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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,
30-09-2014 : CHQ receiving very encouraging reports of 2 hours walk out strike response from circles. Congrats and greetings.
30-09-2014 : 6.8% increase in IDA from 01-10-2014 – Total 91.3 + 6.8 = 98.1%.
29-09-2014 : Will Govt. revive the BSNL?. Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
29-09-2014 : JAC of non-executive Unions/Associations called for 2 hrs “WALK OUT” programme on 30-09-2014 from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs for achieving long pending issues like Bonus, stagnation, pay erosion etc. All the Circle/District Branch Secretaries are requested to make the programme a grand success.
27-09-2014 : Inaugural function of union office and seminar at Bangalore:- GS attended union office inaugural function and seminar at Bangalore on 27-09-2014. The function started with union flag hoisting by Com. C. Singh GS, Shri K.L. Jairam PGMTD Bangalore inaugurated the union office which was decorated colourfully. Hundreds of workers shouted slogans “NFTE Zindabad”. After words a seminar was organised in a very big pandal erected in new Telecom building sports complex Bangalore. Com. Krishnamohan Distt. Secy Bangalore placed and explained the subject. More than 1200 workers including huge number of women employees were attended the seminar which was addressed by Shri K.L. Jairam PGMT BG. Shri Sampath Kumar Sr. GM. Com. C. Singh GS, Com. C.K. Mathivanan Dy. GS, Com. Gopalkrishnan CHQ Org Secy, Com. K.S. Sheshadri Circle Secy, Karnataka. The leaders exhorted all the current issues related with staff and survival of BSNL. The seminar was presided over by Com. Ranganna.
27-09-2014 : Wage loss to Post – 2007 appointees (TTAs) in BSNL – regarding. Letter No.-TF-9/9, Dated:-26-09-2014. Click Here
27-09-2014 : Rectification to discrepancies and anomalies in questions in JTO LICE examination held on 02-06-2013, 01-09-2013 and 08-12-2013. TF-14/2(b), Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
27-09-2014 : Dharna view of different places. Click Here
27-09-2014 : Appeal by CMD BSNL to donate one day salary for J&K flood victims. Letter Dated:-25-09-2014. Click Here
26-09-2014 : Grant of PLI to BSNL non-executive employees. Letter No.-TF-7/Bonus,
Click Here
26-09-2014 : Difficulties being faced in the ERP – Item (2) of NC:- This was discussed on 25th in detail. Chairman said the ERP will be implemented and problems will be sorted out. NOFN has been kept out from the ERP. He asked the staff side to mail the difficulties to BSNL HQR. Staff side also demanded for training of non-executives to work in ERP.Click Here
26-09-2014 : Item (10) of National council meeting held on 25th September regarding restoration of one BCR extra increment prior to one year before retirement:- official side has not agreed the demand.Click Here
26-09-2014 : Item 12 of National Council meeting discussed on 25th September regarding delay in giving clearance by QA circle to the Telecom Factory:- There is no delay. Item 15 of the NC meeting, held on 25-09-2014, regarding restructuring of industrial cadres:- Case is being reprocessed.Click Here
26-09-2014 : NFTE CHQ Accounts details.Click Here
26-09-2014 : Brief of National Council Meeting held on 25th Septemebr. Click Here
26-09-2014 : SNEA leaders end fast:- The SNEA leaders were on indefinite hunger fast from 22nd September. The leader staff in the National Council meeting, held on 25-09-2014, requested the Chairman, Director(HR), to take steps for end of the fast. The President, General Secy and circle Secy, Com. R. Pattabi met the CMD and again impressed upon him to end the impasse due to hunger fast. The SNEA leaders have finally ended their fast at 1830 hours on 25th. We record our thanks to BSNL management for their positive action and approach.
  25-09-2014 : Three months pay advance to J&K staff.
  25-09-2014 : In NC meeting held today official side agreed to offset the wage loss of TTAs.
  25-09-2014 : RRs of JTO and JAO to be placed in next board meeting.
  24-09-2014 : HPC for CGA will now take place at circle level. Orders shortly.
  24-09-2014 : Meeting of Staff Side of National Council is taking place today at NFTE (BSNL) office.
  24-09-2014 : Dharna in front BSNL Corporate office under the banner of JAC. Click Here
  23-09-2014 : Dharna Started at BSNL HQR.
