan of AITUC, Com. Thapan Sen of CITU, Com. Yellaiah of HMS, and Com. Shanmugam of LPF. The leaders narrated situation prevailing in CPSUs and the anti labour policy of the BJP Government. Our leader Com. Subburaman General Secretary of TEPU was one of the leaders in the Presidium. Com. S. S. Gopalakrishnan Secretary CHQ represented NFTE BSNL in the Seminar and spoken about the anti national, anti working class, anti Kissan policies of the BJP Government and problems faced in BSNL. He emphasized that the wage revision should be once in 5 years as in the other public sector. He announced that NFTE working committee his scheduled to be held on 13th and 14th of July 2016 at New Delhi, will deliberate to implement the 2nd September strike in total in BSNL. Declaration:- The convention unanimously resolved to participate in the nationwide General Strike on 2nd September 2016, jointly called by Central Trade Unions, National Industrial Federation on 12 point charter of demands on the most burning issues confronting the working class. The convention noted that the NDA Government is desperately moving ahead for Mega Strategic Sale of huge national assets of CPSU. Click Here
04-07-2016 : Tasks before NEC. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi. Click Here
02-07-2016 : Holidays to be observed in BSNL offices during the year 2017-reg. Letter No.-3-1/2010-TE, dt-30-06-2016. Click Here
02-07-2016 : Posting of New CGM’s for Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Telecom Circles. Letter No.-317-04/212-pers.I(Pt)/I, dt-30-06-2016. Click Here
02-07-2016 : Approval for the creation of Telangana Telecom circle – options to be called for Vijayawada (A.P. Circle) from the staff working in CGM office Hyderabad. Letter No.-317-04/2012-Pers.I(Pt)/II, dt-30-06-2016. Click Here
02-07-2016 : Corporate office issued orders for creation of Telangana Telecom circle and Jurisdiction notified. Letter No.-317-04/2012-Pers.1(Pt)/III, dt-30-06-2016. Click Here
02-07-2016 : Corporate office letter on Career history data updation in ERP- reg. Letter No.-500-51/2016/ERP/Pers-1, dt-30-06-2016. Click Here
02-07-2016 : Corporate office issued Revised Proforma for taking prior permission for NOC for private visits abroad. Letter No.-413-3/2015 pers, dt-22-06-2016. Click Here
02-07-2016 : 2.4% INCREASE IN IDA FROM 01-07-2016. (i.e. 112.4+2.4=114.8 from 01-07-2016).
02-07-2016 : G.S. and Com. Rajamouli met Director (HR) on 29-06-2016 and extended an invitation to inaugurate the NEC meeting on 13-07-2016. She was kind enoughly accepted our request.
02-07-2016 : Kind attention of circle Secretaries:- On implementation of ERP, the CHQ is receiving quotas through RTGS banking system from circle/Districts. The amount is being credited to CHQ account, but the identification of sending circle/District is not reflecting in pass book after making entries by the bank. Hence, it is requested to keep a watch on the remittance of quotas from circle/District and also requested to intimate the amount credited in RTGS to CHQ so that the reflection of amount as well as subscription in the circle may be maintained properly at the head quarter.
30-06-2016 :Com. S.S .Gopala Krishnan Secretary CHQ is attending Convention of the Trade Unions of Public Sector to be held at Hyderabad on 2-7-2016,on behalf of CHQ New Delhi .The Convention will deliberate about the preparations of 2nd September-2016 General Strike
30-06-2016 : All the circle /District secretaries please note : The CHQ directed earlier to complete conferences of District/ circle level, which completed their tenure as on 31.07.2016 .But, taking under consideration of NEC meeting at New Delhi on 13th &14th July 2016 and enrollment of new membership will end on 15th July 2016.So, the cut off date to hold the conferences is extended up to 31st August 2016.All the circle secretaries are requested to identify the Districts and advise them to hold due conferences before 31st August2016. Otherwise, you are directed to issue notice to hold the conferences and similar process will be adopted by CHQ in respect of circles ,which have completed their tenure
30-06-2016 : All the circle secretaries are requested to co-oparate with the head quarter and ensure limitation to circle secretary and CHQ office bearers to attend the NEC meeting to be held on 13 th &14th July 2016 at new Delhi .The CHQ is facing hardship to provide extra accomodation other than circle secretaries and CHQ office bearers
30-06-2016 :Cabinet approves Implementation of the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission in respect of central Govt employees (Press information Bureau) Click Here
30-06-2016 :Verification / scrutinizing of the Online Application Forms in respect of Limited internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion from Group “C” employees to JTO under 50% Quota held on 22-05-2016 Lr.No. 12-1/2016-Rectt Dated:29/06/2016 Click Here
30-06-2016 :Corporate office issued clarifications regarding revision of scales of pay of Board level and below Board level Executives of BSNL w.e.f.1.1.2007 Lr.No.1-11/2009-PAT(BSNL) Dated:10.06.2016 Click Here
27-06-2016 :Meeting with GM(F)- President and G.S met with Sri Sunil kumar GM(F) and pointed out that the candidates passed JAO part 1 exam are not allowed to appear in JAO LICE scheduled to be held on 17-07-2016. The GM(F) called the IFA of Haryana and Maharashtra and instructed that there is a clear provision in notification to allow the candidates who passed JAO part 1 exam earlier, hence the permission to these candidates may be ensured
27-06-2016 : Meeting with GM(SR&Restg); President and G.S met sri .AM Gupta and discussed the issue of formation of business conduct rules for councils at all levels. The GM(SR) assured to finalize it in near future. The leaders discussed the issue of change of designation with GM(Restg) in respect of left out cadres viz civil, electrical, Telecom factories , Telecom store and TM(O),TM(T) .The GM(Restg) reciprocated that details regarding pay scale and R/R of cadres has been called from establishment branch of corporate office and after completion of home work. The staff side will be consulted to finalize the designations of left out cadres
27-06-2016 :Non functioning of cug SIM Case of NTR stafff ,New delhi TF-016 Dated:-17-06-2016 Click Here
27-06-2016 : Corporate office fixed targets to circles for providing basic services for the year 2016-17 Lr.no 8-23-2015-PHM Dated 21/22-june,2016 Click Here
24-06-2016 : All 7th batch TTAs ,but trained after July, got clear permission for JTO LICE and their result will be declared after court case. CGM, Rajasthan asked to get stay vacated .
24-06-2016 :Circle working committee meeting of NFTE BSNL Karnatka Circle held on 23rd June 2016 under the president ship of Com Krishnamohan Circle President Click Here
23-06-2016 :BSNLEU is trying for Broad Based unity of workers on one side and acting contrary to it. By knocking the door of Honorable High court of A.P. against the Recognition letter issued by Corporate office on 19/05/2016 after conducting the successful election process, and to have the autonomy without getting majority support of workers. This case is filed in spite of the Judgments of Honorable Madras High Court and J&K High Court that 50% of the votes should be calculated on the Total Votes and not on the polled votes. Already a membership verification was conducted in 2013 on the basis of the New Recognition Rules.
23-06-2016 :Verification of DR TTA 2007 batch before examination.BSNLLr No 12-01/2016-Rectt.- dated 22/06/2106 Click Here
22-06-2016 :District Conference of Muzaffurpur, Bihar Circle Com.C.Singh,G.S., attended.. Click Here
22-06-2016 :Recruitment for the posts of JE(ErstwhileTTA) from external candidates -2700 posts. Click Here
21-06-2016 : Com Rajmouli and Com Kulkarni,secy,CHQ pressed for payment of GPF including Tamilnadu,GM(Banking) and he assured payment on Today.
20-06-2016 :BSNL adds most wireless users in April: Trai Sourec -ET telecom. Click Here
20-06-2016 : We congratulate the newly elected AIBSNLEA CHQ office Bearers Com Sivakumar as president, Com Prahlad rai as General Secratray , and Com T.C.Jain as Treasurer.
18-06-2016 :Posting of tainted GM-Solan-reg Click Here
18-06-2016 :qualifing servie 10 years for the pension-reg Click Here
18-06-2016 :Promortion of trained RM to TM cases of CGMT,Tamilnadu-reg Click Here
18-06-2016 :Support for the CG employees strike Click Here
18-06-2016 :National Executive Meeting at New Delhi On 13th &14th of july 2016. To All circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers to note. As there is limited accommodations and other arrangements are available, hence NEC will be limited to circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers only. Kindly bear with us.
17-06-2016 :Telecom -june 2016 uploaded Click Here
17-06-2016 :Chikmanglore Dist Conference Com Seshadhri, Secratary, CHQ addressed. Click Here
17-06-2016 :Council(Negotiating machinery) formation of business conduct rules. Click Here
17-06-2016 : Discrimination in T.U. facilities to Non-executive recognized Unions-reg Ref:-BSNL Lr No:BSNL/31-2/SR/2009 Dated 6-jan-2014 Click Here
16-06-2016 : : Adhoc grant for the circle Sports and cultural board Rs17.5 Cr. Click Here
16-06-2016 :It is unfortunate that the BSNLEU leadership has alleged the leaders of NFTE Jamshedpur, that they were supporting the G.M. Jamshedpur. This is not the culture of NFTE and this union neither works to favour any officer nor to fear from any one. BSNLEU do not get any benefit through this type of blame game. Further BSNLEU failed to settle the issue for years together, despite serving several hunger strike notice including yesterday. Finding faults with other unions is in bad taste.
16-06-2016 :•All the circle /District secretaries are requested to send the correct addresses of Branches and Districts to CHQ with telephone number and PINCODE for updating the old mailing list .Otherwise it is very difficult to send letters/ magazine every month.Please co- operate with CHQ to avoid inconvenience.Matter is urgent .
16-06-2016 : : Revision of TTA (now Junior Engineer) Induction Training structure and syllabus - Approval regarding. Click Here
16-06-2016 : Relaxation of age limit for appearing in JAO LICE under 40% quota and declaration of year wise vacancy at par with JTO(T) –Regarding. Click Here
15-06-2016 : Grant of facilities to the recognized representative Unions of non executive employees in BSNL-reg. LrNoBSNL/5-1/SR/2015/Vol.II (ii) dated 19th may2016. Click Here
15-06-2016 : National Executive Meeting July 13th and 14th 2016-Special casual Leave order by C.O.office Click Here
15-06-2016 : Meeting with Sr.GM(Esst):-G.S.,ComK.S.Kulkarni, Com .Kamaraj met Smt.Madhu Arora Sr.GM(Esst) and discussed regarding non issuance of Presidential order to several staff in different circle. The G.S. Pointed out that still more than 130 left out officials are waiting for the same in Bihar circle. Similarly two cases of Aurangabad SSA(Maharashtra Circle)is abnormally delayed and the officials are now on the verge of retirement. 2)The issue of promotion of qualified and trained RM to the cadre of Telecom Mechanic(now Technician). It was pointed out the case of STR,(TN) case where about 32 Group “D “who are qualified and trained are opted for Chennai Telecom district and a good number of vacancies are existing in Chennai T.D . Hence the officials opted may kindly be adjusted on promotion in Chennai TD. After hearing the union leaders G.M. reacted positively.
15-06-2016 : Calculation of retirement benefits on seperation from BSNL service-"Full and final"process Click Here
15-06-2016 : Renewal of corporate tieup with oriental bank of commerce for extending various loan schemesto BSNL employees.Lrno1-9/BBF/STAFF LOAN/2015-16 dated 13/06/2016.
15-06-2016 : Letter to DPE on wage revision for Non excutives Click Here
15-06-2016 : Letter to Director (HR&FIN) ON HRA Click Here
14-06-2016 :Meeting with GM(Admn) General Secretary along with Com.K.S.Kulkarni Secretary CHQ met Shri Sinha G.M.(admn) and discussed regarding payment of long pending medical bills of working and retired staff . The G.M pointed out that this office has already issued clarifications in respect of treatment on outdoor and indoor medical bills. Further he informed that, new solutions are in pipeline for smooth and early settlement/payment of medical claims.
14-06-2016 :CHQ wishes Com R.Pattabiarman retired on 31/05/2016. Click Here
14-06-2016 :CHQ wishes Com R.Pattabiarman retired on 31/05/2016. Click Here
13-06-2016 : Attention to all circle Secretaries Dear comrades, please recall our earlier instructions to send the SSA wise election result consolidated and issued by the CEO,/ Circle management immediately to CHQ. But only few circle responded to our request. We once again request to send the CEO election result list immediately without further delay.
13-06-2016 :Recoveries due to mistaken payment to staff –Reg Respected Madam,Lr.no TF-016 Dt22-2-2016 Click Here
13-06-2016 :The Central Government Employees are at Warpath They served Strike Notice to The Central Government on June 9th 2016. Our CHQ support the indefinite strike of 33 lakhs C G employees from 11/07/2016. We call our comrades to support and make success of the strike Click Here
13-06-2016 :Declaration of JTO LICE result held on 22nd May, 2016 Click Here
11-06-2016 :Government constitutes 3rd pay Revision Committee for the executive of CPSUs Click Here
11-06-2016 :Salient features of Annaual Report of DOT for the year 2015-16 (BSNL portion) Click Here
11-06-2016 :Corporate office letter to CGM Kerala for implementation of Tribunal directive to appoint 34 applicants of JAO 2012 as JAO-reg Lr.no 9-31/2015-SEA dt7/8-6-2016 Click Here
10-06-2016 :• All the circle /District secretaries are requested to send the correct addresses of Branches and Districts to CHQ with telephone number and PINCODE for updating the old mailing list .Otherwise it is very difficult to send letters/ magazine every month.Please co- operate with CHQ to avoid inconvenience.
10-06-2016 : • All the circle secretaries are requested to send to CHQ , the SSA wise(TF/TS//TD also ) 7th membership election results given by the Management immediately for review and to strengthen the organization.
09-06-2016 : Corporate office issued guidelines to make necessary entries/ changes in service book/ ERP module of concerned officials (TTA,SrTOA,TM,RM) with regard to their revised designation .Lr.No.250-9/2016-Estt-lll dt.7.6.2016 Click Here
9-06-2016 : ALL the circle secretaries are requested to kindly direct the SSA/ District ,which have not hold their bi-annual conferences and have completed tenure of two years. The conferences must be completed by 31-july-2016. If even after instruction /direction of circle secretary ,the district secretaries are failed to hold the conference, please arrange to issue the notice from circle level as per provision of constitution of the union
6-06-2016 :CHQ is receiving nominations for LCM directly by the district secretaries . It is not acceptable. So, we advice the district secretaries please send nominations through circle union, when it will be called by the CHQ
04-06-2016 : MOU signed with Canara Bank for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees. F. No.-1-9/BBF/STAFF LOAN/ 2014-15, dt-01-06-2016. Click Here
04-06-2016 : Holding of LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre in Bihar Circle on 16-07-2016, but not 17-07-2016. Letter No.-12-1/2016-Rectt, dt-03-06-2016. Click Here
04-06-2016 : Non-recovery from pay of officiating JTO’s pursuant to the letter No.-3-32/2013/Estt-IV, dated 22-12-2015-reg. Letter No.-3-8/2010-Estt-IV, dt-03-06-2016. Click Here
04-06-2016 : DOP&T issued guide lines on LTC – Relaxation to travel by private air line to visit J&K. Letter No.-31011/7/2014-Estt. (A-IV), dt:-01-06-2016. Click Here
03-06-2016 : Meeting with Director(HR):- General Seceratory alog with S S Gopalkrishnan Seceratory CHQ met Director(HR) and discussed the issues.
1. JTO LICE in Bihar Circle: Director(HR) immediatly took GM(Rect & Trg) adviced to meet her with detailed clerification on the issue. It is expected that JTO & JAO LICE will be held on 17-07-2016.The Examination may be conducted shift wise to enable the candidates to appear for both the examination.
2. Attacke on union representatives by the GM Jamshedpur: Director(HR) adviced CGM Jharkand to take care of the matter.
3. Promotion of trained qualified Group "D" staff to the cadre of TM, case of STR chengalpat: Director(HR) & GM(Est.) assured to intervene in the matter.
03-06-2016 : Editorial- English. Click Here
03-06-2016 : Editorial- Hindi. Click Here
03-06-2016 :All Circle Seceratories are requested to send the details to CHQ for review of the results of 7th membership verification.
1. SSA wise compiled result furnished by the circle management.
2. Please conduct review meeting before 25-06-2016 and send detailed report to CHQ by 30-06-2016.
03-06-2016 : Facility to BSNL recruited employees:- Facility to BSNL recruited employees for accumulation of earned leave and its encashment. Letter No. TF-23/5, Dated 1-6-2016. Click Here
03-06-2016 : Notice for National Executive Comittee Meeting on 13 & 14-07-2016:- The Meeting takes place in "CTO Dormatory New Delhi". Click Here
28-05-2016 : National Executive Comittee Meeting:- It is decided to hold National Executive comittee meeting on 13 & 14th July, 2016 at New Delhi. The meeting is restricted to all india office bearers and Circle Secertory. The meeting will start at 10.00am on 13-07-2016 and it will end on 14-07-2016 at 20.00pm. Kindly make arrangement to reserve tickets as per the schedule of the meeting to avoid inconveniance. other details will be intimated shortly.
27-05-2016 : NFTE’s participation in JAC and Forum of BSNL unions and associations will remain suspended till holding of National Executive meeting of NFTE.
27-05-2016 : Meeting with Director (HR) and (F):- A delegation consisting of Comrades Chandeshwar Singh, V. Subburaman (GS TEPU), N.D. Ram (G.S. SEWA BSNL), Gopal Krishnan (Secy NFTE) and Islam met the Director (HR) and Director (F) and expressed thanks for peaceful completion of election. GM (SR) and GM(Rectt) also joined the meeting. The following issues were raised. (1) Irregular action of CRO on the date of declaration of result, he reduced the total votes. (2) Action be taken on priority basis for payment of HRA on 78.2% IDA fixation benefit. She readily agreed. (3) Early declaration of result of JTO LICE held on 22-05-2016 for promotion to JTO Cadre. (4) Early holding of JTO LICE in Bihar Circle.
27-05-2016 : Meeting with CMD, BSNL:- A delegation of National Forum of BSNL workers consisting of Comrades C. Singh (GS and convener), V. Subburaman (GS TEPU and Chairman) and N.D. Ram (GS SEWA BSNL), Islam and Gopal Krishanan met CMD after 7th verification. The CMD welcomed the leaders. In course of discussion the leaders requested him for settlement of HRA issue on 78.2% IDA benefit. By this time Dir(HR) and (F) entered. The CMD asked her to process the issue. Earlier, the CMD was apprised of formation of National of BSNL workers.
27-05-2016 :A meeting of NFTE (BSNL), TEPU and SEWA (BSNL) took place today in NFTE’s office under the chairmanship of Com. Islam and decided to form a forum named “National Forum of BSNL workers” for settlement of the problems of employees Comrades C. Singh (GS, NFTE), Subburaman (GS TEPU) and P.N. Perumal (National President SEWA BSNL) have been elected as convener, chairman and joint convener respectively. The circle and District unions will also form the similar of Forum at their respective levels.
27-05-2016 :Meeting with GM(Est):- President and G.S. met the GM(Est) today and conveyed to her that Ex-servicemen TTAs have not yet been promoted to the Cadre of JTO specially in Rajasthan circle.
