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नेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ टेलिकॉम एमपलॉईस,
01-08-2015 : Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners. Letter No-38/37/08-P&PW(A), Dated:- 30-07-2015. Click Here
31-07-2015 : Shri N.K. Mehta, Presently ED,IT in BSNL HQR will take over charge of Director (Enterprise) Vice Shri Rai from tomorrow dt 1st August. CHQ convey greetings to him.
31-07-2015 : 3rd Distt. Conference NFTE(BSNL) Gaya Bihar held on 30-07-2015. G.S. addressed the session. Click Here
31-07-2015 : Shri A.N. Rai, Director (Enterprise) retires:- Shri A.N. Rai, Director (E) retired today. He was director (HR) for years and held the charge of CMD also. He helped us in getting Recognition Rules changed. He also played key role in settlement of IDA fixation benefit. Com. Islam alongwith Comrades H.N. Sharma (Circle Secy, corporate office), Naresh Kumar (SPI) and other colleagues met him and paid regards by offering garlands, shawl and Bouquet. CHQ wished him happy retired life. Click Here
31-07-2015 : Discrimination neither Desirable nor Acceptable. Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
30-07-2015 : Meeting with GM(EST):- President met GM(Est) today and raised the following points. (I) JTO LICE result of Tamilnadu:- Issue referred for legal opinion. Further action on receipt of opinion. (II) Absorption of qualified and trained personnel to the Cadre of TM:- Vacancies arising out due to death, retirements etc are not being filled up. Detailed note will be submitted for action.
30-07-2015 : Ludhiana District conference:- The District conference took place on 27th July under the Presidentship of Com. Mohinder Singh. The conference was attended by Comrades Islam, Mahender Singh (V.P.), Surjeet Singh (CS), Swatantra Kumar (Sr. leader), Hoshiar Singh Grewal Distt Secy (Sangrur), Onkar Singh Rana (DS Hoshiarpur and Sr. leader), Ajit Singh (ACS) and Circle Treasurer (Com. S. Rai) and they addressed) the GM(Shri Vinay Agarwal), Addl GM and other officers also attended. GM in his address said there is no CPEs for Wi-Max but BB modules are in plenty and for this we have to publicise amongst the subscribers. Com. Islam touched the important staff problems as well as to BSNL’s condition. Circle Secy, Com. Surjeet Singh. CS also addressed the session, Com. Raina and President offered vote of thanks. Comrades Mohinder Singh (Retd TM), Vinay Rana and Jeewan Kumar have been elected as President, Distt Secy and Treasurer respectively.
30-07-2015 : Payment procedure in r/o advances and withdrawals of employees absorbed in BSNL. F.No-BSNL/39-9/SR/2015, Dated:-29-07-2015. Click Here
29-07-2015 : Corporate office instructions to all CGM’s to update the staff information in ERP in respect of designation, residential address and category of employee (SC/ST/OBC/GE). Letter No.-3-1/2013-Estt.III, Dated:-28-07-2015. Click Here
29-07-2015 : Corporate office instructions to all CGM’s for settlement of outdoor claims. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-5/15 (Pt.), Dated:-28-07-2015. Click Here
29-07-2015 : Meeting with CMD BSNL:- President GS and circle Secy, Jharkhand (Com. Mahabir Singh) met the CMD, BSNL on 28th July and raised the following points. (I) Provision of materials for restoration of Landlines and NTC to meet the demands of the subscribers due to “Free Call Facility in Night”. (II) Supply of modems for Wi-Max services to provide connections. There is enough demand but due to non-availability of modems connections are not being provided. (III) Steps be taken to recruit middle level officers.
29-07-2015 : All circle Secretaries please note:- Venue of the meeting and accommodation on 10-08-2015 & 11-08-2015 at SHRI GURU RAM RAY UDASIN ASHRAM, ARAMBAGH PANCHKUIA ROAD, NEW DELHI, NEAR R.K. ASHRAM METRO STATION. Care taker No.-8377070835 (Shri Ramlal Tiwari).