  22-09-2014 : Andhra Circle Conference at Tirupati (Photos):- Click Here
  22-09-2014 : NFTE CHQ Accounts details. Click Here
  22-09-2014 : Organise and mobilize for struggle:- JAC of Unions & Associations of Non-executives, BSNL demand. (Hindi Poster) Click Here
  22-09-2014 : Andhra Circle Conference at Tirupati:- Click Here
  20-09-2014 : Provision of in-service training on "Marketing & Sales" to BSNL officers/officials - regarding. Letter No.-29-1/2014-Trg, Dated:-19-09-2014. Click Here
  20-09-2014 : Backlog vacancies in SC/ST/OBC categories in TTA and Telecom Mechanic Cadres---- Furnishing of information regarding. Letter No.-250-39/2014-Estt-III, Dated:-18-09-2014. Click Here
  19-09-2014 : Grant of Special Casual leave, on request, to members of National Executive Committee of NFTE-BSNL for attending their National Executive Meeting on 9th October, 2014 and to delegates and members of National Executive Committee for attending All India Conference from 10th October, 2014 to 12th October, 2014 at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2014, Dated:-18-09-2014. Click Here
  19-09-2014 : Clarification on application of yearly ceiling limit towards settlement of bills of outdoor treatment under BSNLMRS. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-8/14, Dated:-16-09-2014. Click Here
  18-09-2014 : Andhra Circle Conference on 19th & 20th Sept at Tirupati.
  18-09-2014 : Settlement of grievances arisen due to implementation of Non-Executive Promotion Policy (NEPP) – regarding. Letter No.-13-5/2013-Pen. (B), Dated:-17-09-2014 Click Here
  18-09-2014 : Rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01-10-2000. Letter No.-40-27/2011-Pen (B)/(Misc), Dated:-17-09-2014. Click Here
  17-09-2014 : "NOFN" project regarding. Letter No.-TF-19/3, Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  17-09-2014 : Upgradation of cities/classification - regarding. Letter No.-TF-10/4(a), Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  17-09-2014 : HR integration of BSNL and MTNL etc. Letter No.-TF-41/2014, Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  17-09-2014 : Rectification of discrepancies and anomalies in questions in JTO LICE examination held on 02-06-2013, 01-09-2013 and 08-12-2013. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  16-09-2014 : CGA Policy:- BSNL management is likely to review the CGA policy shortly and transfer the matter to circles.
  16-09-2014 : Organise and mobilize for struggle:- JAC of Unions & Associations of Non-executives, BSNL demand. Click Here
  16-09-2014 : Settlement of pensionary benefits cases of DOT/BSNL pensioners-regarding. Letter No.-40-07/2012-Pen(B), Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  16-09-2014 : Loss making PSUs:- Govt officials will meet today to discuss proposals to close some loss making state owned PSUs. The loss making companies include Air India, BSNL, MTNL, HPC etc. The meeting has been called by Cabinet Secy. (Based on TOI, dt-16-09-2014)
  16-09-2014 : Relief to J & K:- The forum of unions and associations in BSNL its meeting of 12-09-2014 have decided to donate one day basic salary as relief to Jammu and Kashmir. The decision has been communicated to CMD, BSNL, Secy, DOT and MOC.
  15-09-2014 : ERP Problems:- President met the CMD, BSNL and narrated ERP problems at Karnataka and Maharashtra circles ED(IT) in BSNL has been asked to sort out the problems at the earliest
  15-09-2014 : BSNL-MTNL Merger:- The DOT is considering option to de-list MTNL or listing BSNL for merger of both the Telecom PSUs. (Click ET News) Click Here
  15-09-2014 : Difficulities in ERP - Request for remedial measures. Letter No.-TF-19/1, Dated:-15-09-2014. Click Here
  15-09-2014 : Karnataka Circle Conference:- The delegate session commenced at 1500 hours on 11-09-2014 and continued upto 12th Sept. it was addressed by Comrades C.K. Mathivanan (Dy. GS), Secretaries (Comrades Kulkarni and Muktali), Com. Pattabiraman (C/S Tamilnadu and NC member), Com. Gopal Krishnan (Org Secy), General Secy and President. The house was apprised of with the current status of Pension, PLI, NEPP, wage erosion and other issues. The conference was glorious and historical. The Comrades of Hassan TD deserve for warn greetings and congrats Comrades M. Krishnanmohan, K.S. Seshadari and A.C. Reddy have been elected as President, Circle Secy and Treasurer respectively. Click Here
  15-09-2014 : District Conference of NFTE BSNL at Nalgonda took place on 11th, Com A. Rajamouli, Secy attended and addressed the gathering. Click Here
  13-09-2014 : Free calls and SMS to BSNL customers in Srinagar area. Letter No.-2-2/2014-P&P-CM(Pt.)/8, Dated:-12-09-2014. Click Here
  12-09-2014 : Karnataka Circle conference:- After union flag hoisting by Com. C. Singh, GS the open session commenced at 1100 hours under the Chairmanship of Com. Vasu, Circle President. Shri R.K. Mishra CGM inaugurated the conference and called upon the workers to dedicate for the BSNL. The Karnataka has earned revenue more than last year. It is to the tune of Rs. 175 crores. He appreciated the leadership of NFTE for their positive role. S/Shri K.L. Jairam (PGM), Sethy (GM, Hasan) also addressed the open session. Speaking on the occasion General Secy and President contained the management about arbitrary decisions in respect of formation of BBNL, Tower Company and Deloitte recommendations. Arbitrary decision on MTNL will be suicidal and NFTE will oppose. The leaders told the large gathering the BSNL is facing discrimination by the Telecom Ministry. BWA spectrum charges are not being refunded Air India can get help but not BSNL. Why Govt depts. should not use BSNL services akin to Air India. The leaders from BSNLEU, AIBSNLEA, SNEA and others also addressed the session.