  27-05-2016 : Creating of Multi Tasking staff – reg. Letter No.-TF-15/3, dt:-27-05-2016. Click Here
  27-05-2016 : VRS a requirement to increase BSNL’s profitability: CMD (BSNL). Click Here
  27-05-2016 : Consolidation of SSAs into Business Areas. File No.-4-2/2014 Restg vol. III, dt- 24-05-2016. Click Here
26-05-2016 :Financial health of BSNL has further improved as per information.
26-05-2016 :AIBSNLEA is on agitation for settlement of their demand. President, G.S. and Com. Rajpal Secy. participated from NFTE & conveyed greetings and extended support to them.
  24-05-2016 : Corporate office issued orders on Extension of benefits of pay protection to the Internal officials against DR – JTO quota who have applied through proper channel. Letter No.-5-31/2001-Pers-IV, dt-20-05-2016. Click Here
  20-05-2016 : CHQ Thankful to DR TTAs : Snatta was not alliance partner of NFTE in 7th verification. Despite this large number of TTAs in circles have supported NFTE with Zeal and Vigor's CHQ acknowledges their contribution. We once again assure them they shall be fully protected and their interests will be safeguarded.
  19-05-2016 : Corporate Office Issued Recognition orders Click Here
  19-05-2016 : Corporate Office Issued order for Formation of Councils Click Here
  19-05-2016 : Corporate Office Issued orders on Facilities to Unions which have secured more than 2% votes Click Here
  17-05-2016 : Today is World Telecom Day – Message from Shri Anupam Srivastava CMD BSNL. Letter No.- CMD /BSNL/2016 (299276), dt:-17-05-2016. Click Here
  17-05-2016 : Minute of the 34th meeting of the National Council held on 10th March, 2016 under the chairpersonship of Director (HR), BSNL Board. Letter No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2015, dt:-16-05-2016. Click Here
  17-05-2016 : Holding of Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion from Group ‘C’ employees to JTO (T) on 22-05-2016. Letter No.-12-1/2016-Rectt, dt:- 16-05-2016. Click Here
  16-05-2016 : G.S. alongwith Com. Rajpal Secretary CHQ and Com. Rajmouli met the CMD today. The CMD congratulated the representatives for getting the NFTE 2nd position in 7th membership verification. G.S. pointed out that the CRO has reduced the total No. of voters on the date of declaration of result and requested to intervene to maintain the credibility of democratic process in the election. The CMD assure to look into the matter.
  14-05-2016 : Let us salute the workers for their Mandate in the 7th Membership Verification. They are clever enough to choose both the Unions BSNLEU and NFTE BSNL for the Negotiating Table to safeguard the interests of Industry as well as workers. Let us concentrate to settle the pending issues. (1) HRA on 78.2%. (2) Bonus-PLI delinking profit as well as Revenue. (3) Stagnation issue and upgrading all Assistant Technicians (RM/Gr D) to Gr. C level similar to multi tasking Cadre as that of postal/railways. (4) SC ST concession in NEPP. (5) Issue of 4th Saturday. (6) Job security – issue of 55 (ii) b. (7) Next wage Revision and pension revision and protection of Govt pension etc. Thanks to all our comrades and Leaders for their dedicated hard labour during 7th verification campaign. Thanks to dedicated work of TEPU-SEWA-PEWA leaders and Comrades for rubbing our shoulders acting as consort
  13-05-2016 : Results of 7th membership verification conducted through secret ballot under the provisions of BSNL recognition rules for electing majority representative union (s) of non-executive employees in BSNL- regarding. Letter No.-CRO/MV/BSNL/2016, dt:- 13-05-2016. Click Here
  13-05-2016 : Non-declaration of result of 7th verification – reg. Letter No.TF-1/1(c-7), dt:-13-05-2016. Click Here
  12-05-2016 : We are very much thankful to the employees of BSNL, who supported and voted infavour of NFTE BSNL in seventh membership verification on 10-05-2016. We will continue to work hard for the betterment of company as well as employees of BSNL.
  12-05-2016 : Corporate office issued orders on change of designations of major cadres of Non Executives working in BSNL. Letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg. Vol-III, dt-12-05-2016. Click Here
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won Siliguri SSA in West Bengal circle.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in Tamilnadu Circle with 610 votes.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in Patna SSA with 149 votes.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won with 57% votes in Chhattisgarh circle.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in Jharkhand circle with 692 votes.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in the SSA’s circle wise:- (1) Punjab:- Patiala, Pathankot, Hoshiarpur Pur, Sangrur. (2) Chhattisgarh:- bilaspur, Jagdalpur.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in the SSA’s circle wise:- (1)A.P.:- Mahaboob Nagar, Karimnagar (2) Tamilnadu:- Salem, Vellore.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in the SSA’s circle wise:- (1)Tamilnadu:- Thanjavur, Cuddalore, Tiruchi (2) Rajasthan:- Jhalawar, (3) Orrisa:- Bolangir, Sambalpur,(4) UP(E):- Ballia, Deoria, Farrukhabad, Gonda, Hamirpur, Mau, Raibarely, Shahjanpur, Unnao (4) Andhra Pradesh:- Vishakapatnam, Eluru, Srikakulam (5) M.P.:- Shivpuri. (6) Gujrat:- Nadiad, Baroda, (7) Jammu and Kashmir:- Udhampur.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in the SSA’s circle wise:- (1) UP(E):- Jhansi, (2) MP:- Jabalpur, (3)Maharashtra:- Chandrapur, Wardha, Nanded, Beed.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in NTR circle Delhi, TF Bhilai.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in the SSA’s circle wise:- (1) Bihar:- Darbhanga, (2) Haryana:- Ambala (3) Tamilnadu:- Karaikudi. (4) Jharkhand:- Jamshedpur.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in the SSA’s circle wise:- (1) Gujrat:- Amreli, Baruch, Jam Nagar, Bhavnagar.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in the SSA’s circle wise:- (1)Bihar:- Chapra, Bhagalpur (2) Tamilnadu:- CGM office Kumbakonam, (3) UP(W):- Moradabad.
  12-05-2016 : (8) UP(E):- Barabanki, (9) ALTTC Gaziabad, (10) Bihar:- Betia (11) STR(Chennai). (12) Jharkhand:- Hazaribagh, (13) Rajasthan:- Bhilwara.
  12-05-2016 : NFTE won in the SSA’s circle wise:- (1) Bihar:- Motihari, Kishanganj, Hajipur, Begusarai, Sasaram, Munger, Ara, Madhubani, CGM office Patna. (2) UP(E):-Azamgadh. (3) UP(W):- Circle office Saharanapur. (4) Haryana:- Faridabad. (5) Chhattisgarh:- Ambikapur, CGM office. (6) MP:- Sadol, Vidhisha. (7) Maharashtra:- Yeotmal,
  11-05-2016 : Revision of Pension of pre-2006 pensioners – delinking of revised pension from qualifying service of 33 years – reg. Letter No.-40-04/2013-Pen (T), dt:-05-05-2016. Click Here
  10-05-2016 : Dear Comrades, President NFTE is proceeding to Allahabad tonight as he has to perform annual rites of his deceased Mother.
  10-05-2016 : Well done Comrades:- CHQ congratulates all the functionaries of the union for facing the verification with dedication, courage and wisdom. Known elements tried their level best to create cleavage amongst us through baseless and willful propaganda. But Comrades stood like rock to repulse the vicious propaganda. It is equally heartening that Comrades understood the game plan and were not provoked. CHQ extends greetings to all of you.
  10-05-2016 : Cabinet memo for extension of 78.2% IDA benefit to retirees reportedly sent.
  10-05-2016 :Harassment to TTAs:- Time will tell who is harassing the TTAs. NFTE is not expected to report to anyone. We are capable to handle the situation.
  09-05-2016 :Vote and support NFTE (BSNL) and ignore the threats. Don’t bow before such elements. NFTE(BSNL) will not only protect you but will defeat all the onslaughts.
  09-05-2016 : G.S. reached Muzzafarpur (Bihar) on 8th May 2016 and addressed a well attended meeting. Despite holiday a gathering of about two hundred workers participated in the meeting which was presided over by Com. R.P. Singh . Besides G.S., Com. S.K. Dubey C.S, Com. Sanjay Singh ACS, Com. R.L. Singh D.S. Patna and Com. S.B. Singh circle vice president addressed the meeting. G.S. in his speech explained the situation under which company is facing financial crisis. He added that the single recognized union has totally failed to protect the financial viability of company and the interest of staff as well. He appealed to the assembled gathering to convince. The workers to vote in favour of NFTE to get better wage revision and to ensure uninterrupted pension after retirement. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the President. Click Here
  09-05-2016 : Creating of Multi Tasking staff – reg. Letter No.-TF-15/3, dt-09-05-2016. Click Here
  09-05-2016 : Pension rules for D/R staff:- Discussed the issue at appropriate level for extension of benefits to the families of deceased employees. Matter is under consideration for implementation with retrospective effect.
  09-05-2016 :Don’t Get provoked:- CHQ advises all functionaries of the union not to get provoked over baseless and untrue allegations of BSNLEU leaders. Instead of this contact each and every employee in the remaining period to win their support. Remember these leaders have always abused late lamented Com. O.P. Gupta and have considered the NFTE as their enemy number one. They are following their culture. Keep all their utterances in mind and heart for future. Comrades ! wind is blowing very fast in the favour of NFTE as employees are now determined to place the NFTE at the respectable place to safeguard their interests. Move fast:- Move fast to attain the Goal.
  09-05-2016 :Promise to TTA’s:- Very large number of TTAs in various circles are supporting NFTE in 7th verification. Keeping in mind the contributions of NFTE in settlement of their issues. The CHQ assures them that in no circumstances their harassment will be tolerated in the field and they will be protected with full force at our command. Apart from this their interests will be fully safeguarded at BSNL HQR level. Remember NFTE means what it says. We will defeat ugly designs of any quarter. Vote fearlessly.
  09-05-2016 : Who is close to Management and Govt ?:- The BTEF headed by Com. Suresh Kumar, present GS of BSNLMS signed joined strike Notice in Sept, 2000 but withdrew the strike on 1st day. Itself ie on 06-09-2000 during regime of NDA Govt. Instead of leveling baseless allegation at Hissar Com. Suresh should remember what he did on 6th Sept, 2000?. NFTE does not want to respond to rubbish utterances of such elements who sought our help and blessings and now are turned coats.
  09-05-2016 : A huge gathering at Karimnagar (A.P. Circle) on 06-05-2016:- A meeting took place under the presidentship of Com.S. Venkateshwar Rao. Comrades Rajamouli, Hanumantha Rao CS&DGS of SEWA, Kishan D.S. SEWA, Pani Kumar Circle org. Secretary attended and addressed the meeting. More than 250 Comrades including 20 women employees present in the meeting till end. Com. Kishan D.S. assured full support to NFTE in 7th verification in the SSA. Com. Hanumanth Rao C.S. said SEWA employees have lost all rights in last 8 yrs. EU leaders insulting SEWA members in their speeches at different places. They cheated SC/ST employees on reservation policy. Com. Rajamouli said there is lot of change in members in the country and realized who deceived employees in 2nd wage agreement. Because of wrong polices of BSNLEU, employees lost bonus, allowances in last 8 years. Com. Shri Ram Reddy gave details about SSA. Click Here
  09-05-2016 : Hectic Election campaign in Hyderabad:- Three meetings took place under the chairmanship of Com. Narender, District President at Patny Tele Exchange, CTO Building and Telephone Bhavan on 7-5-2016. Com.A.Rajamouli, V.K.Muthu, District Secretary, Ismail Gore, Vijay, Ramesh, Ellesham Dist President SEWA BSNL addressed the meetings. The response was very impressive. As woman employees in CTO were present in the meeting till end. All have realized that BSNLEU deceived employees with regard to Adhoc PLI, NEPP, stagnation of RM’s in last 8 years. It is clearly evident that NFTE stood in first position in the 7th verification at Hyderabad.
  09-05-2016 : Meeting at Mancherial (A.P. Circle) in the evening on 06-05-2016:- A meeting took place at Mancheraial under the presidentship Com. C. Vilas. Comrades Rajamouli, Hanumantha Rao C.S. & DGS SEWA, Narsimulu D/S SEWA, Subhash D/S, Rami Reddy circle coordinator attended and addressed the meeting. Com. Hanumath Rao CS SEWA said EU leaders are making wrong propaganda against SEWA. It is unfair activity of EU in A.P. Circle.
  09-05-2016 : Bangalore Telecom District conducted a seminar at Sekshakra Sadhan Bangalore on 7th April 2016 under the president ship of Com M Krishnamohan Circle President / District Secretary BGTD Com. K.S. Seshadri Secretary Chq Com R.K.KOHLI Com. C.K.Madivanan Former Dy. GS Com. Subbaraman GS TEPU Com Permal All India President SEWA Com. Gopakrishna Organizing Secy Chq, Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy Circle Secretary Com. B.S.Shivalingappa CS SEWA Com Siďdalingaiah AGS South SEWA BSNL Com Mhendran CS TEPU Com Com SB Srinivasan Ex Circle President NFTE BSNL Com Changappa Circle Secretary Pensioners association Com S Veeraragavan President Govt Credit Co Operative Society Channai Com Nagavi CS SNEA I and Com Ranganna DP Bg addressing the meeting also Com Jagadesh DS SEWA BSNL Bangalore Com Sreedhar DS SEWA BSNL Circle Office Bangalore Com Saravanan DS TEPU BGTD are also participated in the meeting nearby 1000 comreads are participated in the grand seminar. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Election meeting held at Raipur ( Chhattisgarh) today:- Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Grand reception of Com. N.D. Ram G.S. SEWA and G.S. NFTE on their arrival at Ranchi on 7th May, 2016. More than hundred alliance volunteers wearing NFTE Cap led by Com. Mahabir Singh C.S. and Com. Vijay Paswan SEWA garlanded to both the General Secretaries and raised slogans in favour of the NFTE. More than fifty bikers piloted the Car of Central leaders and reached to the venue in telephone Kendra compound where a huge gathering of workers were waiting. The meeting held under the Presidentship Com. Subhas Yadav and addressed by Com. Mahabir Singh C.S. NFTE, Com. Bijay paswan A.I. Vice President SEWA . Com. N.D. Ram in his speech explained the negatives acts of BSNLEU and appealed to all the workers to elect NFTE to get a better wage revision from 1st Jan 2017 and to restore the allowances which have been lost due to non-visionary approach of BSNLEU. G.S. NFTE clarified the issue of PLI and explained the anti workers act of BSNELU to prevent the payment of PLI. The meeting concluded with thundering slogan by the assembled workers. It was clear message of the meeting that the NFTE will win 7th verification with a thumping majority and will get more than 70 percent votes.
  07-05-2016 : Huge meeting at Delhi NTR:- A huge meeting has been held today under the Chairmanship of Com. A.P. Tripathi. It was addressed by Comrades Suresh Meena (Circle President), Girish Patre (Financial Secy, SEWA BSNL), Circle Secy NFTE, NTR, M.P. Singh besides Com. Islam. Com. Islam in his address narrated the lies and allegations of G.S. BSNLEU who failed to come in meeting of 30-03-2016 to decide quantum of PLI amount. He asserted the NFTE will strive hard to ensue wage revision in 2017, Payment of 78.2% IDA benefit arrears from 01-01-2007, HRA on 78.25 IDA resolution of stagnation, Encashment of leave facility to BSNL recruits, Holidays on two Saturdays etc. He promised to honour all the commitments mentioned in the manifesto. NFTE will register thumping victory at NTR and BSNL HQR both. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : GRAND FINALE OF ELECTION CAMPAIGN FOR SEVENTH VERIFICATION IN CHENNAI TELEPHONES CIRCLE ON 06-05-2016: - More than 1250 comrades attentively participated from 4 pm to 8.45 pm in the final election meeting held at Flower Bazaar complex. Comrades Chandeswar Singh, Subburaman, N.D.Ram, R. Venkataraman, P.N.Perumal,G.Masilamani, J.Prasad and S.Veeraraghavan spoke at the meeting and exported the BSNL employees to defeat BSNLEU and elect NFTE-BSNL as the single recognised union with more than 51% of votes in the seventh verification. Com. CKM presided. Com. J.Vijayakumar welcomed all and Com. C.Ravi gave vote of thanks. This meeting was organised very efficiently by the District Union of North Chennai. We thank all leaders of North Chennai for this. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Com. Ashaq Ahmad Circle Secretary addressing election campaign meeting at Baramulla Kashmir on 07-05-2016:- Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Durg ( Chhattisgarh) Election meeting held on 05-05-2016 addressed by Com. N.T.Sajwani:- Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Direct Recruits TTAs and others to read the questions to know the factual position of the issues. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : 7th membership verification meeting was held at CTO compound Rajkot on 6.5 2016. Com. N K Trivedi Ex. Circle President BSNLEU Guj Circle along with his followers supported NFTE in the election and assured to work for NFTE in future. Com. C N Javia, N K Trivedi, D. V. Jhala Dist Secy. A. R. Yadav Distt. President addressed the meeting. A large numbers of employees were present in the meeting. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Upgradation and promotion of trained officials to the Cadre of Telecom Mechanic. Letter No.-TF-24/2(a), dt-07-05-2016. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Pension to the families of decreased employees – reg. Letter No.TF-11/10(b), dt-07-05-2016. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Ludhiana meet a historic indeed:- Click Here
  07-05-2016 : An impressive meetings held at Bhopal on 04-05-2016:- Two meetings took place, one at Telephone Exchange Bhopal and 2nd one at CGMT office. There was huge gathering in both the places. More than 300 employees attended with impressive attendance of women employees. Comrades K.S. Thakur, Fayeem Distt. Secy of Exchange & CGMT office conducted the meetings. Comrades Rajamouli, Habib Khan C.S, Jagan Moria C.S, SEWA, Rajiv Singh, D.S. SEWA, Chander Panchalri CHQ SEWA, Babu Mujewar President SEWA, Deena Dayal, D.S. SEWA CGM office and Com. R.N. Rathore, form Indore, Hanumandas, Br. Secy addressed the meeting. The leaders said EU cheated the employees in all respects and with unwarranted transfers. They all took pledge to put NFTE in No.-1 position in 7th verification. Meetings ended with vote of thanks by Com. K.S. Thakur.