29-07-2015 : Minutes of the Meeting of the Joint Committee for Change of Designations of non-executive employees in BSNL held on 28-07-2015. Letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg (Vol-II), Dated:-28-07-2015. Click Here
29-07-2015 : Provision of writer to the employees with Disabilities in writing including that of speed during examinations. Letter No.-28-01/2015-SCT (SG)/387, Dated:-27-07-2015. Click Here
28-07-2015 : The BSNL HQR be contacted for shortage of Dropwire, jumper wire, clip phones etc. CMD DO No.-7-3/2015(PHM), dt-23-07-2015. Click Here
28-07-2015 : Understanding arrived at between management and staff side for change in designation. It is as under:- (1) RM – Telecom Assistant, (2) TM – Telecom Technician (3) TTAs – JE, (4) NE 11 and NE 12 Sr. TOAs – office supdt, (5) other Sr. TOAs – office Associate. Minutes to be signed at 4 PM.
28-07-2015 : Missile Man no more:- The Missile Man, Bharatratna and former President of India breathed his last on 27th July at Shillong while delivering lecture in IIM. India missed the missile man and a great scientist for ever. NFTE joins the nation in the mournings and pay respectful homage to the great man. Click Here
28-07-2015 : Repatriation of ITS personnel:- 100 ITS personnel have been repatriated to DOT. It is learnt they will be send back to BSNL after few weeks.
27-07-2015 : Outsourcing of Broadband Maintenance etc. Letter No.-TF-19/3, Dated:-27-07-2015. Click Here
27-07-2015 : Schemes of "Free Night Calling" and Free All India Roaming". Letter No.-TF-19/3, Dated"-27-07-2015. Click Here
27-07-2015 : There is no age restriction of 40 years for departmental candidates to appear in Telecom Mechanic LDCE. BSNL HQR has already clarified Vide No.-250-3/2012-Pers III, dt-03-06-2013. Deptl candidates can appear against outside quota upto 40 years of age. Click Here
27-07-2015 : Message dt- 20th July form Director (HR) on taking over charge – NFTE responds to her message. Letter No.-TF-21/6(d), Dated:-27-07-2015. Click Here
27-07-2015 : Protection of wage loss to the employees appointed on or after 1st January, 2007 vis –a- vis discrimination to RMs, TMs and Sr. TOAs. Letter No.-TF-9/2, dt-27-07-2015 to Director(HR) to do away discrimination. Click Here
27-07-2015 : TF-32/2, dt-27-07-2015 requesting GM(Adm) to remove the condition in Nomination of union representative for Medical Committee. Click Here
27-07-2015 : Wi-Max services-demand. Letter No.-TF-19/4, Dated:-27-07-2015. Click Here
27-07-2015 : Grant of HRA to BSNL staff as per re-classification and upgradation of cities and towns. Letter No.-TF-10/4(a), Dated:-27-07-2015. Click Here
27-07-2015 : Maharashtra Circle Executive Committee Meeting at Satara on 24-07-2015 and 25-07-2015. Click Here
27-07-2015 : Circle Secretaries meeting:- A meeting of circle Secretaries has been fixed for 10th and 11th August at Delhi to assess the effects of recent decisions of BSNL “Free PAN India Roaming” and “Night Free Calling” schemes. The organizational position will also be discussed. The circle Secretaries must come to participate with full preparation and details.
25-07-2015 : Board Meeting on 10th August:- It is learnt that the BSNL Board will meet on 10th, August. In this meeting it is expected BSNL’s HR plan, provisional, will be placed for consideration and thereafter unions will be consulted. It will again be sent to Board for final approval.
25-07-2015 : Rs.200/- value Sim to employees serving in MTNL areas:- Management Committee has desired to explore the possibilities for providing BSNL’s Rs. 200/- value Sims to staff serving in MTNL areas instead of cash.