  11-09-2014 : Issue of Presidential Order to RMs who were having temporary status as on 30-09-2000 and regularized in pursuance to DOT letter No.-269-94/98-STN-II, dated:-29-09-2000---Clarification regarding. Letter No.-250-1/2014-Pers-III, Dated:-10-09-2014. Click Here
  10-09-2014 : HR integration of BSNL and MTNL meeting of Sub-group to study the issues of Inter-se-seniority of the officers of both the CPSEs. Letter No.-BSNL/20-4/SR/2014, Dated:-10-09-2014. Click Here
  10-09-2014 : Rajasthan Circle Conference view. Click Here
  10-09-2014 : Meeting with Sr. GM(Est) and GM(Admn):- President, GS and circle Secy, Jharkhand met Sr. GM(Est) and GM(Adm) and mentioned the following matters:- (1) Upgradation/classification of cities of Ahmadabad and Ujjain:- BSNL will issue orders only on receipt of orders from MOF and DPE. (2) Degrading from NE-9 to NE-8 sequel to option for NEPP. (3) Problems in Sim of Rs. 200/-. (4) Revision of rates of uniforms etc. (5) Holding of sports Board meeting.
  09-09-2014 : Havoc in Kashmir due to heavy rains and floods - relief regarding. Letter No.-TF-16/9(a), Dated:-09-09-2014. Click Here
  09-09-2014 : Problems in Sim of Rs. 200/- Talk value provided to non-executive employees - regarding. Letter No.-TF-19/1(b), Dated:-09-09-2014. Click Here
  09-09-2014 : Suggestions for concessions relaxation to S/C S/T Employees in BSNL. Letter No.-TF-1-5(d), Dated:-09-09-2014. Click Here
  09-09-2014 : Havoc in Kashmir – NFTE shares the grief and sufferings. There is havoc in Kashmir due to heavy rains and floods. There is heavy loss of lives and properties. The army is in rescue operation in worst ever calamity. The Telecom Network has broken. The CMD, BSNL has held a meeting of top ranking officers on 08-09-2014 to restore the connectivity. NFTE shares the grief of the people.
  09-09-2014 : Govt to take Trade unions view on amendment of labour laws:- The NDA Govt is keen to amend the labour laws. The bill is Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The Labour Minister declared to hold consultations with the Central Trade unions. (On the basis of TOI report)
  09-09-2014 : Upgradation of Cities/classification - cases of Ahmedabad (Gujrat) and Ujjain (MP) Cities. Letter No.-TF-10/4(a), Dated:-08-09-2014. Click Here
  08-09-2014 : All India Conference. Letter No.-TF-1/2(AIC), Dated:-08-09-2014. Click Here
  08-09-2014 : GS attended and addressed the circle executive committee meeting of NFTE(BSNL) M.P. circle on 4th Sept,2014. Click Here
  08-09-2014 : Decisions relating to All India Conference:- A meeting of circle Secretaries took place on 6th September at Eastern Court, New Delhi. Com. Islam presided the meeting. The following decisions have been taken in the meeting.(1)Delegation fee will be Rs. 700/- for delegates including observers. It is responsibility of the circles to ensure that all the delegates and observers deposit the fee to Reception Committee. It should be noted that the observers should not be more than the justified delegates for the concerned circle. (2) The circle Secretaries have to submit list of delegates as well as of observers to the credential committee so formed. (3) Inaugural function of AIC will take place on 10-10-2014 at 1600 hours. The open session well be on 11th October at 1600 hours. (4) The Reception Committee should ensure proper lodging and fooding arrangements so that maximum period is for the deliberations.
  08-09-2014 : BSNL-MTNL merger:- “We have not given any thought to the issue of merger” says the Telecom Minister.