  07-05-2016 : Election Campaign at Kurnool (A.P. Circle):- A meeting was held at Kurnool on 05-05-2016 for 2 hours in the evening hours under the Presidentship of Com. P. Ramadas, District President. More than 200 employees including woman employees attended the meeting. Comrades Rajamouli, Anjaneyulu, Circle President, Maddilety, Circle co-coordinator, Koteswara Reddy attended and addressed the meeting. Com. Rmaana, Distt. Secretary explained organizational position of SSA. Com. Rajamouli clarified the points raised by the employees in the meeting with regard to TTA examination, HRA on 78.2% and issue of Drivers and Stagnation of Increments to employees. The response from all employees is very positive. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Venkata Subbaiah, L.C. Member, Kurnool. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at Mangalore on 7th April 2016 under the president ship of District President Mangalore Com. K.S. Seshadri Secretary Chq, Com. Hriyanna ACS KTK, Com. Seshidhran DS Mangalore address the meeting Com. K.S. Seshadri explain details of loss to BSNL Employees lost 10 years due wrong agreements by BSNLEU loss like loss of Bonus loss LTC loss of LTC leave encashment loss medical allowance without voucher Loss due to delay settlement 2nd pay commission loss due NEPP promotion policy injustice to departmental candidate for appearing Departmental Examination due educational qualifications fixed etc more than 100 Comrades are participated in the meeting. Click Here
  07-05-2016 : Photos of Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Devariya. Click Here
  06-05-2016 : Who has paid Air Charges of Com. Suresh Kumar and Anup Mukharjee ?. Click Here
  06-05-2016 : Lucknow circle office meeting on 04-05-2016:- The meeting was addressed by G.S. NFTE, Circle Secy NFTE(UP East) and SNATTA coordinator Com. Ashok Singh. Meeting took place circle office and was presided by Com. Rajiv Verma. Click Here
  06-05-2016 : Well done Patna Comrades:- The election meeting of NFTE was scheduled to take place on 05-05-2016 at Circle office but the CGM due to animosity against NFTE refused to grant permission on 04-05-2016 at 6 pm but permitted BTEU to hold meeting with 25 employees. The union had already spent money in erecting Pandals etc. The CGM acted in most unbecoming way and called police personnel to prevent the meeting. Defying the hostile orders of CGMT more than 500 employees assembled in the premises. The employees were agitated due to partisan and inimical action of circle Heard Hearing the news the G.S. Com. C. Singh rushed to the venue to prevent untoward incident and advised the employees to change the venue. G.S. of SEWA BSNL and Com. C. Singh addressed the large gathering and explained various negative works done by BSNLEU and NFTE’s commitments. Brave Comrades deserve congrats to hold protest meeting despite presence of policemen and partisan orders of CGM Bihar. The action of CGM, Bihar will definitely affect the harmony and peace, if not controlled by BSNL HQR. Click Here
  06-05-2016 : Meeting at Faridabad in Haryana:- Click Here
  06-05-2016 : Hearty welcome to President at Ambala:- While returning from Faridabad Com. Islam met the Comrades at Ambala who were waiting his arrival from 5pm. Large number of office bearers and active workers were available. President, V.P. (Com. Malhan) and Circle Secy (Com. Goel) exchanged views and gave tips for the election. They were full of vigour and enthusiasm and sure for thumping victory. Wind of change is blowing very fast and NFTE will definitely win the election. Click Here
  06-05-2016 : 7th membership verification campaign meeting conducted at Shivamoga SSA in Karnataka under the president ship of Com. Mohale Com. K.S. Seshadri Secretary Chq explain NFTE BSNL achievements and BSNLEU Failures last 10 years Com. Hriyanna ACS KTK Circle, Com. Subramani D.S. Simoga, Com. Govindappa Circle VP and others addressed meeting more than 100 Comrades participated in the meeting in particular maximum lady comreads attended meeting before Com. K.S. Seshadri meet Sagar and Badravthi branches there are also a good number of Comrades participated in SDCA HQR. Click Here
  06-05-2016 : A huge election meeting was held today on 5/5/2016 at main telephone exchange complex Srinagar Kashmir. Sr. Com. Ahamdulla DP and com. Ashaq Ahamed CS addressed the gathering. Click Here
  06-05-2016 : A well attended election campaign meeting at Barzulla exchange Srinagar Kashmir. Com. Ashaq Ahmad CS addressing the gathering. Click Here
  06-05-2016 : JOINT CIRCLE ELECTION CONVENTION OF NFTE & TEPU AT TRICHUR, KERALA: Joint Election convention meeting was conducted at Trichur in colorful manner. The election convention was inaugurated by GS-TEPU Com. Subu Raman and appealed to vote for NFTE with serial No: 16 in the forth coming to end the dictation of BSNLEU, the employee cheating union in BSNL. BSNLUE has failed in retaining the Bonus, LTC, Medical Allowances etc which was gained to employees during the period of NFTE recognition. The house was addressed was by NFTE-CHQ secretary Com. Gopalakrishnan, CHQ Member Com. Michael PM, Com. Lathika G Nair. Leaders pointed out that BSNLEU has diluted the 100% Govt pension attained by Com. O.P. Gupta of NFTE to 60:40 pension by Govt. BSNL. BSNL has always adopted a stand to preach tall things and never settle the issues of employees. After NFTE has come to power only only few of issues including 78.2% IDE, JTO-LICE, Pay erosion, ect could be settled. BSNLEU has now adopted a stand to refuse the Bonus which BSNL has now prepared to give due to effort of BSNL after getting recognition. Com. Maheswari-AGS-TEPU, Com.U Preman-CS-TEPU, Com. Radhakrishnan-CP. NFTE explained the necessity to bring the union to No:1 position in the 7th referendum to protect BSNL and it’s employees. Leaders from various SSAs of Kerala participated in the convention. Click Here
  05-05-2016 : Meeting at Gorakhpur. Click Here
  04-05-2016 : Meeting at Kanpur:- Click Here
  04-05-2016 : 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at NTB Exchange Bangalore on 4th April 2016 under the president ship of Com. Ranganna D.P. Bg, Com. M Krishnamohan Circle President / District Secretary BGTD, Com. K.S. Seshadri Secretary Chq, Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy Circle Secretary, Com Shanmugam Treasurer Bg, Com. Mhendran CS TEPU, Com. Bala Krishna organising Secretary, Com. Thambi Dori VP KTK, Com. Venugopal Circle ACS, Com. Mani VP, Senior Comrades Com. M.R. Nagaraj and Com. Batte Gowda welcomed speech by Com Kabaddi Kumar and vote of thanks by Com. chikkanna more than 150 Comrades are participated in the meeting NTB Exchange Bangalore Comrades arrange the grand meeting. Click Here
  04-05-2016 : Election meeting at Anantnag kashmir. Click Here
  04-05-2016 : Conduct of election on 10-05-2016 and counting of votes on 12-05-2016 to elect majority representative union(s) in BSNL – regarding. Letter No.-CRO/BSNL/MV/2016, dt-03-05-2016. Click Here
  03-05-2016 : LICE, 2016 for promotion to JTO Cadre – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-03-05-2016. Click Here
  03-05-2016 : Meeting at Varanasi:- An election meeting was held on 2nd May at GM office campus under the Presidentship of Com. O.P. Singh. The G.S. NFTE, G.S. SEWA BSNL and President, NFTE addressed the large gathering. Besides above Comrades Gulabrai, circle coordinator, Com. Ashok Singh, Sanjay Dube (CS), SEWA BSNL circle coordinator, Com. Kantpal etc also addressed the meeting. Com. Anil Rai conducted the meeting. Circle coordinator, Com. Ashok Singh and Distt. Secy, SNATTA stated that TTAs are supporting NFTE because it solved problems of many years. GS SNATTA has taken wrong decision to support BSNLEU, which does not believe in settlement of problems. Com. N.D. Ram, G.S. made strong appeal to place NFTE at No. 1 in the verification. He advised to work hard to achieve the target. He appealed S/C S/T employees irrespective of union affiliation to vote NFTE to end anarchy of BSNLEU. G.S. and President stated the performance of NFTE in the past and within last 3 years. NFTE will honour its commitments mentioned in the manifesto. Wage revision will be ensure in 2017 and losses of RMs due to stagnation will be compensated. The interests of S/C S/T employees will be protected and not neglected. The NFTE worked hard to ensure that he Pension Rule for D/R staff is evolved and now it is on path of settlement. They appealed to vote for NFTE on 10th May, 2016.
  03-05-2016 : Election campaign in ALTTC Ghaziabad on 02-05-2016:- A meeting took place in ALTTC under the Chairmanship of Com. Smt. Alka Sharma. A good number of employees attended the meeting. Com. Samay Singh C.S. explained in detail the failures of BSNLEU during last 8 yrs. Civil & Electrical employees raised some doubts about promotional avenues in their career, BSNLEU have forgotten them is all these years. They assured full support to NFTE in 7th verification. Comrades Rajamouli, R.K. Kohli and M.P. Singh special invitee CHQ attended and addressed the meeting. Com. Rajamouli replied the questions raised by civil, electrical staff and Hindi translator. And also explained that employees are being deceived by EU with regard to Adhoc PLI, designations, superannuation benefits to D/R staff etc. Com. Samay Singh assured that ALTTC will get 80% votes in favour of NFTE in the election. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Samay Singh.
  02-05-2016 : Conduct of seventh membership verification on 10-05-2016 for electing majority representative unions(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL – appointment of observers from the Ministry of Labour regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015/Vol.II, dt-29-04-2016. Click Here
  02-05-2016 : The wonderful meeting in Ambala GMTD office address by Com. S.P. Malhan Vice President CHQ and Com. H.K. Goel Circle Secy Haryana. Com Negi Ex President, Distt. Secy, Com. Malkiyat Singh Distt. President, Com. Gurmeet Singh Distt cashier, Com Chaman Lal Circle Vice President, Com. M.A. Khan, Com.Romi and Com. Pandey also addressed the meeting. Com. Surjeet and large number of Comrades join this meeting with ladies Comrades. More than 90% staff of GMTD Ambala join NFTE BSNL meeting, all are too much happy listening the view of his Comrades and ensure vote in favour of NFTE BSNL. A drastically change in SSA Ambala. Com. Kiranpal also addressed the meeting. Com. Kiranpal also addressed the meeting. Click Here
  02-05-2016 : G.S. along with Rajasthan campaign team reached Ajmer on 30th April 2016 addressed a well attended meeting of workers. Besides G.S. Com. Lal Singh, Com. Vikal Circle Secretary SEWA (Raj), Com. J.S. Bundela Circle President NFTE (Raj), Com. R.G. Dixit Circle Secretary NFTE(Raj) also addressed the meeting. Com. Satya Narayan Sharma ACS NFTE (Raj) and Com. Banwari Lal Sharma circle Treasurer (Raj) were also participating in campaign team. Com. Vikal while addressing the meeting explained the reason under which SEWA broken the relation with BSNLEU and decided to support NFTE in 7th membership verification. He added that BSNL employees union has regularly cheated the SC/ST employees and they never raised the issues of these community. He appealed to the workers to break the barrier of membership and vote in favour of NFTE on its symbol at serial No.-16 on 10th May 2016. G.S. in his speech exhorted that after 2004 and upto March 2013 company as well as its employees faced a lot of negatives and as soon as the NFTE got recognition in the month of April 2013 the BSNL company started to move in positive direction and several staff issues were settled. He urged upon the workers to compare the functioning of both union and then cast your vote to the union which is working for the cause of the workers. The meeting concluded after a vote of thanks by Com. Sampat Singh a senior leader of NFTE. G.S. appreciated the arrangement made by the Distt. Union under the dynamic leadership of Com. Kishor Kumar Distt. Secretary NFTE Ajmer. Click Here
  02-05-2016 : A huge election campaign meeting was held on 29/04/2016 at Jammu in which large number of women employees were present. Com Ravi Jee Mukhi BS welcomed all and Sr. Com. Ashok Raina presided the meeting. Com. Ashaq Ahamd CS J&K Telecom Circle in his address explained the efforts of the NFTE (BSNL) for the achievements made in last three years. He also spoke about the false propaganda and varying stands adopted by BSNL (EU) with regard to Bonus (PLI) and other issues of the employees. Com. Gitten Sigh CP spoke about the achievements made at Circle level and at National level by NFTE (BSNL). Com. Rai Singh DS SSA Jammu , Com. Sanjay Pandita , DS SSA Circle Office , Com Reeta Gupta BP SSA Jammu also spoke on this occasion. Click Here
  02-05-2016 : Meeting at Allahabad:- A hurried meeting was held today dated 30.04.2016 at TRC Hall under the President ship of of Com. Jaiswal. The Election Incharge Com. Patel and District Secretary, Com. Ved Mishra gave the opening speech. Com. Islam addressed the meeting at length and explained almost all issues including PLI. He exhorted the employees to keep the banner of NFTE (BSNL) high.
  02-05-2016 : 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at Davanagere GM Office on 30th April 2016 Com KS Seshadri Secretary Chq Com Gopal Naik Com Jayappa other addressing gathering. Click Here
  02-05-2016 : Election campaign meeting at Adilabad in A.P. circle on 29-04-2016:- Adilabad is border SSA in A.P. circle. A well attended meeting took palce under the Chairmanship of Com. C. Vilas. In the hot day Comrades participated in the meeting is a significant. Comrades Rajamouli, Subhash D.S, Rami Reddy circle co-ordinator, Com. Narsimlu D.S. SEWA addressed the meeting. Com. Rajamouli explained in detail about adhoc PLI, 3rd wage agreement, transparency in transfers etc. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Subhash.
  02-05-2016 : ELECTION CAMPAIGNING WORK AT KOTTAYAM SSA, KERALA:-Election campaigning work at Kottayam SSA was inaugurated on 30-4-2016. A team led by CHQ secretary Com. Gopalakrishnan, Com. Michael PM- CHQ Member, Com. Lathika G Nair-C/S, Com. Sasikumar-D/S, Com. Abhilash-D/S Pathanamthitta TTA, Com. Shyam TTA, Com. Shaji, Com. Navas and leaders of Kottayam SSA approached individual BSNL employees in GMT Office and major other offices in Kottayam. NFTE explained the necessity to bring the union to No:1 position in the 7th referendum to protect BSNL and it’s employees. Click Here
  30-04-2016 : Huge meeting at T.D. Jabalpur:- Click Here
  30-04-2016 : Preparation of voters list in connection with 7th membership verification – clarification regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015/Vol.II, dt:-28-04-2016. Click Here
  30-04-2016 : G.S. joined with Rajasthan campaign team at Jodhpur on 29th April, 2016 and attended a massive meeting organized jointly by NFTE & SEWA. The gathering of workers was never seen at Jodhpur as it told by Com. M.L. Tanwar and Com. H.S. Rathod. The meeting was presided over jointly by Com. Jetha Ram Chowdhary Distt. President NFTE and Com. Kishor Kumar Distt. President SEWA Jodhpur. Beside G.S. the meeting was addressed by Com. Lal Singh Vikal circle Secretary SEWA, Com. R.G. Dixit C.S. NFTE, Com. Yashwant Singh Bundela circle President NFTE. Com. Vikal in his speech explained all the negatives act done by BSNLEU which caused lot of suffering to the staff. Com. Dixit explained the pension issue and exhorted that the pension was insured by the Govt as an outcome of three days strike in Sept 2010 but the same was diluted in 2006 when BSNLEU was signal recognized union. NFTE raised the issue and brought it in the notice of common workers but the BSNLEU confused the workers by telling pension is not tension and now they are accepting the difficulties faced in way of pension revision. G.S. while addressing drew the attention of assembled workers towards second wage revision and NEPP and pointed out the suffering of workers like stagnation and wage loss. He explained the facts of Adhoc PLI and exhorted that BSNLEU is feeling happy to prevent the payment of PLI. The meeting concluded with presidential speech by Com. Jetha Ram Chowdhary. Click Here
  30-04-2016 : ELECTION CAMPAIGNING AT TRIVANDRUM:- Election campaigning was held at CGMT Office Kerala on 29-4-2016. The delegation team headed by NFTE CHQ leaders Com. Gopalakrishnan and Com. Michael, C/S Com. Lathika, Com. Abhilash, Com. Rajendren Nair , Com. Sasidharen Nair and others met every employees in Kerala circle office and explained the circumstances that warrant NFTE to bring to NO:1position in 7th referendum. The campaigning was well accepted by employees of Kerala CO.
  30-04-2016 : ELECTION CONENTION AT ALLEPPY, KERALA:- Election convention of Alleppy district was held in a colourful manner at GMT Office premise, Alleppy on 28/4/16 in presence of 40 employees including lot of young TTAs. Convention was inaugurated by Com.lathika G Nair and addressed by Com. P.M. Michael, CHQ member, Com.Radhakrishnan-C/P, Com. Anoop, TTA, D/S, Com. Sudesan-D/P, Com.Derby, TTA. The delegation met every employees in the major offices in Alleppy on the day. Click Here
  29-04-2016 : Claims for from Truth:- Sequel to strike agreement on 08-09-2000 between NFTE – FNTO with DOT only Govt of India took Cabinet decision to grant Govt pension and Job security to employees absorbed in BSNL. The so called protest of E-3 (Namboodri) etc and leader of BSNLEU was only in air. E-3(N) etc had played no role in framing of Pension Rule 37A. Even they had not participated in the struggle of 6th to 8th September, 2000. The NFTE has never agreed to disinvestment or privitisation. It is BSNLEU wild allegations BSNLEU was opposed to FDI in Telecom Sector. What happened to that. The UPA Govt brought FDI in Telecom during the period CPM was supporting the Govt. NFTE’s main concern is to protect Job and future, Pension of employees. It will continue its efforts talks no tall talks and no about turns akin to BSNLEU.
  29-04-2016 : Meeting of Telecom Factory employees at write Town, Jablpur:- Click Here
  29-04-2016 : President Com. Islam and Circle Secretary M.P. alongwith with senior Comrade Dube etc met all staff at Telecom Training Centre Jabalpur and sought votes for NFTE there is wave for change.
  29-04-2016 : President accompanied with C.S. M.P. and others met all staff in TD and Q.A. circle and sought support for NFTE in election of 10th May.
  29-04-2016 : 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at Raichur on 29th April 2016 under the president ship of Com, S.M.Malli D.P. Raichur Com. K.S. Seshadri Secretary Chq, Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy Circle Secretary Com. S. V. Arali Circle Vice president Com. Muniyapp D.S. Raichur Com. Babulal B.S. Raichur Com. Iqbal Com. Shivanarayana BS Sindanur, Com Akbar Hussain senior leader and many comrades from Raichur are participated in the meeting, Click Here
  28-04-2016 : G.S. attended a mass meeting at Rohtak in Haryana circle on 28-04-2016. The meeting was presided over by Com. Ram Singh Saini. About two hundred workers were assembled in the meeting. Beside G.S, Com. Balbir Singh AGS SEWA, Com. S.P. Malhan Vice President CHQ, Com. H.K. Goyal Circle Secretary, Com. Tejbir Punia and Com. K.C. Ranga D.S. SEWA Rohtak addressed the meeting. Com. Goyal explained in detail the wrong wage revision, NEPP and other negative act of BSNLEU in their recognized period. G.S. in his speech exhorted the real outcome of the NFTE within the three years of recognized period. He appealed the assembled workers to vote in favour of NFTE to insure better pay revision and uninterrupted pension payment, Senior leader Com. Mijhawan also addressed and graced for victory of the NFTE in 7th membership verification. The meeting ended with soughting slogan in favour of NFTE.
  28-04-2016 : Gate meeting at CGMT Office (A.P Circle) today dated 28-4-2016: % CGMT, BSNL, Abids, Hyderabad Comrades organized well attended meeting under the Chairman-ship of Com.N.K.Jain. More than 100 employees were present in the meeting. Particularly, 50 women employees were present till the end of the meeting. Com.Rajamouli-AI Treasurer, Com.Chandra Shekar Rao-CS, I.Satyanarayana-DS, attened the meeting. The employees known the facts about Adnoc PLI, Rule-55(II)b etc. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Smt. Lakshmi Vaidyanath-ADS, Circle Office. Click Here
  28-04-2016 : Meeting at Telecom Factory Richai:- A meeting of Telecom Factory employees was held on 28-04-2016 under the Presidentship of Com. Anil Singh, Comrades Gobind Razak (CS), Mukesh Patel (Circle President), Pradeep Kurmi (BS) and Raghvendra Verma (BS write Town) and K.K. Garg(President Write Town) were present. Comrades Islam, A.K. Mishra (Org. Secy HQR), Habik Khan (C.S. M.P.) and Razak (C.S. Factory) and Zahid (D.P.) addressed the meeting. Addressing the meeting Com. Islam declared that the Factories will exist and not disbanded. The employees will not be retrenched at any cost. NFTE promised to place factory employees in main stream and today they are eligible to appear in LICE of JTO, LICE and TMs etc. CRS fear is on account of BSNL CDA Rule, 2006 framed when BSNLEU was recognized. However, attempts to grant CRS will be thwarted based on logic and arguments. The employees will be protected. He explained past and present achievements of NFTE in 3 years and sought support for it. The G.S. BSNLEU absented on 30-03-2016 from the meeting to scuttle the settlement of PLI amount as he stands for “Zero” PLI. Com. Islam told RMs are suffering from stagnation due to faulty wage revision and NEPP agreements.