25-07-2015 : Nomination/Election of an office bearer of the Non-executive Union-Whether a JTO can be the office bearer of a Non-executive Association/Union. Letter No.-BSNL/5/SR/2002/Pt, Dated:-27-08-2002. Click Here
24-07-2015 : Meeting with Director(HR):- President accompanied with Comrades Rajpal and Rajmouli met Director (HR) and raised the following issues and requested as under:- (1) The official side should prepare draft formula for grant of PLI to staff and it should guarantee minimum amount even if parameters are not achieved. (2) Discrimination in extension of benefits between executives and non-executives and amongst non-executives be avoided. (3) Tainted, charge sheeted and non-performers ITS personnel be repatriated. (4) Holding of departmental exams in accordance with modified RRs of JTO/JAO be expedited.
24-07-2015 : Shortage of Wi-Max Modules:- President met Director(E) today and apprised him that there is much demand of Wi-Max services. But due to non-availability of Modumes. SSAs are not in position to provide connections.
24-07-2015 : Re-classification/Upgradation of Cities/Towns on the basis of census-2011 for the purpose of grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) to Central Government employees. Letter No.-2/5/2014-E.II(B), Dated:-21-07-2015. Click Here
22-07-2015 : Clarification for reimbursement of dietary supplements under BSNLMRS. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-6/14, Dated:-17-04-2015. Click Here
22-07-2015 : Compassionate ground appointment (CGA) – Circle High Power Committee. Letter No.-273-19/2015/CGA/E-IV, Dated:- 15-07-2015. Click Here
21-07-2015 : Director (HR)’s message, dt-20-07-2015:- Click Here
21-07-2015 : Non applicability of Rule(ii)(b) of BSNL CDA Rule 2006 in respect of absorbed employees. Letter No.-2-4/2011-Restg.(pt), Dated:- 21-07-2015. Click Here
17-07-2015 : Mother of Com. Islam Ahmad (All India President) has taken her last breath on 17-07-2015 in the afternoon. CHQ condoles her death and share the grief of the family.
17-07-2015 : Meeting with Director (HR):- G.S. and Com. Rajmouli Treasurer met Ms. Sujata Ray Director (HR) and discussed regarding merger of Jind SSA with Sonipat without considering the para meters circulated by BSNL corporate office. Jind is a potentially business area in all respects and far off place form Sonipat. Besides this the issue of union accommodation, PLI, GSM Sim of Rs.200/- to BSNL staff working in MTNL area and endorsement of staff related letters to recognized unions were also discussed. Director (HR) responded positively on the above issues and assured action within two days.
17-07-2015 : Meeting with Sr.GM(Est):- G.S. and Com. Rajmouli met Sr. GM(Est) and discussed about the delay in conducting HPC’s in circles in respect of compassionate ground appointments. She assured needful action in the matter.
14-07-2015 : Designation Committee Meeting on 28-07-2015 at 11AM in Conference Room, 5th Floor, BSNL New Delhi - 110001. Letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg, Dated:-13-07-2015. Click Here
14-07-2015 : Corporate office issued IDA order i.e. 102.6% w.e.f. 01-07-2015. Letter No.-14-1/2012-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-14-07-2015. Click Here
14-07-2015 : Merger of Jind SSA with Sonipat business area ignoring all the parameters vide No.-4-2/2014-Restg (V-III), Dated:-19-Feb, 2015. Click Here
14-07-2015 : One advance increment to TTA’s who appointed on or after 01-01-2007 and up to 07-05-2010, with arrears. This increment should not be absorbed in future increments. F. No.-1-02/2012-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-13-07-2015. Click Here
13-07-2015 : BSNL New Mobile Plan'AMULYA' Launched with 20ps/min calling in A.P. Circle. Click Here
11-07-2015 : Ms. Sujatha T. Ray assumed charge of Director (HR) BSNL, NFTE delegation led by G.S. met her and wished all success to strengthen the organization at this challenged scenario.
11-07-2015 : G.S., Com. Rajamouli, Com. M.P. Singh met GM(SR) and discussed acceptance of membership forms in C.O, early conducting of designation committee meeting and guide lines for immunity transfer.