  08-09-2014 : BSNL’s availability:- “BSNL was not a priority area for the previous Govt. It is very important that atleast one public body is available for the Govt” Telecom Minister declares. (Based on TOI dt-8th August)
  06-09-2014 : Declaration of assets and liabilities by the Public servants for the each year and placing the same in public domain of the Ministries/Departments. ---Instructions with regard to Non-Executives equivalent to Group C employees of BSNL. Letter No.-250-20/2014-Estt-III, Dated:-05-09-2014. Click Here
  06-09-2014 : Agitation Programme: JAC of non executive unions meeting held on 05-09-2014 under the Chairmanship of Com. Chandeshwar Singh GS NFTE and convener Com. P. Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU and reviewed the programme conducted on 07-08-2014 in the country. The leaders from BSNLMS, Bahujana, SNATTA, FNTO, ATM etc participated in the meeting. The meeting expressed dissatisfaction with the role of management in settling genuine demands like PLI, stagnation, pay erosion etc. They kept deaf ear on our demands. Pooja is coming nearer. Management is not responding to settle PLI. The meeting decided to continue the agitation programme at all levels SSA/Circle/C.O. to achieve PLI and other demands. (1) DAY LONG DHARNA ON 23-09-2014 (2) 2 HOURS WALK OUT PROGRAMME ON 30-09-2014 i.e. 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs . If not settled one day strike programme will be decided in the next JAC meeting scheduled to be held on 4th October, 2014. All are requested to make the agitation programme grand success in given dates.
  06-09-2014 : The meeting of circle Secretaries held on 06-09-2014 at Eastern Court New Delhi, mourned the sad demises of Com. President’s daughter, Wife and the son of Com. Rajpal and other departed leaders and Comrades. The meeting observed two minutes silence.
  06-09-2014 : Circle Secretaries meeting is taking place today at Eastern Court, New Delhi.
  06-09-2014 : EPF and Pension:- Such employees who are getting more than Rs. 15,000 salary will not get pension scheme benefit. The Govt will not contribute its share. It is effective from 1st Sept, 2014.
  05-09-2014 : Lowering of scale of OTBP personnel sequel to promotion in NEPP – Hardships regarding. Letter No.-TF-26/6, Dated:-05-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : The 11th meeting of the Staff Welfare Board was held on 04-08-2014 New Delhi. The meeting was presided over by Shri A.N. Rai, CMD BSNL. Com. K.S. Kulkarni, Secretary CHQ represented NFTE(BSNL) in the meeting. The meeting was held after lapse of 3 and half years. The CMD BSNL assured that the meeting will be held in regular intervals. Some decisions are as below. (1) Holiday Homes:- The details will be made available on website. (2) Increase in Scholarship will be considered keeping in view fund position.
  05-09-2014 : Meeting with Sr.GM(Est) and GM (Adm):- Click Here
  05-09-2014 : BSNL MTNL have signed agreement with ONGC five years to provide Telecom Services.
  05-09-2014 : Indifferent and unhelpful attitude of administration in Rajasthan resulting in non-settlement of staff problems and grievances - Request for urgent intervention. Letter No.-TF-39/2, Dated:-03-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : Suspension of all the activity related to manufacturing of CAT-5 cable by Telecom Factories. Letter No.-64-225/2012-BBO, Dated:-04-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : Guidelines for Recruitment of Junior Hindi Translators through Limited Internal Competitive Examination(LICE) to be held on 9th November, 2014. Letter No.-50-1/2013-DE, Dated:-04-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : Rationalization of the tariff under prepaid mobile services. Letter No.-26-07/2011-T&C-CM, Dated:-04-09-2014. Click Here
  05-09-2014 : Relieving of JTOs/TTAs working on temporary transfer. Letter No.-20-Staff/2009/Estt-IV, Dated:-01-09-2014. Click Here
  03-09-2014 : Grant of PLI to BSNL employees in accordance with the DPE guidelines of 6th July, 2011. Letter No.-TF-7/Bonus, Dated:-03-09-2014. Click Here
  03-09-2014 : 31st National Council Meeting on 25-09-2014. Click Here
  03-09-2014 : In board meeting of 29th August,2014 only balance sheet of BSNL was discussed.
  03-09-2014 : NFTE delegation led by Com. S.K. Dubey circle Secretary Bihar met Shri A.N. Rai CMD BSNL on his visit to Patna. The delegation honoured him and discussed staff issues. Click Here
  03-09-2014 : Rajasthan Circle Conference:- The 5th circle conference of Rajasthan has been held from 1st to 3rd September, 2014 at Bhilwara with full glamour. The Comrades at Bhilwara under the leadership of Com. Jashwan Singh Bundela worked hard to make the conference a great success. The open session and seminar was organised on 01-09-2014 which was addressed by General Secy and President besides GM,TD and other dignitaries. The delegate sessions were also addressed by Central leaders. It was pathetic to note that the administration in circle is not alive to the staff grievances. The officers are resorting to partisan action. Comrades Jashwant Singh Bundela, R.G. Dixit and Banwarilal Sharma have been elected as President, Circle Secy and Treasurer respectively. SNATTA leaders in their address said that the services rendered by NFTE cannot be forgotten.
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