  28-04-2016 : 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at Bangalore East Telephone Exchange on 28th April 2016 under the president ship of Com. Dayalan BP Com. K.S. Seshadri Secretary Chq Com. M. Krishnamohan Circle President / District Secretary BGTD Com. A.C Krishna Reddy Circle Secretary Com. Vijayakumar Dy GS TEPU Com Ranganna DP Bg / Special Invitee Chq Com. Mhendran CS TEPU Com Saravanan DS TEPU Com. Suresh Com. Domodharan Org. Secretaries TEPU are addressed the meeting well come speech by Com. Thambi Dori BS Bg East Exchange and vote of thanks by Com. Cinnaraj LCM member Com. Bala Krishna Com Mani Com Venugopal Circle Office bearers along with more than 250 members are participated in the meeting. Click Here
  28-04-2016 : Man to Man Election campaign in Vijayawada on 27-4-2017: Comrades Rajamouli, Ramana Murthy-VP CHQ, Chandra Shekar Rao-CS, Hanmantha Rao-CS&DGS Sewa BSNL, A.Nagendra Babu-D.S, Com. Bhaskar Rao-President SEWA, Com. Mallishetty and other active members met the employees working in E-10B, SDOP-I, STR and GM Office. The response was very encouraging. All leaders appealed the employees to vote in favour of NFTE at Sl.No.16. In the evening a meeting was organized under the president-ship of Com. V.S.R.Sharma, Com.Hanmantha Rao-CS&DGS SEWA BSNL said they lost everything in last 8 years. To safe guard our rights we are supporting NFTE in the election. More than 250 employees irrespective of union affiliation listened patiently about the dramas of BSNLEU in respect of Adhoc PLI, wage revision, promotion policy and other issues and 25 women employees were also presented in the meeting till the end. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com.A.Nagendra Babu-D.S. Click Here
  28-04-2016 : Com. Chandeshwar Singh alongwith Com. Ramesh Ayare C.S. and Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ reached in the circle office of WTR at Dadar (Mumbai) on 27th April, 2016 and moved in each section and interacted with all staff and exhorted the suffering of staff during the long period of recognition of BSNLEU. The leaders narrated the achievement of the NFTE in a short period of three years of recognition and they added that to get a better wage revision from 1st January 2017 all should vote to NFTE on 10th May. Latter at 14pm G.S. reached at CGMT office compound at Shanta Cruz. Reporting from the Circle office Mumbai District branch,the 7th Membership Election Campaign massive meeting was organized at Circle office Mumbai on 27th April 2016 at Lunch hour. Com. S. K Nare was in the chair. Com. MilindIngale. Dist Secretary welcomed to our General Secretary Com. Chandeshwar Singh, Com. G. N. Gharade Circle President SEWA BSNL, Com. K. S. Kulkarni, CHQ. Secretary, Com. R. N. Ayare Circle Secretary, Maharashtra Circle and all the staff members of Circle Office. Com. G. N. GharadeCircle President SEWA BSNL assured that all the leaders and members of SEWA BSNL are with the NFTE BSNL Union. Com. C. Singh General Secretary covered all the issues related Bonus, LTC, medical allowance without voucher etc. and the betterment of the BSNL and BSNL workers. He assured to the staff members that the NFTE will cross the 50% & will be recognized as 1st majority recognized Union NFTE will restore all the monetary benefits without any hurdle. Meeting was ended with vote of thanks. Click Here
  28-04-2016 : 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at RT Nagar Telephone Exchange Bangalore on 27th April 2016:- 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at RT Nagar Telephone Exchange Bangalore on 27th April 2016 under the president ship of Com. Ranganna DP Bg Com. M. Krishnamohan Circle President / District Secretary BGTD Com. K.S. Seshadri Secretary Chq Com AC Krishna Reddy Circle Secretary Com Shanmugam Treasurer Bg Com. Saravanan DS TEPU BGTD are addressed the meeting leaders explained the loss of last 10 years to staff due surrender and wrong agreements BSNLEU. Click Here
  28-04-2016 : 7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at Vijayanagar Bangalore on 26th April 2016:-7th member ship verification campaign meeting conducted at Vijayanagar Bangalore on 26th April 2016 under the president ship of Com. Ranganna DP Bg Com. M. Krishnamohan Circle President / District Secretary BGTD Com KS Seshadri Secretary Chq Com Saravanan DS BGTD are addressed the meeting more than 300 Comrades are participated in the grand meeting. Click Here
  27-04-2016 : Allegations baseless and unfounded:- The leaders of BSNLEU are making baseless and unfounded allegations that the NFTE agreed and accepted the formation of BSNL. It is far from truth and reality. The NDA Govt took Cabinet decision to form BSNL as per their election manifesto. Even the Parliamentary Committee, chaired by Shri Somnath Chatterjee recommended for the corporatarisation. The NFTE orgainsed 3 days historic strike with the cooperation of FNTO and BTEF and secured job and Govt pension guarantees from the Govt which are unparallel. The propagandists were anxious and eager to form industrial union and assembled quickly at Vishakhapatnam to form BSNLEU instead of protecting the employees. The “BBNL” (Bharat Broad Band Nigam Limited) has been formed in 2012. Who formed this PSU?. A separate Tower Company has been formed in the BSNL. Who has formed the third PSU i.e. Tower Company?. Govt is the owner of BSNL, BBNL and Tower Company and these have been formed only by Govt. The NFTE’s efforts had been to protect the interest of employees
  27-04-2016 : Hectic election campaign at Guntur in AP Circle on 26-04-2016. Com. Rajamouli, Com. Chandrasekhararao, C.S, Com. Hanumantharao CS, DGS SEWA BSNL, Com. Eashwar DS SEWA BSNL, Com. Purnachandrarao, DS, NFTE-BSNL, Guntur and active comrades of Guntur SSA interacted with employees working in GM office, Ashoknagar Exchange, CTO and Kothapet Exchange. The response was very positive and encouraging. All the employees listened with rapt attention to the views of leaders and known all the real facts about Adhoc PLI, importance of 3rd wage revision etc,. In the evening a meeting was organized under the presidentship of Com. Narsaiah at Kothapeta Exchange. The leaders explained the losses in 2nd wage revision, hardships in NEPP, denial of PLI since six years and other issues. Com. Hanumantharao CS and DGS of SEWA BSNL explained in detail the difficulties faced by SEWA employees during the last ten years. He assured whole hearted support to NFTE-BSNL in the 7th Membership Verification to protect the rights of the employees. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com. Purnachandrarao, DS, NFTE-BSNL, Guntur SSA.
  27-04-2016 : Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ alongwith Com. Shyamal Bhattacharya President Assam circle, Com. P.C. Patgiri C.S. and D.S. Diburugarh attended a meeting at Teensukiya on 26-04-2016. Com. K.K. Singh explained the staff related issues and negative impact of BSNLEU on these issue. Click Here
  27-04-2016 : Com. K.K. Singh Secretary CHQ attended a meeting at NE-2 circle which was orginsed at Dimapur on 25th April 2016. All the local leaders participated in the meeting and shared their views with Secretary CHQ. Com. K.N. Vizo circle Secretary in his speech pointed out the suffering of employees during only recognized status of BSNLEU. Com. K.K. Singh in his speech explained the stagnation and all negatives faced by the employees due to un-visionary act and decision taken by BSNLEU.
  27-04-2016 :President met today Director (HR) and thanked her for all help and cooperation in settlement of problems.
  27-04-2016 : G.S. reached alongwith Com. Ramesh Ayare C.S. MH, and Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ at 4pm on 26-04-21-016 and addressed a huge gathering of workers at Pune. Presence of about hundred ladies was the special attraction. All together about 500 workers participated. The meeting was presided over by Com. Sunanda Pradesi, Com. Sunil Sonawane circle Secretary SEWA BSNL also addressed the gathering and explained the anti SC/ST and anti workers negative work done by BSNLEU in their recognized period. He added that SEWA extended its honest support to BSNLEU since first verification but they regularly ignored the grievances of the SC/ST employees. He appealed to all employees specially the SEWA to come forward to vote on the symbol of NFTE on 10th May 2016. Com. C.Singh while addressing the meeting explained the reason of stagnation of more than twenty thousands employees, suffering of NEPP, stopping LTC, PLI, Medical and urged upon the workers get a better wage revision with all revised allowances and to ensure un interrupted payment of pension by voting on NFTE symbol at serial No.-16 on the ballot paper on 10th May 2016. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the president G.S. thanked and appreciated the work management of Com. Dilip Jagdale and his team. Com. Harish Muktali CHQ org Secy and Com. Dani D.S. Aurangabad were also present on the occasion and they shared the initiative taken by them to bring NFTE at number one in Maharashtra circle. Click Here
  27-04-2016 : Strike on 29th April:- The Central Trade unions except BMS have given a call for strike on Friday, 29th April over PF rate cut from 8.8 to 8.7%.
  26-04-2016 : Do you know?:- The leaders of a union approached to FNTO for support in the verification to finish the NFTE. These leaders are not in favour of settlement of problems but more interested to liquidate the union. The FNTO leaders reportedly politely told them it is not possible. Why the leaders were interested to finish NFTE because they were worried with the performance of NFTE in pioneering and settling staff problems in last three years. Presently the leaders of the particular union are nervous and frustrated as wind of change is blowing and workers are in firm mood to place the NFTE at a very respectable place in the election.
  26-04-2016 : Meeting at Telecom Factory, Mumbai:- G.S. attended a election campaign meeting at Telecom Factory Mumbai on 26th April, 2016 alongwith Com. Ramesh Ayare circle Secretary Maharashtra, Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ. A large number of ladies as well as male workers were present in the meeting which was presided over by Com. Com. V.B. Mandekar. Besides G.S. Com. A.B. Bhopi C.S. TF Mumbai, Com. A.M. Dhokarkar CHQ invitee, Com. Ramesh Ayare and Com. K.S. Kulkarni addressed the meeting G.S. in his speech clarified that at present all the staff working in BSNL are industrial staff only so there should not be any difference in name of regular staff and industrial staff. He informed that designation of staff working in TFs will also be changed as the issue has been raised by the NFTE in National Council. He explained the reason of stagnation, difficulties faced by staff in NEPP, Prevention of payment of PLI by BSNLEU and several other staff related issues. The meeting concluded with National anthem . Click Here
  26-04-2016 : No retirement by CRS please:- There is lot of fear amongst the employees that they will be retired though CRS as per CDA Rule, 2006. Neither Rule 55(II)(b) of CDA, 2006 nor 56(j) is applicable for absorbed employees. There is no place for fear as NFTE will face challenge with courage and wisdom.
  26-04-2016 : Next significant item for D/R BSNL employees:- The NFTE ceaselessly persued the issue of grant of pensionery benefits to D/R BSNL recruited employees. The matter is now onward for settlement which will be very significant as in no PSU running in loss such provision is available. Our next target will be to bring facility of encashment of leave for D/R staff in the analogy of absorbed DOT employees. This wont be election stunt as NFTE means what it says. Encashment of leave facility has to come to DR staff and the NFTE will ensure it after verification.
  26-04-2016 : Applicability of BSNLCDA Rule, 2006 for CRS. Letter No.-TF-13/8, dt-26-04-2016. Click Here
  26-04-2016 :Meeting at Vizag:- A well attended meeting took place on 25-04-2016, under the president ship of Com. Narasimha Murthy. Com. K.Kondala Rao DS explained the present position of SSA. Com. Jayananda Rao D.S SEWA BSNL attended and addressed the meeting. He said during the last 8 years, BSNL EU closed the reservation issue of BSNL employees. Com. Rajamouli Treasurer CHQ appealed to the members to vote in favour of NFTE at Sl.No.16 in 7th member ship verification. He mentioned the drama played by BSNL EU in respect of Adhoc Bonus to employees and said near above 17000 RM's got stagnation due to wrong agreement in 2nd wage revision. He assured NFTE will bring better 3rd wage agreement to employees. He explained the details about designation issue, losses in NEPP, HRA on 78.2%, increase in children education allowance, restoration of MRS without voucher etc. More than 250 members including women employees attended the meeting. Com.B.S.Chakravarthy ACS NFTE also attended the meeting. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com.S.V.S.N.Murthy. Click Here
  26-04-2016 : Warangal SSA union organised election meeting under the president ship of Com. Sajjan Rao on 23-04-2016. District Secretaries of Karim Nagar, Khammam & Nalgonda attended and addressed the meeting. SEWA BSNL president Com. Laxman, Secretary Com.Soma Sekhar Babu and Treasurer Com. Anand attended the meeting and promised to support NFTE in 7th verification. Com Rajamouli CHQ Treasurer explained in detail above adhoc PLI, reservations in promotional policy etc. other union members also listened and realized but are afraid to support NFTE in the verification. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by com. Rama Rao DS Warangal.
  26-04-2016 : Resolve GPF discrepancies as well as final payment BSNL No.-500-57/2014-15/CAT/GPF/BSNL/Vol-VII, dt-25-04-2016 to all CGMs etc. Click Here
  26-04-2016 : Facilities to non-executive union during verification BSNL/5-1/SR/2015/Vol.II, dt-25-04-2016 to all CGMs and GS of unions. Click Here
  25-04-2016 : G.S. reached at Kalyan (Maharashtra) and visited office of the Sr. G.M. Kalyan. G.S. moved each and every section and replied several questions asked by the workers. Later G.S. alongwith Com. Ramesh Ayare circle Secretary, Com. K.S. Kulkarni, Com. Ashok Ugle DIstt. Secretary addressed a well attended meeting of workers including large number of ladies. G.S. explained in detail the issues settled after recognition of NFTE and added that the BSNLEU was waiting for the recognition of the NFTE for settlement of the issues as they did not resist the anti worker decision in respect of LTC, Medical, PLI Payment. He pointed out the negatives of NEPP and wage revision. Com. Kulkarni explained the drama played by BSNEU to prevent payment of PLI. Com. Ramesh Ayare in his speech praised the role played by the NFTE to get guarantee for job security, Govt pension and financial viability of BSNL but all these commitments were diluted in recognized period of BSNLEU. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Ashok Ugale. Click Here
  25-04-2016 : “ BSNLEU AGREED , ACCEPTED AND SATISFIED WITH ZERO PLI” (English & Hindi). Click Here
  25-04-2016 : Information regarding revision of pension of pre 2007 and post 2007 BSNL retirees 48-04/2015-Pen(B), dt-21-04-2016. Click Here
  25-04-2016 : BSNL letter No.-4-6/2016-SEA, dt-21-04-2016 reg method of calculation of vacancies. Click Here
  25-04-2016 : Election meeting at Amritsar on Sunday dated 24th April:- Click Here
  25-04-2016 : CMD’s DO. Letter No.-BSNL/EB-II/Gold Sales/2015-16, DT-21-04-2016 regarding revenue generation from Enterprise Business. Click Here
  25-04-2016 : The TTAs have decided to go with the NFTE in verification due to which irresponsible leaders of a union are provoked. NFTE HQR assures all the TTAs that all attempts of harassment from any corner will be thwarted. The heart and soul of TTAs are with NFTE and they be rest assured that the they will never be disappointed. The NFTE will take care of them.
  25-04-2016 : All Posters have been dispatched by “Professional Courier”. Their numbers are 9899404634 and 9211718090. Mr. Mukesh may be contacted, if need be.
  25-04-2016 : Grant of one increment to TTAs to protect wage loss. Letter No.- TF-9/1(j), dt-25-04-2016. Click Here
  25-04-2016 : Dear TTA Comrades please go through to know the realities. Click Here
  23-04-2016 : G.S. and Com. K.K. Singh Secretary, CHQ attended an election campaign meeting at Panbazar Telecom compound Guwahati (Assam circle). A surprising attendance of the workers including ladies was unexpected. The meeting was presided over by Com. Shyamal Bhattacharya and addressed by Com. Ambika Bejbarua D.S. Kamrup. Com. K.K. Singh in his speech explained the negatives faced by the workers in the recognized period of BSNLEU. G.S. exhorted the issue of PLI and explained the double role adopted by BSNLEU to prevent payment of Adhoc PLI. The meeting was concluded with Vote of thanks by the president. Click Here
  23-04-2016 : An impressive meeting was held on 22-04-16 at main telephone exchange (Ferozpur) under the chairmanship of Com Amit Mittal. Com Surjit singh, c/secy., P.C.Bagha, C/Secy. SEWA, Com Harvinder Singh, Circle Treasurer, SEWA, Com Sarabjit Singh, C/Secy. SNATTA PB., Com M.L.Sharma, Patron attended and addressed the meeting. The leaders of SEWA BSNL asserted that the BSNLEU failed to protect the interest of SC/STstaff as well as genera employees. Circle secy. SNATTA declared that the NFTE fulfilled all the demands of TTAs and they stand firmly with NFTE. GS SNATTA has arbitrarily decided the alliance with the BSNLEU due to which more than 12 circles have revolted and supporting NFTE. Com Islam assured SNATTA and SEWA BSNL that the NFTE is fully aligned with the direct TTAs in mind and heart. The targets and promises of year 2013 made in 6th verification have been achieved and fulfilled..The GS of BSNLEU believes that the employees should get zero amount as PLI and and does not want to change. The employees have not received even Rs one as PLI. He kept mum on PLI for the last six years and now woken up for allegation purpose. Wind is blowing in favour of NFTE Click Here
  23-04-2016 : Meeting at Jayanagar TE Bangalore:- Click Here
  22-04-2016 : Meeting at Tumkur:- Click Here
  22-04-2016 : G.S. alongwith with Com. S.S. Gopalkrishnan Secretary CHQ and Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy C.S. attended and addressed the election compaign meetig at Malleshwar Telephone exchange compound Bangaluru today dt- 22nd April 2016. The meeting was presided over by Com. Krishna Mohan circle President. More than three hundred workers with ladies were present in the meeting. Beside GS, Com. Gopal Krishnan, Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy, Com. Venkatesh addressed the meeting and explained the difference between two recognized unions. Com. Reddy exhorted the hidden agenda of BSNLEU to prevent payment of Adhoc PLI. Com. C. Singh G.S. in his speech explained the achievements of first wage revision, good medical allowance and other gains to the workers by the regular effort of NFTE and he added the fact that in the recognized period of BSNLEU one by one all the facilities are withdrawn. He appealed the workers to vote in favour of NFTE to get a better wage revision from 01-01-2007 where there will no place for stagnation and wage lose as done by BSNLEU in 2nd wage revision. Com. Krishna Mohan in his presidential speech explained in details the negative act of BSNLEU in their recognized period. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by him. Click Here
  22-04-2016 : All Circle/District Secretaries please note:- Posters (Hindi & English) have been dispatched on 19th & 20th April through “professional courier”- Please collect.