11-07-2015 : Management Trainee (Internal/External) examination postponed for six months. F. No.-74-2/2015-Rectt, Dated:-07-07-2015. Click Here
10-07-2015 : Abnormal delay in publication of JTO LICE results in Tamilnadu Circle on the basis of recalculated vacancies. Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-10-07-2015. Click Here
10-07-2015 : Merger of QA Circle with Inspection Circle. F. No.-4-2/2014-Restg.V-III/Pt.-I, Dated:-08-07-2015. Click Here
10-07-2015 : Holding of Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion of PA to the grade of PS in BSNL Corporate Office on 12-10-2015. Letter No.-32-1/2015-Rectt, Dated:-09-07-2015. Click Here
09-07-2015 : Corporate office guide lines to all circles/SSAs’ for conducting press conferences to give vide publicity for “Night free Calling” and “Free PAN India Roaming. Letter No.-7-3-2015PHM, Dated:-09-07-2015. Click Here
09-07-2015 : Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 125th year birth day celebrations and WFTU 70th year celebrations held at Darmapuri in Tamilnadu circle on 08-07-2015. Senior leaders Com. R.K., Com. Jayaraman, Com. Kamaraj and other leaders addressed the session.
09-07-2015 : Ms. S.T. Ray, presently working as Executive Director (Finance), appointed as Director (HR) BSNL for a period of five years. NFTE congratulates her and wish her successful in new assignment. Letter No.-414-09/2014-Pers.I, Dated:-08-07-2015. Click Here
09-07-2015 : DPE issued order on revised IDA from 01-07-2015 (i.e. 102.6%) – 2007 pay scales – 1997 pay scales. Click Here
08-07-2015 : Out sourcing of Broad Band provisioning & maintenance:- BSNL management is contemplating to out source Broad Band provisioning & maintenance in 9 circles in the first phase. It is also learnt that tenders were floated for Tamilnadu, Chennai & Rajasthan circles to out source Broad Band provisioning and maintenance. NFTE is strongly opposing the move of BSNL management, which is jeopardy to the future of TM/TTA cadres in BSNL.
08-07-2015 : Minutes of the 32nd Meeting of the National Council held on 14th May, 2015. Letter No.-BSNL/39-3/SR/2014, Dated:-06-07-2015. Click Here
07-07-2015 : Corporate office guide lines to all circles for prompt repair of MLNN modems and other MLNN equipments from M/s ITI. Letter No.- 8-1/2013-MPLS, Dated:- 06-07-2015. Click Here
07-07-2015 : Instructions from corporate office to all CGMs to popularize “Free Night Calling” and “Free All India Roaming”, plan for Hoardings, Leaflet & Brochure Folder. Letter No.- CA/Mktg/14-1/2015, Dated:-06-07-2015. Click Here
07-07-2015 : Calculation of vacancies in JAO/AAO cadres as on 01-07-2015 (50%, 40% and 10% quota). Letter No.-4-6/2015-SEA, Dated:-02-07-2015. Click Here
07-07-2015 : Holidays to be observed in BSNL Offices during the year 2016. Letter No.-3-1/2010-TE, Dated:-06-07-2015. Click Here
07-07-2015 : DO letter from Shri A.N. Rai, Director (Enterprise) to all CGM’s to increase SIM sales. No.-10-16/2010-SCM-CM, Dated:-03-07-2015. Click Here
06-07-2015 : Telecom Secretary Shri Rakesh Garg said BSNL MTNL merger decision in 4-5 months. Click Here
06-07-2015 : BSNL launches mobile wallet with cash withdrawal option (Source the Economic Times). Click Here
04-07-2015 : Leaflets on Free Roaming. Letter No.-32-2/2015/S&M-CM/16, Dated:-03-07-2015. Click Here
03-07-2015 : Timely settlement of pensionary benefits - instructions regarding. Letter No.-40-6/2015-Pen(BSNL), Dated:-02-07-2015. Click Here
02-07-2015 : One increment of post 2007 recruits TTAs:- Order for payment is expected very soon.
02-07-2015 : National Mobile Number portability from 3rd July:- Shri Rakesh Garg Secretary, DOT and Chairman Telecom Commission told the Hindu news paper that the service providers will roll it out on 3rd July. It will allow customers to keep their existing mobile phone numbers while shifting between states and circles.
01-07-2015 : PLI is must for workers. Editorial, Telecom (English & Hindi). Click Here
30-06-2015 : IDA w.e.f. 01-07-2015 will be 102.6% means 2.1% increase from 1st July, 2015.
30-06-2015 : Grant of age concession to the Persons with Disabilities suffering from (a) blindness or low vision, (b) hearing impairment and (c) locomotor disability or cerebral palsy for direct recruitment to civil posts/services under the Central Government. F. No.-15012/1/2003-Estt. (D), Dated:- 29-06-2015. Click Here
30-06-2015 : Regarding grant of Child Care Leave to women employees of BSNL – clarification reg. Letter No.-1-6/2015-PAT(BSNL), Dated:-02-06-2015. Click Here
  27-06-2015 : Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations decisions on 26-06-2015. Click Here
  27-06-2015 : Corporate office guidelines to employees to register their ID in ERP for getting pay slip on E-Mail from June, 2015. Letter No.-CIT/8-2/2015/ERP/Roll out, Dated:-26-06-2015. Click Here
  27-06-2015 : Revision of stipend in respect of DR JTO’s/ JAO’s/Sr. TOA/TM, w.e.f. 01-01-2007, during induction training period, following revision of IDA pay scales in BSNL (arrears thereof). Letter No.-16-1/2003-Trg, Dated:-26-06-2015. Click Here
  27-06-2015 : 15th All India Badminton tournament (2015-16) at “Khokhra sports complex Ahmadabad (Gujrat) from 08-09-2015 to 11-09-2015. Letter No.-29-04/2015-BSNL(Sports), Dated:- 16-06-2015. Click Here
  27-06-2015 : 15th All India BSNL cultural completion (2015-16) at “Bhubaneshwar (Orissa) from 02-09-2015 to 04-09-2015. Letter No.-29-02/2015-BSNL(Sports), Dated:-15-06-2015. Click Here
  27-06-2015 : 15th All India Lawn Tennis Tournament (2015-16) at “Nagpur” (Maharashtra) from 24-09-2015 to 26-09-2015. Letter No.-29-03/2015-BSNL (Sports)/, Dated:-11-06-2015. Click Here
  26-06-2015 : Meeting with GM(Banking):- GS and Com. Rajmouli met with GM finance(Banking) and discussed regarding delay in allotment of GPF fund to circles from head quarter, due to delay our employees were facing hardships in circles to take advance/withdrawal from GPF. GM(Banking) explained the position of circle concerned and assured that if the requirement is received in time from circle the fund will be allotted accordingly without delay.
  26-06-2015 : Meeting with GM(SR):- GS and Com. Rajmouli met GM (SR) and discussed regarding merger of Jind SSA with Sonipat(SSA) in Haryana circle without looking after the geographical condition on ground. The GM (SR) told to review it if Comments from CGM(Haryana) are received.
  26-06-2015 : Extension of special concessions/facilities to employees working in J&K from 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2015. Letter No.-39-8/2001/TE-II/ (Pt. II), Dated:-24-06-2015. Click Here
  25-06-2015 : Pay erosion of Post 2007 recruits (Non-Executive):- NFTE was regularly persuing for removal of wage lose of post 2007 recruits (Non-Executive) since long time. At last the BSNL Board has approved on 19-06-2015 in the meeting to add one increment w.e.f. 10-05-2010 with arrears only for TTA cadre, but the management has deprived the benefit to other cadres. We congratulate SNATTA Comrades for their regular persuasion regarding this issue (i.e. wage loss). We assure that we will persue the matter for others also.