  22-04-2016 : Corporate office issued guide lines on compassionate ground appointments – Revision in weightage points in respect of (a) Handicapped dependents. (b) Accommodation. (c) EPF pension. (d) Negative points for belated request. (e) Applicant’s weightage. w.e.f. 01-04-2016. Letter No.-273-18/2013-Estt-IV, dt-21-04-2016. Click Here
  21-04-2016 : Meeting and Belgam:- After finishing election meeting at Hubli Comrades Islam and Sheshdri reached to Belgam where they met employees and interacted to support NFTE. They reacted positively and promised to support NFTE this time. The Comrades hurriedly arranged meeting in absence of prier intimation. President and Sheshadri explained them the status of Adhoc PLI 3rd wage revision etc. They were much pleased and assured to mobilise the members in favour of NFTE. Now it indicates wind is blowing in favour of NFTE.
  20-04-2016 : Pension Revision:- Reportedly, the Cabinet note for pension revision extending 78.2% IDA benefit has been cleared by Secy, DOT and Hon’bel Minister of Communication. The Ministry of Finance has objected in the Pension revision on the plea of 60:40 ratio fixed by the DOT etc. The MOF objection is also included in the memo. Now much will depend on the Secy, DOT to counter the objection of Finance.
  20-04-2016 : Election campaign started at Mysore by hoisting union flag at two prominent BSNL offices viz Nazirbad and RTTC compound today dt-20-04-2016. On this occasion G.S. NFTE planted a Almond (Badam) tree in the RTTC compound as a remembrance of his first arrival at Mysore after becoming G.S. of the mighty organization NFTE. Latter at 1200 pm a mass meeting took place under the Presidentship of Com. V. Nagesh. About three hundred workers including a good number of ladies were present in the meeting. Beside G.S. NFTE, Com. Siddalingaiah AGS SEWA, Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy C.S. NFTE, Com. B.S. Shivligappa C.S. SEWA, Com. Jagdish D.S. SEWA addressed the meeting. All the leaders drew the attention of workers towards un-visionary agreement of NEPP and wage revision wef 01-01-2007, which caused stagnation of thousands of employees and the relaxation/ reservation of SC/ST employees are totally denied. Com. C. Singh exhorted the double role played by BSNELU to prevent the payment of Adhoc PLI and confusing the workforce to defame the NFTE. All SEWA leaders in their speech explained that BSNLEU has continuously ignored the interest of SC/ST employees and they appealed to vote to NFTE even by crossing the membership of any particular union. At last Com. V. Nagesh delivered a Vote of Thanks to all the participants and the meeting ended with slogans. Click Here
  20-04-2016 : Meeting at Hubli – Dharwad:- A largely attended meeting took place on 20th under the Chairmanship of Com. S.M. Gowder. District Secretaries Com. Pujar (Hubli) and S.R. Patil (Belgaum) addressed the meeting besides Comrades Islam and Seshadri. Com. Patil said Com. Late O.P. Gupta who secured Job Secruity, Pension as well as Medical facility for employees was abused day in and day night by BSNLEU leaders and now our President, Com. Islam is the target. Com. Balur Assistant Circle Secy also spoke. Com. Islam in his speech listed performance fo the NFTE in last three years. Many problems have been settled. Due to faulty agreements on wage and NEPP the RMs are stagnating. He assured atleast two Saturdays in a month will be holiday akin to Banks. NFTE will ensure wage revision in 2017 and no employee will be thrown out from job under CDA Rule, 2006. He firmly assured that the NFTE can face the challenges and appealed to vote for NFTE(BSNL). Click Here
  20-04-2016 : Meeting at Bijapur (Vijyapuram):- An election meeting under the Chairmanship of Com. Hiremuth held today dt-19th April at Telephone Exchange. Despite holiday on account of Mahavir Jayanti hundreds of employees including ladies assembled and listened the speech of Comrades Islam, Seshadri CHQ Secy, Circle Secy, Org. Secy, Com. Surya. At the outset D.S. Com. Kulkarni welcomed and delivered opening speech. Com. Islam told promises made in 6th verifications have been almost fulfilled. He referred orders issued on various issues. Pension Rule for D/R employees is on the verge of settlement. Designation change was pending from year 2004 to 2013 but now it is also being settled due to pursuance of NFTE. Arbitrary transfers can’t take place. He appealed to vote NFTE for better days of BSNL and its employees. Click Here
  20-04-2016 : Meeting at Gulbarga:- Hundreds of employees gathered on Sunday dt-17th April to listen Com. Islam, President of the union. The meeting commenced under the Chairmanship of Com. Jangeer Patel, Distt Secy, Com. Kristiah welcomed the leaders. Comrades K.S. Seshadri, Secy CHQ, Bellada, Distt. Secy S/C S/T Association, Distt Secys Bidar and Raichur (Veerashetty and Momani) etc were present and addressed the meeting. Com. Jagannath, SSA President FNTO joined NFTE in presence of Com. Islam alogwith four others. Com. Islam stated that the PLI issue couldnot be resolved due to BSNLEU’s negative approach and attitude. They launched agitation to scuttle the settlement. Stagnation is the outcome of faulty agreements on wage and NEPP. NFTE is totally committed for wage revision in 2017. Promises made in 2013 have been achieved. After hearing Com. Islam the employees Comrades Jagadishkudi, TM Branch Secy BSNLEU Wadi, Bhimrao BSNEU Branch President Shabad joined NFTE. They were greeted by the gathering. Com. K.S. Seshadri gave details of speech of Com. Islam and appealed to vote for NFTE (BSNL). Click Here
  20-04-2016 : Corporate office issued clarification in respect of TTA’s who were recruited as per RR of TTA – 2001 for recruitment year 2012 but appointed after 25-08-2014 shall be treated as SSA Cadre. Letter No.-250-7/2013-Pers-III, dt-19-04-2016. Click Here
  20-04-2016 : Corporate office instructions to all CGM’s/SSA heads with regard to maintenance of IQ’s. F. No.-BSNL/Admin/23-10/2015, dt-18-04-2016. Click Here
  19-04-2016 : G.S. attended a joint election campaign meeting of Chitradurga Telecom Distt. and Shimoga telecom Distt. at Davangrere (Karnataka) today. The meeting was orgainsed in a grand manner. More than three hundreds employees including woman employees are present in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Cm. Boojraj, besides G.S, Com. Siddalingaiah AGS SEWA, Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy C.S. Com. Shivalingappa C.S. SEWA. Com. Hriyanna ACS, Com. Balakrishna circle org. Secy, Com. N. Robert President TEPU and other Distt, circle level leaders of alliance partners attended the meeting. Com. Reddy C.S. while addressing the gathering explained all the negatives in recognized period of BSNLEU and he added the achievements of NFTE in short period of recognition. G.S. in his address explained the un-visionary agreement of wage revision and NEPP caused stagnation of thousands of Regular Majdoors and other Cadre. He exhorted the double role and hide and speak policy of BSNLEU to prevent payment of Adhoc PLI, it is only an apprehension that all the credit of payment of PLI will go to NFTE. The issue of PLI was raised at National level by NFTE only. G.S. appealed the workers to vote in favour of NFTE on 10th May at SL. No.-16 in the ballet paper. Com. Siddalingaiah AGS SEWA in his speech told that the BSNLEU has ignored the grievances of SC/ST employees in their recognition period. Even in OTBP NFTE secured relaxation, but BSNLEU failed to do so in NEPP. He appealed the SC/ST employees to support & vote to NFTE on 10th May. It is a time to protect our rights by bringing NFTE at number one position in the 7th Membership Verification. The meeting ended with a Vote of thanks by Com. Boojraj. Click Here
  19-04-2016 : Finalisation of ballot paper including election symbols for conduct of 7th membership verification through secret ballot on 10th May, 2016 – regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015/Vol.II, dt-18-04-2016. Click Here
  19-04-2016 : 7TH MEMBERSHIP VERIFICATION ON 10-05-2016-POSTER –(HINDI). Click Here
  19-04-2016 : 7TH MEMBERSHIP VERIFICATION ON 10-05-2016-POSTER –(ENGLISH). Click Here
  19-04-2016 : Designation change:-The issue of change of designation of Cadre viz RM, TM and Sr. TOA was pending for last 8 years. The NFTE promised change in year 2013 during last i.e. 6th verification for change after getting recognized. As a matter of fact the NFTE vide letter No.-TF-53, dt-16-03-2012 sent proposal for change of designation. In this we proposed junior engineer designation for TTA. At that time the then recognized union, BSNLEU, was insisting for associate engineer designation to TTA. It was then widely talked in no circumstance JE designation will be conferred on TTA. NFTE after recognition persued it vigorously and ceaselessly cited example that in Govt Sector as well as in some PSUs Diploma Holders are designated as Junior Engineer. The joint committee accepted, MC approved and it is how awaiting nod of Board. The viewers and readers should think and ponder why designation issue was not settled upto year 2013 and it could be resolved only in year 2015-16. NFTE has played its role in settlement and no reasonable man can deny this.
  19-04-2016 : LICE for promotion to JTO Cadre in year 2016. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-19-04-2016. Click Here
  19-04-2016 : Mass election campaign meeting at Chikamagalur (Karnataka) at 4 pm on 18th April 2016 under the presidentship of Com. Nanjundappa. G.S. addressed the meeting and exhorted that due to blunder committed by BSNL Employees union more than fifty percent Group –D and RMs are facing stagnation. More than five thousands employees recruited on or after 1st Jan 2007 got wage reduction. BSNLEU signed the wage agreement without any home work. Com. Krishna Reddy circle Secretary, Com. Hriyana ACS, Com. Bala Krishna organizing Secretary also addressed and explained the double role played by BSNLEU to prevent payment of Adhoc PLI. Com. Shankar Distt. Secretary placed the ground reality of membership and expected support to NFTE and he added that NFTE will win the 7th verification in Chikamagalur SSA. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com. Nanjundappa.
  19-04-2016 : An inspired Election meeting at Sanchar Bhavan Nizamabad on 16-04-2016 in A.P. circle:- An enthusiastic meeting took place at Nizamabad under the Presidentship of Com. Venkati Goud. Comrade Narsimlu District Secretary SEWA BSNL – Nizamabad attended and addressed the meeting. Comrade Rajamouli, Treasurer CHQ explained the issues pending in All India level. He assured the gathering that NFTE, will bring better 3rd Wage Agreement from 01-01-2017 and also assured SC/ST employees issues will be attended honestly. Comrades Panchakshari, Rajanna, Bhoomaiah, Syed Sabir Ali, Venkatram Reddy, S.A. Rahman and S.K. Mastan Vali – District Secretary, addressed the meeting. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Comrade L. Dharmanand. . Click Here
  19-04-2016 : Corporate office issued clarification in pay scale up-gradation under NEPP – 2010 in regard to effect of EOL/CCL etc – regarding. Letter No.-13-3/2016-Pen. (B), dt-18-04-2016. Click Here
  18-04-2016 : Meeting at Bellary:- An election meeting under Presidentship of Nagaraj was held today dt 17th April which was addressed by Comrades Islam, K.S. Sheshadri, Achar and Distt. Secy, Com. Chidananda. Ladies were also present in sufficient number. Comrades Islam and Sheshadri touched various points including PLI, wage revision in 2017. Com. Islam told it is Govt which formed BSNL like BBNL and Tower Company NFTE will ensure job security and Govt pension in case staff are deputed to Tower Company. Click Here
  18-04-2016 : SEWA BSNL and Alliance:- SEWA BSNL is supporting NFTE in 7th verification. Prior to this it always supported BSNLEU in the verification. Now BSNLEU feels that SEWA BSNL has no force. But is late realization. Fact is that NFTE secured relaxations in service in OTBP and BCR which is also upgradation and not post based promotion. NFTE has already approached to S/C S/T Parliamentary Welfare Committee for intervention. Sustained efforts will be achieve the relaxation.
  18-04-2016 : 7th membership Election campaign at Hasan (Karnataka):- A well orgainsed meetig held at Hasan today under the presidentship Com. Anande Gouda District President. Com. Sampath Kumar Distt Secretary welcomed the gathering. More than 200 employees attended the meeting. Comrades C. Singh G.S, A.C. Krishna Reddy C.S, Hriyanna ACS, Com. Balakrshna org. Secretary and Com. Ninga Raju Vice President addressed the meeting. Com. Pattabi Ram ACS and Com. Devaraj District President SEWA BSNL participated in the meeting. The Meeting is enthusiastic one. The employees understood the facts about wage revision, Adhoc PLI, NEPP etc. The meeting ended with Vote of Thanks by Com. Shivanna. Click Here
  18-04-2016 : G.S. attended election campaign meeting at Mangalore on 17th April 2016:- G.S. reached at Mangalore along with Com. Krishna Reddy circle Secretary, Com. Bala Krishna Distt. Secretary CGM office District Branch Bangaluru, addressed a well attended meeting at Telecom compound. At the opening of the meeting Com. Shashi Distt. Secretary welcomed the participants. Com. Krishna Reddy in his speech exhorted the negative act of BSNLEU in the period of their single recognized status. He added that only after recognition of NFTE several HR issue are either settled or in the pipe line for settlement. G.S. while speaking focused that how the earlier recognized union has taken anty visionary step at the time of signing agreement for NEPP and 2nd wage revision. He narrated that BSNLEU leaders did not take care of workers and without doing any home work, they signed whatever draft presented by the management. These negligence of BSNLEU pushed more than seventeen thousands of low paid staff (RM) to face stagnation. He exposed the double face of BSNLEU in respect of PLI and told that due to fear of defeat in the election, they adopted to prevent the payment of adhoc PLI. As the demand of PLI was raised by NFTE only, so the credit will go to NFTE. Com. Hriyana ACS translated the speech of G.S. in local language. The meeting was presided over by Com. B.G. Chanai Distt. President and it concluded after a vote of thanks to all participants by him. In the evening G.S. proceeded to Hasan with Com. Krishna Reddy. Click Here
  16-04-2016 : BSNLEU knows to abuse:- The leader of BSNLEU know well to abuse the leaders of other unions. Late O.P. Gupta, Visionary leader who secured job security and Govt pension was not spared. They were not calling him even as Comrade. Their leaders at the time of second wage revision called NFTE –FNTO leaders as agents of Management and Govt. The second wage revision bought loss to employees (TTAs etc) in salary. Agreement had been on 68.8% instead of 78.2% IDA, HRA loss etc. The employees couldnot get PLI due to hide and seek game of BSNLEU. They launched malicious and baseless propaganda against NFTE specially President by passing decency and decorum. Abuse and disinformation are their culture.
  16-04-2016 : BSNL Letter dt-06-04-2016 reg – PLI in Hindi. Click Here
  16-04-2016 : G.S. attended Circle Executive Committee meeting of M.P. circle at Bhopal today on 16th April 2016:- A mass meeting was also orgainsed on this occasion under the Presidentship of Com. S.S. Tripathi. Besides G.S. NFTE, Com. A.K. Raghase Dy. C.S. SEWA, Com. Mayank Chaturvedi C.P. SNATTA , Com. R.K. Totare , Com. N.K. Nirkhe. Com. Habib Khan C.S, Com. K.S. Thakur ACS, Com. Thopate attended and addressed the meeting. Com. Chaturvedi circle President SNATTA declared full support of SNATTA in M.P. circle. Com. C. Singh in his speech focused the issues of stagnation, wage loss of post 2007 recruits, LTC Medical other allowances and specially he expose the act of BSNLEU to stop the payment of PLI. He added that the letter dated 6th April, 2016 is the mirror to see the actual face of BSNLEU. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Com. S.S. Tripathi. Click Here
  16-04-2016 : Meeting at circle office, Hyderabad:- A well attended election meeting took place today, 16-04-2016, at circle office which has been addressed by Comrades Islam Ahmad (President), B. Hanumantha (Dy. GS SEWA BSNL), C.S. Rao (C.S.), Muthu (D.S, Hyderabad) and I. Satyanaraina, Com. N. Jain presided the meeting. Com. Madam Laxmi Vaidya initiated the meeting and raised the issues of stagnation, 5 days week, wage revision , LTC restoration. In the hour speech Com. Islam assured holidays on 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Wage revision will take place he asserted. S/C S/T employees relaxations will be restored. He stated in detail about PLI, wage erosion, change of RRs, dilution in Pension Rules. Designations will be changed after 9 years BSNLEU has agitated to prevent payment of PLI instead of negotiation. The allegations against NFTE proved to be baseless and absurd.
  16-04-2016 : Report of the inaugural Election Campaign meeting held at Circle Office Mumbai on 13-04-2016:- Members in large numbers with full enthusiastic atmosphere of Circle Office is fully charge by NFTE slogans. Com. Sumathi S. (District President Circle Office) was in the chair. Com. MilindIngale (D.S. Circle Office) welcomed everyone. Meeting was addressed by Com. Harish Moktali, Organising Secretary C.H.Q. In his speech covered all the issues, and appealed the members to vote for NFTE for the financial viability of BSNL and for the betterment of members. The meeting was also addressed by Com. R. N. Ayare (C.S. MH. Circle) AND Com. G. N. Gharade (Circle President SEWA MH Circle), Com. K. S. Kulkarni, Secretary C.H.Q. was also attended the meeting.
  16-04-2016 : Attention Comrades:- Click Here
  16-04-2016 : Election campaign meeting at Azamgarh (UP-East) on 14th April, 2016:- Large number of workers including ladies attended the meeting which was presided over by Com. Lal Jee Lal Shrivastva. G.S. alongwith Com. Sanjay Dubey circle Secretary, Com. S.N. Roay A.I. President, Com. Anil Ray Asst. C.S. attended and first of all they paid homage to Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. Com. Gulab Ray narrated the contribution of Baba Saheb in change of Indian Society. Com. Anil Ray in his address explained the reason of stagnation of more than fifty percent Regular Mazdoors. Com. S.N. Ray and Sanjay Dubey exhorted all the HR issues. G.S. in his speech explained the factual position in respect of Adhoc payment of PLI. He told that the NFTE raised the issue of Bonus and when it was nearer to finalization for payment BSNLEU started its hide and sick policy to stop the payment in the apprehension that the credit of PLI will go to NFTE. The letter dated 06 April 2016 from BSNL CO has opened the eye of workers. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com. Lal Jee Lal Shrivastva. Click Here
  14-04-2016 : Hearty congratulations on the occasion of 125th birth day of great thinker and social reformer Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. His thoughts are today more relevant than the past. His struggle for backward classes is today equally relevant.