  25-06-2015 : MoU signed by BSNL with DOT to meet targets fixed for the year 2015-16. Click Here
  25-06-2015 : Inauguration of union office at Jaipur at 11.00 AM on 24-06-2015 : - The union office of NFTE circle union Rajasthan was inaugurated by Shri R.K. Mishra CGM. A large number of workers including ladies were present in the function. At evening a mass meeting was held under the presidentship Com. Kishori Lal Sharma, which was attended and addressed by Com. R.G. Dixit C/S Rajasthan, Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S., Shri R.K. Mishra CGM, and GM IT of Rajasthan circle. Com. Singh welcomed Shri Mishra Jee as CGM of Rajasthan circle and exhorted the situation faced by the workers in the country. He appealed the workers to come forward to cooperate with management for revival of BSNL by making coordination with other union also. Shri R.K. Mishra CGM assured the workers to address their grievances and urge upon them to work with devotion to bring the BSNL out of crisis. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Com. R.G. Dixit circle Secretary Rajasthan. Com. L.P. Vijay conducted the programme very nicely. Click Here
  20-06-2015 : Corporate office letter to Jharkhand circle for consolidation of SSA’s in to business areas – It is a part of ERP implementation in the circle. Letter No.-4-2/2014-Restg.(Vol.III), Dated:-18-06-2015. Click Here
  19-06-2015 : Meeting with GM(Est):- G.S. and Com. Rajamouli Treasurer met with GM(Est) and discussed regarding early publication of result of JTO LICE 2013 in respect of Ex-Serviceman in Bihar and other circles. (2) Delay in issuance of Presidential order to left out officials opted for absorption in BSNL specially referred the case of Shri D.A. Nale RM and Shri Bhujbal, L.K. RM of Augrangabad (MH) who are on the verge of retirement. The GM(Est) assured to settle the cases.
  19-06-2015 : Several HR issues have been taken in the agenda of today’s BSNL Board meeting, NFTE regularly pursuing the issues of wage loss of Post 2007 recruits and amendment of JTO R.R, JAO R/R and some other issues of non-executives.
  19-06-2015 : BSNL Board Meeting is taking place today (i.e 19-06-2015) at 3 PM, as it was differed yesterday.
  18-06-2015 : Issue of pay erosion (one extra increment with arrears in respect of Post 2007 appointees) and Recruitment rule of JTO are on priority in today’s BSNL Board meeting for consideration.
  18-06-2015 : Dream of one Nation one Number come true. Now BSNL has clarified the points related to PAN India roaming free on pre/post paid mobiles. Click Here
  18-06-2015 : PM Narendra Modi meets Ravi Shankar Prasad on BSNL revival:- NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi undertook a meeting with Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to deliberate on the revival strategy of state-run BSNL a couple of days back. According to sources, the meeting, which took place on Monday, went on for about 45 minutes and a presentation was given to the Prime Minister about the initiatives being taken by BSNL for its revival strategy. Apart from Prasad, senior officials of DoT and BSNL were also present in the meeting. The PM wanted a complete presentation of the entire working of BSNL and the legacy issues faced by the company were outlined to him, a source said. Mr. Modi was also briefed about the steps being taken to improve the profitability of the company, the source added. Prasad had earlier said that the government was committed to reviving BSNL and a number of initiatives are in the pipeline to bring the PSU back as a market leader.
  17-06-2015 : BSNL started free WiFi Network at Tajmahal:- Hon’bel Minister for Communication & IT Shri Ravishankar Prasad started WiFi Network at Tajmahal on 16-06-2015, WiFi service will be free for the first 30 minutes, after which users can pay Rs. 20/- for 30 minutes, Rs. 30/- for an hour, Rs. 50/- for two hours and Rs.70/- for a day. Minister said, BSNL will create141 WiFi Hot spot in UP (East), connecting 17 cities and connect 37,455 village panchayats.
  17-06-2015 : Com. A.M. Patil Circle Secretary, Gujrat BSNLEU expired on 16-06-2015 at Dalhousie (H.P.), while he was attending their National Executive Meeting CHQ condoles untimely death of Com. A.M. Patil and share the grief family.
  17-06-2015 : Abnormal delay in settlement of Pension cases of BSNL retirees – BSNL CO Letter No.-40-7/2015-Pen(B), Dated:-15-06-2015 and DOT Letter No.-5-3/TA-11/SWR/2012-2013/Pt/2698, Dated-21-04-2015 alongwith circle wise details of pendency. Click Here
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