  14-04-2016 : Grant of HRA to employees on 78.2% IDA. Letter No.-TF-10/4, dt-14-04-2016. Click Here
  14-04-2016 : BSNL Letter No.-BSNL/7-2/SR/2016, dt-06-03-2016. Click Here
  14-04-2016 : A massive election campaign meeting of BSNL workers was organsied by NFTE at Mirjapur (UP-East) on 13th April 2016. The meeting was presided over by Com. R.P. Ojha. Com. C.D. Prasad Distt. Secretary, Com. Ram Lochan Yadav and the entire District union was in very active role to make the meeting a grand success. More than fifty percent workers including ladies attended the meeting and all were sitting upto last. The meeting was addressed by Com. Anil Rai ACS, Com. Sachida Nand Ray CHQ Vice President, Com. Sanjay Dubey circle Secretary. Com. Basraj Distt. Secretary SEWA, Com. Gulab Ray, V.P. and Com. C. Singh, G.S. Com. Anil Rai explained all the negatives faced by the workers in recognized period of BSNLEU. Com. S.N. Ray and Com. Sanjay Dubey explained favourable outcome within three years of recognition of the NFTE. G.S. in his speech opened the hidden agenda of BSNLEU to resist payment of Adhoc PLI because the issue of PLI was raised by NFTE only. He added that the top level management has opened their hide and sick policy in respect of PLI through its letter dated 4th April 2016. Now it is crystal clear that upto what level BSNLEU can go to get benefits in election ignoring the interest of workers. On this occasion Com. Tribhuwan Singh, a prominent leader of BSNLEU and LCM member joined the NFTE with his all followers. The meeting concluded with a Vote of thanks by Com. C.D. Prasad Distt. Secretary. Click Here
  13-04-2016 : PLI(Bonus) and facts (Hindi):- Click Here
  14-04-2016 : Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the post of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom) JTO (T) in BSNL – Clarification reg. Letter No.-12-1/2016-Rectt, dt-13-04-2016. Click Here
  14-04-2016 : HRA o 78.2% IDA:- The leader staff side in NC has demanded in two successive meetings for grant of HRA on 78.2% IDA instead of 68.8%. This has been an item also in last NC meeting held on 10th March, 2016. In course of discussions the entire staff unanimously demanded for settlement of HRA on 78.2% IDA. President met GM(Est) on 13th instant and ascertained progress into the matter. The issue has been processed in a positive way for decision. It is likely to be settled.
  13-04-2016 : PLI(Bonus) and facts:- Click Here
  13-04-2016 : 7th membership verification campaign meeting conducted at Shankarapuram Exchange Bangalore under the president ship of Com Krishna Mohan, Circle President Com KS Seshadri Secretary Chq Com AC Krishna Reddy Circle Secretary Com Ranganna DP Bg Com Shanmugam Treasurer Bg and Com Bala Krishna Circle organising Secretary addressed the meeting. More than 150 Comrades participated in meeting and maximum number of lady Comrades participated. Click Here
  13-04-2016 : JTO LICE and the contradictions. Click Here
  13-04-2016 : Election meeting at ALTTC Ghaziabad:- An election meeting under the Chairmanship of Com. Chandrapal Singh was held today. It was addressed by Comrades Mahabir Singh (C.S. Jharkhand), Saini (C.S. UP(w), Harkesh Singh (Special Invitee), Samay Singh (CS, ALTTC) and P.N. Sharma District Secy. Click Here
  13-04-2016 : Total Voters will be 1,64244 in 7th verification.
  13-04-2016 : Details of voters and polling booths. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015/Vol-II, dt-11-04-2016. Click Here
  13-04-2016 : All TTAs/JTOs should register Rule 8 transfer requests on ERP portal. Existing waiting list should also be put up on ERP portal BSNL No.-5-20/2016-Est-IV, dt-12-04-2016. Click Here
  13-04-2016 : Eligibility condition for ex-servicemen in JTO LICE. President met GM(Est) on today and discussed the matter to count the past service. The issue of promotion of qualified and trained RMs to the Cadre of TM was also discussed. These are being considered.
  13-04-2016 : Hectic election campaign in A.P.circle:- Com.Rajamouli, CHQ treasurer, Chandrashekar Rao, Circle Secretary attended and addressed the election meetings at Godavarikhani (11-4-2016), Nalgonda (12-4-2016) and Siddipet (13-04-2016). Every meeting was very encouraging. All the employees listened the speeches regarding 3rd wage revision, PLI, hardships in promotion policy. The employees understood the drama played by BSNLEU in respect of PLI. The employees have not digested the false propaganda of BSNLEU. The leaders assured the members that NFTE will bring better 3rd wage revision with the co-operation of alliance partners and all unions and also assured NFTE will fulfill the promises given to SC/ST comrades. The District secretaries of Karimnagar, Nalgonda and Sangareddy have arranged the meetings in a grand manner.
  13-04-2016 : Report from Kerala - TTAs to support NFTE. Click Here
  13-04-2016 : Deshratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti:- Father of Indian Constitution, Deshratna B.R. Ambedkar, Jayanti is falling on 14th April, 2016. The circle and district unions are advised to Celeberate Jayanti in grand and benefitting way. Let us pledge to follow the ideals and path of great leader who stood for equality, end of casteism and religionism. NFTE HQR records its rich tributes to the departed great leader.
  13-04-2016 : Circle Working Committee meeting held on 12/04/2016 at Kalyan was well attended which was later converted in to Election campaign meeting. Com.M.B.Patil Circle President presided the meeting. Com.S.L.Sonawane Circle Secretary SEWA, Com.Amit Naikde Circle Secretary SNATTA, Com.Kotambe ACS SNEA,Com.Sonawane AIBSNLEA, Com.Garud Dist.Secretary SEWA, Com.Borkar District president SEWA,Com.H.L.Moktali Org.Secretary HQ, Com.R.N.Ayare Circle Secretary, Com.Ranjan Dani ACS and Com.K.S.Kulkarni attended & Addressed the meeting and explained the fact regarding PLI issue and other issues which were solved during the recognition period of NFTE BSNL, also appealed the workers to VOTE for NFTE BSNL at Sl.No.16 in this verification to protect the BSNL and employees.
  13-04-2016 : Change of Designation:- The proposal for change of designations of RM,TM, TTA and Sr. TOA is awaiting approval of BSNL Board. The meeting of Board is likely to be convened. President met GM(Restg) and demanded change of designation of other Cadres. He has desired that a detailed proposal be submitted by the union. In course of discussion it has again been suggested that equivalent pay scale Cadres should be similarly ie akin to main stream Cadres be designated with some distinction, if necessary.
  13-04-2016 : SNATTA in support of NFTE (BSNL):- SNATTA had been our alliance partners in 5th and 6th verification. During this period we settled many issues viz wage loss, holding of LICE in 2013 new R/R with 5 years periodicity, stipend increase with arrears, review of LICE results of many circles. NFTE HQR never lagged behind in pioneering their cause. We are happy to note that many circles of SNATTA accept our performance and some have come out openly to support NFTE in the verification. In this connection UP(East), Punjab, Rajasthan be particularly referred to. There are other 10 circles who have assured to support us. We heartily acknowledge and assure them to protect them with full force at our command.
  12-04-2016 : Election campaign meeting at Meerut:- G.S. Com. R.K. Kohili, Com. Mahabir Singh circle Secretary, Com. Surendra Premi, Com. Sompal Saini C.S. UP(West)attended and addressed the meeting. A good number of ladies and DR TTAs were present in the meeting. Com. Mahabir Singh explained the various issues related to staff and appealed to vote in favour of NFTE. Com. C. Singh in his speech mentioned the issue of PLI and explained in detail how the BSNLEU wanted to derail the process which was nearer to finalization. It is first time after 7 years that the management agreed to pay the PLI. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com. Fateh Singh circle President. Click Here
  12-04-2016 : JTO LICE, 2016:- The Prescribed date for submission of application for JTO LICE will be extended by one week.
  12-04-2016 : NFTE’s pursuance brought the result. All 7th batch TTAs of year 2007 allowed to appear in JTO LICE, 2016. BSNL No.-5-1/Genl/LICE/JTO(T)/2016/Estt IV/, dt-12-04-2016. Click Here
  12-04-2016 : Meeting at Lucknow:- Click Here
  12-04-2016 : Ballot Paper not yet approved:- The ballot paper has not yet been approved by the Election Commission as some symbols of unions are having similarity with the symbols of political parties. BSNL HQR has replied and awaiting approval.
  12-04-2016 : Grant of PLI to employees – reg. Letter No.-TF-7, dt-12-04-2016. Click Here
  12-04-2016 : SNATTA circle leaders and coordinators declared total support to NFTE (BSNL) in verification on 11th April at Jaipur election meeting. CHQ is thankful to them and assure full cooperation.
  12-04-2016 : Com. Balraj Dogiwal Circle President and Com. A.R. Jangid circle coordinator of SNATTA in their address declared full support of SNATTA during Rajathsan circle during massive meeting of workers at Jaipur on 11th April 2016. They told that the total TTAs will support and vote to NFTE in 7th membership verification schedule to be held on 10th May 2016. The meeting was organized by circle union of NFTE and it was presided over by Com. Yashwant Singh Bundela. Com. R.K. Kohili, Com. C. Singh G.S. NFTE, Com. Lokendra Ganoulia A.I. Organising Secretary SEWA, Com. Rashid Khan A.G.S. TEPU, Com. Dilip Soni organizing Secretary CHQ NFTE, Com. Abhishek Ujjwal D.S. SNATTA, Com. R.G. Dixit C.S. NFTE, Com. Ratiram D.S. and several Distt. Secretaries of SNATTA and SEWA attended and extended their support to NFTE. Com. C. Singh in his speech explained the fact in respect of PLI (Bonus) and exposed the hide and seek drama played by BSNLEU to stop payment of bonus. He added that the BSNLEU wants to scuttle the process of payment of bonus in apprehension that the credit of payment will go to NFTE as the BSNLEU used to tell always that bonus is not possible while company is running in loss. G.S. explained the reason of stagnation, wage loss non holding of JTO exam for 12 years. He appealed to the workers to vote in favour of NFTE to ensure a better wage revision and restoration of LTC, Medical etc. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. B.D. Sharma Distt. President Jaipur. Click Here
  12-04-2016 : Meeting at Berhampur (GM):- A grand meeting with alliance partners TEPU and SEWA was held in Berhampur(Gm) on 10.04.2016.TEPU Circle President Bhimsen Behera Presided. The largely attended crowd was addressed by Sri K.K.Panigrahi All India President of TEPU. He narrated the cause of alliance with NFTE after six continuance alliance with BSNLEU. The high handed-ness and non -functioning of BSNLEU in the in the interest of workers was highly criticized. He requested the members to vote on symbol 16 in favour of NFTE and make NO.1 in Berhampur SSA.Circle Secretary NFTE Com KM Tripathy thanked the TEPU leaders for their support and narrated all the destructive actions taken by BSNLEU. Stagnating Bonus And CDA Rule 55(II) b and withdrawal of other facilities were clearly explained. Others who spoke on the occasion are Com B.N.Sethi D/s SEWA,Com J. Ranasingh D/s Bhubaneswar NFTE and Com K.C. Pradhan NFTE CHQ V/P.
  11-04-2016 : SNATTA leaders declared support to NFTE(BSNL) at Lucknow:- In a mammoth meeting Comrades Moolchand, C.S. SNATTA, Circle President SNATTA, Com. Maurya and circle coordinator, SNATTA (Com. Ashok Singh) acknowledged the work done by NFTE in last three years. They declared total support to NFTE in the verification.
  11-04-2016 : An APPEAL to SEWA BSNL Members regarding 7th Membership Verification:- Click Here
  11-04-2016 : An agreement has been signed between SEWA (BSNL) and NFTE (BSNL) on 10 May 2016. The SEWA has promised to extend support of their members to NFTE (BSNL) in 7th membership verification scheduled to be held on 10th May, 2016 and both the organization will work jointly to solve. The issues of SEWA members as well as common workers of BSNL. Click Here
  11-04-2016 : Eligibility for JTO LICE, 2016 – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-11-04-2016. Click Here
  09-04-2016 : General Secretary attended a massive meeting of workers alongwith Com. K.K.Panigrahi all India President of TEPU Union at Bhuwneshwar in Odisa circle today. All the District Secretaries and circle office bearers participated the meeting which held under the Presidentship of Com. B.B. Sahu circle President NFTE. G.S. in his speech explained about change in situation after recognition of NFTE and asked to the workers to compare working of the union for three years of recognized period of NFTE and nine years recognized status as single union of other side. Workers are better judge for this. He explained the PLI issue in detail and the crowed of participating workers accepted the factual position narrated by the G.S. by clapping and soughting slogans. G.S. exhorted other issues like stagnation, wage loss, wage agreement with 68.8% IDA leaving 78.2% inspite of clear guide line issued by the Govt well before the wage agreement. Com. K.K. Panigrahi, Com. K.M. Tripathi, Com. K.C. Pradhan also addressed the meeting and appealed to vote for NFTE on 10th May, 2016 on serial No.-16 of ballot paper. Click Here
  09-04-2016 : Attain 1st position in verification appeal made at Gwalior on 8th April:- Com. Islam, President gave a clarion call to BSNL employees to ensure that the most credible and trusted union, NFTE gets 1st place in the verification. It has changed the atmosphere and today PSU is in operational profit of more than Rs. 1, 000/- crores. Time is not far away when the PSU will be in profit as a whole. Remember in 2013, before recognition of NFTE, it was in loss of almost 1, 0000/- crores. BSNLEU leaders spread canards against NFTE relating to PLI (Bonus) but it proved baseless and absured. As a matter of fact they are tall talkers and about turners. The leaders of BSNLEU kept silence on PLI for 7 years. NFTE has impressed upon the management and it agreed to pay. This has angered tall talkers. Money has to be negotiated and bargained. NFTE cannot leave the table of negotiation and discussions unlike others, he asserted. Coms. Habib Khan, C.S, Maurya, D.S. SEWA BSNL, R.K. Agarwal, D.S. SNEA, R.B. Yadav, D.S. AIBSNLEA and Com. Kaimsingh, senior leader also addressed large gathering. Com. Chauhan, D.S. Morena also attended and addressed. Com. R.K. Bajpai, D.S. welcomed and gave opening speech. Com. A.K. Dube, President presided and conducted the meeting. Click Here
  09-04-2016 : Election campaign meeting was held on 7th April 2016 at Telecom Factory, Deonar, Mumbai-88. Member in big numbers attended the meeting with full enthusiasm .The meeting was addressed by Com Harish Moktali, Organizing Sec CHQ , New Delhi. Com Harish Moktali touched all the verification related issues & replied the questions raised by members. Earlier Com. Anant Bhopi, Circle Secretary Telecom Factory Mumbai-88, addressed the gathering scope on many issues. Com. V.B.Manchekar, Circle President was in the chair. Com A.M.Dhokarkar, Special Invitee CHQ also addressed the gathering. Click Here
  09-04-2016 : Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer Policy issued vide No.-6-1/2007-Restg dated 07-05-2008 and amended from time to time. Letter No.-6-1/2007-Restg Vol – III, dt-07-04-2016. Click Here
  08-04-2016 : On NFTE CHQ efforts and continues follow up, the instruction issued to follow the uniform procedure in all circle in case of OMR based Departmental Examination conducted by BSNL. This procedure is applied for the JTO LICE held in June 2013 also. Letter No.-5-8/2013-DE(pt), dt-08-04-2016. Click Here
  08-04-2016 : NFTE BSNL WISHES YOU HAPPY UGADI. Click Here
  08-04-2016 : D.O. letter from Shri R.K. Mittal Director (C.M.) to all CGMs with regard to SIM sales target for the month of April 2016. Letter No.-10-16/2010-SCM-CM, dt-06-04-2016. Click Here
  08-04-2016 : Corporate office fixed circle wise BSNL New Telephone Connection targets for the year 2016-17 for Basic Services. Letter No.-8-23/2016-PHM, dt-06-04-2016. Click Here
  08-04-2016 : Grand Celebration of Comrade O .P. Gupta's 95th birthday at Thiruvallur in Chennai Telephones on 08-04-16. On 8th of April the 95th Birthday Celebrations of Comrade OPG was observed in a grand manner in Chennai Telephones. At Thiruvallur the statue of O P G was garlanded by leaders of NFTE,TEPU,PEWA,SEWA and many others. 300 comrades dutifully participated in this function. The leaders also spoke about the false propaganda by BSNLEU on Bonus and exhorted all employees to support and elect NFTE in the seventh verification. Click Here
  08-04-2016 : Com. Sarbjit Singh C/S SNATTA Punjab declared full support of SNATTA PB Circle to NFTE in 7th membership verification and he appealed all TTA’s in India to Vote in mass in favour of NFTE(BSNL) at Sl. No.-16 of the ballot paper on 10th May 2016:- Click Here
  08-04-2016 : Election Meeting at Sagar (M.P.):- An election meeting has been organized on 7th April under the Chairmanship of Com. Vinod Verma District Secy, Com. Balram Thakur and President welcomed All India President, Circle Secy (Com. Habib), District Secy, Chhatarpur (Com. Fakhrul Hasan) and Assistant DS Damoh, Com. Hargovind Raikwar, Com. Habib C.S. in his speech said that many issues viz POS, Review of TTA LICE result, CGAs etc have been settled due to intervention of C HQ. Com. Islam in his more than an hour speech asserted that the stand of NFTE has been vindicated with the issue of BSNL HQR’s letter, dt-06-04-2016 on the issue of PLI. The truth has come on surface. It is slap on those who were propagating day in and day out that NFTE has agreed for double digit PLI of course NFTE made BSNL agree to pay PLI after long 7 years. Ice has broken and amount need to be bargained. President enumerated past achievements vis-à-vis our commitments and appealed to place NFTE at number one place in election. NFTE is tested orgainsation of more than six decades and it has faced challenges. It secured job security and Govt pension in 2000 in corporatarisation. Click Here
  07-04-2016 : SEWA BSNL DECLARED ITS SUPPORT IN FAVOUR OF 7TH MEMBERSHIP OF VERFICATION:- Com. N.D. Ram G.S. SEWA BSN openly declared his support to NFTE BSNL in 7th membership verification, while he was addressing a massive election campaign meeting held in CTO Dormitory, NTR New Delhi today under the presidentship Com. Tripati, Com. Rajpal C.S. NTR welcomed the leaders and workers attending the meeting. More than 500 Comrades and a good number of women employees participated in the meeting. It was observed that open wave was growing in favour of NFTE. Besides G.S. the huge gathering was addressed by Com. R.K. Kohli, veteran leader, Com. M.P. Singh president C.O, Com. Rajamouli Treasurer CHQ. G.S. in his address elaborately explained the 3rd wage revision, PLI, HRA on 78.2% IDA, promotion policy, Pension and other issues Com. H.N. Sharma C.S, C.O, Com. Satyveer Singh C.S. SC/ST NTR attended the meeting. Meeting ended with Vote of Thanks by Com. Rajpal C.S. Click Here
  07-04-2016 : An inspired election campaign meeting at Moradabad (UP West) on 06-04-2016:- A meeting took place at Moradabad in a memorable manner under the presidentship Com. Mukhram Singh Tyagi. More than 200 Comrades participated in the meeting. 20 women employees also present in the meeting for their long 2 hours, Com. Feroz Ahamad Khan D.S. explained in detail the pending issues of SSA. Shri R.S. Yadav GM and Shri Ram Shankar DGM(A) and Netrapal Singh ACS took part in the meeting. Com. Ram Gopal D.S. Bijnore addressed the meeting. Com. Sompal Saini C.S. have placed the issues before the house for the 7th verification. He said 44 cases of compassionate appointments were settled in the circle. He expressed that NFTE will stood first position in 7th membership verification. Com. R. K. Kohli Senior leader was very happy that NFTE fighting with management for settlement of staff problems. Com. Rajamouli narrated the stand of NFTE for 3rd wage revision, Adhoc PLI, stagnation of RM’s, hardships in NEPP and need to strengthen BSNL for long time. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Singh. Click Here
  07-04-2016 : BSNL management responded on the request of NFTE for holding separate examination for the financial year 2014-15 & 2015-16, date is decided as 28-08-2016 and 27-11-2016 respectively. Letter No.-78-1/2016-Rectt, dt-04-04-2016. Click Here
  07-04-2016 : Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the post of Junior Accounts officer (JAO) in BSNL – Extension of date reg. Letter No.-9-1/2016-Rectt, dt:-06-04-2016. Click Here
  07-04-2016 : Reply from the management on the notice served by BSNLEU and others on 04-04-2016 in respect of PLI. Letter No.-BSNL/7-2/SR/2016, dt-06-04-2016. Click Here
  06-04-2016 : Rajendra Nagar:- A massive meeting was organized on 04-04-2016 by Com. Vijay Kumar Branch Secretary Rajendra Nagar and Comrades Nageshwar Sharma of Kankarbagh. More than one hundred workers including ladies were participated. The meeting was presided over by Com. Chandra Mohan Prasad and addressed by Com. Ram Lakhan Singh D.S. Patna, Com. Sharwan Dubey C.S. Bihar and Com. C. Singh G.S. NFTE. G.S. explained the situation of HR issues at corporate office level and pointed out the issues settled after recognition of NFTE. He appealed the gathering to Vote in mass in favour of NFTE to have a better future. Workers soughted Slogan in favour of NFTE. Click Here
  06-04-2016 : PGM office Patna:- In lunch hour on 04-04-2016 a well attended meeting at PGM office R. Block Patna was addressed by G.S. He appealed the workers to Vote in favour of NFTE so that the company as well as workers may be protected from the attaché of Govt policies.
  06-04-2016 : Anishabad:- A very good meeting took place at Anishabad exchange on 05-04-2016 which was addressed by Com. R.L. Singh, Com. Sharwan Dubey C.S. and also by G.S. NFTE. The G.S. in his speech exhorted the issues which have been settled by the NFTE and also narrated the future plan for settlement of pending issues.
  06-04-2016 : Patliputra Exchange:- A meeting took place at Patiputra exchange campus on 05-04-2016 under the presidentship of Com. Praveen Jee. The meeting was well attended by the workers and it was addressed by the G.S. and Com. R.L. Singh, Com. Shrwan Dubey C.S. and Com. Kamlesh C.C. of SNATTA. G.S. appealed to vote in favour of NFTE to get better wage revision from 01-01-2017 and revision of perks. Click Here
  06-04-2016 : Procurement of Paper Seals for ballot boxes from Government Press, Nasik for holding 7th membership verification of non-executive employees unions through secret ballot – regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015/Vol.II, dt-06-04-2016. Click Here
  06-04-2016 : Hubli:- A large attended meeting by workers conducted at Hubli under the presidentship of Com. Gowda. Com. S.L. Poojar D.S. Hubli welcomed all the participants. The meeting was addressed by Com. A.C. Krishna Reddy, Com. A.H. Bedur ACS and Com. K.S. Sheshadari Secretary CHQ. Com. Sheshadari in his speech exhorted all the HR issues settled by NFTE and the issue in pipe line for settlement in the period of recognition of NFTE and also narrated the pledge to be taken on priority for settlement. He appeal the workers to vote in massive the favour of NFTE. Click Here
  06-04-2016 : Darwad:- The same team under the leadership of Com. K.S. Sheshaderi and Com. Krishna Reddy attended and addressed election meeting at Darwad also. The meeting was presided over by Com. S.L. Poojar. Click Here
  06-04-2016 : 7th membership verification election campaign in Hubli SSA(Karnataka):- On 04-04-2016 a massive meeting was conducted at Ranebennur and a poster was released by the Circle union on the occasion. The unexpected crowed was addressed by Com. K.S. Sheshadari Secretary CHQ, Com. A.C. Kirishna Reddy C/S/ Karnataka and Com. A.H. Beelur ACS. Click Here
  06-04-2016 : Election Meeting at Jhansi:- A well attended meeting of staff took place on 6th April at GM office campus under the chairmanship of Com. Gurupal, District Secy and others welcomed the All India President, Com. Islam and circle Secy, Com. Sanjay Dubey, Com. Purushattamlal stated the NFTE achieved facilities in 200-04 but all those have been taken away for last 8 years. BSNLEU forgotten PLI for last 8 years but now woken UP D.S. SNATTA, Com. Prashant Sharma attended and addressed the gathering Com. Pande, former leader praised the NFTE leadership. In his speech, Com. P. Sharma, D.S. SNATTA declared that the services rendered by NFTE to TTA Cadre cannot be forgotten. TTAs are fully with the NFTE circle Secy stated how the BSNLEU has surrendered the interests of employees in long 8 years. Com. Islam in his speech said BSNL formation was per decision of Govt akin to BBNL and Tower Company. NFTE is committed to protect Pension and Job security of employees. The door of PLI payment is opened after 7 years. Amount has to be bargained. Com. Habib Khan, CS M.P. also addressed the meeting. Click Here
  06-04-2016 : Counting of pre-appointment training of TTA’s as regular service for reckoning 5 years in the scale of Rs. 13600-25420. Letter No.-5-1/LICE/JTO(T)/2016-Estt-IV, dt-05-04-2016. Click Here
  05-04-2016 : HRA on 78.2% IDA:- NFTE has requested Director (HR) & (F) to release orders HRA on 78.2% IDA.
  05-04-2016 : Mass Meeting at Pratapgarh in UP(E):- A mass meeting was held on 05-04-2016 at TDM office Pratapgarh in which large number of employees were present. Com. Rahim presided Comrades Gulab Rai, Circle V.P, Distt. Secretaries of Allahabad and Sultanpur addressed the gathering. SNATTA UP(E), Circle Secy, Com. Moolchand acknowledged the help and support of NFTE. He said during last 3 years, many problems have been solved by NFTE. He declared support to NFTE in 7th verification. In his hour long speech Com. Islam said he is neither tall talker nor believe in about turns. After 7 years the Management agreed to pay PLI(Bonus), but instead of bargaining the amount, BSNLEU trying to block the opening of PLI. It is unfortunate. Com. Islam asserted that NFTE will fulfill the promises. Not even single employee will be forced for retirement under CDA Rule 2006.
  05-04-2016 : Admissibility of Profession/Skill Upgradation Allowance at IDA Basic Pay with 78.2% fitment in respect of Executives and Non-executives of BSNL. Letter No.-11-04/2015-PAT (BSNL), dt-05-04-2016. Click Here
  05-04-2016 : A Massive Election Campaign Meeting at Noida(UP West) on 04-04-2016:- Com. Charan Singh D.S. orgainsed a well attended meeting under the presidentship of Com. Balvant Singh TM, Com. Chouhan D.S. Bulandeshehar, Com. Netrapal Singh ACS and Com. Satpal Singh CS BTEU participated in the meeting. Com. Sompal Saini C.S. addressed the gathering and applealed all to vote in favour of NFTE for settlement of staff issues. Com. R.K. Kohli and Com. Rajamouli attended and addressed the meeting. Com. R.K. Kohli said for better 3rd wage agreement, NFTE should be strengthened at any cost. Com. Rajamouli said the Adhoc PLI is nearer to settlement, but some are not interested in it. He explained the status of designations and superannuation benefits of DR staff. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. S.P. Singh District President.
  05-04-2016 : Eligibility for JTO LICE, 2016. Letter No.-14/2(b), dt-05-04-2016. Click Here
  05-04-2016 : Grant of one increment to TTAs to protect wage loss. Letter No.-TF-9/1(J), dt-05-04-2016. Click Here
  05-04-2016 : Corporate office issued order for revision of I.Q. rates. Letter No.-18-1/2014-BSNL-(WL), dt-04-04-2016. Click Here
  05-04-2016 : Implementation of EPF coverage for pre-induction Training Period of BSNL recruited employees. Letter No.-500-85/CA-II/BSNL/EPF/2013/Vol.VII, dt-04-04-2016. Click Here
  05-04-2016 : Sanction of welfare grant to circle staff welfare board. Letter No.-13-3/2014-15/BSNL(WL), dt-31-03-2016. Click Here
  02-04-2016 : “Keep the Banner High” Editorial. Telecom (Hindi & English). Click Here
  02-04-2016 : Grant of recognition and extension of facilities to the newly elected CHQ Governing body of SC/ST Employees Welfare Association of BSNL (SEWA, BSNL) – reg. Letter No.-65-3/2015-SCT(Pt.I), dt-01-04-2016. Click Here
  02-04-2016 : VDA rates w.e.f 1.4.2016 to Contract Labours. Letter No.-1/13(3)/2016-LS-II, dt-31-03-2016. Click Here
  02-04-2016 : Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2016 – Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. File No.-3-1/2010-TE, dt-31-03-2016. Click Here
  01-04-2016 : PLI and outbursts:- The year 2014-15 has ended and 2015-16 has begun. The PLI for 2014-15 was forgotten but NFTE(BSNL) opened the closed door of 7 years for grant of PLI. People know PLI has not been paid for 7 years. The PLI amount demanded by NFTE(BSNL) is in one or 2 or in 3 figures only time will speak the truth. This will be known as and when official minutes are released. President NFTE cannot be provoked by such outburst from any quarter. He knows how to respect the workers and move forward for their benefits.
  01-04-2016 : No CRS to employees. Letter No.-TF-13/8, dt-01-04-2016. Click Here
  01-04-2016 : Revision in rates of uniform etc to be supplied to BSNL staff nominee – reg. Letter No.-TF22/1, dt-01-04-2016. Click Here
  01-04-2016 : G.S. attended campaign meeting of the 7th Membership verification at Dharmshala(H.P.) on 31-03-2016:- A mass meeting was organized by Dharmshala SSA in Telephone Exchange Compound under the Presidentship of Com. Mohik Ram Distt. President. The meeting was well attended by the workers including all the Branch Secretaries and active members. Besides G.S, the meeting was addressed by Com. Satyendra Gautam circle President H.P, Com. Nand Lal Sharma Circle Secretary, and Com. Satyam Ghai Distt. Secretary Dharmshala. G.S. explained the issue related to workers and either settled or in the pipe line for settlement during the three years of recognition of NFTE. The changed atmosphere was seen in the SSA in favour of the NFTE G.S. appealed the workers to vote for NFTE to get more protection and viability of the BSNL.
  01-04-2016 : Meeting at Nadaun (Hamirpur):- A massive meeting of workers was orgainsed at Nadaun under the Presidentship of Com. Ashok Kumar. All the branch Secretaries of SSA were present with their members. Com. Munnilal D.S, Com. Prem Sharma, Senior leader, Com. Nand Lal Sharma C/S and G.S. addressed the meeting. As per the report received by all the branches the wave is in favour of NFTE.
  01-04-2016 : Successful agitation of Bihar circle:- Com. Shravan Dubey C.S. and his team successfully organized two days hunger fast at Patna on 30-03-2016 & 31-03-2016, for settlement of long pending genuine problems of employees. CGM Bihar circle intervened on 31-03-2016 and agreed to settle all issues. Red Salute Comrades. Click Here
  31-03-2016 : Adhoc payment of PLI. Letter No.-TF-7/1, dt-31-03-2016. Click Here
  31-03-2016 : No increase or no decrease in IDA from 01-04-2016. (i.e. 112.4%)
  31-03-2016 : Meeting with Director (HR):- President along with Comrades Rajamouli and H.N. Sharma, C.S. met Director (HR) and discussed the following issues. (1) Relaxation of eligibility condition for same batch TTAs including SC/ST for JTO LICE (2). Meager amount of PLI will not be acceptable to us.
  31-03-2016 : General Secretary addressed a well attended meeting at Sundar Nagar (Mandi SSA of H.P.) Com. Preetam Chand was in Chair. Beside G.S. the meeting was addressed Com. Brij Bihari D.S. Mandi, Com. Pawan Varma D.S, Kullu and Com. Nand Lal Sharma C.S. All the branch Secretaries placed the ground reality of the NFTE at their places. Assessing all it is confirmed that NFTE will win in 7th membership verification. G.S. while addressing the gathering exhorted all the issues which have been either settled or in the pipe line for settlement by the efforts of NFTE, after its recognition. The meeting ended with Vote of Thanks by Com. Brij Bihari.
  31-03-2016 : MINUTES WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH:- The official minutes of 30th instant meeting as and when issued will speak the truth if NFTE has accepted the PIL amount offer or not. It is true NFTE is keen to restore PLI i.e. right of the workers which has been taken away for last 5/6 years. The absence of G.S, BSNLEU in meeting was intimated by the official side and the NFTE has not manufactured it.
  30-03-2016 : PLI payment:- The joint meeting of PLI committee took place today with Shri Shamim Akhtar, PGM(SR) in Chair, GM(Restg), GM(Pers) also attended. Com. Islam Ahmad, Leader Staff Side in NC and NFTE nominee alone attended the meeting. Secy, Staff side has not attended on the plea that one month notice is required for the meeting. The official side proposed about amount of PLI for year 2014-15. The leader staff side stated that the quantum of money is too meager but we are not rejecting the proposal. The committee will now place its report to the competent authority for decision. NFTE is keen to see that the right of the workers is restored.
  30-03-2016 : Adhoc Payment of PLI to employees – reg. Letter No.-TF-7/1, dt-30-03-2016. Click Here
  30-03-2016 : MOU signed with Canara Bank for extending various loan schemes to BSNL employees from 23-01-2016 to 31-12-2016. File No.-1-9/BBF/STAFF LOAN/2014-15, dt-28-03-2016. Click Here
  30-03-2016 : Corporate office issued guidelines for implementation of BSNL group insurance policy, 2014 for BSNL employees joined after 31-07-2014. Letter No.-500-57/2011/GSLI/CA II/BSNL/Vol.II, dt-29-03-2016. Click Here
  30-03-2016 : Eligibility for JTO LICE:- Matter discussed with GM Rectt. Employees of same batch as well as SC S/T candidates senior in roster points are being denied in JTO LICE due to training interval will create complications in future. Issue to relax 5 years condition for LICE is being considered as per demand of the unions.
  30-03-2016 : A mass meeting was conducted at Shimla (H.P.) on 29-03-2016 under the presidentship of Com. Rati Ram Thakur. The meeting was addressed by Com. Ramesh D.S, Shimla, Com. Pradeep D.S, Circle office, Com. Nand Lal Sharma C.S. and Com. C. Singh G.S. Com. Sharma is his address narrated the current situation with regard to quality of service in the circle and added that after coming NFTE as recognized union the things have been changed. A peaceful atmosphere developed throughout the circle and there is improvement in business took place. G.S. in his speech explained the issues settled by the NFTE during its recognized period and said that NFTE has fulfilled all the commitments made before 6th verification. He appealed the workers to vote in favour of NFTE at Sl. No.-16, so, that the positive trend Started in BSNL may be maintained and workers will get more uplift is 3rd wage revision with better wages. The meeting concluded with Vote of Thanks by Com. Bhupendra Sharma.
  30-03-2016 : Discrepancies in JTO LICE:- President accompanied with circle Secy, Com. H.N. Sharma, in corporate office met GM(Rectt) on 29th March in the matter. In course of discussion we were told that in the analogy of LICE of M.P. orders have been issued to circles to compensate the employees in respect of discrepancies.
  30-03-2016 : Joint PLI committee to meet today at 1500 hours.
  28-03-2016 : General Secretary inaugurated election campaign for 7th membership verification at Solan(H.P.) today. The meeting was presided over by Com. Inderjeet Pal and addressed by Com. Mohan Singh D.S. Solan and Com. Nand Lal Sharma C.S. H.P. General Secretary in his inaugural speech exhorted the achievements of NFTE after its recognition and he added that commitments of the union will be fulfilled. He appealed to the workers to vote for NFTE to strengthen BSNL and settlement of staff issues. The meeting was well attended and it appeared that the atmosphere is favourable to NFTE. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Vijay Pathak. Click Here
  28-03-2016 : LICE for promotion to JTO(T) Cadre – relaxation reg. Letter No.- TF-14/2(b), dt-28-03-2016. Click Here
  28-03-2016 : Leave Encashment facility to directly recruited BSNL employees – reg. Letter No.-TF-11/9, dt-28-03-2016. Click Here
  28-03-2016 : 7th Membership verification inaugural meeting of Haryana Telecom Circle:- A massive inaugural meeting for the membership verification was held on 21-03-2016 at P&T community hall Ambala. More than 400 comrades attended the meeting. Gathering was addressed by Com. Malkeet Singh D/S, Com. Makhan Distt. President, Com. Kiran Pal circle President, Com. Romi, SSA Ambala and Com. Gurmeet Singh, Com. S.P. Malhan CHQ vice president put light on great achievements of NFTE(BSNL) during the last three years period of recognition. Com. H.K. Goel C.S. Haryana explained the issues being faced by employees and promises made by NFTE(BSNL) for the 7th membership verification. More than 100 employees from BSNLEU and other unions joined the NFTE (BSNL) under the leadership of Com. Pandey. Shive Kumar Shibboo, Vijay Gupta.Com. Gurumail Singh C.S. SEWA BSNL addressed the meeting. They were warmly welcomed into the NFTE fold. The gathering resolved to vote & support NFTE BSNL in 7th membership verification on 10th May, 2016. Click Here
  28-03-2016 : District Conference of Ambala SSA:- Distt. Conference of Ambala SSA was held on 21-03-2016 afternoon at community hall of P&T colony at Ambala with great pump and show. More than 300 hundred delegates & members attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Com. M.A. Khan, Distt. President. Com. Romi conducted the proceedings of house. The meeting was addressed by circle President, Com. Kiran Pal, C.S, Com. H.K. Goel CHQ vice president, Com. S.P. Malhan. Com. Malkeet Singh D.S. presented a brief report on the activities of the union. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Distt. Secy Com. Malkeet Singh. Com. Gurmeet Singh TTA Yamuna Nagar, Com. Malkeet Singh Ambala and Com. Chaman Lal STS were elected as Distt. President, Secy and Cashier respectively.
  28-03-2016 : 7th membership verification election campaign meeting at Vishakhapatnam (A.P. Circle) on 26-03-2016:- A well attended meeting of employees took place on 26th evening under the chairmanship of Com. D.N.Murthy, President of the Union. Com. K.Kondal Rao, District Secy. welcomed the leaders and spoke about the impending verification. Comrades Islam Ahmad, T.V Ramanmurthy (VP CHQ), Chandrashekar Rao(CS), D.V. Rao (District President Srikakulam) etc addressed the meeting. Comrades Soma Sundaram (Patron), P.N. Naidu (District Secy. Srikakulam), Vasu (ACS) also spoke on the occasion. Com. Islam in his hour long speech explained the present dangers and achievements in three years and appealed to vote for NFTE. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : Election meeting at Vizianagaram in A.P. circle:- A mass meeting took place at 1200 hrs today under the presidentship of Com. Satyarao. Com. V. Bhaskar Rao, D.S. welcomed all and explained the hardships faced by employees with stagnation. Com. Islam President appealed the employees to vote NFTE on 10th May. And also he said NFTE will fulfill all the promises made. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : A mass election meeting held at Srikakulam on 25-03-2016 in A.P. Circle, under the presidentship of Com. D.V. Rao, despite holiday more than 150 employees attended the meeting. The meeting was continued up to 2000 hrs. After opening speech and welcome addressed by Com. P. Narain Naidu D.S. Srikakulam, Com. Chandrashekar Rao C.S, Com. Kondal Rao D.S. Vizag and Com. P. Vasu ACS addressed the meeting. President Com. Islam appealed to employees to work fearlessly and attempts of harassment will be foiled. He exhorted all to work together to sweep election on 10th May. NFTE will honour the commitments made. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : Grand inaugural of campaign in Chennai Telephones on 24-03-2016:- On 24-03-16 at Chromepet exchange a massive meeting was organised in Chennai Telephones to inaugurate the election campaign for the Seventh verification.Com. CKM presided over the meeting which was inaugurated by National President Islam Ahmed and addressed by Alliance union leaders including TEPU General Secretary Subburaman , SEWA-BSNL National President P.N.Perumal, PEWA General Secretary G.Masilamani and senior leader of TEPU comrade R.V. And OBC employees welfare association President Prasad . The circle secretaries of all alliance partners also spoke at the meeting.This meeting was attended by more than 1000 comrades of Chennai Telephones . Secretaries of CHQ comrades G.Jayaraman and T.R.Rajasekaran also spoke at the meeting and appealed to the employees to vote and support NFTE-BSNL. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : Inaugural meeting of 7th membership verification at Banglore Telecom District, Chikkabllapur and Kolar in Karnataka circle on 16-03-2016, 19-03-2016 and 24-03-2016. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : 7th Membership verification campaign at Tiruchi and Villupuram in Tamilnadu circle on 23-03-2016. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : 7th Membership verification campaign in Tamilnadu circle:- On 22nd March 2016, Com. Islam All India President inaugurated campaign at Madurai and Karaikudi. The leaders of NFTE, TEPU and SEWA BSNL participated in the meeting. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : MOU signed with Union Bank of India : Unlike other Unions which take up issues and write numerous letters during Verification period alone, our CHQ was following up this issue right from a month prior to the expiry of previous MOU. Tough conditions initially putforth by UBI delayed the signing of MOU. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : After continuous persuasion and follow-up by our CHQ, instructions on counting of past-services of Ex-Servicemen for reckoning 7 years of regular service towards eligibility for appearing in LICE conducted in 2013 has been issued. Click Here
  26-03-2016 : Holy Milan at Sasaram (Bihar) on 21-03-2016:- Sasaram SSA celebrated Holy Milan, Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S, Com. Dubey C.S. Bihar and other leaders participated in the Holy Milan. G.S. appealed all to Vote for NFTE in 7th verification to strengthen BSNL as well as to get better 3rd wage revision from 01-01-2017. Click Here
  22-03-2016 : Holding of 7th membership verification process through Secret ballot for electing majority representative union(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL – Finalisation of electoral rolls regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015/Vol.II, dt-21-03-2016. Click Here
  22-03-2016 : Corporate office issued guide lines to all CGM’s for implementation of final orders. Letter No.-24-3/2015-VA, dt-18-03-2016. Click Here
  22-03-2016 : Appeal from Com. R.K. Kohli to all functionaries of NFTBE. Letter No.-NTB-6/2016(AIC), dt-17-03-2016. Click Here
  21-03-2016 : Implementation of EPF coverage for pre-induction Training Period of BSNL recruited employees. Letter No.-500-85/CA II/BSNL/EPF/2011/Vol VI, dt-16-03-2016. Click Here
  21-03-2016 : BSNL Group Insurance Policy, 2014 for BSNL employees joined after 31-07-2014. Letter No.-500-57/2011/GSLI/CA II/BSNL/Vol. II, dt:-16-03-2016. Click Here
  21-03-2016 : D.P.E. awarded 3.9 final composite score for MOU against the year 2014-15 to BSNL. Click Here
  21-03-2016 : Message from Shri Anupam Srivastava CMD – BSNL: “Progress is impossible without change, those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.” Letter No.-CMD/BSNL/2016/(1761-4), dt-17-03-2016. Click Here
  18-03-2016 : NFTE demanded guidelines for Intra and Inter circle Rule 8 transfers. BSNL HQR in letter No.-250-26/2014-Estt-III, dt-09-03-2016 has issued guidelines. The requests of women employees to join their family be sympathetically considered. Click Here
  18-03-2016 : What we did for TTAs?:- The TTAs were faced with several problems and NFTE(BSNL) strived hard for their settlement in last five years. These are as follow. Click Here
  18-03-2016 : Relaxations to Physically handicapped employees in JTO (T) LICE. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-18-03-2016. Click Here
  18-03-2016 : Discrepancies in JTO LICE, 2013:- President met the GM(Rectt) on 17th March and urged him to evolve uniform procedure to compensate the employees placed in disadvantageous position on account of discrepancies in question in circles viz Andhra, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Karnataka, Punjab etc etc. He responded positively and matter is being considered seriously in view of Court Judgment.
  18-03-2016 : Promotion of Ex-servicemen to JTO Cadre as per LICE, 2013:- Matter is now under active consideration.
  18-03-2016 : HRA, Professional Allowance and Medical Allowance review:- President met the officers in BSNL HQR to ascertain progress in revision of allowance. The information relating to expenditure in each item will be as below. HRA Rs. 42 crores, Medical Allowance Rs. 45 crores, Professional Rs. 5 crores. The staff side has given priority in NC meeting for HRA revision on 78.2% IDA fixation. NFTE has drawn the attention of management for early settlement of HRA revision demand.
  17-03-2016 : Grant of HRA to employees on 78.2% IDA – reg. Letter No.-TF-10/4, dt-17-03-2016. Click Here
  17-03-2016 : JAO LICE. Letter No.-TF-14/2(c), dt-16-03-2016. Click Here
  17-03-2016 : Non-declaration of adhoc amount of PLI to staff – intervention solicited. Letter No.-TF-7/1, dt-16-03-2016. Click Here
  17-03-2016 : Shri Anupam Srivastav is now confirmed and regular CMD of BSNL for the balance period of his tenure. Hearty congratulations BSNL 414-02/2016-Pers-I, dt-16-01-2016. Click Here
  17-03-2016 : The GS PEWA BSNL vide letter dt-15-03-2016 has decided to extend support to NFTE (BSNL) in 7th verification. NFTE HQR is thankful. Click Here
  17-03-2016 : M.P. circle TTA 40% Quota result reviewed:- Due to persistent pursuance of NFTE HQR the corporate office issued orders to compensate the candidates for wrong questions in 40% LICE. According to information MP circle office reviewed the result and 25 more candidates, TMs, stand promoted to TTA Cadre. Congratulations to successful candidates.
  16-03-2016 : Meeting with GM(P and F):- President and GS met the GM(P and F) and requested for one time relaxation in age for JAO LICE and on line acceptance of application of Part-I qualified personnel.
  16-03-2016 : 7th Membership Verification campaign began with a massive Circle Level meeting in Salem, Tamilnadu :- A massive meeting with a participation of more than thousand Comrades was held Yesterday at Salem. All the SSAs of Tamilnadu were represented by the District Secretaries, Branch Secretaries and Members from Branches. General Secretary Com. C. Singh, Com. V.Subburaman, GS, TEPU, Com.P.N.Perumal, National President, SEWA-BSNL, Com. N.Balakrsihnan, GS, PEWA, Com.T.Muthukrishnan, Circle Secretary, SEWA-BSNL, Com. R.K., former Secretary, NFTE, Comrade Pattabi, CS., Com.SSG, Comrade G.Jayaraman, Comrade P.Kamaraj and others addressed the meeting. All the Leaders, in their speeches highlighted the need for electing NFTE BSNL as the single largest Union on account of impending 3rd Wage revision, dangers to Pension and to save BSNL. Click Here
  16-03-2016 : Wrongful/Excess payment made to employees may be waived of DOP No.-18/03/2015-Estt(Pay-I), dt-02-03-2016. Click Here
  16-03-2016 : Relax condition of eligibility for JTO(T) LICE. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-16-03-2016 to Director (HR) BSNL. Click Here
  16-03-2016 : Extend relaxation to S/C S/T employees in grant of upgradations in NEPP. Letter No.-TF-1/5(d), dt-16-03-2016 to Director (HR) BSNL. Click Here
  16-03-2016 : Notification for JTO LICE in respect of vacancies for years 2014-15 and 2015-16. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-16-03-2016 to director (HR), BSNL. Click Here
  16-03-2016 : CMD’s intervention has been solicited for settlement of redesignation of Cadres, one increment to other than TTAs and superannuation benefits to BSNL recruited staff. Letter No.-TF-39/2, dt-16-03-2016 to CMD, BSNL. Click Here
  15-03-2016 : Holding of JTO LICE:- President met Dy. GMT and others in recruitment branch of BSNL HQR and pleaded for holding of JTO LICE for 2014-15 and 2015-16 vacancies. They gave positive response. We expect early notification.
  14-03-2016 : Calling of options from qualified and trained Group D officials waiting for their absorption/promotion as Telecom Mechanics for want of vacancies – regarding. Letter No.-250-69/2001-Pers-III, dt-11-03-2016. Click Here
  14-03-2016 : DR Rectt of TTA and JTO Cadres:- 5,000 and 2500 candidates respectively will be recruited by July, 2016 in TTA and JTO Cadres.
  14-03-2016 : Meeting with Dy. GMT(Rectt) and others:-President met the officers in Rectt Cell and impressed upon them for correct questions and Answer Key in the ensuing JTO LICE. It was also emphasized that the questions should not be out of syllabus.
  14-03-2016 : Off-net calls can be made of worth Rs.50/- per month from pre-paid Sim of Rs. 200/- talk value – 02/22/2002-PHA (pt), dt-09-03-2016. Click Here
  14-03-2016 : We accept support and will stand with them:- Many TTA Comrades from different places have sent SMS and mails pledging support to NFTE(BSNL) in the 7th verification. They have acknowledged how NFTE(BSNL) arranged JTO LICE 2013 and settled wage erosion, Designation, Stipend increase issues etc. We fully accept their support with thanks and promise to stand with them in future also.
  14-03-2016 : NFTE(BSNL) will be placed at serial (16) in Ballot Paper in 7th verification.
  12-03-2016 : Conduct of Seventh membership verification of non-executives unions in BSNL – extension of trade union facilities for the verification period reg. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015, dt-11-03-2016. Click Here
  12-03-2016 : Conduct of 7th membership verification process being conducted through secret ballot for electing majority representative union(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL – Final list of applicant unions regarding. Letter No.-CRO/BSNL/MV/2016, dt-11-03-2016. Click Here
  11-03-2016 : Meeting at Lucknow on 11-03-2016:- Com. Islam Ahmad President CHQ, Com. R.N. Pandy former A.I. President and Com. S.K. Dubey Circle Secretary attended and addressed a meeting of District office bearers, Branch Secretaries and active members at NFTE union office campus and appealed to start preparation for 7th membership verification which is scheduled to be held on 10th May, 2016.
  11-03-2016 : An agreement is signed between NFTE-BSNL and TEPU on 11-03-2016 at TEPU office, Delhi. Both unions agree to work together in the 7th membership verification and thereafter. Apart from C. Singh, G.S. NFTE, Com. V. Subburaman GS, TEPU R. Venkatraman, Com. Mahavir, S.S. Gopalakrishnan and Com. R.K. were present. CHQ thanked R.K. for his initiative. Click Here
  10-03-2016 : Meeting with CMD:- President and GS met the CMD, BSNL and told him that despite your clear orders the PLI amount has not been paid to staff. CMD agreed to intervene into the matter.
  10-03-2016 : Meeting with Director (HR):- President, G.S, Comrades Pattabhiraman and Mahabir Singh (Circle Secretaries), Naresh (SNATTA, NC member) met the Director(HR) and discussed the following issues. (1) Promotion of Ex-servicemen TTAs to JTO Cadre. The NFTE raised the issue in National Council and followed it up in the informal meeting. She was apprised of trained TTAs are awaiting promotion to JTO Cadre. She has already asked GM(Est) to get it decided quickly. (2) PLI:- She was again reminded to get the matter resolved. There should not be delay in view of the fact that CMD has given clear orders on the issue. (3) Review of JTO LICE, 2013 result:- The Director (HR) was requested to review the results in the light of Court orders. Many circles have not followed uniform procedure in rectifying the discrepancies wrong questions etc. Director (HR) has asked GM(Rectt) to get it sorted out on priority basis.
  10-03-2016 : Brief 34th National Council. Click Here
  10-03-2016 : NO CHANGE IN DATE OF SEVENTH VERIFICATION i.e. 10-05-2016.
  10-03-2016 : Non-settlement of discrepancies in JTO LICE held on 02nd June, 2013. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-10-03-2016. Click Here
  09-03-2016 : Comrades Islam, Mahavir and Pattabi met GM(Est) and GM(BF) discussed the issues of pension reduction, recoveries done for those TM ‘promoted from temporarily placed LM scale’ and issue of the option of RMs to become TMs in those areas of vacancies. GM(Est) assured to take up the issue with DOT. GPF, Bank MOU issues were discussed with GM(BF). GM(BF) assured that Union Bank and Canara Bank MOUs are going to be completed without that earlier stringent conditions and regarding GPF a permanent solution need to be found with DOT.
  09-03-2016 : MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE AS POSSIBLE COM. O.P. GUPTA:- On behalf of the CHQ, we happily put on record that Com. R.K. Kohli has given the letter to PGM(SR) to withdraw from the referendum which is to be held on 10th May, 2016. CHQ sincerely thank Com. R.K. tallest leader from NFTE has taken the initiative to rope in Com. R.K. Kohli to bring him back to our house NFTE-BSNL. And we hope he will make sincere efforts and guide CHQ to rally the other fraternal unions to come in support of NFTE(BSNL) so that NFTE(BSNL) can secure the 1st position. We sincerely thank Com. R.K. Kohli and Com. N.T. Sajwani for the decision they have taken to strengthen the mighty NFTE.
  09-03-2016 : Com. R.K. Kohli, Secretary General NFTBE has withdrawn from verification in favour of NFTE(BSNL) today. He is keen to merge NFTBE with the NFTE(BSNL) subject to approval of AIC scheduled to be held at Ranchi on 2nd & 3rd April, 2016.
  09-03-2016 : Holding of Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the grade of Junior Accounts Officer under 40% in BSNL. Letter No.-9-1/2016-Rectt, dt-07-03-2016. Rescheduled to 17-07-2016. Click Here
  09-03-2016 : Holding of Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the grade of Junior Telecom officer (Telecom) (JTO (T) in BSNL. Letter No.-12-1/2016-Rectt, dt-07-03-2016. Click Here
  08-03-2016 : NFTE BSNL Wishes Happy International Women’s Day. Click Here
  08-03-2016 : Com. S.S. Gopalkrishnan Secy, CHQ at head quarter since 7th March, 2016 and he will be here for a week.
  08-03-2016 : JAO examination scheduled to be held on 22-05-2016 will be differed.
  08-03-2016 : Brief Resume of Patna Extended National Executive Meeting held on 01-03-2016 to 02-03-2016. Click Here
  07-03-2016 : All Central Trade Unions are organizing protest action on 10th March against Govt attitude for not considering 12 points charter of demands. All Circle/District Secretaries are requested to support the action successfully by co-ordinatig with other unions. The demands are 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners, pension contribution on actual basic pay but not on the maximum basic pay, Labour Law amendments, disinveshement in PSUs etc.
  07-03-2016 : JTO LICE 2013 vis-à-vis settling the matter relating to Ex-servicemen. Letter No.-14/2(b), dt-07-03-2016. Click Here
  07-03-2016 : Holding of JTO and JAO LIC Examinations on 22nd May, 2016 – reg. Letter No.-14/2(b), dt-07-03-2016. Click Here
  07-03-2016 : Holding of LICE for promotion to JTO(T) Cadre – reg. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), dt-07-03-2016. Click Here
  05-03-2016 : As per corporate office letter No.-CRO/BSNL/MV/2016, dt-04-03-2016, (i) Last date of withdrawal from the verification process by a union – 10-03-2016, (ii) Date of polling – 10-05-2016, (iii) Date of counting of votes by AROs in SSAs – 12-05-2016, (iv) Declaration of result by CRO – 12-05-2016. Click Here
  05-03-2016 : Resolutions adopted at Patna National Executive Meeting held from 01-03-2016 to 02-03-2016. Click Here
  05-03-2016 : Inconclusive Board Meeting:- The BSNL Board meeting of 04-03-2016 was inconclusive. HR issues could not be taken up. However, the remuneration committee has reportedly cleared the proposal of superannuation benefits to D/R staff.
  05-03-2016 : JTO/JAO Exam on 22-05-2016 i.e. on one date:- The LICE for JTO/JAO is fixed for 22nd May, 2016. Both the examinations are on same date and thus many employees will be denied to appear in both the examinations. HQR is seized of the issue and will get it changed.
  05-03-2016 : All Circle and District Secretaries to note please:- In accordance with order contained in BSNL HQR letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015, dt-01-03-2016, voters lists will be exhibited on 11th March, 2016 at the Circle/SSA levels. Comrades make a point to check the Voters lists and point out omissions etc. This is must.
  04-03-2016 : Bank loan facility:- MOU may be signed with Union Bank of India shortly. JK Bank, Bank of Maharashtra and Syndicate Bank have also offered.
  04-03-2016 : Recruitment of DR TTA’s, JTO’s, Redesignation of Cadres, one increment to non-executives staff other than TTAs, superannuation benefits etc, issues are in today Board Meeting
  04-03-2016 : GPF fund allotted to J&K, Punjab and Jharkhand circles by corporate office.
  04-03-2016 : Thanks to Bihar circle Reception Committee:- The National Executive of NFTE met from 01-03-2016 TO 02-03-2016 at Patna and deliberated on issues at length and adopted resolutions on core issues. The Reception Committee led by Com. S.K. Dube made excellent arrangements and served the delegates with all sincerity, devotion and smiling face. They have won the heart of the participants. CHQ records its sincere thanks and gratitude.
  03-03-2016 : Compliance of Labour laws and Social Security measures like EPF & ESI. Letter No.-14-1/2015-WS&I, dt-01-03-2016. Click Here
  03-03-2016 : BSNL Group Insurance Policy, 2014 for BSNL for BSNL employees who have joined after 31-07-2014. Letter No.-08-01/2002-Restg(Pt), dt-01-03-2016. Click Here
  02-03-2016 : Conduct of 7th membership verification process being conducted through secret ballot for electing majority representative union(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL – List of eligible unions regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015, dt-01-03-2016. Click Here
  02-03-2016 : Holding of 7th membership verification process through Secret ballot for electing majority representative union(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL – Finalisation and supply of electoral rolls to the authorized representatives of participating unions regarding. Letter No.-BSNL/5-1/SR/2015, dt-01-03-2016. Click Here
  02-03-2016 : Holding of Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the grade of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom) JTO(T) in BSNL. Letter No.-12-1/2016-Rectt, dt-01-03-2016. Click Here
  02-03-2016 : Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the grade of Junior Accounts Officer (JAO) under 40% quota to be held on 22-05-2016 – Notification of Exam reg. Letter No.-9-1/2014-Rectt, dt-01-03-2016. Click Here
  01-03-2016 : Inaugural function took place under chairmanship of Comrade Islam Ahmad. G.S. Com. C. Singh explained backgrounds of Extended National Executive Meeting. He welcomed the guests present on the great occasion. Comrades R.K. Kohli, Subburaman, N.D. Ram SEWA BSNL, Suresh Kumar, N.T. Sajwani and veteran NFTE leader Com. R.K. addressed the large gathering and assured all help and cooperation.
  01-03-2016 : All central office bearers and circle Secretaries have been hearty welcomed.
  01-03-2016 : Extended National Executive meeting begun at Patna after flag hoisting with full enthusiasm and pomp and show.
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